Harry sat in his upstairs room at 4 Pivot Drive staring at the letter he had just completed.

July 31st

Dear Sirius,

Just wanted to say bye. Thanks for all that you've done for me that past few years. No godson could ask for a better godfather than you. I hope you can get your name cleared soon so that you can live the life your meant to live. Tell Ron and Hermione bye for me and please give Hedwig to Hermione. They always did get along smashingly. Please take care of yourself. I'll miss you tons.



The past year had been particularly hard on Harry. After the Triwizard tournament, Voldemort had increased his attacks and some had come very close at heart to Harry. During Christmas, the Burrow, along with all nine Weasleys was attacked. All of them surprising got out alive, but each of them sustained major injuries and Mrs. Weasley, the only person who Harry could connect to as a mother, had endured a three-month coma. Countless people told Harry that this wasn't his fault, however the message written on the outside wall of the Burrow reading "Potter, you're next" made Harry a bit reluctant to agree.

Hermione also flooded Harry's mind regularly. Under normal circumstances, Harry would have expressed the undying love that he had discovered the fall of his 5th year. With Ron dating Lavender, the two should have been free together without feeling any remorse of leaving out their third musketeer. However, circumstances were not normal and he could not fathom what he would do is Voldemort decided to come after her.

Harry had possible never felt more depressed in his life. Anyone he knew, anyone he cared about, was in danger. Well this was going to change right now. Harry was leaving his friends, leaving those he loved, leaving everything he knew behind.

With a flick of his wand (he had been allowed to use magic as a defense mechanism since danger was lurking around every corner) he changed his long shaggy raven hair to look short and blonde, turned his greed emerald eyes to blue and transfigured his lightning bolt scar, which had been his life and legacy, to match the skin that surrounded it. Then he grabbed some blank parchment and transformed it to a passport and identification specifying his new looks and his new age, 21.

Looking in the mirror, Harry shuddered to think what the future brought for him. Yes, it is true he looked like a completely different person, but he hoped that would not keep his archrival from following or at least search for him after he left. He hoped this would be enough to keep him away from those whom he cared about.

After tying his letter to Hedwig and saying his goodbyes to his friend of years, Harry grabbed his cloak, the money he had gotten from Gringotts earlier that week, and his shrunken luggage and then sped off on his Firebolt. This, his 16th birthday was going to the beginning of his new life. His new life, without a name, and without a scar.


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