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Chapter seven






-six years following the end of the conflict-

"Hey Aniki no fair!" called an excited girl's voice as a smiling boy raced ahead over her turning so that his blond hair waved out behind him as he shot a smirk back at his sister. Soon the pair were running down a long carpeted hallway their feet pounding away with dull thuds as they dodged around a few guards and maids all who smiled after the pair enjoying the sound of their laughter.

After a moment the two burst into the main hall of the palace the older boy losing his footing and skipping a few feet till he came to rest his face buried in the carpet. As he lay there privately grumbling about the bad luck a small sniffing drew his eyes up just in time to get a face full of tongue as a great black dog gave him an affectionate lick causing him to sputter.

"Hey Tobue-Oniisan get him off!" called the blond boy trying to push to black dog off his white shirt and black pants as it continued its playful assault, his sister in her usual yellow sundress already happily hugging a white dog who was its equal and smiling down at her brothers state. After a moment there was a sharp whistle and both dogs padded happily over to a brown haired boy twin red fangs doting his cheeks and dressed in a simple white vest with a black under suit.

"What do you think Nieve?" chuckled the feral boy looking over at a little pink haired girl with small fanged markings of her own one hand held by her cousin, while the other was gently hanging from her mouth as she blinked a pair of black eyes over at her two friends.

"Tobue." Came her voice in a small pouting manner as the older boy chuckled watching as the two ran over to greet Nieve her small brown kimono waving around her as she was engulfed by the happy chatter that sprang up between them.

"So Himawari, Boruto, you ready to see the big event?" asked the boy smiling around at the four six year olds who all nodded happily as the blond boy threw up a hand in excitement.

"Hai Aunty Naruko's going to be the best kage ever!" called the boy excitedly waving his hands above his head as his older brother chuckle.

"Don't let granny Tsunade hear you say that." Chuckled the older boy as he led the children out of the hall down another carpeted hallway. As they moved along a small giggle drew their eyes around to see a little redheaded girl peeking out a window giggling happily before dropping down to try and stifle her laughter going so far as to pull the yellow sleeves of her kimono over her lips but only managing to muffle the sound slightly.

"Kushiki-chan?" called Himawari curiously as she saw her sister turn towards her smiling broadly and waving them over still giggling away madly.

"Hima-chan you have to see this!" called the redhead excitedly waving the group over to the window. As the five children peered out their eyes fell upon a large open garden dotted with snow that glinted happily off of the flowers and grass giving it a peaceful appearance. However, this was not their focus, instead what drew their eyes were a pair of figures below.

"Oh come on Hitomi don't be so stiff!" called a purple haired boy smirking over his blue eyes shining as they looked over the black haired girl the white kimono she wore standing in stark contrast to her tan skin and pale orange eyes.

"Bu…but Dora, tousan said." Started the girl before the purple haired boy waved it off smirking confidently as he rested his hands down upon his hips, over the tan jacket he wore over his black undersuit, smiling widely.

"Come on Hitomi-chan, I can look after you, let's just have some fun it will be great I promise!" called the boy happily smiling broadly in a perfect mix of his mother and father as the girl adopted a worried look.

"Tousan said to be especially careful when you promise something." Replied the girl shortly as the purple haired boy let out a chuckle narrowing his eyes.

"Oh and what did Aunty Fu say hummm?" asked the boy as the orange eyed girl let out a little sigh dropping her head.

"She said to have some fun..." whispered the girl as if surrendering as the boy smiled widely reaching out to take her hand in his.

"Great come on it's about time!" called the boy as he practically drug the girl out of the courtyard. Above them the five children watched before Tobue let out a chuckle shaking his head at the antics below.

"Well great Dota-imoto's gotten to Hitomi-chan…well we're doomed." Smirked the boy as he turned to lead the children ahead the redheaded Kushiki moving over to chat happily with Boruto both laughing happily at what they had seen. After a few more steps the group found themselves in a large pillared hall as a voice called out to them in a slightly irritated tone.

"Hey you're late!" called a blond teenager her hair tied up into an elegant bun as her bangs fell down over her lovely Kimono framing a kind face though at the moment it was turned into an annoyed look. That didn't last long however as Kushiki broke from the pack rushing forward to fling herself into the girls arms giggling happily.

"Yuki-niisan, Yuki-niisan guess what! Guess what!" called the little redhead excitedly as her elder sister found herself unable to remain stern with the girl reaching down to give her a small hug smiling.

"Oh ok what?" chuckled Yuki as the little redhead shot off into a description of what she had seen till the rest of the children had arrived around he.

"Well that figures, poor Hitomi she never had a chance." Muttered Yuki as across from her Tobua gave a small chuckle.

"Come on we both knew that one Hime-oniichan." Smiled the feral boy as his sister gave him a small smirk at his old nickname for her's before nodding gently taking her little sisters hand.

"True…well Granny Kushina should be here…" started the blonde girl before a small flash of light interrupted her as a second later she found herself pulled into a massive bear hug between two women laughing happily.

