In the morning at Gooey's house, Gooey goes to the mailbox in the front yard to check to see if there is mail. (Gooey opens the mailbox & notices the free tickets to Porta Vista.) "Gooey: Woohoo! Free tickets!"

(Cuts to the part where I sleep on the couch in the living room.) (Gooey runs to me & wakes me up.) "Gooey: Guess what Neil?!" Wah! Jeez Gooey, you don't need to scare me; five more minutes. "Gooey: I'm finally going to Porta Vista for vacation; good bye, Neil." (Gooey walks away to the front door with briefcases.) Wait! "Gooey: What is it?" Gimme that. (I snagged the tickets from Gooey.) It says "You and a guest can go to a free vacation to Porta Vista." That means we're going to Porta Vista, Gooey. "Gooey: Oh, I didn't read the whole thing; thanks for reminding me green fox boy." You're welcome. (Gooey and I were moving out of Gooey's house.)

(Scene cuts to Slimy's castle.) "Gooey: Guess what, Slimy?" "Slimy: What do you want?!" Geez Slimy, you don't need to be rude. (Gooey talks to Slimy.) "Gooey: I am moving away from you because I got tickets to Porta Vista." (Gooey and I are bragging in front of Slimy.) "Slimy: Fine! Be that way, I don't have free tickets due to my greedy personality." That's right. (Slimy pounds at me.) "Slimy: That will teach that two tailed green fox a lesson." "Gooey: So long, suckers!" (Gooey and I exited Slimy's castle.)

(Cuts to the plains.) "Gooey: Why are we at the plains?" (I pulled my tool gun out & spawned my plane, blaster.) You're the pack mule, Gooey. If you'll excuse me, I have to drink some bottles of water. (I drink two bottles of water at once.) "Gooey: Hey Neil, isn't that Neces-" "Sary?! Yes!" (I continue to drink water & I got fat.) "Gooey: This is not a SpongeBob reference!"

(Cuts to the part where my plane is loaded with bags & I turned back to my normal body.) "Gooey: Porta Vista, here we come." (I piloted my plane & flew out of Cappy town.)