Last time on Slade's Apprentice:

"For now, it is Harry. Come along, we must meet up with Sirius and discuss our next course of action." Slade said, his eye looking at Harry. The four disappeared from the house, apparating to Sirius's thanks to Slade. While Voldemort's return was foiled temporarily, they now had the advantage. They now knew where his secrets to immortality was, and how to finally kill Voldemort once and for all. One question remained: How to destroy them?


"So you're telling me that Voldemort inadvertently gave you his memories of the Horcruxes, what they look like and where they're located?" Draco questioned for what it seemed like the umpteenth time, causing Harry to glare at him somewhat. "What? I'm just making sure." He said with unease.

"Yes, Draco, I'm telling you that Voldemort gave me his memories on how to kill him." Harry responded tiredly, looking down at his chest, the rune gone. "But now that he knows that you're not on his side, won't he be gunning for you now, Slade?" He turned, questioning his mentor. The assassin merely chuckled slightly, and stood, staring out the window, his arms crossed behind his back.

"Perhaps. But I wouldn't worry about me, Harry. I'm quite resilient, even in the heat of battle. Now, the Third Task of this...tournament is approaching, is it not?"

"Yes, it is. I also believe that Voldemort will try to preform a resurrection with my blood, as he originally planned during the Third Task. I mean, it fits, doesn't it? Since Plan B failed, why not go back to Plan A?" Harry reasoned.

"He already used your blood though, and it didn't work." Daphne said, looking at him.

"The only reason that the possession didn't work, was because of my ties to you all. The bonds of love, happiness, friendship and all of that." He shrugged when Daphne blushed, and Draco grinned over at him.

"Well while the ties that you have are good and everything, we need to train these two while we can, and effectively make them efficient killing machines, otherwise they may not survive in the battle." Slade reminded them.

"Battle? What battle? Like the First Great Wizarding War? There won't be a second one." Harry rebutted.

"And what makes you so sure?" His father spoke up from his place at the end of the table, looking at his son. "Voldemort's probably gathering his forces in a larger amount even more so since he returned for a short moment. Despite his weak and frail baby form, he still has his followers to do his bidding for him. He will probably order the Death Eaters to make an attack on you on the train ride home. You have to be ready for a Second Wizarding War, should one start."

"We have training, guns, and explosives. What more do we need?" Draco questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Discipline, for one, Draco." Slade replied, his voice cutting through the air with authority. "While I'm proud that you and Miss Greengrass have stuck with Harry throughout the Triwizard Tournament, you still have a long way to go. That is why I will personally be teaching you after we return to Hogwarts. You'll be training with me in that...Room of Requirement, was it? Afterward, once you both are thoroughly trained, all four of us will be going after these Horcruxes. How long do we have until the Third Task?" Slade turned, looking at Harry.

"I'd say about three months. But due to me knowing the locations of the Horcruxes, it should take us about a week or two if we move quickly enough. However, there's only one problem." Harry frowned.

"And what would that be?" Daphne questioned, looking over at him.

"Nagani. The snake that Voldemort has. The snake itself is a Horcrux, and I doubt any of us are getting close enough to destroy the damned thing yet. So... the only Horcruxes we have left to destroy are these six: Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem which is somewhere in the Room of Requirement. Helga Hufflepuff's Cup is located in Bellatrix Lestrange's vault, which is another obstacle to cross in itself, seeing as how father's cousin is in Azkaban, correct?" Sirius nodded, rubbing his beard.

"I think I know of a way we can get into Bellatrix's vault, although it may be difficult." He replied slowly. "Let me think on it, and I'll get back to you on it."

Slade nodded, before turning to the three teenagers in front of him, "What of the other Horcruxes? You said there were six left, excluding Nagini. We've discussed two more. So, the other three?"

"Salazar Slytherin's locket, which is located at the Crystal Cave. There's also Marvalo Gaunt's ring, which is located in the Gaunt Shack. There's also Tom Riddle's diary, but I heard that was destroyed by Longbottom who went after Weasley's sister in an attempt to save her. Weaslette was saved, sadly. Finally...there's me." The revelation caused everyone near him to go wide-eyed, Harry merely shrugging.

"You're...a horcrux?" Draco looked over at his friend, paler than usual.

"But that means you'll die." Daphne whispered, wrapping her arms around Harry, the male simply holding her.

