Written with the help of The Unknown Plague and Gamerof1458

Chapter 8



Blake and I shared a confused look.

What's going on here? How did Makoto end up here? Why did it have to be Yang and Weiss who found her? Is she okay? She must be hungry. How many people know about her? We're so screwed, aren't we?

Thoughts and questions keep piling up, but most importantly, Hazel? Why are they calling her Hazel?

"Who's the cutest girl in the world? Who's the most adorable little princess in the world? You are! Yes, you are! Aww! You perfect majestic personification of cuteness! Why didn't you show up in our lives earlier?" Weiss gushed as she hugged Makoto and played with her cheeks. She pinched them both while also and poking her cheeks gently to see them jiggling like jelly.

"AAAAA! So soft! I can do this all day!" Weiss squealed in excitement as she rubbed her cheek on Makoto's.

…She's totally acting out of her character.

"Mouuu…. " Makoto began to look annoyed and tried to push Weiss away. But it just made Weiss more excited as the tiny baby tried to use her tiny chubby hands.

"Ermm... Weiss… I think you should stop now," Yang commented, noting Makoto's displeased looks. But despite what she just said, Yang was also joining with Weiss in teasing Makoto's cheeks.

In their defense, Makoto's cheeks are so plump and soft that it'll jiggle like pudding with every slight movement. Even I want to gently nibble and take small bites of them sometimes.

"Well, that's just great!" Blake grunted and ran her hands through her hair in frustration, "Out of all people why them? Why Weiss? And what just happened here?"

All good questions Blake! But! Only one thing is clear, we have to take back our daughter!

"MAH! Ai AAAA!" Fed up with Yang and Weiss playing with her cheeks, Makoto shouted loudly and hit their hands.

Makoto may be small and tiny but I noticed that when she gets mad, she gets slappy and punchy. No matter what's bothering her or how much bigger it is, Makoto reacts and tries her best to knock away the problem.

Weiss and Yang both stopped in their teasing and pouted before Weiss perked back up and tried something else instead. Picking up Hazel so she was facing her, Weiss started to speak in a cutesy voice.

"Now Hazel... try saying it, Ma- ma!"

"Maaa?" Makoto looked confused and started looking around for Blake, but when she can't find her, she tried to ask the one in front of her. "Mamaaa nai?".

Weiss squealed in delight, thinking that Makoto is calling her mama, but in truth, she was just asking the nice(?) white lady the question of 'where's my mama?'.

If you look closely, you can see that Weiss almost got a nosebleed from that one. Weiss is enjoying this too much and I'm worried that her blushing face will pop from all the blood rushing up into her cheeks.

Truly, our daughter has a powerful gift and must be taught well to handle this responsibility. Or else something bad could happen….maybe.

As we watched the scene, I suddenly felt a piercing chill from nearby. And not just any chill, a killing intent chill. It reminded me of the time that Cardin accidentally yanked out one of Yang's hair strands. Or like the time someone tried to bad mouth the Schnee name and got frozen solid. Or when some stupid idiot tried to take one of Ruby's cookies.

Okay. It was like all those times, but much much worse.

I turned around to see Blake literally burning in anger. Her hair stood up and was somehow moving menacingly, completely surrounded by a dark aura around her. Blake's face was also shrouded in shadows and all I could see were her glowing yellow eyes as they were slit and looked like they were going to shoot out laser beams. Even Ruby is frightened by Blake's appearance.

"I can't take this anymore! I'm going in!" Blake said, preparing to throw a few dust rounds to act as a diversion, or maybe a smoke screen, because you know she's a ninja. Good plan, but we can't be impatient so I had to stop her.

It wasn't easy, I may be bigger than her but Blake is no doubt stronger. I'm surprised I could hold her back that much and how I didn't run away screaming when she hissed at me. It was like she was going to bite my face off.

"Whoa! Hold on, Blake! Let's just wait and see first!" I said trying to reason with her. That look she gave me almost made me let go.

"I can't wait Jaune! She's trying to take the role of Makoto's mother from me!" She yelled surprising me on how neither Yang nor Weiss heard them both. For hunters in training, it was like they had selective hearing. But back to Blake who was swatting her hands for the door.

She sounds very distressed, I can understand her though. If someone tried to take the father role from me, I'd also freak out.

And not ha ha funny freak out, more like stabby gimme back my baby freak out.

As if she can read my mind, Weiss immediately took out her scroll and opened up a photo of her and Neptune.

