Chapter 1


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Today was another normal day like any others. I was hitting the bark of a tree within Emerald Forest, swinging my sword and bashing my shield repeatedly. I had been training there for a few hours now, channeling my aura to my weapons to increase their power and durability, using it to destroy a couple of tree in the process.

As I destroyed another tree, I noticed that it'll be dark soon. I took a break and checked out my muscles to see how much I have been improving in the past few months and sadly it doesn't really make any difference. I might be stronger compared to when I first came to beacon, but I'm still the weakest one around.

I sighed and wiped out the sweat on my face. Grabbing my bag, I began walking home.

That's until I heard some voice.

I turned around to see if there's anyone or anything there, but I can't find anything. I continue to walk, thinking it might be just the wind. then I heard it again. This time, even clearer than before. This time I looked around to search the source of the sound.

It's not really clear, but it sound a bit like a cry. Someone might need help, and as a future huntsmen I can't just leave them like that.

I searched around, looking deeper into the forest. The sound is getting clearer, and lead me to a big tree, quite deep in the forest.

The voice came from around there, but I'm not sure from where. I searched and search until I finally found the owner of the voice.

Hidden in the bush was a wooden basket with a the cutest baby girl I had ever seen. She looked just under a year old, she had a light brown hair, soft and puffy cheeks that makes anyone want to touch it, an adorable little face with a cute button nose, a pair of shining blue eyes and a squirrel tail? The baby is a Faunus, a Squirrel Faunus.

I take a look at her again, she also has a very tiny squirrel ears that are almost unnoticeable under her brown hair.

The baby looked up at my shocked face, she smiled and raised her arms toward me, as if she's telling me to pick her up.

"Um... hello?"

I asked the baby, although I know that she can't answer.

She giggled adorably. I was Confused but who can resist this level of cuteness?

I looked around for any sign of the child's parents, but there's no one around.

I looked back at her again and noticed a note on the side of the basket. It said "Please Take Me"

It's obvious that she's abandoned.

I turned the card around, There's only one word written on it.


I looked at her who was smiling cheerfully. "so… I guess your name is Makoto Huh?"Makoto giggled and raised her hands up towards me again, begging me to lift her.

I was angry and confused at the same time, how could a parents abandon their baby like this? Such a cute one at that. There might be some circumstance that forced them to do it, but it's still wrong. Can't they at least chose a better place than here? Don't they know that Grimm live in this forest? Or maybe that's why they put her here. They want to get rid of her.

"Maybe she was born from a human couples?"

Despite the popular believes, a human couples can still gave birth to Faunus babies if they have a bit of Faunus blood. Be it from their grandparents or even their ancestors.

The Faunus who born from Humans couples were usually hated by the society, both humans and Faunus. Maybe Makoto is one of them.

The question right now is, should I pick her up? And if he do, what'll I do later? Should I took her to the orphanage? No! I can't just leave her there. Not with all the discriminations the Faunus get. Forget Faunus, the orphanages I know weren't good to any of the kids there, letting them abuse each other physically and mentally without doing much. I remembered that in some news some orphanages are reported to sold the children to slavery. The fate of the child's sold are still unknown to this day.

I don't want this kid to go through that.

Should I took her to the professors? No! they'll just took her to the orphanage, and that's already not an option.

"Dada…" my train of though is broken as I heard Makoto calling me.

"Did she think I'm her dad?" I thought, and surprisingly, It doesn't sound so bad.

I smiled and picked Makoto up before giving her a comforting hug. "Well, I guess I'm gonna be your dad from now on." I asked her.

I took her joyous laughter as a yes.

He know that it might not be the best decisions, but it's the best that he can think of for now

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