Pt. 9: The Apple Orchard

Authors Notes: I had to think of a full name for Major O'Connell because in my mind, they don't really say what his full name is. So his first name is author's creation... and face it. O'Connell looks like a Jake.

"Sir?" The pilot of the right Dark Horn jarred Karl out of his light nap. "We got an APB calling in for immediate Imperial and Republican troops."

Karl stretched and put his hat back on his head, he looked at the comlink. "What frequency, Clansey?"

"6550, sir."

Karl turned on the APB report and sat back in the seat.

"This AWOL APB had just been released by President Louisa Camford for Colonel Rob Hermann and his second-in-command, Major Jacob 'Jake' O'Connell. If any forces spot these AWOLs, apprehend them without harm, do not kill."

"That sucks." Thomas spoke over the third comlink, his expression dark and his lime green eyes narrowed. "Can't the old bag o' bones see how much they love each other?"

"Where I come from, this sort of thing is a travesty to the family line." Leon answered, his hands clasped together as he broke from his meditation. "Any homosexual son was treated as second class in any aristocratic family and more times out of often, the family will force the son to marry a girl so they don't lose face."

"Wha-... where the hell is this again?"

"Oh, it's a stupid law from a planet called Earth, my second home before it was destroyed in a Big Bada-Boom..." Leon grinned and ran his hand through his beautiful locks of slate-blue hair. "Good riddens to bad space trash."

"Didn't you say you were the one that blew Earth up because they pulled the Jesus Christ, holier-than-thou card one too many times and burned your brethern at the stake?"

"That's the place." The Black Knight replied, almost in a mocking tone. "They dug their own grave, I just put the final nail in their meager little pine boxes. There is no love lost for me when it comes to Earth, nothing good ever came out of it. Well, except Oscar Wilde and Pink." (the singer Pink) Leon kissed his Mage's Cross and looked at the comlinks. "For born again bible humpers who want to see Heaven, they sure the Hell ain't anxious to go there via EPS..."

"EPS?" Karl asked, smiling and listening intently.

"Exemplar Postal Service."

"Hey, party's over, the love-birds have arrived."

Hermann and O'Connell drove up, O'Connell was asleep with her head on Hermann's shoulder. The blonde Republican looked at all of them and sighed.

"You know what really sucks." Hermann turned on the communicator to the zoids.

"What's that, Hermann?"

"Looking at O'Connell and seeing how cute and spicy she is, makes me not wanna turn her male until I had... fun with her."

"Bad idea... Ix Nay on the foreplay." Leon interupted immediately, his voice was frantic and pushy at most. "Think about it, Rob. O'Connell is female right now, she also has the body chemistry and cycles and stuff as a girl. Lemme quote a Chinese philosopher here... 'It take many nails to build a crib and only one screw to fill it.' Layman's terms, if you fuck O'Connell as a girl, there's a good chance that O'Connell will get pregnant and she'll have to remain a woman until the baby is born. You make a good colonel, Rob but your parenting skills are questionable."

"True, Leon... but don't you have a spell that prevents that from happening?" Hermann looked at the black König Wolf, kinda reeling back from the fact that Leon's the Imperial Black Knight.

"Hold up.... no... nuh-uh... forget about it. Not a snowball's chance in the 9 Hells are you going to make me waste perfectly good Quintessence in your sexual fantasies. I'll waste my Quintessence on Karl's, but not yours."

"But Leon, come on... you're the Almighty Exemplar. Explain to me in 5 sentences or less why the hell not?" Hermann asked, kinda getting pissed off at Leon's remark.

"You do realize 'no' is a sentence, right? And I don't feel I have to justify myself to you."

"Guys..." Thomas interupted, a cute look on his face. "W-we should be getting to the orchard. There's an APB for Hermann and O'Connell's capture."


O'Connell was jarred awake, she sat up and stretched, yawning. She rubbed her eyes and looked up at Hermann, a very thoughtful sparkle in the dark hues. "What's wrong, Robby?"

"Nothing, Jake. Go back to sleep." Hermann kissed O'Connell's forehead, then turned toward the Iron Kong Mk-II. "We should be heading out."

Karl nodded and turned his comlink to his troops. "Alright men, this is the formation you'll be taking. Surround the car in this pattern and stay within a good speed limit. A car is not as fast as a Molga, and a car is not a zoid. Remember that."

"Yes, sir."

The Molgas formed a pattern around the car, concealing it from any troop looking for the two AWOLs. The 1st Panzer Division moved out, keeping a good speed and pace. The Molgas were kinda getting ahead of themselves, but they were back into formation in seconds. Karl looked around as he spotted Command Wolves and Shield Ligers giving search, then it dawned on him.

