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The first thing I heard when Jace and me got off the cab was a girl's unnatural, high-pitched voice. " JACE BAEE! WHERE WERE YOUU? YOU'RE LATE!" A slim dark-haired figure came running toward us. Her chest bobbing as she ran, her raven black hair flying behind her. She stopped when she reached Jace, and gave him a long smoochy kiss. My heart skipped and found myself getting angry with that girl for no entire reason at all. Jace seemed fine with all of this, and didn't react to anything the girl did.

When they finally broke apart, she still seemed perfectly composed, and looked achingly flawless. If I was that girl and I was kissing a boy for so long, I would probably be red all over from embarrassment. Jace simply stepped away from the girl and wiped his lips from the lipstick she wore. She turned on me and looked at me up and down. " Hmph. Who's this, Jace? She doesn't look like anybody. In fact, she looks like a mundie." Jace looked at me, raising his eyebrows.

" She's wearing gear under her jacket, Aline." Jace said in a tone that suggested it was obvious.

Aline? Wait isn't that Jace's girlfriend? Oh riiight. Stupid me. Why would she be kissing Jace for no reason at all if she weren't his girlfriend? Pfft.

"Really?!" Aline lifted up the edges of my jacket and sighed in realization. "Ohh… So she's not a mundie?"

"Yes." Jace said in an exasperated tone. "Wait. But why was she on the same cab as you are?" She asked. Aline narrowed her brown eyes at Jace and shot a look at me. " Are. You. Cheating. On. Me?" She said in a fierce tone, every word punctuated clearly.

"No." He said simply. Aline relaxed visibly. "Omigosh. You're right. How could I be so stupid?" Aline laughed loudly and gave a long amused stare at me. " She isn't your type at all." She circled around me, as if she was examining my every feature.

"Hair not combed at all, jacket bought from thrift store," She glared at my face and shuddered, "eyeliner put on horribly, nails bitten. Ugh. Who is she, Jace? I don't think I can stand looking at her for even one second!"

I felt my cheeks burn up . Jace gave a snort at her words, " Then don't. Jesus, Aline, not everyone is perfect. At least she doesn't spend a hour everyday on makeup." I silently laughed in my head, it seemed like they weren't on the best terms, and now I realized why Isabelle and Sebastian had said that Jace didn't really like Aline, but dated her anyways.

Aline smirked, " If I didn't spend a hour on my make-up, then how can I look good for you, Jace babe? After all, I do need an extra coat of lipstick after we kiss." She gave Jace a look that showed she thought that it was obvious that she did that.

Jace shrugged. " Whatever." Aline smiled triumphtly as if she won a battle. "Let's go." She said happily, Jace nodded, and Aline stalked off towards the hallways.

Jace looked at me and gave me a small smile. " Sorry, my girlfriend is super annoying, horrible, stupid, terrible, idio-" " It's fine," I interupted. "I totally understand." He seemed taken-aback, but he didn't say anything else. Instead, he just nodded, and signaled me to follow him.

He starked off to follow Aline, but I inceased my footsteps to catch up to him. " Soo…. Aline?" I asked him, trying to get some more information on his girlfriend.

" Aline's mom is the principal of the school, Principal Penhallow." Jace said in a toneless voice. " She came two years ago, and she's been my girlfriend after a while she came."

"So she's kinda the diva queen around here?" I looked around me and saw Aline clopping loudly in her high heels, surrounded by a bunch of girls all wearing heavy makeup and hot pink highlights in their hair.

"Yeah, you could say that." He stopped aruptly in front of a dark haired boy. " Raphael? Is that you?" The boy turned around and smiled. " Jace."

Jace burst into a smile and grinned ear to ear. " Raphael, I thought I would never see you again! You said you were leaving!" Jace said with a playful smile, stepping forward to hug him with one hand.

"Well, I did say I would be back one day, didn't I?" Raphael answered, also grinning brightly.

" Clary, this is Raphael Santiago, my former best friend. He was supposed to "leave forever", but apparantly, he's back." I nodded at Jace's words. I stared at Raphael and Jace laughing together, and compared the difference between the two. While Jace had a gorgeous flowing halo of golden hair, with deep, golden irises, Raphael had short dark curls, and honey brown eyes. They were both drop-dead gorgeous. So was Sebastian.

Ugh. What the fuck is Sebastian doing in my head? And why am I thinking of how gorgeous Jace and Raphael is? I shook my head furiously, trying to clear my head of the thoughts.

I looked up to see Jace smirking at me. " Whats up, red? Trying to be a dog?" I blushed at his comment, " No, and what's with the new nickname?" Jace laughed at that, " Well firstly, you have hair that is amazingly red, and secondly, your face is pretty much the same shade as your hair right now."

