This is my first Fanfic, so please work with me! Otherwise Enjoy~!

"I will love you, no matter what."

I look over at him and smile, "I know, and so will I."

he reaches his pale hand out and wraps it around my own, and gives me a small smile that lights up my whole world.

But everything was going to change, and soon I will wonder where this Levi disappeared to.


I look up at the sound of Hanji heading to where I was busy cleaning off the table and prepping it for the next customer.

"What do you need Hanji?" I ask, going back to what I was doing.

She bounds up behind me and puts her head right next to mine, "You never talk to me anymore~! I miss you, and so does Mike! Of course, I never asked him, but I'm sure he misses you too~!"

I cringe at the proximity of her voice to my ear, but shrug at her statement, "I'm busy working, I haven't really been able to get out lately."

She pouts at me, "Is it Levi?"

I pause at the mention of his name, then continue working. She sighs loudly and puts her hand on my shoulder. "You need to stop worrying about him, he'll understand if you go out with your friends once in awhile. He could do with getting out more as well."

"You know he can't stand being around my friends Hanji, and I'd rather have him happy than drag him around being an ass to everyone." I finish and look at her, "I need to get back to work, it was nice seeing you again Hanji."

I turn to head back to the kitchen, but I'm stopped as she moves in front of me.

"Eren, are you okay?" She asks with a worried expression.

"Yeah I'll see you later Hanji," I move around her, and I here her sigh before she leaves.

I'm sorry Hanji, but I can't tell you everything

I head back to the kitchens.

Okay, that's a really short beginning, but I promise to update fast! I just had to get something out so I can get this out of my head. See you guys later~!