Curse me and my big mouth - even though I didn't actually say anything!

"This is papa, Pa- Pa!" She said while showing the photo to Makoto.

Like rubbing salt in my big open wound, the photo Weiss showed to Makoto is the photo of our newest blue haired friend, Neptune. It's not like I don't like the guy, he's cool and all. But come on... Weiss...If you wanted to steal her from me couldn't you have at least give her a papa that would take good care of her instead of being worried about being cool all the time?

I know the phrase is bros before hoes, but to me, it's daughter before bros. Especially in this case because I can't call Neptune a bro exactly, he's more of a friend if anything.

And if Neptune really tried to take Makoto away from me, I swear I won't go down without a fight. I don't care if he has a cooler weapon and probably more friends than me, I'll do my best to kick his a** if it means Makoto comes back to me!

"Paaaa?" Makoto looked at Neptune's picture curiously. She seems to be interested in Neptune's unique hair color but Weiss, like for the past ten minutes, mistook it as an attraction.

"Yes, this is papa."

"Paaaa?" Makoto tilted her head in confusion,


Makoto looked at the photo with troubled face. She remembered the man she called Papa but she can't really remember his face. She remembers his shiny yellow hair and goofy smile when he's taking care of her and how big his hands are when he embraced her. She also remembers how nice he smelled and how comfortable it was to sleep on his chest while he held her.

She doesn't remember anything important about him, but she would know for sure if that was her papa.

The man in the square little thing doesn't look like him at all. Wrong hair color, wrong skin color, too small and the smile is all wrong. It was too shiny like he brushed too much.

The conclusion? This blue hair guy was not her Pa. Not even close.

"MAH!" Makoto smacked the scroll angrily while huffing, "Nai Paaa!"

"Hazel! What's wrong my dear? Don't you like papa?"

"Nai! Naiiii!" Makoto shakes her head and pouted cutely, inflating her cheeks like a balloon. Yang went rabid pulling out her own scroll and took several pictures of her pouting face. Thankfully without the flash, I'm not sure if Makoto would have liked that.

"Looks like she doesn't want Neptune as her father Weiss," Yang commented after she stopped spamming camera capture and picked up Weiss's scroll.

"That's ridiculous! What makes you say that?"

"Well, if the way she smacked his photo is not enough to convince you. She has been trying to kick the photo for a while."

"Ciaaa!" Makoto let out an adorable war cry as she tried to kick the photo in Yang's hand, but her tiny leg can't reach it and she ends up only kicking up the air repeatedly. It was too cute!

"Awwww...! My little Hazel doesn't like Neptune? Don't worry! Mama will cut all ties with him!"

Jaune blinked rapidly before he stuck a pinky in his ear and wiggled it. When he pulled it out, he smacked his cheeks twice before looking at Blake and Ruby. Judging by their faces, they heard what Weiss said too. Especially Blake who lost all menacing aura.

A silence overcomes us, three people, outside as we try to process what Weiss had just said. All three of us know that Weiss can sometimes be…a bit crazy when it comes to certain things. But this is the first time all three of us heard her so casually throw away a friend just for a random baby she picked up.

"Weiss… isn't that a bit too extreme? I mean, you have a crush on Neptune, and he's not doing anything wrong either."

"Nothing is too extreme in the name of motherly love, Yang! My baby doesn't like Neptune, then I won't like him either! And you don't have any right to talk! For example, if Ruby hated your boyfriend, will you still like him?"

"Hell no! If Ruby hates him then I also hate him! I don't want any husband that won't treat my adorable sister like family! And if she doesn't like him, then that means there's something wrong with him that I couldn't see! I'll even beat the crap out of him if necessary!"

The seconds ticked by before Yang's angry face morphed into one of comprehension, "OH!"

"Exactly! Sometimes the only reason you need to hate someone is someone you love hates them."

"Make sense... Oh! Then how about Sun?" This time, Yang dug through her photos and found a picture of Sun, "If she doesn't like Sun either, we'll have to cut ties with their entire team!"

"That's the spirit! But Sun? Please! If she doesn't like Neptune, there's no way she'll like Sun," Weiss said grumpily, really dislike the idea of Makoto calling that...stow away anything close to the word 'papa'.

"Who knows? He's also a faunus like her, maybe that'll make him more appealing?" Yang stated as she held the scroll up for her to see.

