Voldemort is angrier than usual tonight, Severus thought to himself, gulping at the sight before him.

Every Death Eater that had reported so far with whatever news they had on whatever they were doing, had reported good news and yet they had all been struck with the Cruciatus Curse for a few seconds.

He didn't want to think about what his punishment would be, as he didn't have good news. All he had been told to tell the Dark Lord was that Dumbledore felt safe in his castle and isn't doing anything to stop an attack. He wouldn't say anything else. He was after all a spy for the Light Side.

He had a lot to relay back to Albus that could help in the war. Voldemort had just announced his plans for the next few days and Severus was still reeling at what he had been told. Albus would be pleased. If he survives the night, anyway.

He watched as the Dark Lord moved around his circle of Death Eaters, watching as each hit the ground screaming in pain.

"Severus. Good news, I hope." The snake-like man asked as he stopped in front of the Death Eater in question.

Keeping his voice calm, he relayed his short piece of information. He thought for a moment nothing would happen, he just stood thee looking into Voldemort's eyes. When the mask over his face was taken off he couldn't hide the confusion and fear that could be seen deep in his eyes. The fear was becoming stronger.

"This is not good news. Does Dumbledore truly think I am that weak?!" As this was said, a thin hand with long claw-like fingers began to caress Severus' face.

Thinking of staying alive, Severus answered with what Voldemort wanted to hear. "No, my Lord. He believes that he is strong." After the words left his mouth he immediately closed it.

Voldemort looked hard at him for a few minutes. When the Dark Lord suddenly smiled, showing rows of pointed teeth, Severus gulped again. He was in for a lot of pain. A beating on top of the Cruciatus, he guessed.

"In that case I do not need somebody constantly watching the old fool anymore," caressing his face again, the inhuman man added, "though I still need your skills in Potions, so you will stay alive and I will let you keep your fingers."

Severus sighed, then muttered a quick "thank you my Lord."

"Ah! The perfect punishment has just come to me." The Dark Lord muttered, a wicked gleam in his red eyes.

As Severus opened his mouth to ask what like a good Death Eater would, Voldemort clamped his hand around his lower jaw and forced it open as far as it would go. He was then put under the full-body bind. When that hand started to caress his face again, he began to panic. His breathing became ragged and he started to pant through his wide-open mouth.

"Stay still and don't scream. This is going to hurt. A lot." With that said, Severus watched from his frozen position as Peter Pettigrew, a man that was supposed to be dead, handed the Dark Lord a pair of blunt scissors.

The first thing to jump into his mind was that he was going to have all his teeth pulled out. That would indeed be a most horrid, and painful, punishment. The last thing he wanted was a pair of false teeth that reminded him horribly of the smiling pictures of Lockhart that can still be found around the wizarding world.

When the scissors were opened though, the hand that had opened his mouth and caressed his face, grabbed his tongue and pulled it a taut as it would go. Severus couldn't help but shriek as he realised what his punishment was going to be.

As the scissors first pierced his tongue he did the first thing that came to mind to stop the feeling.

He passed out.

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