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August 1, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

We, the seven of the prophecy, or what's left of it, will not be returning to Camp Half-Blood/Camp Jupiter.

We can't send you an Iris message. We just can't.

We have failed.

We didn't stop Gaea.

We couldn't; there were just seven of us, hundreds of thousands of monsters and minions, and….her and Gaea herself.

It was too much to handle, we barely made it out alive.

At first it was easy, there were about 200 of them, nothing we couldn't do, with the combination of powers.

Then, they separated us, one by one. It was a great plan, actually, we were completely confused, and outnumbered.

Piper's scream was first.

It was horrible. Bloodcurdling. It froze me, sent cold chills down my back. It was full of shock, fright, despair.

At first, they just grabbed her. Kept her intact. They dragged her up to the altar they set up for Gaea. She put up a fight, she really did. A damn good one too. I could barely see her, but she struggled, kicking and screaming like a two year old having a tantrum, the whole way.

They threw her on the altar floor, and chained her up. I didn't see what happened next.

But I could hear it. Actually, I heard everything. Piper's wails. Jason's yells.

After they killed Piper, I stole a glance to the altar. I don't know why I did it. I wish I hadn't. Gods, I really wish I fucking hadn't.

There Piper was, mangled, blood and flesh everywhere. I didn't understand why they didn't just slit her throat. Make it over fast. Didn't Gaea want a quick victory?

I still don't understand.

I guess as the daughter of the war goddess, I should, but I don't.

The worst part, was what was next to Piper.


On his knees.

Head bent.

And a sword raised above his head.

I didn't have time to react before the sword swung down.

Cutting off his head.

Everything I remember was in slow motion after that. I went numb. Every will to fight, to live, left my body. I couldn't carry on.

I crumpled to the ground and felt my body being dragged to the altar while the ground rumbled and opened up a hole behind it.

Gaea came out of the hole and onto the altar. She was extremely healthy and reformed.

She told me she would kill us all, that we had no purpose, and was about to stab me, when Hazel jumped in front of me, having snuck up behind enemy lines. There were not guards behind me; they had all vanished into thin air, only the alive seven were there.

I remember holding Hazel and sobbing, yelling curses through them. I remember holding hands with her, Frank putting pressure on her stomach, everything.

The worst thing was her last words.


She never said anything after she jumped in front of me; I don't think she needed to either.

There was nothing to be said.

We have decided to not return to either of the Camps.

How can we come back when we have failed?

We will be no use to you anyway.

Good Luck,

Annabeth Chase

February 9, 2056

The teenager ran down the corridor, blood pounding, heart beating fast.

She was excited.

She thought, no, she knew she had found the letter her queen was looking for.

The first of the many letters of Annabeth Chase, the supposedly lost daughter of Athena.

It was easy, really, getting the letter. She knew the first one had to be at Camp, for she had heard many stories from older campers about the search for Annabeth, and the rest of the seven who survived their battle with Gaea.

By finding this letter, and giving it to her queen, she was rising ranks, and earning more trust from Gaea.

She would finally be important.

The girl burst through the doors of the room, where Gaea was having a conversation with the general. It looked heated, and the girl's face turned curious, but quickly straightened, remaining stoic.

You had to learn quickly to be unemotional.

Gaea turned, and the girl bowed. "My lady," she said as she knelt.

Gaea's dark hair-framed face stated that she was annoyed. "What now? I swear, if it's not something useful, I'll throw you into Tartarus myself! I am tired of your kind's failed attempts!"

As she stood up, the teenager fought to keep her emotions in check. She succeeded, and remained calm. "My lady," she repeated, thrusting out the crinkly piece of notebook paper, "I found it! Really this time!".

Gaea reached out, and snatched the piece of paper from her hand. She was annoyed still, but willing to give the girl one last chance. What if it really was the letter? The paper could hold information about the whereabouts of the actual seven, the TRUE seven, not those puny failures of great-grandchildren.

But, the letters could reveal their whereabouts too, so…..

As Gaea read the paper, the girl let her face show her emotions. The longer Gaea read, and the ore her mouth turned into a frown, the girl's face switched from one of worry and anxiousness to one of absolute horror and fright.

What would Gaea do to her?

Maybe I should run, the girl thought. If I go fast enough, they won't be able to-

Gaea's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"You did well, you found the first letter." Gaea said. Her face was turning into relief until Gaea said, "But it doesn't tell me anything.".

Her face froze.

"Since you found the first one, you'll be useful in finding the others. I suppose I won't dispose of you-for now," Gaea paused. The girl just stood there.

"Well?" Gaea snarled.

The girl stumbled and kneeled, "Thank you, m'lady."

The Earth Mother nodded, pleased. "You are dismissed. I'll expect you back in three months at noon for the next letter. If it isn't in your hand, do not think I won't dispose of you. Now leave."

She stood up, slightly trembling. She then curtsied and hurried out of the room, hearing Gaea yell at her so called general.

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