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~*~She was bored, she was tired, and she was sick. The poor little fanfiction author stared at her blank screen. She had no ideas for her stories right now, except for 'The Meetings', which she was actually done with, but to lazy to find the notebook in which it was in. Then she remembered the story with her and her friends. So far it was the story with the most praise, which actually wasn't saying much, but she was happy. Then she had an idea. What if her and her friends all went to go see 'The Chamber of Secrets' together? Maybe after the 'praise' from the Lord of the Rings section, she could get some from Harry Potter. So she started typing another story with her and her friends, so now she would have more to write. ~*~

"Pippin! Will you please shut up!" yelled Gandalf.

"But there's nothing to do!" complained Pippin.

"Try being quiet for a change," said Merry.

"Why don't we go see another movie," said Legolas, who always seemed to be looking at the movie section of the newspaper it seems.

"No!" cried E?owyn. "Not that again! The last time we saw a movie we ended up getting lost because of Pippin and Merry's 'short cut', getting banded from 7-eleven, and having to listen to Pippin, Merry, and Sam scream 'Blackrider' at every damn black car!"


"Let's go see the Chamber of Secrets!" said Strider.

"Okay," everyone said.

"We'll need a change of nicknames," said Frodo.

"I want to be Harry," said Pippin.

"That makes me Hermione," said Merry.

"I'll be Ron," said Sam.

"That makes Frodo Neville," said Harry.

"Why?" asked Frodo.

Ron put an arm around her, "The 4 hobbits got to stick together."

While that made absolute since to no one, they decided not to ask about Sam/Ron/Sarah's logic; after all, last time they saw a movie, she insisted Gandalf wasn't with them half the time.

"Okay then," said Neville.

"Personally," said Gandalf, "I think Pippin and Merry should be Fred and George."

"I'm Fred!" said Galadriel.

"I'm George!" said Strider.

"Oh, so we're altering personalities now?" said Gimli. Everyone shrugged.

"I officially declare Gimli Dobby!" said Harry.

"What?!" exclaimed the recently proclaimed Dobby.

"Hello there Dobby," said Gandalf, then she snickered.

Fred and George grinned, "Gandalf is Dumbledore!"

"What?!" the recently proclaimed Dumbledore exclaimed.

"Well," said Dobby, "looks like your playing the old guy again."

Dumbledore growled.

"That leaves Éowyn, Legolas, and Boromir," said Hermione.

"We can't all be Gryffindor's," said Harry. Legolas, Éowyn, and Boromir glared at her.

"Or, maybe we can," she said.

"Éowyn should be Ginny," said Dumbledore.

"Okay," said the recently proclaimed Ginny, "but why?"

"Because Ginny is hopelessly in love with Harry," she replied. Harry and Ginny started backing far away from each other. "You know what I mean!" she exclaimed.

"That leaves Legolas and Boromir," said Ron.

"Maybe Boromir should be Wormtail," muttered Harry.

"What?!" exclaimed Boromir, as she started approaching her.

"I just meant it would go with your previous nickname, honest! Eek!" Harry ran behind the couch.

"Remus Lupin and Sirius Black!" exclaimed Ron.

"Huh?" said everyone else, Boromir stopped.

"Legolas is Remus and Boromir is Sirius," said Ginny.

The two shrugged and said, "okay."

"Unfortunately," said Remus, "the next showing isn't until an hour, and since it took us three and a half to get there last time, I bet we won't make it there this time either, I'm also guessing that no one remembers where the movie theater is." Silence. "So this will all add up to a little over 3 and a half hours," concluded Remus.

"Well then," said Fred, "let's get a move on!" They all scrambled out of their seats, got on their bikes, and started their journey towards the movie theater, which they all agreed to still call 'Mt. Movie Theater' for some odd and strange reason.


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