"Aye, it will mean I'll die. But it'll be worth it if we can get rid of Voldemort." Harry responded firmly. He was going to die sometime soon, and he had only attended a year at Hogwarts. Seemed reasonable, in his mind. He had spent his teenage years killing and murdering contracts, and to actually do something good such as rid the wizarding world of a dark lord seemed like the best course of action. He sighed and looked over at Sirius, who merely gave a weak smile.

"We'll get rid of Voldemort, that's for sure. But for now, let's get started with training you all, alright?" Sirius was obviously referring to Draco and Daphne, but Draco spoke up, spewing out words that would have never came out of his mouth before.

"We should include Grang...Hermione." He said quietly.

"Really?" Daphne questioned.

"We need all the help we can get." Draco said, a slight tinge of pink on his cheeks. "So since we're going to Hogwarts tomorrow anyway, we'll meet Hermione on the train and head straight to the Room of Requirement. Hopefully within a few days we'll be ready to go Horcrux hunting." He gave a small smile as well, before frowning as he met Harry's gaze. In the end, they all knew Harry was going to die. Daphne looked close to tears once more, clinging tightly to Harry's form. She wouldn't be able to lose Harry as well.


"Alright, we're ready." Slade spoke out, gazing out at Harry, Daphne, Draco and Hermione, all who were dressed in a military like fashion, ready to go Horcrux hunting and defeat Voldemort once and for all. "We have exactly four weeks to find all of these things and destroy them. Can someone tell me how the diary was destroyed during your second year?"

"According to Neville, he used a basilisk fang, after stabbing said snake with the sword of Gryffindor. He was poisoned with the basilisk venom in the fang, but survived. Why?" Draco questioned.

"The basilisk venom, Draco. We can use Gryffindor's sword, or at least the remaining basilisk fangs located in the Chamber of Secrets. Neville should be willing to help out." Hermione interjected.

"How in the hell did the boy get into the chamber before?" Harry questioned. He heard that only the heir of Slytherin could open the Chamber of Secrets.

"He has the ability to speak parseltongue, the language of the snakes, same as Voldemort and yourself, Harry." Slade replied calmly. "But how does the boy know it?"

"Perhaps Neville isn't as much on the Light side as we thought." Daphne muttered. "Perhaps he has dabbled in a little section of the Dark Arts. Should we find him?"

"You and Hermione go. The others and I will get ready. Bring Neville to us when you find him. We'll be waiting near the entrance of the Great Hall." Slade commanded, the two girls leaving the Room of Requirement. While his presence was met with some resistance, Harry calmly explained the situation to Dumbledore, who agreed to help in any way he could wholeheartedly. It seemed the elderly wizard was trying to make up for past mistakes to Harry, even if that meant buying Harry time until the Third Task. The four males were approached by Neville, followed by Daphne and Hermione.

"You needed something, Harry?" Neville asked, paling slightly at the sight of Slade.

"We need into the Chamber." He said simply, causing Neville's eyes to widen, the boy's mouth agape.

"The..the Chamber?" He whispered out, his eyes looking around frantically. After a few moments of silence he straightened up, his face set in a firm line of determination. Motioning for them to follow, he led them to the unused girls bathroom on the Second Floor before approaching the nearby sink. He looked back toward them before hissing out something. A set of stairs revealed themselves, the group of seven descending into the chamber. They were met with the horrid smell of rotting flesh, before their gaze landed on the giant snake before them.

Hermione froze slightly, Draco looking over at her. He had remembered she had been petrified during their second year, and he had laughed at it. He frowned and grabbed her hand, squeezing slightly. Hermione looked over and blushed, offering a small smile before watching as Slade and Harry retrieved multiple fangs, handing them out. "Alright, here's the plan. We locate the Horcruxes, stab them with the fang and call it good." Harry said, ignoring Slade's look of disapproval at his so-called 'plan'.

"But what do we do about Nagini?" Daphne questioned.

"I believe I can answer that." A voice spoke up behind them. They all looked to see Dumbledore approaching them with the sword of Godric Gryffindor held firmly in his hand. The sword properly sheathed and with a strap, he nodded slightly and handed it to Harry. "I do believe you'll find this useful in your quest to bring Voldemort down once and for all. To be honest, I've been figuring out a way to destroy him myself, but never knew about the Horcruxes beforehand. Now go, get started. Come along Neville, we'd be rude to not help them out. We will go for Slytherin's locket located at Crystal Cave." He gave them another nod, his eyes twinkling as the two exited the Chamber, leaving the five alone once more.

