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A/N: Fill for three sentence day at Comment Fic for Yuidirnt who prompted "three things they regret doing."

She regrets Xander's lips, that she'd let them lure her in, that she'd let a tuxedo and near-death experience sway her (because, okay, maybe the tuxedo was kinda not of the norm, but when weren't they having near-death experiences?), and that she'd let herself forget, for that moment, not only Pez Witch and Cordelia and animal cracker monkeys and Oz's hands, but also how long Xander had denied her his lips and how when Oz had done the same, it had only been because of exactly this.

She regrets the sharp words at the Bronze, regrets that they happened and that she's the only one who remembers and now she can't forget because they stung and pushed and she was cruel, she'd never been so cruel before, and Tara deserved better, always better, better than yelling, better than fights, better than lies, better than spells, better than dried flowers, better than anything Willow had to give, better than any of that and she loved Willow anyway and so Willow regrets.

She regrets her fear, the terror that made her cling to Kennedy as pet names became heavy on her tongue and as she became frustrated by the way Kennedy flossed her teeth; she should have let go, let Kennedy let go, but she clung, because she was afraid, because she'd never done the leaving before, never, and what if there wasn't anyone else there when she let go?