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Note: This is place 8 years after the manga was done. Also Yukino has Snow flames from the video game Kateky┼Ź Hitman Reborn! DS Fate of Heat III - Yuki no Shugosha Raishuu!

It can freeze other flames and its light blue with sparkles.

So enjoy!


Yukino's POV

I was currently cooking breakfast for Varia when Lussuira walked through the door. "Ohayo Yuki-chan." "Ohayo Lussuria. Get a good night's sleep?" "Best one yet. I see your making your delicious pancakes again." "Yep! There's no better way to start the day."

He started to help me with breakfast. Soon we were done cooking and heading towards the dining hall. When I opened the door I saw Varia arguing. "VOOOOI PUT THAT OVER THERE!" "Ushishishi I think it'll look better over here." I realized the room was decorated with streamers and balloons. Well half the room.

"What's going on here?" They stopped yelling, looking at me. Squalo and Bel quickly grabbed hold of a large sheet of paper while Mammon used his psychic powers to hang it up. On the sign I read out loud "Happy 8th Anniversary Yukino!" Now that I think about, today was March 5th.

The day I first joined Varia. See my parents were both Mafioso. My mother served for Vongola while my father was in Varia. After my mother pasted on, my father trained me. From time to time my Father let me meet up with Varia. So when my father died Xanxus took me in to be a top Varia officer.

"A-arigato minna-san!" I looked at everyone around the room. First was Superbi Squalo, second in command of Varia, to me he was like my big brother though it took a bit of time for him to accept me. Next was Xanxus, boss of Varia, he was like the father I lost but still has a murderous atmosphere around him.

Then there was Lussuria he was like mother and has that happy mood around him all the time. Then Leviathan he was like our butler especially to Xanxus. We're on okay terms but we do fight a lot.

Bel, also known as Prince the Ripper, was my best friend and was someone I could always trust. Fran was my little brother and kohai; he was younger than me and only joined Varia recently. Finally was Mammon my...second best friend? Honestly I got a little crush on his mysterious behaviour and he may not look like it but he really is holding all his emotions in.

"Anno I just don't know what to say. I guess I can't even believe that it's been 8 years already. 8 years, huh?" I jumped a little in surprise when Bel placed his arm around my shoulder. "Ushishishi come on Tenshi let's start the party before you have to leave." He started to push me to a table covered with a variety of food. "Waa it's all my favourite foods!" I noticed at the end of the table Xanxus was already the food. I couldn't help but laugh at him.

"Ma ma Boss you should share. Yuki-chan has that big mission today too." Lussuria pushed me down to my seat and started to serve me food. One by one everyone else started to chow down. "So what's this big job Lussuria talked about?" Levi asked. "I can't believe you forgot what today is, Leviathan. Today is not only my anniversary but V.B.A Day."

V.B.A day stands for Vongola Bosses Alliances. It's a day where Vongola and 6 families in alliance with them go on a job to strengthen their bond. Usually only the bosses will go but with Xanxus's personality he refuses to go. That's the same with the rest of Varia so I ended up being our representative. "I see. So which families are coming this time?" "Um Varia of course, CEDEF, Cavallone, Simon, Millefiore and Tomaso."

"I see. You better not shame Varia's reputation." "I should be saying that to you every time you go on a mission." "What was that?!" He stood up, slamming his hands on the table. "It's exactly as I said. You got a problem?" As always he took things to seriously and started to pick a fight with me. He somehow managed to get everyone else in involved. What started out as a food fight turned into a serious fight with boxes and flames.

During the fight I took a quick glance at my watch. It read 11:45am. I quickly snapped my fingers using my snow flames to freeze their flames. "VOOOI WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I clapped my hands together, bowing slightly. "Gomen Squalo-san but I have to get ready now." He nodded at me, meaning I could go. I went to my room to change out of my clothing covered with food.

I placed on my light blue cape with a white wind design on the bottom along with my Varia crest on the bottom right corner. I tied my long sliver hair into 2 braids with my bangs covering my eyes a bit. Slipping on both my Mist and Snow rings along with wrapping light blue ribbons with a purple and dark blue flames design on the bottom, around my wrists. I wasn't one to care about my looks a lot but I do take care of myself. Taking one last look in the mirror, I grabbed my small bag off my bed and went to go say my goodbyes.

Everyone was standing in the lobby waiting for me. "I'm going now. I'll be back in 5 days top." I said holding up 5 fingers. I walked out the door and took a plane to head to Japan. After a few hours I arrived in Japan and went to Tsuna's house. Once everyone arrived Reborn started to explain the mission he found us.

Our mission was pretty simple for me and Byakuran but for people like Tsuna and Naito it was a different story. For Tsuna and Naito this was their first time with going on a mission. I assumed Basil would be fine with his kind of personality. Dino would be fine but I've seen first handily that he was useless without his subordinates around. With me and Byakuran we've never been on a V.B.A mission but it was similar to regular Mafia jobs in the first place.

Our job was in Beijing, China. It was to take down a family that was getting too much strength. We had to take this family down before they get too strong. After discussing a plan we were on our way to Beijing.

Soon we were all spilt up around their base. I was waiting for Dino to give me a code. We didn't want to put Dino in danger so we used him for planning the strategy. I crouched on a branch near a window, watching some people talk. "Yuki no Tenshi can you read me?" I heard Dino call to me on the ear piece.

"Dino please just call me Yukino." Yuki no Tenshi was my Mafia name meaning Angel of Snow. Bel came up with it because my name means snow and he likes to call me an angel.

"Fine fine. Are you in position?" "Yeah. I could see the Boss's safe from here. Did you get the code?" "Yeah Naito was able to get the guards distracted while Byakuran got it." "I don't need the story just tell me the code." "You seem to be serious about this. Fine the code is 34791."

"Thanks tell Basil-kun and Tsunayoshi-kun to ready their attack once I get the papers." "They're already good to go." "I'm going in now." I stood up and used my Mist flames to create a distraction. "Good luck." I chuckled a bit. "Don't need it."



Arigato= Thank you

Minna-san= everyone

Kohai= doesn't have a literal meaning but can mean younger classmen.

Anno= Um

Tenshi= Angel

Gomen= Sorry

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