Chapter 1: The Hunter

It was a normal day for Beatris, till a hunter went threw town chasing a Noble's carriage, she'd caught a glimpse of his face. The man had been inhumanly gorgeous, she knew it had to be a dhampir, he was far to gorgeous.

She ran after the man, she wanted to watch the battle, even if it put her in danger.

Beatrice was watching from a safe distance when a Noble grabbed her, she screamed. This caught the hunter's attetion and the Noble he was fighting took advantage of it. The Noble had managed to stab halfway into the hunter before he stopped the blade, but the Noble pushed it up. Before it got to his solar plexis a silver flash shout out bisecting the Noble. The hunter stumbled a little then glanced at the Noble holding Beatrice captive, the Noble tossed her and she lost conciousness.

Darnkess had started to inch it's way into D's vision, the pain in his body was unberable, but he had to finish his job. He swung his sword and it missed the Noble, and D lost his grip on the blade, he was so dissy, the Noble picked up his blade. D couldn't see strait, so he was unable to stop the Noble from plunging his sword into his abdomen. D's vision blurred, he was lossing conciousness, the Noble laughed, D hurled a wooden needle. It stuck the Noble's heart, D tried pulling his blade free as he went over to his mount, he yelled in pain. He hadn't moved the sword far, and it had done all the way threw, it poked out of his back, he stumbled. His conciousness was almost gone, he could no longer deal with the pain, so he passed out on the spot. The last thing he saw before he was out was the woman he saved running over to him

Beatrice had awoke to see the hunter stumble and fail onto his side, his own going threw him completely. Beatrice ran over to the hunter and placed a hand to his brow and pulled it back, he was scorching hot. The hunter's breathing had become uneven and ragid, Beatrice hoped his blade hadn't peirced his lung or anything. She took ahold of the hilt of the sword and started pulling and the hunter moaned. Beatris gave up for the moment, she woild have to take it slowly in order to not harm the hunter. His eyes slightly opened,

Beatris:"I need to get the sword out"

Hunter:"Do it... if you... can"

He said between breaths. Beatrice nodded and grabbed the blade,

Beatrice:"On three. One... two... three!".

She pulled on the sword and D yelled out in pain, and the sword came lose from the hunter. Beatris dropped it when she noticed it was covered int blood, the hunter's blood. The hunter held his hand over the wound it was bleeding pretty badly,

Beatris:"You need help!"

The hunter coughed, Beatris grabbed his sword and picked him up. She wouldn't let him die, and she knew some things, on the way there he passed out.

D moaned as he woke, he was laying in a bed, he automaticly searched for his sword, he spotted it leaned agenst the far wall. His hat, coat, and the top half of his gear lay in a chair close to his sword, he noticed his wound was bandaged. He sat up, his head was foggy, he could barely recall what had happened

Left Hand:"I wouldn't move D, your in no condition to hunt"

The woman came in

Woman:"I see your awake. How are you feeling?"

D:"In pain"

Woman:"Those Noble's did a number on you. I did what I could, there isn't a hospital here"

D said nothing

Woman:"I'm Beatris by the way"

Beatris:"I've never heard of you"

D:"Thats probably a good thing"

Beatris:"Need me to get you anything?"

D:"No, i'll be leaving soon"

Beatris:"Are you sure you're ready?"

D didn't respond

Beatris:"Well I better go get super started"

Beatrice left

Left Hand:"You really want to get yourself killed, don't you?"

D:"I can't stay here"

Left Hand:"Why not?"

D:"She'll become attatched"

Left Hand:"But you need to rest! You'll just have to hope nobody find out"

Beatrice sighed, she wanted to make sure D was alright, he'd been gravely wounded, she'd sowed him up, but he was still wounded. She kept working, she wouldn't get use to him being here, she knew he's be leaving soon. She sighed and went to check on him.

D was fast asleep, he seemed so peaceful as he slept, instead of being tense all the time. She went back to fixing the food and soon it was done, she took a plate back to the room D is in.