"We'll be splitting up from here on out. Draco, you'll be with Hermione and Sirius. Daphne and Harry will go as a team, and I'll go alone. I plan on attacking Nagini, along with the Gaunt's ring. Sirius, Draco, and Hermione will go after Ravenclaw's diadem and Hufflepuff's cup. Since Dumbledore and Neville are going after Slytherin's locket, that leaves Harry as the last Horcrux to be destroyed." Slade's eye fell briefly on Harry, before turning to Daphne. "Do you think you can kill your boyfriend to defeat Voldemort?"

Daphne looked at Harry, her eyes wide before she slowly looked down. "I cannot, no. But I can help Draco and the others." She said firmly.

Slade nodded, as if pondering something. After a few moments he spoke up again, "Alright then, Harry, you'll be with me. We'll go after Gaunt's ring, and then Nagini. With any luck, Voldemort will end up hitting you with the killing curse, that way I can simply put a bullet in his head afterward." The way he spoke so bluntly at Harry dying caused Daphne to turn red with anger, however his fierce gaze caused her to calm down just as quickly. "Anger will do nothing against me, Daphne. Harry has already come to terms with dying. You should as well." With that, the master and apprentice departed, heading toward the Gaunt manor.

"Come on Daphne. He'll be okay. You'll see." Daphne barley registered Sirius' words before the four left the Chamber as well, the entrance sealing itself back up.


The time had come for the final task. Draco, Hermione, Daphne, Sirius and Slade weren't present, all according to Slade's plan. They had destroyed all of the Horcruxes, save Nagini and Harry himself. Said assassin was currently standing beside Cedric, Fleur, and Krum, awaiting for Dumbledore to give the order to begin. The elderly wizard had succeeded in obtaining Slytherin's locket, only to discover it was a fake, having already been destroyed by someone initialed R.L.B. "Due to Mr. Black tying up with Mr. Diggory, both shall enter the maze first. Whomever finds the cup first will be declared the champion of the Triwizard Tournament. If any of you are in trouble, simply shoot sparks up in the air and aid will be given." He nodded to Moody, who tapped his walking stick, parts of the maze opening up to allow entrance. Harry stepped forward, brushing past Moody and turned around to nod briefly at Dumbledore. Moody turned and motioned with his finger to the right, giving Harry a hint. The assassin merely nodded once more before the sound of the cannon was sounded.

He turned right, then left, then right and then two left's afterward. He distinctly heard Fleur's scream before hearing Cedric call out, "Periculum!" before sparks shot up in the air. He continued on his way before being tackled by Cedric who muttered, "Get down!" He rolled to his feet after a moment, watching as Cedric dodged the killing curse sent from Krum's wand. Harry watched with slight amusement as the two wrestled for a moment, Krum obviously bewitched. With a sigh and a flick of his wand, Harry sent Krum flying into the bushes, hearing the unconscious Russian groan in pain.

"Might as well send up another set of sparks. Actually, make that two." Harry said loud enough for Cedric to hear.

"Harry, what are you-" Cedric never got to finish as Harry quickly strode forward and slammed his head into Cedric's, the Hufflepuff dropping to the ground. He raised his wand and muttered, "Periculum" twice, signifying that Harry was the last one left. He continued on his way and saw the shimmering light of the Cup, a smirk gracing his features. He quickly pressed the headset on his ear and muttered, "Are you all in position at Riddle Manor? The reoccurring dream/vision I had was at Riddle Manor."

"Yes Harry, we're here." Slade replied back, although with some static interference. The connection was strenuous and almost too far for the headsets to handle. He sighed and walked forward, grasping the Cup before he felt a tugging sensation on his navel, being portkeyed away. He re-appeared in the graveyard, just as in his dreams. He stood and brushed himself off, taking in his surroundings. Slade and Sirius were positioned just by the treeline, while Draco, Daphne, and Hermione were positioned just at the very end of the graveyard, all four of them seeing Harry appear. "Well, are you ready?" Slade's voice sounded in Harry's ear.

"As ready as I'll ever be." He replied, before he looked up to the sky. It appeared that it was going to rain. He walked forward, until a man appeared, holding the shriveled up form of Voldemort in his arms. "Oh, hello there Mr. Malfoy." Harry spoke out, recognizing the Malfoy Sr., by his gait.

