Thursday's Child

Ch. 2- Thursday's child can fight

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When a week passed by since he became a part of the Avengers Intuitive Emmanuel isn't at all surprised to see a little black car in his driveway early on a Monday morning. Just like last time an agent dressed all in black sat behind the wheel of the car, and sitting in the passenger seat was Coulson wearing a nice suit. They don't even bother ringing the doorbell the unnamed agent just honks the horn of the car and Coulson smiles when he sees Emmanuel look at them through the window. Daphne glanced out the window when she heard the horn and just stared at the car once she spotted it.

"You have your cellphone, right?" She asks.

"Yes, it's in my pocket."

"You'll make sure to call me when you start making your way back home?"

"I will."

Daphne laughs softly and shakes her head before she says "Lord have mercy it feels like I'm sending my child off to school."

"I'm not a child." Emmanuel states blunt as ever.

"Never said you were." Daphne said as a small smile appeared on her face. "Goodbye Emmanuel. Be safe."

Emmanuel just nods before he walks out the door and toward the car. He quickly slid into the backseat and the second he slams the door close the car backs out of the driveway and starts going down the road.

The second the house was out of sight Emmanuel glanced over at Coulson and asked "Where are we going?"

"To the helicarrier. Two SHIELD agents will be training you in hand to hand combat and they will train you to use guns."

Emmanuel briefly considers asking what a helicarrier is, but he'll be seeing it soon enough so he decided not to bother asking. The car ride was positively silent. Coulson didn't seem to feel the need to get a conversation going, and the agent who was driving the car seemed to have a 'don't speak unless spoken to' thing going on. Truthfully, the silence bothered Emmanuel a little. He wasn't used to quite car rides. Daphne never seemed to like silent car rides.

She would talk about anything and everything that she could think of. She would talk about what she was going to bake for their church's bake sale, she talked about what happened at her job, and she would chatter about some new restaurant that she found that she was sure that Emmanuel would love to go to. Emmanuel would just listen to her chatter and only give an occasional comment. If Daphne wasn't talking then she was playing some song on the radio. That woman's music tastes were all over the place. One second they would be listening to a cheerful pop song and the next second they would be listening to some punk rock song that came right out of a Sex Pistols album.

Every once in a while she would let Emmanuel pick the music stations. When it came to Emmanuel he liked classical music and instrumentals. However, he also liked rock music. Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Metallica were just a few of the bands that he liked. He could probably give bunch of reasons as to why he liked the bands, but the truth was he liked the rock bands mostly because they felt familiar. It was like he had heard them before. To him the songs from those bands gave him a feeling of safety and familiarity.

Heck if Emmanuel knew why they give him those feelings, but they did. Emmanuel was almost tempted to ask if they could turn the radio on just so he wouldn't have to sit through a car ride in silence. However, he couldn't bring himself to ask. Instead he just laid his head up against the window and watched the world pass them by. He watched as houses and cars just seemed to zip by them. Eventually Emmanuel closed his eyes and allowed himself to drift away…..

He's sitting in the back of a car. The car feels slow and slightly confining, but it doesn't bother him. He's here more for the companionship. A Metallica song is playing, but the song had been turned down so the words can barely be heard. It's dark outside and Emmanuel can barely make out the shapes of the two men who are sitting in the front of the car. Emmanuel is dimly aware of the fact that it shouldn't be so dark, but he doesn't care. He couldn't make out the features of the men that were sitting in front of him, but it didn't matter.

Somehow he just knew that these people were good. He can hear the man in the front passenger seat digging through a box of cassette tapes.

As the cassette tapes clack together Emmanuel hears the man in the passenger seat say "You seriously need to upgrade your music collection. Most people have at least moved on to listening to CDs."

The driver just snorted before he said "Are you seriously getting on my case about that again? There is nothing wrong with cassette tapes. Cassette tapes are classic."

Even in the darkness of the car Emmanuel could see that the driver had turned his head to glance at him.

"Cassette tapes are better than CDs, right?"

"I wouldn't know." Emmanuel said truthfully.