D looked at Beatris when she walked into the room with a plate in her hands

Beatris:"I brought you some

D accepted the plate, he was famished and he didn't want her to know the truth about him, it would be for the best. D tried not to act suspicous, Beatris didn't seem to notice anything strange about him, and this calmed the hunter.

D finished his plate in complete silence, they hadn't said a word, Beatris took his plate and left.

Left Hand:"That was nice. I know you don't much care for human food, but that was nice"

D:"I don't want her to worry, she seems to be fragile, not that I care"

Left Hand:"I'm not saying anthing"

Suddenly D tried to get up

He got up but not without mind numbing pain racing threw his body. He made his way over to his stuff and collected it, he didn't want to stay here, he never stopped hunting. Beatris came in

Beatris:"You're leaving already?"

D:"I have to get back to work"

D walked past her

He made it halfway to the barn when the heat became to much to bare and he went to his knees

Left Hand:"Of all the luck!"


Beatris ran over, D had already passed out, she put her hand to his brow, he had an extremely high fever.

Beatris:'Is he?'

She pushed the thought out of her head and picked D up, she'd have to care for him again.

Beatris:'Stubborn, pick-headed, fool!'

Beatris put D on the couch and ran and got some medician, she knew it wouldn't work, but she had to try.

Beatrice had tried everything to break D's fever, but nothing seemed to work, she started to worry.

Beatris:"What am I suppose to do? Nothings working!"

She thought aloud

?:Bury him from the neck down"

Beatris:"Huh? Who said that?"

No resonse

Beatris:"So he is a a dhampir"

She picked D up, she'd have to find a shady spor for him.

D awoke to find himself buried in the barn, it had long since been abandoned from the looks of it. His horse was the only one in the stables,

D:"You told her didn't you?"

Left Hand:"She would of found out eventually besides you can't risk getting sick in your condition"

D:"I know"

Left Hand:"You need to be careful! You could reopen your wounds and bleed out, you don't want that do you?"


Beatris came in

Beatris:"Are you feeling any better?"


Beatris came over with some water

Beatris:"Want some?"


Beatris:"Not very talkative today?"

D didn't answer, he was still in allot of pain

Beatris:"You had me worried there. I've never had a dhampir get a case of sunlight syndrome before. You see I care for them whenever they come around, some would stay longer than others. Only a few times did some get a case, but that was so long ago it feels like forever".

D said nothing at first,

D:"You've token care of dhampir's?"

Beatris:"Well, yes, but none as badly wounded as you"

D said nothing

Beatris:"You seem different from the rest of them"

D:"Are you afraid?"

Beatris:"I've never been afraid of dhampir's and you're not about to scare me, think you can move?"

D nodded and got up, the bandages on his wound are soaked with black from where they hadn't been changed.

Beatris:"I need to change your dressings"

D didn't argue, he let Beatris remove the soaked cloth, and reveal the wound in his abdomen. It looked horrific, it hadn't healed any in the slightest and it looked to be infected.

Beatris:"It's not healing"

D:"I've noticed"

Beatris:"It should be healing, shouldn't it?"


Beatris:"I think it's infected"

D furrowed his brow as Beatris inspected the wound, it sent pain threw his body everytime she touched it. He moaned in pain when she put pressure on it


The sword wound that went all the way threw was still bleeding pretty badly, and the gash wasn't as bad. All in all D was lossing allot of blood, Beatris ran into the house and grabed some more cloths. D had leaned agenst the door frame

Beatris:"You alright?"

D:"No... i'm bleeding... to much"

He said threw breaths, his breathing had worsened

Beatris:"I can't do much for you, I don't know what to say"

She rapped the guase around D's wound tightly, it's all she could do for now, D needed help.

Beatris:"Can you walk?"

