Eren's P.O.V

There are many things in life I should be thankful for, but nothing is more precious to me than the person I love. He is everything to me, my luminous moon in the dark cave I've been confined to out of fear and self-hatred. Many times I wondered if he was going to leave me because I was too broken to fix, but time and again he has proved that he truly was there for me when I needed help.

Now I can't be without him – he is the bane of my existence. I didn't live for myself, but with his help maybe one day I will. Maybe that's why I never left him when things went sour – he never left me alone to fight my demons. Now it's my turn to show him that I won't leave. I didn't realize it before, but he was just as insecure as I am, and maybe even more so.

I can't let this situation break me again, not after everything he's done for me. I'm willing to fight through this, as long as he's by my side.

I open my eyes.

A Year Later

The pain of what happened that year haunts us to this day. For months after, nightmares would interrupt our sleep – most nights not sleeping at all. But with the support of our friends and talking everything out with each other, we were able to accept what happened and move on – in a sense.

Levi kept apologizing every chance he could – the guilt of being coerced into hurting me, and then not being able to protect me playing into his insecurities. Sometimes he asks me why I haven't left him yet, and I'll pull him into a hug and tell him repeatedly that I love him until he calms down.

Other times I go back to that room and relive all the horrors of what happened. It hurts to think that my own father did that to me. I properly buried Armin and Mikasa, not wanting them to be stuck there – letting them rest peacefully. I had a tough time adjusting – not that Levi was rushing me to get better anyway, he let me have a chance to mourn for my friends and everything that happened without falling back to my habits. I love him even more for being there and still loving me.

What matters most to us though is each other. We have been through quite a bit, but we haven't let anything stop us yet. We let our sleeping demons die – moving on to a greater, happier life.

"Eren," Levi whispers, "pay attention."

I give a slight smile, tuning back in to the ceremony. We had finally decided to tie the knot, Levi proposing to me – of course I said yes. There wasn't many people, only the friends Levi and I share. But I was quite happy – I was going to be married to the man I loved.

At our turns, we both said "I do," and when the minister said we could kiss I pulled Levi to me, leaning him back and kissing him deeply. The butterflies in my stomach were fluttering wildly, but we kept kissing despite the cheers and whistles around us.

When we finally broke apart, Levi grabbed my hand and led me out, guiding me to the car. He opened the door for me and I climbed in as he went around to the driver's side and did the same.

He turns to me and asks, "You ready?"

I take his hand into mine and smile, "Always."

And so it's over! OMG sorry about the wait, but yes this is finally finished! This is the project that I did for my graduation, plus the only story I've ever finished! If you guys don't mind, I'd like to hear some from you on how you liked/disliked this story and what could be improved on! Love you guys, hopefully I get something else up soon!