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Chapter 9: The Journey from Ticket Box 4

"Malfoy!?" everyone said in astonishment.

"How'd you get here?" questioned Cho.

"Went over the bridge," Malfoy pointed behind him where the freeway was. "When I left you guys I went in the other direction and found the bridge faster."

The girls all looked at each other with the same expression on their faces, 'Oh.'

"Well," said Wormtail, "lets go." The girls got in line to get their tickets, surrounded by many other kids and adults alike awaiting to see Harry Potter.

"I hear Harry dies," said one little girl to her friend. The Order sniggered. "I wish," muttered Malfoy.

Another two girls, no older then the group themselves, were talking amongst themselves, each keeping an eye on a kid no older then 8. "I swear, I don't know why people like this movie, it's just some stupid kids movie."

"It might be," said Harry, smiling, "but the fourth and third books aren't really meant for little kids."

"Of course they are," said the other girl, "they're kid's books."

"Not recently," muttered Hermione.

"Actually, it's been two years, so that's not quite recent," said Ron.

"You know what I mean!"

"Well, anyway," Dumbledore continued for them, "it's also very much enjoyed by people of all ages, not just kids."

The two girls looked at the group, then at them, "You guys are weird."

"Why thank you," said Remus, bowing, "we try."

"We also seem to be getting kicked out of stores a lot," said Sirius, "but I guess that adds onto the weirdness, right?"

The other two girls shook their heads and walked away.

"That was easy," said Ginny as she got the tickets and they all went inside.

When they got to their seats; popcorn, soda, candy, and all, they were ready to finally see the movie. They didn't exactly know it would be about a year and a half until they saw the next one, but at the moment they weren't really quite concerned with that (especially Malfoy who was eventually convinced to watch the movie with them).

So ends another story about our insane little group over here. A group who hasn't been to Hogwarts, hasn't met any of the characters, and has never held a real wand in their life.

At least, not yet anyway. . .

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