"Wait a minute... the Pteras survellance systems can easily spot the car, right?"

"Yeah, I reckon so." Hermann responded, he was looking more toward the air and keeping one eye on the road ahead. "We need to think of a cover and fast. It'll be a matter of time before I spot on in the sky and if I do spot one, our cover's already been blown."

"Leave everything to me." Leon smiled as his image appeared beside Karl. "Tell your Molgas to space out so far..."

"You got a plan up your sleeve, don't you?"

"I'm the Exemplar, baby... There's always a few tricks up my sleeve."

The Molgas started spacing each other apart, Leon chanted a spell and the spell too effect, the car appeared to be another Molga, but it was all an illusion.

"Good thinking, Leon." Thomas looked back, grinning, he gave the handsome mage a thumb's up. "Even BEEK registers it as another Molga."

"That's always a good thing." Leon winked at Thomas and gave him the peace sign. "I'm just full of surprises."

"How far is it until the apple orchard anyway?" Karl asked the Republican colonel.

"It's 140 miles south of New Helic City, right before we get to shoreline."

"That'll take us a solid day non-stop traveling to get there." Leon estimated, his hands firmly on the controls of the König Wolf. "That's going 80 MPH and the possibility there's terrain to cross."

"The orchard is surrounded by a forest." Hermann responded, but there's a path for Zoids to fit through. After all, the O'Connell family orchard has three to five Godoses."

"I see. Well, putting that into calculation, I'd say 6 hours TOPS."

"How long will the illusion spell last?"

"As long as I have the Quintessence to back it up on. Don't worry, I have a HUGE Quintessence battery, you ain't got nothing to fear."

"Thanks, Black Knight. I appreciate your help." Hermann smiled, holding O'Connell close in one arm.

"Don't mention it."

Upon entering the forest, Leon dropped the Molga illusion, making the car reappear. The Imperial troops stopped when they saw a large apple farm in front of them. Hermann gently shook O'Connell awake, pointing out the farm ahead of them. The teal-haired cutey smiled brightly and got out of the car, running to the fence. She opened it, but also swang on it as the gate flew back. Signalling for the Imperial troops to enter, O'Connell smiled brightly. Karl and the others were very careful about pilotting their zoids through the road. Basically it was single-file until they got to the large house.

A man walked out of the house upon seeing the troops arrive. He looked a lot like O'Connell does when he is a boy instead of a girl. But the man had a small ponytail and he had a beard and mustache. Also the blue markings were missing, only to be replaced by a blue streak on his forehead. The man was dumbfounded to see the Imperials there, but then again, he does get unexpected military visitors. O'Connell got out of the car and up to the porch.

"Wilson! It's me, Jake!"

Wilson looked the cute girl in front of him, then hearts appeared in his eyes. "I don't have a sister, missy. But gods, I sure like to make you my next wife!"

"Wilson!!!??? W-what are you doing!?!?! It's MEEEEEEE, JAKE!!!!!" O'Connell was suddenly in the arms of her perverted older brother. "Unhand me!!!"

"This is getting ugly." Thomas spoke, watching it all unfold.

"It will all end in heartache." Karl replied to that remark.

"A train wreck... yeah, that's what it is.... morbid and terrifying in its' severity but you can't help but stare at it anyway." Leon rubbed his eyes and gulped, then he winced and looked away. "I'm 15,000 years old and THAT was painful."

Wilson hunched over, holding his nads. O'Connell turned away, red in the face. Her chest was groped and she hit him really hard. Leon sighed and got out of the König Wolf. "Guys... pow-wow in the barnyard. And no I don't mean ORGY IN THE BARNYARD either!"

Karl, Thomas and Hermann were right behind Leon and O'Connell, the cute teal-haired girl was carrying a set of men's clothing. Wilson collected himself off the ground and followed, he watched from the window as O'Connell stripped from her pink summer dress. Leon put his hands together and began to chant: "What was done, now undo. Please return to the form that's true."

A blue energy coccoon consumed O'Connell, she screamed upon feeling the pull again. This time her voice was cracking and becoming deeper. The blue energy ribbon wrapped around her body and bulked her up. Her waist and hips became even and her shoulders broadened. Her hair also went back to being short and her face widened. Also her chest returned to being muscular male pectorals and she gained a penis and testicles. When it was all over, O'Connell was back to being male. Wilson freaked out, seeing that the girl WAS indeed his kid brother. He rushed to the horse troft and stuck his head in the water.

O'Connell put the flannel shirt and pants on, then took the high heels off to put his boots on. He arched his back so a nice popping sound was heard. "That felt better."

"How do you feel?" Leon asked, concerned about any physical changes that was not normal in any way.