I blushed once again at his comment, and proved his point. Raphael and Jace laughed loudly at this, and Aline whipped her head around to look at us. She narrowed her eyes at us and hissed. "What's going on there?" Jace rolled his eyes. " Always so nervous about me cheating on her." Jace murmured under his breath. I smirked and Aline narrowed her sharp brown eyes at me instead.

She suddenly smiled and walked confidently towards the three of us. "You know what? I just might…" she kissed Jace on the cheek on gripped his hand firmly with a sly smile on her face, "stand here.".

Raphael suddenly burst into fits of laughter and Aline glared at him with her cat-like eyes. "Shut. Up. Santiago. I'm just trying to stop my boyfriend from flirting a hideous red-head here!" Raphael laughed even harder, while I blushed furiously. Flirting? I mean sure, we were flirting in the insititute, but it was all just for fun, not for real.

" Ugh stop, Aline! Don't be so nervous about who I flirt with, or even who I fucking laugh with!" Jace shouted, " I know you're my girlfriend, but sometimes, you are just so fucking annoying!"

Aline smiled evily at him. She walked towards him as if she was in a catwalk, thrusting her chest forward and clopping her high heels noisely on the floor. " Firstly, Jace babe, you are mine." she said, placing her finger on Jace's chest and slowly dragging it down. "Secondly, I'm not annoying, I'm just… overprotective of my baby." She smiled seductively at him, now stroking Jace's cheek with her horrid pink nails.

Jace turned his head and groaned. " By the angel, Aline, we're at school now, can we continue this discussion later somewhere else?"

Aline pursed her lips together and cast him a grin. " Of course, Jace darling. My house, after school? Mom and dad aren't home tonight, we can talk pleeeentttty." She winked and strutted down the other side of the corridor. " Oh and, red-head?" my head shot up and looked up to Aline, who had turned around to look at us. " Don't you dare mess with Jace." She smiled fakely and continued walking.

I glanced at Jace and Raphael, standing opposite of me. Raphael was smiling slightly, possibly still amused about Aline's earlier words. Jace saw me looking at him, and grinned. He shook his head, as if telling me not to believe what Aline had just said.

I smiled a little at Jace, and he suddenly rushed towards me and grabbed my hand. I felt faint all of a sudden, and looked up at Jace. "What are you doing?"

Jace smiled innocently, " Nothing, Clary. I'm just bringing you to the principal's office to register, that's all."

"And you're going to bring me there by holding my hand?" I said in disbelief. "Yes. Problem?"

I looked at him, not believing him and shook my head. His hand tightened against mine and pulled me towards the corridors, weaving through the crowd of people and finally stopping at a door. "Here, we're at Principal's Jia's office." He quickly smiled at me and let go of my hand. "See you later, Clary."

I mururmed a quick thanks and turned away from him, knocking on the door. A woman's voice answered me almost immediately, " Come on in." I opened the door and saw a tall, dark-haired woman sitting at her desk. She smiled at me warmly, "Hello. You are a new student, am I correct?" I nodded, and sat down at one of the soft plush armchairs across of her desk. She nodded profesionally and started to go through her folders on her table.

"Clary Morgenstern, am I correct?" "Yes, Principal Penhallow." I replied steadily. She laughed, "Clary, there's no need to call me that. Just call me Jia. I like to be friendly with my students." I nodded, breaking into a small smile, this principal seemed pretty nice. She handed me a planner and an ID, " Now, this planner is basically your schedule. It includes your timetable for your classes, classroom numbers for your class, your locker combination code and so on." I nodded as I examined the heavy book in hardcover with a leather case, the school logo embroided on the red leather. " Your ID is used to record your absences at school, so once you get to school, you'll have to register your card by swiping it over that machine." Jia pointed to a device on the wall and continued, " So make sure that you use this card, or else you'll be recorded as absent that day."

I nodded again and saw Jia's eyes staring straight into mine, and I realized how much of a resembelence Aline had with her mother. They both had raven-black hair, the narrow, piercing brown eyes, and the same distinctive delicately pointed chin. Though they looked the same, Jia and Aline were nothing like each other. Jia was a respective, queen-like woman, and carried herself in a regal way, whereas Aline acted like a spoiled brat, strutting around corridors as if she owned them, flirting with every boy she saw.

Jia smiled serenly at me, and tilted her head slightly to look at me, as if she knew what I was thinking. "You must have met my daughter. Haven't you?" I nodded. " How did you know?" I asked curiously. "I can see it when people look at me and compare me to my daughter." She sighed and shook her head. "Aline, she's a piece of work, isn't she? I'm sorry if she caused you some trouble," she said, " I know how she's like towards new students."

I nodded, " It's fine," I stood up and looked at her confidently, "I won't let her get to me." Jia nodded, satisfied. " Of course. I do hope you have a good year at Idris Academy, Clary."