"Black." Lucius replied smoothly, his wand already in hand. "Expelliarmus!" Harry's wand was discarded to the side, "And you won't be needing these!" He quickly disarmed Harry, all of his guns and helmet being cast to the side. Harry struggled somewhat as he was held in place by the stone statue of the Grim Reaper, before Lucius repeated the same words that Barty Crouch Jr., had spoken that night at Malfoy Manor. "Bone of the father, unknowingly given. Flesh of the servant, willing given. Blood of the enemy, forcefully taken." Harry growled as the dagger cut into his skin,before the drops of his blood were cast into the cauldron before him. Voldemort was then dropped into the cauldron, an explosion erupting from it a moment later.

Robes covered his naked body, his bone like fingers grasping the side of his head. Snake like nostrils flared before his eyes opened to reveal red snake like eyes. He grinned slightly and chuckled, "No running away this time, Harry Potter."

"Actually, it's Harry Black to you, Voldemort." Harry replied easily, ignoring Voldemort's look of irritation.

"No matter, Black, You'll die here tonight, and no one will be here to save you. Lucius, call the remaining Death Eaters." The Malfoy elder did as he was told, multiple people appearing in the graveyard. "Hello, my old friends. No more interruptions. No more excuses. I am here once more in the flesh and I intend to stay. Now, Black, would you like to duel for your life?"

"Considering on how you're going to kill me anyway, why the fuck not? It could be fun." Harry commented, being released. He landed on his feet easily before Voldemort levitated his wand to him. The assassin took it and nodded slightly, the two bowing low to each other. "So Tommy, I have a question."

"That is Lord Voldemort to you, Black!" Lucius hissed out.

"Whatever, Malfoy. I was addressing the Dark Fart over here, not you, swine." Harry grinned as Voldemort's face flushed with anger. He was going to have fun, even if it meant dying.

"You dare use my filthy muggle father's name in my presence? Crucio!" He cried out, Harry dropping to his knees as the torture curse spread through his body. He refused to convulse and spasm. He refused to cry out. He would not. Eventually the curse let up as Voldemort growled out, "Pick up your wand, Black! Get up, get up!" The assassin rose quickly as he waved his wand, Voldemort merely waving the spell harmlessly away. "You can do better than that, can't you Black?"

"You're right, I can." Harry grinned, confusing Voldemort as he quickly waved his wand. "Accio rocket launcher!" Said weapon came sailing from the pile of weapons in Harry's duffel bag, before he fired, sending Voldemort and his Death Eaters scattering.

"No, he's mine! He's mine to kill!" Voldemort commanded, ducking under another rocket, which blew up some of Riddle Manor. "You ignorant, irritating brat!" He spat out before he waved his wand, "AVADA KEDAVRA!" The sickly green spell that ended one's life sped toward Harry, who merely fired off another rocket before allowing the spell to hit him in the chest, the assassin dropping backward and landing on the ground with a thud.

Voldemort was sent back as well due to the unknown Horcrux located in Harry's scar. Silence fell over the graveyard, and in that time, Sirius, Draco, Daphne and Slade got to work. They began to pick off Voldemort's Death Eaters. Lucius, who realized what was happening yelled, "TAKE COVER!"


"Harry. Harry. C'mon pup, wake up." A dreamy voice greeted Harry's ears, who squinted open his eyes to gaze up at Luna, who was smiling dreamily down at him. "Hello dear."

He sat up, rubbing his head slightly. "So...I'm dead huh?"

"Yes, Harry, you are. But you sacrificed yourself for your friends and the wizarding world, and that's a selfless act." Luna murmured, pressing her lips against his before standing. "Come along. We have to talk." Her hand intertwined with Harry's hand, the two walking. "You're going to have a choice in a few moments, dear. You can either stay here, board a train with me and we'll continue onto the after life, or you can leave this train station and return to the world of the living, ensuring that Voldemort is destroyed. Besides, Daphne can't be left by herself, now can she?" Luna and Harry approached a bench, where the sound of crying was heard. Harry looked down to see the disfigured baby-like form of Voldemort.

"Can't I just crush his skull right now?" He growled out, a whine coming from the baby.

"No, you can't. It's beyond our help, love." Luna murmured, the sound of a train whistle reaching their ears. "'Tis time, Harry. What's your choice?"

"It's obvious, Luna." Harry spoke softly, leaning forward to kiss her one last time, before stepping back. She smiled, tears cascading down her cheeks as she nodded.

