Written by: Col. Karl L. Schubaltz

Author's notes: Melpomene is the greek Muse of Tragedies

I don't own Zoids, don't sue me, please

She'll never approve, he thought to himself as he stared longingly at the teal-haired captain beside him. As the handsome O'Connell gave his report to the soldiers of their platoon, his commanding officer gazed lovingly at O'Connell's body. Hardened muscles under a tight red shirt and a loose grey uniform, cute little triangles painted under gorgeous but icy serious dark grey eyes. His teal hair shined in whatever light was in the room, but always looked appealing in the darker shades of light, his hands strummed through page after page of reports, his voice clear as a bell.

"That's quite enough, O'Connell." He interupted his right-hand man with a stern voice.

"Yes, sir." O'Connell took his seat beside his commanding officer and set the papers in a file. He looked at his blonde commander with surprise, normally he was never interupted by him.


"Permission to ask, sir, but why did you interupt?" O'Connell asked inquisitively.

"You were repeating yourself for one..." The blonde colonel smiled, his finger on O'Connell's nose. "Second of all, we all know this."

"I see." O'Connell cutely wrinkled his nose and sat back in his seat, then it was Hermann's turn to give his lecture. But this time, it was O'Connell's turn to stare. He folded his arms and looked directly up at Hermann, the President's son was giving a lecture on the protocols for certain types of zoids. After all, it's been a year since the Death Stinger, right? After Hilz, things have been so quiet that peace is now absolute. Trade had commenced back and forth between the Republic and the Empire. O'Connell was thinking about going back to the farm where his family lived, but he decided against it. The army was his true calling... or was it Hermann?

But if him and Hermann were to somehow hook up, how would President Camford take to her only son being gay? How would their relationship work out, after all, O'Connell was born from the salt of the earth and Hermann is a rich, pampered mama's boy. It lingered on his mind for a long time, the conflicting social status and the strong disapproval of President Camford. If all else, Rob was next in line for the President's seat and he is next in line for the plow Godos on his family's apple orchard.

"O'Connell?" Hermann shook him out of his dream bubble with his hand and a concerned look on his face. "Wanna pick up some coffee?"

"S-sure..." O'Connell stood up from his momentary lapse of logic and gathered his items.

"You okay? You were spaced out during the entire presentation."

"Yeah, I'm fine, sir." They walked down the hallway, O'Connell lagging behind Hermann some. "Hermann, sir? May I ask a personal question...?"

"Fire away."

"How does your mother feel about.... guys liking other guys... in her military forces?" O'Connell was trying to skate around the subject even as he asked.

"She wouldn't have a problem with it as long as it doesn't really interfere with the main objective at hand... she's not really that prejud--"

"I love you..." He was boldly interupted by O'Connell's outburst of emotions.

That got Hermann's attention, but not in a negative way. It seemed a pressure had lifted from both their chests. "You... you love me?"

"Please do not take offense, sir..."

"Not at all, Jake..." Hermann's hand slid on the back of O'Connell's head, but before they could give each other that sweet, blissful kiss, they heard noises down the hall. Pulling apart, the two spotted President Camford's advisor walking down the hall with some files in her arms. Suddenly patting O'Connell on the back, Hermann let out some fake laughs. "Yeah, let's go to the pub and find us some women, O'Connell! Who wouldn't go for a couple of handsome, studly war heroes like ourselves??"

"Uhm..." He spotted the advisor looking at them. "..of course! Who wouldn't go for a couple of wild stallions like ourselves?"

The advisor raised an eyebrow and walked passed, muttering to herself; "Men..."

As soon as she was gone and no one was in sight, Hermann accomplished what he was setting out to do-- to kiss the teal-haired lovely that stood before him. O'Connell's dark grey eyes were open for about a few seconds before fluttering shut softly and poetically. Their lips were together for a few more seconds, before they slowly drifted apart. Hermann's eyelids opened before O'Connell's, but the teal-haired captain was still reeling back from the kiss, although it was slow and tasty. Hermann's strong hand and thick fingers were still touching O'Connell's rosy pink cheek softly. O'Connell slid his hand on top of his commanding officer's, trembling lightly in his touch.

"You're shivering..." Hermann spoke softly, his fingertips still brushing against the latter's cheek. "Are you cold?"

"N-no, sir..." He responded in a voice almost above a whisper.

Before O'Connell could say anything else, Hermann kissed him again, their tongues sliding in each other's mouths and their arms snaked around the other in a loving embrace.

"Rob?" He heard a faint whisper in his ear, followed by a light tugging on his earlobe. "It's 4:30 AM..."

Hermann opened his tired blue eyes to see he was staring directly into O'Connell's dark grey eyes. He sat up to stretch, his muscular body ached with fatigue but was still filled with satisfaction from last night. O'Connell kissed Hermann twice before getting up from the bed.

"Was it good for you too?" Hermann asked playfully, posing on the bed.

"Definately." His teal-haired lover responded, smiling.

"So you are a natural teal-hair..." Hermann grinned sensually, pointing to O'Connell's pubic hairs.

"Y-yes, sir..." O'Connell blushed lightly, still holding his pants in his hands.

"Ugh... what's going on tonight?"

"We have a rendevous with the 1st Panzer Division of the Imperial Army."

"So we'll be haunting Schubaltz's unit... super." Hermann chuckled as he put his boxers back on. "When there is time to kill, he usually tells some of the dirtiest jokes I ever heard."

"Yes..." O'Connell chuckled also. "Who'd think the best and most experienced soldier in the Guylos army had a dirty, X-rated sense of humor?"

"Well, it's peacetime... might as well kill some time thinking shit like this up."

"True." O'Connell's pinky slipped on his bottom thumb.

"Come on, let's have breakfast..." Hermann put his uniform on and smiled at his right-hand man.


They walked out of the bedroom and into the hallway.