Nina rode at break neck pace in her carriage towards D's father's castle, she had no time to waste. D's vitals had already dropped horrifically since she'd left the hospital and they where still plummeting.

Nina finally arrived at the castle, and not a moment to late, D was so near death, if she had been any longer, he'd be gone

Nina burst into the castle and the Noble before her turned to her shocked at her rudness.

Noble:"How dare you enter here without notifying me first!"

Nina:"I'm sorry my master, Dracula, but it's about you're son"

Dracula:"Is he well?"

Nina shock her head no

Dracula:"What happened? Where is he? Can I see him?"

Nina:"He's been severely wounded, I have him in my carriage, he need you're help, he's nearly gone"

Dracula gasped a little then raced outside

Dracula hurriedly brought D into his castle and into a room with just a coffin in it

He ran out for a moment and returned with some weird looking salve

Nina:"Whats that?"

Dracula:"It's something I made, it'll help make him heal master, be a dear and go fetch him some food"


Dracula:"Yes, like a blood packet or something, he needs blood, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get it! Can't you see he needs it?!"

Nina quickly dashed out of the room

She hurriedly found some blood packets and returned with them

Dracula:"Good, that'll be enough... I hope"

Nina:"You're not sure?"

Dracula:"He's lost allot of blood, ok? I'm not sure, this is all of a sudden. If you hadn't got here when you did he would of been to far gone. You're very lucky! If he had died I would of killed you on the spot!"

Nina:"It's not my fault! Those pathetic humans are to blame!"

Dracula scowled

Dracula:"Stupid rats! They have no idea what there doing! He keeps the Nobility from rising! Are they that desperate to die?"

He applied the salve to D's wound, and they started healing at a very quick pace, and D started coming to.

D awoke to see his father

Dracula:"Ah, you're awake"

D:"You saved me?... Why?"

Dracula:"I couldn't just let all that trouble of making you go to waste. Besides, I don't need to Nobility to rise back to power, it would spell disaster for the world I cherish"

D sat up, he wasn't in pain anymore, it seemed like a dream

Dracula:"How are you feeling?"

D:"I feel fine"


D watched shockedly as his father left the room and he noticed Nina standing there

D:"I guess I should thank you"

D stood and approached Nina

Nina:"There is no need! I only wish for you to be safe, and I have done so"


D handed her a bag of gold

D:"Take it"

Nina:"No! I can't except this! It's really not necessary! Seeing you well it reward enough"

D:"Suit yourself"

With that D left

Nina slid to the floor, she could swear she had fallen for the dhampir hunter, and she was afraid.

D regretted just walking away like that but he was unsure of how he felt about Nina,

He thought he loved her.