Gooey and I walk towards Slimy and Bandana N-Z being flattened. "Hey Slimy, look at what you done to this city. You should pay ten thousand dollars to pay the damages. And you know what, you are never allowed to visit Porta Vista for eternity; even your giant Tentacruel submarine." I scolded to Slimy. "I don't have enough money." Replied Slimy. "Well, you have to work at the grand opening restaurant called Beach House Moe 2 to cover up these damages." Demanded Gooey to Slimy and Bandana N-Z. "By the way..."

"Eat the newly improved Slimy's pancakes. Part of this nutritious breakfast. For a limited time, try Bandana N-Z pancakes." Announced the commercial plug at Slimy and Bandana N-Z. Slimy and Bandana N-Z reverted back into their shape and I forced Slimy to eat a blech sandwich and Bandana N-Z to drink gak drink.

They both gaged and Gooey asked "Where did you get those yucky foods from?" "I actually got that from 'Webkinz.'" I answered. "I remember Webkinz when I was in elementary school." Slimy and Bandana N-Z were both vomiting and dry heaving. "That'll teach them a lesson." Commented Gooey.

We went to Beach House Moe 2 and took our reserved seats from a very special person. "Wow, look at this fancy and famous seat." Pointed out Gooey. We sat down and waited for the waiter to visit to me. The waiter turned out to be Bandana N-Z. "Laugh out loud people, Bandana N-Z is a loser and he is a waiter." Gooey thought. "Welcome to Beach House Moe 2, can I take your order?" Asked Bandana N-Z. I snickered, but I stopped myself and placed my order for me and Gooey. "Gooey and I wanted to order some boneless wings with a side of potato wedges; two orders." I ordered. Bandana N-Z is feeling squeamish because we were speaking of food. "Coming ride up guys, I already have the order ticket." Said Bandana N-Z.

Gooey and I glanced towards the window for the kitchen; Gooey snickered that Slimy is the head chef. "Don't laugh, ok. You would get them upset. We already rubbed their faces; the faces of evil." I told to Gooey. Gooey bursts out laughing because I said "The faces of evil." I did not need to say that a while ago. I have told Gooey a flashback about what we done to save Porta Vista and the Tentacools. "I hereby an announcement about the Tentacool extermination project, defunct!" I announced. The people of Porta Vista in Beach House Moe 2 begins to cheer for success. "What do you want to spend money on, Gooey?" I questioned.

Bandana N-Z walks to our tables with our plates being served to us. Then, he places our dishes into the table. "Time to dig in." I said. Gooey ingests its tongue and ate the entire dish, but he spits out the empty plate and swallows the remainder. I normally eat in normal speed.

A few minutes later, Goody helped me cover up the check for our meal with his million dollar money. It only costs $35.34; we still have butt loads of money left. After we left Beach House Moe 2, we went to Residence Inn and entered on our state room. "Oh, thanks Gooey for watching my bags." I complemented to Gooey. "Want to go to the beach once again, Neil?" Asked Gooey. I accepted that request and we went left the state room and went to the beach once again.

At the sunset, Gooey and I splashed water at each other and we had fun in the sun. "How about we catch some waves?" Requested Gooey. "Sure." I accepted. Gooey calls his warp star with his Iphone and flies to Gooey. He can use the warp star as a surf board. "I got my tool gun to spawn my extreme gear I made, the Green Tail." I said. The Green Tail board looked like Tails' Yellow tail board from "Sonic Riders" original, but green.

Both of us rode on the waves and we had fun together. "Hey, where did you get this board from?" Wondered Gooey. I could not hear or see Gooey, so I turned around to Gooey and accidentally wiped out; so did Gooey. We laughed together and abruptly, I got caught by a crab pinching my tail. I screamed so loud that a flock of seagulls flew away from the beach; then, a flock of seagulls pooped all over me and Gooey. We both laughed at each other so hard that we sank into the sea. Both of us frantically rose out of the water; however, we are easily clean.

"How about going for a spin for my Galaxian 3 machine?" I requested. "Yeah, but how are you going to play with it?" Puzzled Gooey. We have to get out of the water and we went to the deck with a bridge. "This reminds of Treasure Island at Florida." I thought. There is a shower to get us rinsed on the deck, so we did. "Can we just take a shower at out stateroom after that to get clean?" Said Gooey.

One vacation later, we began to pack our back and check out our stateroom. We exited out of Residence Inn and I spawned my biplane again. "Want to do the honors, Gooey." I asked. Gooey loads the bags to my plane and then we boarded to the plane. Porta Vista became normal and fixed again. We flew out of the plane and had lived happily ever after.

The end.

Epilogue: At Gooey's house at ten pm. Gooey is blindfolded to his house. "Just a few more steps." I said. We went to the arcade room and then, Gooey unfolds its blinds and he glimpses towards to the Galaxian 3 arcade machine. He is so hyper and exited that his dream came true. It came with the system, Project Dragoon. Gooey and I played that game like there is no tomorrow.

The end really.