Makoto tilted her head as she examined Sun's photo

This one looks almost right. The hair color is right, but the stomach looks different somehow. This one's stomach has too many squares, his skin is a bit darker and she's pretty sure her Pa doesn't have a tail

The conclusion? This one is not her Pa either.

"NAIIIII!" Makoto tried to smack the scroll angrily again, but Yang managed to pull the scroll away before she hit it.

"I guess it's another miss," Yang said nonchalantly before she started typing a message on her scroll and showed it to Weiss, who after a nod of approval, let Yang send the message.

"Bye bye, nice knowing you guys!" She said with ease as if cutting ties with friends is something normal.

Scary! That's so scary! I'm so glad Ruby would have my back if they tried that with me or anyone on my team.

"Well then! Next papa!" She said so easily without learning from her failure and started showing off her pictures. Yang had an extensive collection of hunks, handsome and buff men that she found in her travels.

Please stop, what if Makoto call one of them papa? I'll die standing!

No wait, I'll go hunt down the man she called papa first and kick his a**! Then I'll die standing!

Fortunately, Makoto is fed up and closed her eyes while pouting. That was adorable! Take a picture, Yang! This is proof of a baby's first sassy moment! Oh, I wish I could take a picture but my scroll was still broken and I don't think Blake or Ruby want to do anything like that right now.

Speaking of…

While I was watching everything going on and talking about how cute Makoto was, Ruby and Blake looked like they had their own big thoughts about the whole thing. Ruby looked like she was trying to hold in some big giggles by placing her hands over her mouth but I could tell from her small shaking that she was still laughing. I'm pretty sure that she also typed another message to Sun and his team, telling them to ignore her sister who was being stupid.

Blake finally stopped looking like she was turning into a Grimm and instead returned to normal. She was still very angry and looked like she wanted to bust in with her weapon ready but I was still holding back her arm that was holding some dust rounds in it. I was worried, if anything, that she might accidentally do more damage than she wanted to and end up blowing up the dorm room and bringing Ozpin, or worse Glynda, down on us.

"I can't take this anymore! Let's get in there already!" Blake lost her patience and started taking out some tiny black balls from her pocket with her other hand.

I think those were smoke bombs…at least I HOPE they were smoke bombs.

"Blake, wait!" Before I can stop her or say anything else, all of a sudden the door behind us started to open slowly.

The door…that was leading to my team's room!

"I'll try to search for Jaune one more time."

"Pyrrha, it's okay. He's a grown up man. I'm sure he'll come back soon."

I can hear Pyrrha's voice followed by Ren's.

"Do you think he's with Blake? She also doesn't answer her scroll, did she? Are they eloping? I didn't know they're dating! I bet their kids will be adorkable like Jaune!"

And that's Nora.

Oh wait I should be panicking

This is bad, this is bad, I'm not ready to meet them yet!

How am I supposed to explain this situation? From what I heard from Ruby, they have been searching for me since yesterday! And now here I am, in front of our room, peeking into team RWBY's dorm!

…Should I just tell them the truth?

Wait, how would I do that without getting in trouble?

Hi, guys! Sorry I didn't come back to the dorm yesterday. A funny thing happened, I found a faunus baby and decided to adopt her. Then Blake caught me and she wanted to help out but then the baby, which is very adorable, went missing and now we found her in RWBY's dorm and we want her back.

Oh man, that's not going to work! I don't think any of that is going to work! If anything, it was going to work so badly in the opposite way that I was going to get in more trouble than I could even if I mooned the Headmaster right this moment!

Yeah, not gonna happen either! I might as well take my chances with the Grimm outside!

"Hurry, get in!"

Taking the decision out of my hands, Ruby hurriedly pushed me and Blake inside RWBY's room and closed the door in time before Pyrrha, Ren, and Nora got out. She managed to do it in a way somehow that my team didn't notice at all! From behind the door, I can still hear my team's voice.


"What's wrong Pyrrha?"

"No, I just thought I saw Ruby just now. Maybe it's just my imagination... let's go, we have to find Jaune!"

"And when we find him we'll interrogate him thoroughly! Mwahahaha!"

I gulped nervously. Nora could be scary sometimes not knowing if she was serious or not.

The sound of their footsteps and chatter getting further away show that they're leaving thankfully.

Now, the good news is my team hasn't caught us yet, and the bad news, Yang, and Weiss are now staring at us. Oh boy... I don't know if it's a good news or worse news.