The driver just returned his attention back to the road and said "See he agrees with me."

"He did not agree with you jerk."

"Bitch." Was the driver's automatic response.

With anyone else those names would have been insulting, but with these two they sounded downright affectionate when they said the names. Emmanuel almost smiled at that, but instead he just frowned when he heard someone call out his name.


Strange that voice didn't belong to either of the boys.

"Emmanuel you need to wake up."

Upon hearing those words Emmanuel just sighed and closed his eyes as the dream world faded away…

When Emmanuel woke up he couldn't help but cringe as he sat up. His neck ached a little since he had been sleeping at such an awkward angle. His dream was already fading from his mind. He was pretty sure he dreamed about cassette tapes or something along those lines, but he wasn't sure if he was remembering that right.

"How long was I asleep?" Emmanuel asked.

"You were asleep for an hour and a half." The driver said without even bothering to look back at him.

Emmanuel was a little surprised to hear the guy talk, but he didn't let his surprise show on his face. Coulson watched silently as Emmanuel straightened himself out, but once the man was sure he was fully awake he started to speak.

"We are at our destination."

Emmanuel glanced out the windows only to see that they were out in the middle of nowhere. He could see a helicopter parked a few feet away from the car, but other than that the only thing that he could see was trees and empty fields. Emmanuel unbuckled his seat belt while Coulson climbed out of the car. Emmanuel got out of the car soon after, and he was about to ask why they drove out to the middle of nowhere just to get to a helicopter, but the words died on his lips the second he spotted the giant fortress floating up in the sky.

Well, maybe calling it a fortress wasn't quite right but Emmanuel didn't know what else to call it. It looked like something the crawled right out of an action movie. Coulson just smiled upon seeing Emmanuel's surprised look.

"That's the helicarrier."

"It's huge." Emmanuel said slowly.

"Well, it's essentially a flying fortress so it's supposed to be big." Coulson said in an amused tone.

A woman was waiting patiently in the driver's seat of the helicopter, and upon seeing Coulson she nodded at him. Coulson just nodded back in greeting. Emmanuel and Coulson quickly made their way onto the helicopter and once they were seated the helicopter took off. It didn't take long to get onto the helicarrier and once they were on it Emmanuel wasn't at all surprised to see that it looked just as much like a fortress on the inside as it did on the outside. As Coulson guided Emmanuel through the carrier Emmanuel couldn't help but look at everything wonder.

It really did look like something out of the action movies that Daphne would watch sometimes. Emmanuel could see agents in suites running around in the halls, and Emmanuel had walked by enough guards in riot gear in this place to know that SHIELD had enough people to make an army. After walking through only God knows how many hallways Coulson finally brought Emmanuel to a large room.

The room looked like a strange combination between a gym and a shooting range. The room was mostly empty with only two people standing in the room. The first person was a woman with short fiery red hair. She was standing rather stiffly and she looked like she was on guard. Her piercing green eyes seemed to look right through him, and it was easy to tell from the way that she carried herself that she was definitely a fighter.

The brown haired man that was with her was much more relaxed. He was twirling an arrow around and around in his hand, and a small smile was on his face. However, as relaxed as the man looked Emmanuel could tell that he was also on guard. Emmanuel could tell just by looking at them that if he did anything even slightly wrong they would probably take him out.

Needless to say that wasn't exactly a comforting thought. When Coulson and Emmanuel got close enough to the two people the man stopped spinning his arrow around and started to grin.

"So you're the healer guy, right?" The man asked.

"My name is Emmanuel, but yes I am the 'healer guy'." Emmanuel said while adding finger quotes to the words healer guy.

The man just chuckled before he said "Your name is a bit of a mouthful. Remind me to come up with a good nickname for you later."

Before Emmanuel could even figure out how he felt about having a nickname the woman quickly cut into the conversation and said "Ignore him. My name is Natasha Romanova."

"I'm Clint Barton." The man chipped in.

"They are also known as Black Widow and Hawkeye. They will be the ones training you in basic combat." Coulson added.

