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Below are regular updates, and answers to repeated and repeated (or just plain important) questions!

I've realized the importance of having an authors note at the beginning of each story. Well, so now, everytime I have something important to say, instead of addding a new chapters worth of an authors note, I will write it here, with the date of the note, newest being at the top. Any big questions will be answered here from now on, also. So you might wanna come and check back to this regularly!



July 14 -
GASP! I have redone EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER! Even added a sorting hat song! Since I read the fifth book, I realized I had so much crap wrong with this story, and have now made James and Sirius even bigger assholes then ever, and have erased Lily and James' relationship all together. And some more stuff like that ... mmk. Ok, due to the release of book five, I have postponed any writing until I have completely read the book five or six times, so I can get a hang of all the new stuff I gotta work with.

July 7 -
Yay! I finally updated! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Chapter 13 is now available! *does happy dance* Yay!


YOUR Questions:

To ___, reviewed Chapter Two - You asked me how my logic was working when I mentioned in chapter two that 'Lydia' didn't have enough syllables. Well, it states CLEARLY in the book that 'Hermione' is pronounced "Her-my-oh-nee' NOT 'Her-my-knee' like the stupid goddamn movie says it. Where does it say this? Book four, Chapter 23, 'The Yule Ball'.


Mmk.. Not much yet, huh? Lol. well, go and read my story, or read it over, cause its almost completely new now. Don't worry - If you've already read it once, then don't worry about reading it again, because its still the same plot line, but I fixed more grammar mistakes, and use more stuff that we find out in the fifth book, like that Sevvie wasn't that bad of an ass, and that it was all James' fault. Hah! Ducky, we were right! We kept telling everyone James and the marauders (excluding Remmie) were evil! WE told them, didn't we! And we were right! Ha ha ha!

~*~ Mae Noelle