A woman in black looked at the control Panel wondering how on earth it came to this? They're gods on this planet. The humans should have trembled beneath their feet with the yellow sun at their side. Yet here they are at the brink of defeat thanks to a tiny group of humans, a Martian, a Thanigarian and most important of all a traitor. The fruit didn't fall far from the tree and as a result she's now happy that Lara had to die alone.

The woman turned to her commander the anger clear on her face. Their dreams die at the hands of such weaklings. "General Zod, what are our orders."

Zod looked as the Justice League cut through another line of defense. "How did it come to this Faora? Kal El, he shares our one weakness with our enemies."

"Jor El's madness courses through his veins sir. He cares more about humans then his own race." Faora offered seeing the last line fall. Zapped by the machine that wretched bat creature has been wielding.

Zod saw the last line start to fall. Earth was to be a new Krypton. A chance for his people to start again. If these humans won't give up their planet for the greater good, if they seek to lock him back up, he'll raze the planet before he surrenders it. "This is a fight we can't win Faora, drop our contingency."

Faora's eyes widened why can't they wait on that. "If we can escape the zone we can try again it's no reason to drop this on any planet."

"Kal El won't be so naïve a second time. Drop it Faora." Zod ordered his eyes heating up to a deep shade of red.

Faora looked at him but frowned. "Maybe we can just terra form Mars?"

Zod glared at her giving her a look that would make the devil jump. "And have the humans wipe us out in nuclear war under Mars red sun no. No race wins us or them."

Faora brought up the map. "Where do you want us to drop it?"

Zod looked over the map. "Here the system of California in the village of Sunnydale."

Faora nodded if she's back in the zone she'll send seven billion to hell in retaliation. "As you command."

Faora fires the project away as it descends to Earth. Zod's ultimate war machine a little of herself, General Zod, Brainiac, Doomsday, and the earthling known as John Corben. God help the human race, even Zod feared what he made to destroy Kal El and his people.

Faora turned around as the Justice League broke through the door and Batman took aim at the last two Kryptonians. Little does Zod know the weapon will take thirty years to activate when it was fired so if they escape the zone early they'll kill Kal El and his allies all at once, conquer this world, and turn the thing off.

Faora saw the warrior woman from the Land of Themyscira and lunged at her.

Diana quickly threw her lasso at her as she and John Stewart the earth green lantern quickly apprehended her in threads of rope and a cage of green energy.

Zod rushed Superman but Clark easily dodged the attack and threw him down as a weakness came over Zod Faora and Clark.

The Flash had a mischievous smile looking at the green rock in his hand. "Ta da"

Zod looked at Batman charge the device and focused on Superman. For all thier bravado it's back to the hell of the phantom zone thanks to him. "Do you think this ends when your soldier pushes that button. It will never be over Kal. It might not be today or tomorrow but one day your world will drown in its own blood. And on that day you, and the rest of your miserable pet humans will have wished that on this day you would have kneeled bef…"

Green Lantern smiled seeing the kryptonian a general go out like a light. He looked over and saw Shayera Hol with her mace in hand.

Shayera looked at him. "What? We've all heard that at least three times this week already."

Batman activated the device sending Zod and Faora back to the phantom zone with the rest of Zod's men. When that threat Zod spoke of rises; they'll stop it.

Author Notes

Thanks to everyone whom read, reviewed, favorited and followed 31 days of Scoobyween last year. This is the sequel to the epilogue but I'm going to try to make it through this story without having to read the prequel which is 31 YAHF one shots. Not sure if this will make 31 days but going to try.