"It's nice to meet you." Emmanuel said.

Instead of returning the sentiment Natasha just got right to the point of this whole meeting.

"Do you know how to handle a gun at all?"

Emmanuel was thrown for a loop for a second at the sudden question, but it only took a few seconds for the man to recover and slowly shake his head. "I have never touched a gun."

Natasha said nothing to this she just walked over to the shooting range part of the gym. Clint followed after her all while turning his arrow around in his hand while Coulson calmly walked behind him. Emmanuel slowly followed after them and once he was standing next to Natasha the woman held a pistol out at him. Emmanuel slowly took the weapon from her and glanced down at it for a moment before he looked back up at Natasha.

She just motioned toward the targets and said "Take a shot at them. I want to see how you do so I can see what you need to work on."

Emmanuel nodded before he took his place at the shooting line. Once he was in position he straightened his stance, took a deep breath, and fired. The bullet didn't even land anywhere near the center of the target, and while he had been expecting it the recoil had been stronger than what he was expecting. He hit the very edge of the target and while he did hit it the shoot was still pretty lousy.

Emmanuel narrowed his eyes and stared at the target while Natasha sighed from somewhere behind him.

"Your stance is good, but…" Natasha started to say, but she was quickly cut off when Emmanuel took another shot.

This time Emmanuel was ready for the recoil. This time he got a perfect bullseye.

The small group of agents were quite for a moment before Clint just shrugged his shoulders and said "Lucky shot?"

Natasha just narrowed her eyes and said "Fire again."

Emmanuel took in a deep and controlled breath before he fired again as he was ordered to.





Another bullseye.

"Shoot the target again."


Yet another bullseye.

Natasha made Emmanuel fire every single one of his bullets at the targets, and by the time he fired his last bullet the man no longer had to take a deep breath before firing. He was able to fire shot after shot without flinching, and every single shot hit its target. By the time he was done everyone was silent for a moment. The silence was slightly unnerving and Emmanuel couldn't help but be slightly grateful when Clint finally broke the silence.

"You sure you never handled a gun before?"

"I don't know." Emmanuel answered.

He didn't remember handling one before, but he had to wonder now. He wasn't overly comfortable with using a gun, but aiming and hitting exactly what he wanted came almost naturally. So maybe he had handled a gun before or at least something like it in the past. Honestly, he really didn't know what the deal was. A thoughtful look had appeared on Natasha's face upon hearing what Emmanuel said, and after a few seconds had passed she looked over at Clint.

"Clint, can you get the box that has the moving targets in it?"

"The targets that Stark made for us?" Clint asked.

Natasha just nodded.

"Sure, I can get it." Clint said.

The man started to make his way over to a door that was near the shooting range. When the door slid open Emmanuel was able to see that it was full of shooting targets, boxes, and various kinds of gym equipment. When Clint walked into the storage room and the door slid close behind him Emmanuel looked over at Coulson.

"Who is Stark?"

"He's talking about Tony Stark. You might know him as Iron Man." Coulson answered.

Emmanuel had no flipping clue who Iron Man was, but the first thing that popped to his mind was the song by Black Sabbath.

Upon seeing Emmanuel's confused face Coulson said "He owns Stark Enterprise if that helps any."

Emmanuel just tilted his head slightly to the side before he asked "Do they make those Stark phones?"

Daphne had one of those phones and the phone that she gave Emmanuel was her old Stark phone which was the only reason why he knew about the phones at all.

Coulson just nodded before he said "Yes, Tony's company makes those phones. Tony has designed and manufactured a few things for SHIELD."

"Should I know about him?" Emmanuel asked.

"Yes, he's a Consultant for SHIELD. He's also an unofficial member of the Avengers so you might end up working with him from time to time." Coulson said.

"Unofficial member?" Emmanuel said.

"He wasn't a suitable candidate for the Avengers, but Iron Man was." Natasha explained.

Emmanuel was about to ask why Tony wasn't suitable for the Avengers, but before he could ask Clint came out of the storage room with a large cardboard box.