"Good luck, Harry James Potter Black." She whispered, fading away in a bright light.


Harry opened his eyes in a dazed stupor, before sitting up. He briefly heard the sound of explosions and curses being exchanged before he got onto his feet slugishly. He stumbled forward and saw the look of disbelief on Voldemort's face. Hadn't he killed Harry!? He saw his body fall! The light leave his eyes! Voldemort was about to grasp his wand whenever the assassin slammed his foot into Voldemort's ribcage. The Dark Lord rolled onto his back while Harry began to assault his face. Voldemort was being beaten with muggle tactics. Fist fighting! He would not stand for this! He would not! He pushed Harry away, the assassin colliding with a gravestone, smashing through it. However, to take over, Slade began to assault Voldemort, the Dark Lord unable to gain his bearings.

The sound of hissing and slithering reached Harry's ears as he briefly wondered if the snake was headed toward him. However he watched as Nagini quickly latched onto Slade's arm, thrashing around while the master assassin cried out in pain, Voldemort pushing him off. The Dark Lord kicked Slade in his ribs, spitting on him. "Stupid muggle filth!" He cursed, his eyes scanning the battlefield for Harry. He caught the reflection of the moonlight on silver, turning just in time to see Harry slice Nagini's head off from her body. However, due to the last Horcrux being destroyed, Voldemort and Harry both were weakened, being linked. Slade rose to his feet, master and apprentice supporting each other. Sirius and Draco finished off the Death Eaters that surrounded them, while Daphne and Hermione quickly shot Voldemort in his shins, the Dark Lord falling to his knees.

His gleaming red eyes rose to land upon Slade and Harry holding their pistols against his head. He snarled and began to utter a curse, only for Harry to interrupt with a simple, "Bang." Two bullets entered his head, the Dark Lord dropping with a silent thud. While the Dark Lord's rise was ended prematurely, it ensured that the wizarding world wouldn't have to deal with Voldemort returning ever again.

"So now what to we do?" Draco questioned, sporting a black eye and a cut lip, smiling.

"That's simple. We live." Hermione answered, their hands intertwining, smiling as well.

"Sirius, you mind taking Slade home? Take these three with you, and then get back to Hogwarts as soon as you can. You wouldn't want to miss us sending Crouch Jr., off to Azkaban, would you?" Harry smirked, feeling his back and ribs beginning to bruise over. His father gave out a bark like laugh, hugging his son tightly. Harry hugged back before stepping away, Godric Gryffindor's sword strapped firmly to his back. He walked over to the cup and waved slightly, "See you soon."


Moody had reverted back to Crouch Jr., being arrested shortly after by Dumbledore and Fudge. The real Alistor Moody had been discovered in a trunk nearby, surviving but barley. Harry had given the earnings of his Triwizard Tournament money to Fred and George, allowing them to open their joke shop, the two thanking him multiple times, despite Harry being the one who secretly had gotten Ginny and Ron sent to Azkaban.

Slade had went back to being a hitman, settling down in a place called Jump City, encountering a group known as the Teen Titans and Harry kept in contact with his mentor from time to time, but eventually the replies stopped altogether, which was fine by Harry.

Sirius had Harry move in with him, agreeing that Draco, Hermione, Neville and Daphne could come over as well anytime they wanted.

Luna had kept her promise to help Harry through the tournament then continue onto the afterlife, for as soon as term ended, Luna's ghost disappeared, saddening Daphne and Harry.


Harry's laptop gave a small 'chime' signifying he had an email. The male slid out of bed, a pair of slender hands unwrapping themselves around his chest. He sat down in the chair, opening the email. He chuckled and rose, beginning to get dressed. "Mm, what is it, baby?" Daphne spoke up sleepily.

"Oh you know, love. Duty calls." Harry replied, grinning as he finished sliding on his overcoat, his weapons in place.

"Who's the poor bastard now?" She murmured tiredly.

"Some poor bastard named Richard Grayson." Harry replied, kissing Daphne quickly on the lips.

"Well, hurry back alright? I'll be needing you for some activities later." The Greengrass heir gave a wink as she stretched, the blanket sliding down to reveal her lovely assets. However, she was grinning whenever Harry stripped down a moment later and pinned her down. "Or maybe you want the activities now?" She giggled, tugging on his bottom lip with her teeth.

"Your God damn right. I'm sure I can let that target get away, just this once." He murmured against her lips, capturing them with his own, as the two began to make love.

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