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A/N: Fill for Comment Fic's three sentence day where Yuidirnt requests, "'That wasn't supposed to happen.'"

"Okay," says Willow, "okay, okay, okay, okay, okay," she fiddles anxiously with Tara's hands and bites her lip, eyes wide and blue and repentant as they dart around the room, "clearly that wasn't what was supposed to happen."

Buffy shoves Willow's hands against the table top and awkwardly lurches to stand, feeling incredibly weird and off-balance, "Just undo it," she commands, grimacing a little at the way her voice comes out, "before Spike touches anything else and I have to torture him as soon as this is over."

When she looks across the table it's her own eyes that she meets but the smirk there couldn't be mistaken as hers in a million years and God it's the most disorienting thing in her entire crazy, disorienting life when her mouth opens and practically purrs, "You know we don't have to wait, luv; I'm ready to test these Slayer abilities whenever you are."