I mean, this situation is just as bad as the one that could have happened outside! I'm not sure what I could say right now to excuse my behavior or why the three of us were spying on them! I'm sure that I can't even say or do anything before Weiss accuses me of all the bad things being my fault!

Man! This day started out so well too! I just wanted to relax and think about potential future plans while raising Makoto but now I'm here in one of my best friend's dorm surrounded by her whole team while the squirming baby I call my daughter sees us.

"Paaaa! Maaaa!" Makoto called as soon as she caught a sight of us.

My heart melted in joy and I nearly fell to my knees and cried. Hearing Makoto call me her papa will never get old.


"Vomit boy? Blake? Ruby?" Yang asked, in confusion, "What are you guys doing here?"

"Hi Sis, hi Weiss! We were just spying on you guys and trying to figure out the best way to come inside," Ruby replied, waving her hand a bit in her usual cheerful way.

We spent the next few seconds just staring at each other, The silence feels so awkward. Heck, I feel awkward just being here!

But I want Makoto back so I'll have to make do with it.



Did you come to take me home?

Why's everyone not moving? Haha! Papa, your face looks so funny right now. Are we playing a game right now? Making a funny face while not moving? I can play too! Behold! My funny face!


"Pfffftt!" I cheered when I heard papa laugh. Did you see that Mama? Papa laughed! Eh? Mama?

Mama pay attention to me! I want Mama and Papa!


When Ruby shoved all of us into the room, I nearly activated all the dust rounds and smoke bombs I had in my hands. I was caught off guard by Jaune's team, but thankfully Ruby at least saved us from having to deal with them for now.

I may be strong and taught by some of the finest warriors, but even I'm sure that Pyrrha would knock all of us out before tying Jaune up and asking him all the questions she had.

And if she didn't like any of those answers…she was going to probably strip and humiliate him just like in chapter nine of Ninja's in Love when Genji let his playboy personality get too far and made the half-sisters Lena and Angela kidnap and get revenge on him.

…I should stop thinking of my dirty books at a time like this! I have to focus!

Makoto, don't worry, mama has come to take you back!

…Why are you making that face? Do you not want me and Jaune to rescue you?

"Pffft...!" Jaune accidentally let out a laugh at her funny face and like a ring of the match, I jumped and tried to grab Makoto from Weiss.

Weiss was expecting this somehow though and managed to move back at the right moves so instead I ended up grabbing Yang's chest. I growled and ignored her blushing face or Jaune's stuttering as I zeroed in on my daughter in my friend's hands and used my semblance to dash forward and try and grab her again.

Weiss still didn't let go or run away though and instead, she used a blue dust crystal in her sleeve and made the dorm floor slippery so I ended up missing and nearly crashing into my bed and knocking the books out. Thankfully I was fast and graceful enough so instead at the last second I managed to twist out of the way, hit the wall and jump off of it, and land right behind Weiss where I grabbed Makoto by under her arms and tried to take her out of Weiss' hands.

"Let go of Makoto Weiss, Let go of our daughter!"

"Makoto? She's called Hazel! Hazel Schnee and she's my daughter!"

Weiss paused for a full second when she processed what I said fully.

"Wait... Our daughter? Do you mean…ours as in you and Jaune?"

Jaune suddenly had all the attention on him while I played tug of war with Weiss but we both didn't do it too hard because we didn't want to hurt Makoto. Jaune for his part froze up when Weiss questioned him but instead of him backing down like I expected him to he instead got this determined look in his eyes and pointed at himself.

"I'm Makoto's papa! And Blake's her mama! We took her in and decided to raise her together so she could have a good life."

I didn't admit it out loud but I felt her respect for the dorky teen rising with each word. Sometimes it was nice to see a human stand up for my kind after all the bad blood and abuse from both sides.

"I found her first!" Weiss yelled out, her hands tightening around Makoto's legs.

Makoto thankfully wasn't feeling hurt and instead looked like she was having fun, giggling in her cute voice while I and Weiss tugged her back and forth between us.

"Actually, Jaune found her first. He found her yesterday in the Emerald forest when he was training," I answered for him.

Weiss looks panicked, it seems like she managed to connect our disappearance since yesterday with finding Makoto. But I know Weiss, she won't back down just with this.

"Then prove it!" She commanded, hugging Makoto around her tiny body tighter much to Makoto's discomfort.

