It was a crisp almost-autumn morning on platform nine and three-quarters as witches and wizards gathered from all around London to wish their children off as they headed off to Hogwarts. Harry and Ginny stood near the train with their daughter Lily as their sons pushed their luggage onto the train. Hermione and Ron stood watching their son and daughter do the same.

"Doesn't it seem just like yesterday?" Ron murmured in Harry's direction.

"No, more like another life."

"Remus, Sirius, slow down."

Harry froze, believing that his ears had failed him. He turned in the direction of the familiar voice. Two young boys came charging through the crowd their trunks behind them. One of the boys had sleek, high back length black hair pulled back into a low ponytail and chin length bangs that fell over his storm grey eyes, and the other boy had chin length dishwater brown hair that seemed to frame his face. A moment after the boys appeared Tally stepped through the crowd, a soft, light smile spread across her still pale face.


Tally looked away from the boys and to the direction of Harry's voice.


It was apparent that the curse upon her body had lifted for she looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties. Her light blonde hair was waist length and seemed to float around her adult body. Clearly after all these years she had learned to age gracefully.

"How have you been, Mr. Harry Potter?"

"Normal," Harry smiled "Today my middle starts as a first year."

"So do both of mine." Tally laughed.

"So when did you," He nodded his head towards the boys struggling to single handedly pull their luggage onto the train.

"Get married?" Tally looked casually at the boys "Never. If it wasn't going to be Sirius than it just wasn't something I wanted."

"But than how,"

"I adopted." Her smile softened almost sadly "I always desired to bare Sirius' child but… so adoption was the next best thing." She hesitated as the boys fell through the door after the luggage gave away and disappeared from sight. A moment later they reappeared, laughing. "Plus, these two were so close and so sweet that, well, I just fell in love."

Harry looked from Tally to the boys. "So, Remus and Sirius huh?"

"Yeah, Remus Severus Riddle and Sirius James Riddle. The names just kind of fit."

Harry nodded his reply as the two boys disappeared into the train one more. A minute later the came running through the doorway and towards Tally. Harry watched as she did her best not to fall backwards onto the crowded pavement as the boys grabbed at both her sides in a double hug. At the same moment Harry's middle child, who looked just as he did as a boy, came up to him and Harry knelt down to speak with him.

"You promise to write us every day?" Remus looked up into his mothers soft blue eyes with his hazel ones.

"Only until you get tired of it." Tally smiles strumming her fingers through his hair.

"And you promise to write twice as much if that happens?" Sirius' grey eyes concentrated into his mother's.

"Three times as much if necessary." She laughed.

The boys smiled up at her happily as the train made its last call for passengers. She double hugged them both tightly one last time than the boys ran back onto the train leaning back to yell "We'll tell you what house we're in the moment we're sorted." Than disappeared into the train for the last time.

Harry stood again and waved as his boys disappeared onto the train as well.

"So, Albus Severus, huh? She smiles while waving to her boys. "It's perfect."

Harry waved as the train rolled away "Yes, everything is perfect."