Why are there so little fanfictions on Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii? T.T It's such an awesome romance comedy anime/manga! Nvm I shall write one myself then! 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

Me: Livi! *runs to him and jumps onto his small back*

Livi: WHOA WHOA! *struggles with my body* What are you doing? Get off! You are heavy OOF!

Me: *clings onto him tightly* I'll get off after you say the disclaimer, Livi!

Livi: WHAT!? *throws me an incredulous look* Fine, fine! *stares straight at the camera* She doesn't own Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii or she would have killed me already.

Me: HEY! *smacks his shoulder*

~ Chapter 1 A Grown-up Livius ~

The brilliant golden orb was rising in the clear blue sky and blazing down on the Sun Kingdom like any other day. The felt of the light breeze here was dry and warm on the skin. The kingdom was coming alive as more and more people started to come out of their peaceful slumbers and begin their brand new day.

In the heart of an enchanting castle, two little yellow chickadees took a tour around the grand palace. They flew down to one of the chambers' window and perched lightly on the windowsill. Their yellow heads flickered left and right as they chirped happily to the sleeping couple on the bed.

Nike stirred slightly in her sleep. The bed was just too comfortable and the exhaustion from the dance lessons with Neil the day before made her stick to her bed like glue. She didn't want to wake up for another tiring day of lessons that he has been drilling into her for the past weeks. But she knew that it was for her own good, that all these preparatory lessons were to groom her to be the Queen of the Sun Kingdom.

She rolled over to her side and slung an arm over what she thought was a pillow, which shifted a little under her arm after she did that. Soon after, she felt warmth coming from it.

Weird, she didn't know that pillows could actually move by themselves and emit heat. Unless...

Her eyes flitted open and she shot up in bed. Her hands grabbed the covers to her chest while her eyes landed on whoever was sleeping beside her.

"Livi! You snuck in again!" she exclaimed at the intruder who was still fast asleep.

She was facing the back of her husband and couldn't manage to see his face. But she knew that it was him because of his striking black hair that looked so soft and made her have the urge to run her fingers through it every single time she saw him. He was also the only person she ever knew who would climb into bed completely naked.

He didn't respond to her and remain asleep. "Livi," she poked him lightly. What exactly did he do yesterday that makes him so worn out? Did he stay up late again to look through official documents again? She sighed softly, feeling so useless that she couldn't help him and reduce his workload. If only she was intelligent when it comes to stuff like politics, then perhaps Livi wouldn't have to be so dead beat every night. She was often worried that his duty as a King might took a toll on his child-like body.

She called his name a few more times and shook his shoulder. He finally aroused and turned over sleepily while throwing an arm and leg over her in the process. Nike smacked back onto the bed and struggled against him.

"Hey!" she protested. "Get off me!"

"I don't want to," he muttered quietly, his face pressed against her hair. He took in a deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent coming from her.

His action made Nike blush immediately and her heart started to race. She wriggled under him and tried to push him away, but she couldn't. He was a lot heavier than usual. No way, she thought to herself. How did he gain weight so fast? Did he eat a lot yesterday?

Livi shifted again to get himself comfortable and his feet bumped into hers. She wriggled again in a futile attempt to break his hold.

Wait. Hang on a moment...

She paused in her struggle and thought back. She knew that she had just thought of something bizarre.

His feet touched hers!?

Her mind immediately went into frenzy mode at that ridiculous thought. She instantly went to touch his body, feeling his arms and shoulders.

Yeah, his chest seemed much broader and more...more muscular? His skinny arms felt more bigger and stronger too. His feet even touched hers! This meant that he was way taller than he used to be. She turned to look at his face and was surprised to find that his baby fats were gone and instead, replaced with a manly look.

Was he real? Did he really grow into a man? Or was she actually dreaming?

Please let this be a dream, she hoped. Her cheeks were a deep shade of red as she was extremely close to Livi. He was even more handsome and this sent her heart thudding at an impossibly fast rate. She would really die of embarrassment if Livi saw her like this in reality.

He moaned at her touch and chuckled lightly. His eyes opened quickly and he smiled at her charmingly, amused by her expression.

"Oh, I didn't know that you're so bold today. Do you really want to do this badly? I don't mind..." He leaned in closer and Nike stopped breathing. When he planted a kiss on her cheek, she blushed even more and started squirming in his arms.

"No, you can't get away after how you invited me." He snuggled closer to her as she yelped in surprise.

This is real?

That very thought horrified her and she started shrieking loudly. She finally managed to break free from him and she scurried to the side of the bed while staring at him. Livi, shocked by her reaction, gave her a puzzled look.

"Huh? What's wrong? Am I that frightening?" His eyes was clearly hurt as he thought that she didn't want him to touch her.

"NO!" She shook her head wildly. She didn't want him to get the wrong idea.

His face scrunched up in confusion. "Then what's wrong?" he asked anxiously.

Running of footsteps coming from outside the bedroom door could be heard but neither one of them was aware of it as they both stared at each other. Nike began speaking first.

"Livi, y-you..."

The door slammed open and Neil ran in, flustered. "What happened, my Majesty?" he asked worriedly. But at the sight of Livi, he gaped at him openly and was speechless.

Meanwhile, Livi paid no attention to his servant as his eyes were still fixed on Nike, waiting for her to continue her sentence. What she said next, too, flabbergasted him.