Makoto stretched her hand out at Jaune and started waving it around at him like she was trying to ask him to come over and just take her already.

"Paaaa! Maaaa!" She called us with teary eyes. Hang on Makoto! Mommy and Daddy will save you!

"Is that enough proof? Weiss, hand over Makoto before things get ugly!"

"Be careful you two! Don't make her cry! I'll get angry when that happens and then we'll all be sorry!"

Normally Jaune wouldn't be the kind of person to make threats or sound tough but apparently, when it came to Makoto he was willing to fight everyone to get to her. I know that he wouldn't last that long against Weiss but he would probably make it hard for her to win at least. I know Jaune has his moments and right now it was one of them.

Weiss herself seemed shocked by what Jaune said and it was because of that she let go. I managed to stop myself from sliding backward and go flying out the window as Makoto landed on my breasts and hugged me tightly while I did the same.

My poor sweet baby! Don't worry, Mama is here now and she'll make everything better.

[Jaune's POV] (Honestly at this point I can't fricking tell myself. Figure it out yourself reader!)

"We must immediately take her to an orphanage!" Weiss said with her usual dignified voice.

'Wait, what?' I said in my head.

"Wait, what?" Blake said out loud.

"Orphanage?" I asked, not sure if I heard it right. Why would we take Makoto to an orphanage?

"Yes! To the orphanage! You heard me the first time!"

Well, that surely come out of nowhere. Didn't she like Makoto? Why would she take her to the orphanage? Doesn't she know how badly they treat faunus kids?

Makoto might as well go back into the forest!

"But Weiss! You like her too aren't you? Why do you want to take her there?"

"No buts! It's exactly because I like her that I'm doing this! You know this ought to happen right? She's not legally ours! We don't have any obligation to take care of her! That's why I'm taking her to the orphanage!"

"Weiss!" I snap at her, "I don't care about any of that junk! Even if we can't do this normally, taking her to an orphanage is the worst idea we could do! Why would you even suggest such a terrible thing?"

"So I can officially adopt her!" She declared

"Wha?" I was confused, not sure of all things how that was connected.

And stop saying you're the mama! Blake is already the mama!

"Don't you understand, you dork? You can't just take a child on the road and call them your child! We need to get some paperwork done! And an orphanage provides all the necessary documents. I'll officially become her mother and be legally obligated to take care of her!"

"Weiss, friendly reminder. You found her on the road and almost immediately started calling her your daughter," Yang reminded her with a smirk, "Talk about the pot calling the kettle black."

"Suushh! Don't talk like you're not acting like that too Yang!"

"Well, I don't deny it but-"

Ok, this has gone on long enough. I have to regain control of this situation before Weiss makes Makoto cry by taking her away or worse, letting Ozpin and Glynda know about this!

Quick, I have to distract her!

"Hold on Weiss, there's a lot of things we wanted to say but first, Hazel?"

"What about it? It's her name! Hazel Schnee! Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue, ladies love it!"

Ouch, I don't think I like her stealing my line like that. Sure she didn't like it when I used it but that doesn't give her permission to use it like this!

"I remember hearing that somewhere before…" Ruby commented while looking STRAIGHT at me, "Wasn't that your catch phrase?"

"Weiss! Calm down! And her name is Makoto! Makoto Arc!" I yelled out before I can get embarrassed.

"I. Am. Calm! And what kind of name is that? Hazel Schnee is waaaaay better!"

"It's her name! Her official name! I found it on a piece of paper in her basket!" I shook my head, maybe I should have changed it when I had a chance but Makoto already thought of herself as Makoto!

"Okay, I admit Hazel is a good name but you can't just change her name like that!"

"Yes, I can! I'm her mommy! Her name is Hazel and that's final!"

What a stubborn girl! Too bad for her, I have experience with stubborn girls.

I knew of one ancient technique, passed down through the Arc line of siblings, one that never failed to always make us waste time and never find a proper solution! It would work as a distraction long enough for Blake to escape out the window and back to our secret room

Yes, I must distract Weiss by going back and forth with her by shouting out what I think is better!







"Why not both?" Ruby suggested innocently.


We're all looked at the young reaper. Her idea sounded a bit weird at first, but then there's a lot of people who have more than two words in their name, heck, Yang was one of them.

Ok, play it cool Jaune. Maybe you can still distract her. Blake! Run while you can!

"… Makoto….'Hazel' Arc!"

