Annabeth POV

We put the mysterious boy on one of the beds in the Big House. After making sure he was right Chiron and I left the room closing the door quietly behind us. "Chiron?" I asked quietly.

"Yes Annabeth?"

"Do you think he might be Percy? He looks so much like him… and with the prophecy and all it makes sense." I had filled Chiron in on the whole new prophecy thing on the way to the Big House.

"You might be right, but don't get your hopes up. He may just be another demigod, we won't know until he wakes and until then we will keep a close watch on him."

-Line Break-

I went down to Piper and Jason's house to talk to Piper about the mysterious boy and how I think he might be Percy. "Annabeth I don't think it's him." She looked at me with sympathetic eyes.

"No Piper you didn't see him, he looked exactly like Percy. And it makes sense with the prophecy and all."

"Yeah but we don't know what it means for sure."

I was just about to reply when there as a knock at the door. "Be back in a minute." Piper called as she made her way to the front door. A second later she returned, closely followed by Leo.

"Hey Leo." I greeted him as he sat down on the coach opposite me.

"Hey Annabeth, ah Chiron told me to tell you that he needs to see you up at the Big House."

My heart jumped. Has the boy woken up? I stood up quickly. "Thanks Leo. See you later Piper." I called as I walked past her and out the door.

Piper POV

"Where's Annabeth going?" I asked Leo sitting down beside him.

"Chiron wanted to talk to her about something, so she's gone up to the Big House." Leo replied shrugging.

"Is it about that new demigod?" I asked him but at his puzzled expression I knew that he didn't know what I was talking about. I rolled my eyes and filled him in on what Annabeth had told me. After I was done Leo looked at me.

"So she thinks that this new guy might be Percy because he has black hair?"

"No there's more to it than that but she is convinced that someone had brought Percy back from the dead so he could be a part of this quest."

"Oh, okay. Maybe she's a lot more depressed than we thought?"

"Yeah maybe…" but as I said it the more of what Annabeth said made more sense. Maybe it is Percy.

Annabeth POV

I made it to the Big House about five minutes later. I knocked on Chiron's office door softly. "Chiron?"

"Come in." I heard the familiar voice of Chiron call.

"You wanted to see me?" I asked coming into the room.

Chiron was in wheelchair form and was behind his desk. "Ah yes Annabeth dear, I called you hear because of the boy. He is getting better and will be waking up soon I thought that you would like to be there when he does."

My heart jumped for the second time that day. I smiled. "Thank you Chiron." I said making my way out of the room.

But before I reached the door Chiron called me back. "Annabeth, I know that you think it may be Percy, but don't get your hopes up. It might not be him, it might just be another demigod."

"I know." Was all I said before leaving the office and making my way down to the room with the boy inside.

-Line Break-

I had been sitting by the side of the boy's bed for around 20 minutes before he started to stir. He groaned before rubbing his eyes and opening them. My breath caught. They were sea-green, the exact some as Percy's, and I would know. Hearing my intake of breath the boy looked over at me. He grinned. "Hey Wise Girl." Yep it was Percy there was no mistaking it. But how? I sat there shocked for a moment before I punched him on the shoulder.

"Hey what was that for?" he asked rubbing his shoulder.

"You left me Perseus Jackson!" he winced at his full name. "You left me, you said that you weren't going to leave again! That we would always be together!" I shouted at him. The anger from the last 10 years that I had kept buried down inside, coming out.

"Annabeth, look I'm sorry-"

"Sorry doesn't cut it. It's been 10 years Percy, 10 years!" at my last comment his face paled. "And you say hey?"

"Has it really been 10 years?" he asked quietly.

"Yes, 10 years today to be exact."

"Wow so you're like 27?"

"Yes" I replied. I now just realized that I was 27 while he still looked 17 and I think he just realized it too.

"Why am I here then?" he asked.

"Wait you don't know?" I was shocked, surely someone would've told him something.

"No, I just remember being up in Elysium and then bam I'm lying on the edge of the lake."

"How did you get up to Thalia's tree then?"

"I walked."

"Yes I know you would've walked but you were passed out when I found you."

"I was planning to walk up to the Big House, to ask Chiron or someone what's going on but when I got to Thalia's tree all the energy just drained out of me and I collapsed." Once he finished I grabbed his face with my hands and kissed him. At first he was shocked but then he leaned into the kiss. I was running my hands through his already messing hair and making soft groans at the back of my throat. I wanted to stay mad at him but I had missed him so much and I just couldn't help myself. When we pulled away he looked up at me his face blank before giving me a goofy grin. "I just did." Was all he said. Okay now I was really starting to get annoyed.

"I know you're lying Seaweed Brain now tell me what you're not telling me and I will tell you of what I know of why you would be here." I said trying to persuade him to tell me some information.

He looked up at me his big beautiful sea-green eyes, which I had missed so much, calculating my offer. "Okay wise girl, you have yourself a deal." He held out his hand and I shook it.

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