"That was fun, let's do it again sometime."

"Sorry, not today. I already used all my Miracle Miles for one day." Leon winked at O'Connell, then directed his attention to Karl. "Now, if you don't mind. It's time for me and Karl's daily romp in the hay."

"Our daily what?" Leon slung Karl over his shoulder, Karl's uniform hat fell to the ground. "Hey!!! L-leon!!!! Unten gesetzt mir! Ich bin Ihr Oberst!" Karl blushed and giggled, he was being carried off by the handsome mage.
[Translation: Put me down! I am your colonel!]

"Magier vor Militär."
[Translation: Mage before Military]

"Perlen vor Schweinen!"
[Translation: Pearls before swine!]

"Alter vor Schönheit."
[Translation: Age before beauty.]

"Okay, you win." Karl giggled, then let himself be carried off, playing struggling on Leon's shoulder.

"I knew you'd see things my way."

"Kids..." Thomas shook his head and smiled.

Hermann picked up the phone and dialed a number. O'Connell was in the kitchen behind him, cooking something on the stove. Thomas was on the couch, petting Wilson's dog, an old Collie named Scout. The blonde Republican colonel tapped his finger on the table until the phone picked up.

"Officer's Club." An old man answered, his voice raspy and cry.

"Moe, this is Rob. Is Nancy in?"

"Yeah, she's about to perform in 20 minutes. I'll get her for you." Before Moe patched him to her dressing room, he continued. "You're on the news, Robby-boy."

"I gathered." Hermann grinned.

"Alright, here's your sister." The old black man laughed.

"Hello, Robby." Nancy spoke in her usual dame-ish tone. "I see you made it to the apple farm in time."

"Yup, sure did. The plans worked, Leon is a genius."

Thomas's ears perked upon the mentioning of Nancy's name, he called out. "Nancy!! I love you, Nancy!"

Hermann laughed and spoke into the phone. "Thomas says hello."

"Put me on the speaker phone." Nancy smiled, the phone cord wrapped around her fingers.

Hermann put the phone on speaker phone, Thomas's cheeks lit in a blush. Nancy spoke with happiness and love in her voice. "How's it going, cowboy?"

"H-hey, Nancy. How's it hanging?"

"Work's been kinda slow. Tonight, I'll dedicate my opening song to you."

"I'd love that." Thomas adjusted his collar, grinning from ear to ear.

"Call me sometime, cowboy."

"I sure will, Nancy." Thomas blew kisses into the phone, causing Nancy to giggle and laugh.

"Well, I have to be getting off here pretty soon, see me sometime, big boy."

"I sure will."

"I'll keep the booth warm for ya. Robby? Take care of yourself on that farm until the Whales arrive to pick ya up. Write me."

"I sure will, sis. Take care of yourself here." Hermann smiled sadly, then slowly he hung the phone up.

"Oh, Rob." O'Connell hugged him from behind, his chin on Hermann's shoulder.

"At least we'll be together and without interferance from our superiors."

"Yes." O'Connell kissed Hermann's shoulder and moaned contently. Hermann's hand slid on O'Connell's forearm softly and tenderly.

"Thomas..." Hermann stopped the blonde in his tracks. "Let me get one thing straight, you hurt Nancy, I'll personally kick your ass myself.",/p> "Oh, I won't harm a hair on Nancy's pretty little head."

"Good, glad to have made myself clear." Hermann grinned, then leaned back agains O'Connell. "Heard there's gonna be a wedding."

"Oh yeah! Leon proposed to Karl at Triangle Pass!"

"That's always good. Is Karl gonna take Aethelwulf or is Leon going to take Schubaltz as their last name?"

"Leon's gonna take our name." Thomas petting Scout again, smiling.

"I see." Hermann sighed happily, still leaning into O'Connell's arms.

"We got a few days before the Great Whales approach."

"I'm going to get some sleep. And possibly some... alone time with Jake." His blue eyes locked with O'Connell's, he had a sly smirk on his face.

"Alright." Thomas smiled, then looked at the teal-haired cutey. "Are the apples ripe for picking and eating?"

"I don't see why not. But be careful, you can't tell which ones have worms in them just by looking."

"Alrighty." Thomas walked to the door. "Well, I'm gonna pick some apples. Be back in a few."

"Okay, don't get lost."

"I won't." Thomas winked and left the house and the porch.

Hermann and O'Connell turned to face each other, then snaked their arms around each other. Before a word was said, they kissed deeply, now relieved to be free from duty and restriction...


Author's Ramblings: I might continue this series under a different part. There's gonna be a wedding! (hopefully) And also a small romance between Thomas and Hermann's older sister, Nancy. (Sorry, Thomas/Fiona fans). Stick around!!