"Nu uh! Hazel 'Makoto' Schnee"

"ENOUGH!" Blake shouted angrily at our argument.

Noooo, Blake. Whhhhhyyyy.

You were supposed to escape!

"You two want to fight for her name? Fine! I'm joining! Makoto Hazel Schnee Arc Belladonna! There! You like it?"

I take back what I said.

"Actually yes!" I agree wholeheartedly.

Blake is Makoto's mother so she should also have her surname as part of Makoto's name, and Makoto is still her first name. This way, Makoto can be connected to both me, her papa, and Blake, her mama.

Weiss can be an auntie for all I care, but so long as she still loves us as mama and papa then I'm happy!

Weiss nodded, "That one might actually work. It's in the middle, but there's Hazel Schnee in it. "

Blake facepalmed, "That was a rhetorical question," Wait what? I thought it was a pretty good idea!

"Anyway, Weiss! Give us back our daughter!"

I blinked and then nearly jumped in shock. Somehow when I wasn't paying attention Weiss had taken back Makoto from Blake! No wonder she wouldn't run away!

Makoto for her part was squirming and letting out tiny wails but she didn't try too hard to break free and instead kept reaching out and waving her hands at Blake. I felt a little jealous at first until she suddenly looked at me and noticed I was staring at her before she started to really try and break free to get to me.

I felt my heart melt again. Makoto, you are too kind to this stupid young teenager who you call Papa.

Weiss didn't let her go and even though she had to lift up a knee to help balance Makoto from getting out, Weiss was still talking like the princess she was and tried to keep control of the situation. I found the image funny, Weiss in her usual haughty attitude, holding a squirming baby that was obviously trying to get free.

I think I would've have taken a picture if my scroll still worked but Ruby apparently had the same thoughts as me and was snapping her own. I should ask her later for some.

"I won't hand over my dear Hazel to you! No! She deserves the best and I'm the one who can provide that!"

"Her name is Makoto! And I'm... I'm... Darn, her argument is strong... " I wanted to argue more, I really do. But the more I think about it, the more I agree with her. Weiss can provide Makoto with something better than we can afford, and Weiss unexpectedly liked children a lot.

I know for a fact that even if Makoto loved me and Blake, she could get a better life with Weiss. She would have all the toys she could play with, drink and eat all the best foods, and even wear wonderful cute costumes like the ones Blake was trying to buy earlier but I couldn't because I sadly didn't have enough money.

I tried my best to keep my sadness from showing but I didn't try hard enough because I heard it. The telltale sound that I always dread hearing but know it like the back of my hand because of how recently it was happening.

Makoto started crying and before anyone could do anything I had rushed over and snatched Makoto out of Weiss' hands. She was too shocked from the sudden crying to stop me and I didn't care about what had happened, I just wanted it to stop. Makoto was a very sensitive baby and I knew from experience from family that I couldn't stand the sound of a baby crying and would do anything to make it stop.

So I didn't care about everyone around me or who was listening, I just started rocking Makoto and did my best to make her stop crying. I started cooing to her, making baby noises, singing softly with lullabies that I knew. Makoto started to quiet down and fall asleep in my arms and I relaxed a little, happy that she had stopped.

"Wow, you really know your stuff Vomit boy."

I'm suddenly reminded of my surroundings but didn't care.

"You know, I wouldn't mind having you as a babysitter. You obviously know what you're doing and you can take care of her. In fact, I'll allow it!" Weiss said with a smile.

"Even after seeing all that you still want to take her away?" Blake asked incredulously.

"Like I said, I can provide what's best for her."

"Money doesn't mean she'll always be happy!"

"Oh cmon, look how well I turned out!"

The two started to dissolve into a bicker fest that I didn't feel like getting into. I just cared more about Makoto. Who no longer looked like she was going to take a nap but instead was trying to get my attention and waving her tiny hands at me. I smiled at her happy face and played with her, waggling my finger that she latched onto.


The argument stopped and we're all looking at the one who shouted just now.


"You guys are missing the point! You keep saying the best for her, but is it what she wants?"

I blink in surprise and almost take my finger away as Makoto was nibbling on it. I'm worried I might have hurt her so thankfully that didn't happen.

"Look, I know you guys love her so much, I mean... who wouldn't? She's adorable! But if you guys keep fighting like this none of you will be good enough to take care of her!"

Weiss and Blake both looked away, eyes averted and their heads downcast as if in shame.