"I found it!" Clint called out as he walked over to them.

Upon reaching them Clint placed the box down in front of them. Clint popped the lid open and Emmanuel got a good look at the machines inside. They were odd looking things. Essentially they looked like targets with propellers attached to them. Clint took out a machine and flicked on the little switch that was on the side of the target part of the machine. The little machine let out a beeping sound before the propellers started spinning.

Clint let go of the machine and the flying target made its way into the shooting range. Clint activated a few more of the bots, and the second that the bots were turned on they were flew into the shooting range.

"These moving targets have been designed to stay within the shooting range." Natasha said. "I want you to try shooting them next."

"But first let me show you how to reload your gun." Clint chimed in.

After getting a quick lesson from Clint Emmanuel turned his attention to the moving targets that were fluttering about in the shooting range. None of the bots moved in the same way. Some moved in straight lines while others zipped around in zigzag patterns. Some of the bots moved around sluggishly while others jerked all over the place like a kid on a caffeine rush.

Emmanuel observed the targets flight patterns for a while before he finally raised his gun up at them and started firing. Needless to say the moving targets suffer the same fate as their stationery counterparts. Emmanuel was able to hit every single target with ease, and he didn't stop shooting until every single one of the bots had been destroyed.

After he was done it was quite for a moment before Clint finally opened his mouth and said "We need to entire you into the Olympics shooting competition."

"Clint…" Natasha said slowly, and Emmanuel got the distinct impression that she was holding back a sigh.

"I'm just saying the guy could win a gold medal easy." Clint argued.

"Thank you?" Emmanuel said slowly.

Clint just waved the unsure thinks away as he said "If you're this good with a gun I would love to see how you do with a bow and arrow."

"You can find out how well he would do with a bow next time." Coulson quickly cuts in.

Clint just crosses his arms and frowns while Natasha shakes her head.

"At any rate Clint is right you are good with a gun." Natasha says. "I don't think we need to you teach you anything beyond how to handle a firearm safely."

"Mostly we just need to show you how to turn safety on and off and how to load different types of guns. You know the boring stuff." Clint chimes in.

Natasha just ignores what Clint says and just says "For now I think we can move on to learning some hand to hand combat. It will be good for you to learn how to take an opponent down if you ever find yourself without a gun."

"Or for when you run out of bullets." Clint adds.

Coulson took the gun from Emmanuel and put the firearm away while Natasha and Clint lead him over to another corner of the gym. This corner of the gym had padded flooring and walls. Natasha led Emmanuel toward the center while Clint stood off to the side. Emmanuel could see Coulson walking toward them, but attention snapped back over to Natasha when he heard the woman start to speak.

"I want you to fight me."

Emmanuel just frowned while Natasha said "I want to see how you fight. It will help me figure out what we need to work on."

Emmanuel nods before he glances over at Clint.

Clint just smirks before he says "Go easy on him Natasha wouldn't want to break him on his first day."

Damn if that didn't make Emmanuel a little uneasy.

"I make no promises." Was Natasha's deadpan reply to Clint.

Emmanuel frowned as he quickly threw a punch at Natasha. The woman was able to dodge the hit with ease, and she didn't hesitate to throw a punch of her own. However, to Emmanuel's surprise when her hit connected with him it didn't really hurt. He felt the hit connect, but he felt no pain.

Emmanuel assumed that Natasha had held back a little so she wouldn't immediately knock his block off, but the surprised look that crossed her face made the man think that might not have been the case. However, before Emmanuel could ponder why she was so surprised his legs where knocked out from under him and within a blink of an eye he was flat on his back and staring up at the ceiling.

Natasha looked down at him and smirked as she said "One of the rules to fighting is that you shouldn't get lost in thought."

"Also on an unrelated note you're punching sucks." Clint commented from the sidelines.

Emmanuel just closed his eyes and sighed. He could already tell that this wasn't going to be as easy as the shooting had been…

"OK, I think it's time for us to take a break."

Emmanuel just blinked a few times in surprise upon hearing that.

