Summary: Tony Stark is not who he appears to be. Years ago his heart was shattered by his one true love and to preserve the shards he hid behind a seemingly impenetrable mask. Unfortunately, King Odin assigns him a task that will require that mask to fall and force him to reveal his true self to the world.

Pairing: Rhodey/Tony ( past and present)

Warnings: Supernatural, De-aging, maternal!Tony, past abuse

Rhodey frowned deeply as he entered his and Tony's shared apartment for what was probably the last time, heart pounding a heavy staccato in his chest. He had finally come to a decision, one that he knew he would regret forever...he was breaking up with Tony.

As if summoned by his thoughts his beautiful genius rushed over to greet him from his own position in the kitchen, giving him a large happy grin. "Rhodey, love, what's wrong?" The smaller man asked worriedly his smile falling as he took in his boyfriend's somber expression.

The newly enlisted airman looked away unable to face him with what he was about to do. "Tony...we can't do this anymore." Confusion filled the vixen's eyes.

" Do what, babe? James, what's wrong? " Rhodey's heart picked up it's tempo the words nearly catching in his throat, yet miraculously he managed to say them. " Tony, I can't- we can't be together anymore. I'm sorry."

Tears welled in his beloved's cyan orbs, the small effeminate man shaking his head rapidly in denial.

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" No,Rhodey please." His voice broke. Too many people had abandoned him throughout his life and it hurt to realize that James was joining that very large list. Tony didn't know what to do.

" Please! Don't leave! Whatever it is we can work on it! We can fix it! Please don't...don't leave me." He begged trailing off with quiet sob and continued pleas of 'please don't leave me, please!' He'd been alone for so long and now that he had experienced the warmth of love, of compassion he didn't wish to go back to the loneliness, especially not when he had been on the verge of delivering the best news of his life. Why was James doing this to him?


It broke James' heart to see his wonderfully strong lover break this way and the worst part is that it was all his fault. He turned away heart wrought heavy with guilt. "I'll go pack."

"No don't... you can keep the flat. I'll leave." Tony whispered brokenly his sobs calming even as tears continued to stream down his cheeks. Rhodey shook his head. "No you paid for this place, it's yours Tony." His comment went ignored and wet baby blues gazed up at him heartbroken.

" Will you at least tell me why? Why after over three years you're leaving?" The elder looked away, but Tony didn't let his gaze waver. He didn't care who kept their home he just wanted answers. Why now? Why when he had finally gotten used to the idea that the other wouldn't leave? When he finally had hope and happiness.

" I just- I think it would be better if we went back to being friends. This- what we have between us will never be accepted. I'm sorry, Tony." Nodding the petite brunette turned to go pack, briefly placing a hand to his abdomen. "I'm sorry too, James. We can be friends again...eventually, but for now give me some time. This is too much right now." This said Tony left the room, fleeing the apartment an hour later without a word to his former lover.

Once in his limo the genius forced most of the emotion from his face , promising he'd never cry again. Instead he'd become the man the media tried to make him out to be. He'd build walls around his heart, walls only his dear unborn would be allowed behind. Gone was Tony, the shy pregnant submissive and in place was Tony stark genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist and from then on that was all there was.


A/N: So I went back and edited a few mistakes I found in here. Please let me know if you find any I've missed.