"I have been taking care of Ruby ever since we were small, I think I know what I'm talking about!" Yang said as she pulled Ruby to her side.

"And she does a good job at it!" Ruby added.

Honestly, I didn't know who raised Ruby more. Her sister or their own father I heard about from Ruby who told me about him.

I saw that both Weiss and Blake were thinking about what Yang said. They even stopped fighting. But from the silence filling the room it must have made Makoto scared as we all remained still because when I looked down feeling her stop nibbling on my finger.

Makoto looks like she's ready to cry

"Maaaaa? Paaaa?" Makoto called us, her voice shaking while she's visibly upset.

I could feel like the strings of my heart began tightening from her look. It was as if my heart was about to shatter into a million tiny pieces from the sad look in her eyes.

What have we done?

I should have known that she will be upset if she saw us, her mother and father are fighting over her.

"I guess... I guess we were wrong."

"Sorry Makoto, Mommy was wrong.."

Makoto smiled and pinched Blake's cheeks softly, "Maaaa!" She cheered as Blake pinched her cheeks making them jiggle when she let go. I guess she liked when her mom did it instead of two people she doesn't know.

But honestly, I feel better that she is happy now and no longer frighten us fighting over her. I couldn't handle her if she started crying again. It would just be too much to see such an adorable face go and cry! Never again!

Suddenly as Blake was playing with Makoto Yang stepped in pulling me out of the way. Damn, don't she have any restraint on herself? If I hadn't clenched my body she could have tossed me across the room.

Yang stood in front of the two as she leaned down smiling while looking at Makoto as her cheeks were a bit red from the playing.

"Now! Who wants to take a bath with Mommy Yang?"

"Aaaii!" Makoto raised her hand and smiling happily, I guess she really does like to take a bath.

"Yes, you are! My Xiao Xiao Long!" Yang said, calling Makoto with yet another different name. One with her last name in it!

"Aiii!" And much to our surprise, Makoto reacted to that name.

"YAAAAAAAAAAANGGGGG!" Weiss, Blake and i shouted in disapproval.


The emerald forest has been quite busy that night. The Grimm angry and dying roars could be heard all over the forest. A squad of armored soldier has been walking around the area. Their armor looked like a black colored atlas soldier but with full face helmet to completely hide their face.

Half of them are using a soundless machine gun which looks really advanced to eliminate any Grimms that's stupid enough to stand in their way. While half of them are seen searching the area for something.

Among them, there's a lightly armored soldier who has been giving orders to the other soldiers. With a black katana on his hand, he sits on a freshly killed Ursa's corpse he beheaded himself. It doesn't require a genius to know that this guy is the leader of this black squad.

"Have you guys find the package yet?" He asked, growing impatient with each passing second.

"Sorry, sir! We haven't." One soldier stopped shooting and answered, only to almost get shot in the head when a bullet shot by his leader passing near his eyes and killed a Beowolves behind him. The soldier barely managed to not pissed his pants.

"Then what are you waiting for! Keep searching! I don't care even if you have to search under every rock in this blasted forest! We must find it at all cost!"

"Sir yes sir!"

The leader shouted angrily and the rest of his men hurriedly went back to their search.

The leader groaned in frustration and stabbed his sword to the disintegrating Ursa corps, splitting the head in two and hastening its disintegration.

How did he get into this mess again?

Let's just say that their boss has had some disagreement with their business partner over a package and even though they managed to deal with this business partner, The problem is they were smart enough to hide this package before his squad wiped them out.

So here they are, spending a day in the Grimm invested forest, searching for a package they don't even know what. Their boss only told them that the package is very important, very dangerous or very valuable, take your pick! Bottom line, it must be retrieved at all cost. It's just that their only clue of it's where about is it's hidden somewhere in this huge fucking forest and put inside a teeny weeny wooden basket. It can be anywhere!

While the leader is loudly complaining, a soldier came approaching him. He seems like in a hurry so he might have a good or important news.

"Sir, we found something! And we think you need to see this." He said while saluting.

To be honest, the leader was not really interested in what his underlings found. If they found the package, they should be taking it to him right away. But seeing that the soldier is not carrying anything other than his own gun means that they found something else.

"Fine, lead the way!" The leader said, it might be unrelated, but it's also might be a clue to the package, so he reluctantly following the soldier. But when they've finally arrived, he immediately changes his mind

Tons of footprints from different Grimms, claw marks on nearby trees and some fallen trees along the way moving to a single direction indicating more Grimms joined the fight. It's, without doubt, a trace of a horde of Grimms. Or at least what's left of it.