"I can keep going." The man said, and he actually meant it.

They had been training for about two hours and Emmanuel still didn't feel tired. He hadn't even broken out into a sweet yet. Natasha also looked like she could keep going to.

Clint just smirked as he said "OK let me rephrase that. It's lunch time and I'm hungry so we are going to eat."

"You're not hungry?" Natasha asked.

"Not really, but I can eat something." Emmanuel said.

Emmanuel didn't bother telling her that he never felt hungry. If Daphne didn't regularly shove food into his face Emmanuel was sure that he could go all day without eating or drinking anything. Briefly Emmanuel wonders if that was weird, but the thought was dropped when Clint starts to make his way over to the door that lead out of the gym.

"Come on let's go already! I heard the cafeteria has meatball subs today, and I am not missing out on getting one!" Clint yelled out.

Coulson just shook his head before he said "We better not keep him waiting."

Emmanuel just nodded as he followed the agents out of the room. As they walked out of the gym they passed by a small group of people who were going into the gym. The group consisted of five people being led by one man. They all gave Emmanuel confused or curious looks while a few gave Natasha nervous glances.

"New recruits." Coulson explained. "They are going in for training."

"So they are like me?" Emmanuel asked.

"Sort of." Coulson answered as they walked into the cafeteria.

Somehow Clint had already gotten his food and he was racing over to an empty table. Natasha just rolled her eyes before she looked over at Emmanuel.

"Just meet us over at the table that Clint grabbed once you have your food."

Emmanuel nodded as he slowly walked off to get his lunch. Coulson and Natasha got their lunch before him, and the second the two agents made it over to Clint Coulson asked "So what are your thoughts on our new member?"

"He's not normal." Natasha said immediately.

"What do you mean?" Coulson asked.

"Punching him is like punching a brick wall. If I didn't hold back as much when I punched him I would have broken my hand." She explained.

"I was wondering why it always looked like you were holding back." Clint said. "You usually don't hold back for anyone."

The archer took a quick sip of his drink before he said "The guy already has magic healing, and now he has like super resistance too? We sure he's human?"

"He might be a mutant." Coulson suggested.

"Those are the guys who are born with powers, right?" Clint asked.

Natasha nodded before she said "It's the X-Gene that gives them their powers."

"I thought mutants only got one power not a whole bunch of them." Clint said.

"Mutants are rather new to the scene. We haven't figure out how they tick yet." Coulson said.

He shook his head and sighed before he said "At any rate we would have to perform some tests to figure out if he's a mutant."

"If he's not then my money is on him being like that Thor guy or he had an experimental super serum used on him." Clint said.

"You think he could be a god?" Natasha asked.

Clint just shrugged before he said "Hey, we live in a world where gods use magic hammers to fly and rich playboys wear robot suits to beat up terrorists. Anything is possible."

Natasha hummed out an agreement, but dropped the topic once she saw Emmanuel approaching. Clint just frowned when he saw Emmanuel's food choice.

"Really? You could have got a meatball sub, but instead you get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?"

"I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches." The blue eyed man said seriously.

"OK, but for your information meatballs are so much better then peanut butter and jam."

Emmanuel frowned and said without thinking "Jelly not jam. I find jam unsettling."

The confused looks that quickly appeared on Natasha and Coulson's faces upon hearing that instantly alerted Emmanuel to the fact that he said something weird. Daphne said he had a habit of saying off the wall things out of the blue sometimes. Although, he was never aware of when he said something weird until someone mentioned it or he started getting strange looks.

Clint looked like he didn't know how to respond to Emmanuel's random comments about jam. His face kept switching between amusement and confusion. Eventually Clint just shook his head and laughed. He laughed loudly enough that the agents sitting at the nearby tables started to give them confused looks, but Clint just continued to laugh.

Once his laughter had died down Clint grinned at Emmanuel and said "Your weird you know that?"

The way he said it made it sound like a complement.

"I have been told that I'm a little odd." Emmanuel said slowly.