D nodded and started walking towards the house but he didn't make it far before his knees started to give out. He was so weak from blood loss, his conciousness started to fade again. Beatris ran over to him and helped him walk to the porch

Beatris:"You need help, more help than I can give you"

D didn't respond, it was possibly do to the fact his breathing was so sporadic, and uneven he couldn't. He leaned onto the railing havily, he could barely stand, the pain was to much. The darkness started to take over his visions as he slid to the ground and passed out.

Beatris ran over with D's horse, he'd passed out, she picked him up carefully and sat him on the horse. He needed medical attention and fast, he would bleed out otherwise, Beatris wouldn't let that happen.

Beatris burst into the hospital in a nerby town with D leaning on her shoulder, he had woke up.

Nurse:"What the hell happened?"

Beatris:"He was attacked by a Noble, can you help him? He's a dhampir"

Nurse:"Come with me, and quickly!"

Beatris followed the nurse to room where she layed D down carefully where he moaned.

Nurse:"I'm nurse Nina, how long ago did he get wounded?"

Beatris:"About two days back"

Nina:"Two days?! And you desided to come here after two days with him being in this condition?"

Beatris:"He seemed to be recovering at first then things turned for the worst"

She glanced over at the already slumbering D, she feared the hunter wouldn't make it, and it was undoughtably so.

Nina:"He had to be in a very bad condition to start with, but now he's gotten worse, i'm unsure if he'll live. You didn't treat the wound did you?"

Beatris:"I tried"

Nina:"Next time leave him alone, what you gave him just made it worse, dhampir's sometimes react different to medician. He seems to have become very ill, the wound alone would be painful. But he'd manage, from what I heard anyways, and infection wouldn't be a problem. And if he's been struck that might of slowed his healing down. But he seems to be reacting badly to the medician you gave him"

Beatris:"I'm sorry, I didn't know he was a dhampir"

Nina:"We just have to hope he can pull had she really done this to him?threw, he's lost allot of blood already, even Noble's can bleed out"

Beatris stiffled a ghasp

Nina:"You may have well sentenced him to his death"

Beatris staired at the sleeping hunter in shock, She'd never trust herself again if D died, she'd shun herself and everybody would blame her.

Beatris stayed with D all night, she felt guilty she had done this to him, she wasn't even sure he would wake up.

Nina came in

Nina:"How's he doing?"

Beatris:"The same"

Nina frowned

Nina:"I hope you're happy. You really did a number on him. I'm not enterly sure he'll ever wake up, he's in some kind of comma"

Beatris:"Whats different about it?"

Nina:"Well it doesn't appear he is dreaming, and all dhampir's dream, even if they have nothing to remember"

Beatris just looked at D, she'd never forgive herself of she caused him to die

Nina:"You where lucky to get here when you did. Any longer and i'm not to sure he'd be here right now, he's in pretty rough shape. How did he get wounded like this?"

Beatris:"He got it while saving me from some Nobles, it'd distracted him and he got hurt. I'll never forgive myself for that"

Nina:"Hmm, that explains the gash but, the wound that goes all the way threw seems odd"


Nina:"It's not healing, and thats causing the other wound to not heal, his body is focused on healing the unhealable"

Beatris:"Is it because it came from his own sword?"

Nina:"Might be, let me see his blade"

Beatris had brought D's blade with her, she handed it to Nina and she examined it carefully.

Nina:"Ah I see! He uses a special pulish, it's potent to vampires"

Beatris ghasped in awe

Nina:"Theres nothing we can do for him, if his blade done the damage"

Beatris:"Why not?"

Nina:"That pulish is pretty potent, and can only be extracted by the body"

Beatris:"So... why isn't D better?"

Nina:"Because, he's been struck, witch caused his Noble blood to show and make him sicker. Granted this polish could kill a human if it got in a wound and it got infected"

Beatris:"Oh no..."

Nina:"I'm afraid his wound has gotten infected and now the pullish is rediling his system down. Ecentailly it's killing him..."

Beatris looked at D, he seemed so at peace, but she knew the truth, he was going to die because of her stupidity.