The trails end absurdity as if the horde is wiped out around there.

Judging from the damage inflicted to the surrounding, the fight happened not too long ago. Two days at most. In normal condition it's nothing unusual, considering they're currently in the Grimm invested forest nearby a hunter school. It won't be weird for the students to test their skill here. He doesn't care whenever the one fighting survived or not, that's not their problem.

The problem is there's someone appear near their package, and there's a probability that they took it.

He ordered some of his soldiers to search for clues around the area.

Worst case possible is the package is destroyed in the fight, but in some scenarios where this guy picked up their package and managed to survive the horde while keeping the package safe, that means they're quite strong and might pose a problem in retrieving the package later. By studying the aftermath of their battle they can measure their opponents ability, what type of dust they're using and if they're lucky maybe even their semblance.

Of course, there's no proof that the one fighting here has their package. But better be safe than sorry.

He scanned the surrounding, trying to learn more about the one fighting, only to find more claw marks and footprints. He can't shake the feeling that there's something wrong here.

There are only a few human foot prints, maybe the rest of it has already trampled by the Grimms. But even if that's the case, there are still too few foot prints and to make it weirder they all belong to the same person meaning that either there's only one guy who's fighting here or they're all wearing the same shoe size.

But that's not the only weird thing he noticed.

None of his soldiers noticed, even he didn't notice it at the first glance.

"There's no sign of dust usage anywhere!" He muttered silently

That's the weird thing, nowadays hunters no matter professional hunters or not are a bit too depended to the dust. Sure, they have dustless swords and knives but it's always double as a gun, Power armors, vehicles, everything is running on dust. Some hunters even need dust to active their semblance. They never realize until it's too late that once they run out of their precious dust rounds they'll be an easy prey to the Grimms. Even he himself admitted that he'll still need some dust rounds to fight Grimms at this number.

He knows that some special ops soldiers like them have special dust rounds made for the purpose of stealth and secrecy, like their soundless dust rounds for example. But the dust rounds that used to penetrate the Grimms hide will be left in the open once the Grimms finish disintegrated, so even the most advanced dust technology can't completely hide the dust residues.

But that's not the case to this guy.

Against one or two Grimms without any dust rounds might not be difficult for a seasoned hunter. He himself can do it against a dozen or two, but a horde? It's an impossible feat that only some people can achieve.

Is there an army that's not using dust while fighting? A special ops soldiers that's trained to fight without dust? The answer is none. Not since the discovery of dust which is hundreds or thousands years ago.

Then that leave the theory of it's just a single hunter. It's still unlikely, but more possible.

They said that you can see how strong a hunter is by looking at how much dust they use in their fight, unlike hunters in training and freshly graduated hunter, a stronger and more seasoned hunter have some habit to keep their ammunition in check

This mystery guy must be at least as good as him or maybe even better.

Things have become very difficult

This was supposed to be a simple hunt and retrieve mission, but for some reasons, the package is nowhere to be seen and some unknown individual appeared around the area.

There's no way this is just a coincidence. Someone must have sniffed out their operation and get here first. But how? This is a highly classified mission. Is there a spy among his men?

No matter, The spy can wait. What's important right now is to find their package and finish their mission as fast as they can. They have spent too long sweeping this forest and now they have to prepare for the next fight.

In the middle of his though, he saw something shiny. He grinned under his helmet and approach the object, feeling a bit of excitement to find a clue about this mysterious individual.

"This guy is good, but not good enough I see." He said bending down to pick up the object.

"But wait, if this guy can fight a horde of Grimm without using any dust rounds why did he make such a beginner mistake? To leave a clue this obvious, maybe this is a trap? Or a false clue to mess with our investigation? It could also be a challenge."

As he focused on figuring out the object purpose, a soldier approached him to give him a report.

"Sir, we cleared the area and we still can't find the package. We found a trace of it being left under that tree, but it's gone now. I'm afraid the Grimms might have found it first."

"No... It's not the Grimms " The leader replied as he gets up and hands over the object he just picked to the soldier. "It's a hunter. A very very good one. Try to get as many information as you can get from this." he said before he ordered the remaining soldiers to clean up and leave the perimeter.

The soldier saluted to his leader's command and looked to the object he just received.

A broken scroll with a Beowulf scratch on it.