Clint was about to say something to that, but he quickly snapped his mouth close when an agent raced into the cafeteria. Everybody turned to look at the panicked agent, and upon seeing her Emmanuel quickly realized that she was one of the agents in training.

"Is there an Emmanuel in here?!" She called out.

Emmanuel glanced over at Coulson only to see the man shake his head. Obviously the man didn't know what this was all about. Emmanuel stood up from his seat and looked at the black haired woman.

"What is wrong?" Emmanuel asked.

"There was an accident in the gym. One of the agents got shot in the leg." The woman answered quickly.

"Take me to him." Emmanuel ordered.

The woman nodded before she quickly turned around and scurried off toward the gym. Emmanuel quickly followed her, and he was only dimly aware of the fact that Clint, Natasha, and Coulson were following after him. They reached the gym within record time, and upon getting there Emmanuel could see an injured man lying on the floor. It looked like he got shot in the leg, and the floor under him was slowly being stained with blood.

The man who was obviously in charge of all of these recruits was yelling at another man for not turning on the safety of his gun or something like that, but Emmanuel wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying. As Emmanuel approached the injured man the people that had gathered around him parted to give him room, and the yelling of the senor agent quickly fell silent.

Emmanuel knelt down next to the man and ignored the blood that started seeping into his pants. The injured agent had his hand pressed down over to the wound most likely to try and slow down the bleeding. For as much as the injury had to hurt the man wouldn't allow the pain to show on his face.

Upon seeing Emmanuel the man asked "You a doctor or the faith healer that everyone has been talking about?"

"I'm the healer."

The man gave him a pained smile and asked in a slightly joking tone of voice "We going to have to send a vocal prayer up to God to make this work?"

Emmanuel's mouth twitched up into a small smile as he said "Only if you want to."

The man just shook his head as he said "Don't take this the wrong way, but I think I'm going to decline the prayer session."

Emmanuel just shrugged before he reached out and slowly moved the man's hand away from the wound. A quick glance revealed that it wasn't life-threatening, but it probably hurt like hell. This agent was a trooper Emmanuel would give him that. Emmanuel reached out and placed two fingers on the wound and that was all that was needed to heal it.

The healing was instant, and there was no waiting for the wound to close itself up. Once second the wound was there and the next second it was gone. Even the damage to his pants had been repaired. The man quickly rolled his pant leg up so that he could get a look at where the injury had been, but there was nothing there. No scar, no cut, not even a scab. The only evidence that the injury had existed at all was the blood that was still on the floor.

"Holy fuck." Someone murmured in the background.

Emmanuel looked around at the people that were surrounding him. For once Natasha actually looked speechless and Emmanuel was pretty sure that was the most emotion that he had seen on her face to date. Coulson was as unreadable as ever, but the way he stared at the now healed man made Emmanuel think that the man was as amazed as Natasha was.

Clint let his amazement show and the man was quick to say "I knew you could heal, but I didn't think you could heal people that fast."

Emmanuel said nothing he just stood up and helped the now uninjured agent up to his feet.

Once the man was standing Emmanuel heard Coulson say "Your first day here and you're already helping SHIELD agents out."

"I was happy to help." Emmanuel said, and he meant what he said.

Emmanuel watched as people gathered around the healed agent and looked at his healed injury and asked how it felt to be healed. As he watched Emmanuel couldn't help but think that he will probably never be some amazing fighter even with all of the training that we was going to get, but as long as he could heal agents like this and make sure that people would be OK Emmanuel was totally fine with the idea of not being some sort of amazing warrior agent…

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The whole being an angel thing means that Cas has super strength and the ability to smite things. Who cares if you hit weirdly when you can overpower almost anything, and the ability to smite things all you have to do is place your hand on your foe and it's all over. Heck, one good stab with his angel blade is usually enough to take down most things.

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Jam is unsettling: Cas actually says this in the show. He also states that he liked peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I know Cas has mentioned once that food taste like molecules, but I'm convinced that they can turn the whole 'I taste everything' thing off or at least make it less overwhelming. Would explain why Gabriel can eat candy without any issues at any rate.

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