"ALL THE GRANDBABIES!" called a pair of women one feral, and the other a red-haired both smiling widely as they captured the group of children between them in a wide hug laughing madly as the younger children let out giggles, shrieks and calls of baa-chan towards the two elder women.


Meanwhile across the snowy nation within a show covered village a pair of children were tapping their feet impatiently as their parents stood looking down at them with faint smiles upon their lips.

"Kaasan when are they going to get here!" called a dusty blond haired boy his features delicate as he turned two dark blue eyes up to his mother who let out a small chuckle at his antics.

"Easy Inojin-chan, they have to come a long way." Replied a beautiful blonde woman dressed in a simple purple dress, as she swept a few strands from her face her eyes watching as the boy's sibling gave him an annoyed look.

"Come on imoto just be patent." Chided a black haired girl as she adjusted her glasses looking over to her sibling, in his simple blue and white dress, who sighed slumping visibly as if pulled down by some heavy weight.

"But Sarada-neechan." Started the boy glancing over at his sisters own pink kimono intent to continue his rant only to stop as he felt a hand upon his head. Looking up the blond boy found himself looking up a long black kimono and into his father's smiling face.

"No use Sochi, you can't win against the women here…trust me." Chuckled the man a moment before he received a small punch from both sides as the blond woman was joined by a pink haired woman on his other side both giving him angry looks.

"What was that Sasuke-kun!" smiled both women a little two sweetly as Sasuke let out a sigh looking around at his nurses turned wives.

"I said no one is more beautiful than my Ino-chan and Sakura-chan." Replied the man as both women nodded at him moving to grab an arm each his mind drifting momentarily to remember how both had helped to look after him after the final conflict yelling at him for being such a baka over and over till well they'd made sure to be able to do it for the rest of their lives.

Hum mental note, remember to pick up anniversary gift…probably should get something for Kankuro as well for that help with the puppet leg. Thought Sasuke as his eyes trailed back over to Sakura who seemed to be speaking.

"Oh you know it." Chuckled Sakura her green eyes turning down to smile happily at her daughter who was grinning over at her brother in triumph. Before they could continue a small flash of light interrupted them as a small group appeared Sarada and Inojin rushing over to greet their friends as Kushina and Tsume moved over greeting the three in return. Soon enough the now larger group was making its way down the streets of the hidden village waving happily as they passed a small ramen stand, stopping just long enough for the children to each get a hug from the happy woman behind the counter before they were off once again.

Moving out of the streets the group found themselves standing in a large courtyard that stood in an open ring of buildings facing the central structure where a small crowd had already gathered. As the group moved forwards several women turned smiling as they spotted their family approaching.

"Hey Kaasan, I brought the little ones." Called Tobue happily as he snapped off a small salute to a brown haired woman, draped in a bright green kimono, with identical red markings on her cheeks. In reply the woman moved over giving her Sochi a small kiss on the cheek that he blushed at as the children giggled at him.

"Kaasan." Groaned the boy as Hana leaned up adjusting the small bundle in her arms a small tufts of deep red hair showing as she smiled down at her Sochi.

"Thank you Sochi," replied Hana as she moved the bundle slightly so that a babe's face appeared two black eyes blinking over before a small giggle escaped its lips at the sight of its older brother.

"Tsumo say's thanks as well." Added Hana as Tobue grinned at his youngest sibling. Across from him Boruto and Himawari were both pulling back from the warm embrace of their own mother as the beautiful pale eyed woman smiled warmly between the pair her long blue hair dancing over her cream colored dress and skin alike.

"Kaasan guess what Hitomi-chan was planning something with Dora Oniisan!" called Boruto happily as beside him his sister nodded drawing a small smile to Hinata's lips as she looked around at a purple haired woman beside her that was smirking at their words.

"Well Anko-chan looks like your Sochi is corrupting Neji-niisan's little girl." Giggled Hinata as Anko let out a bark of laughter folding her arms over her emerald green kimono as she took a proud look.

"Well of course he would, that's my boy for you!" called Anko happily as the group fell into laughter as across from them a beautiful blue haired woman dressed an elegant white kimono moved up beside them. On one side of her stood Yuki trying to match her mother's elegance while on her other side the little red-haired Kushiki simply held her mother's hand smiling happily as she swung her other by her side.

"I think that's what worries us." called Koyuki happily as the group paused looking around at Anko for a moment before erupting into an even larger blast of laughter.

"Hey we didn't miss the event already did we?" called a man's voice as the group turned to four figures moving forwards towards the group. From the crowd of children the small pink haired Nieve rushed out jumping up to have her mother catch her. Fubuki caught her little pink missile swinging her once before bringing her back to rest on her, blue kimonoed, hip leaning down to that she could rub noses with the girl as Kiba smiled fondly at his wife and daughter as he adjusted his usual uniform.

"Hum..where's Hitomi-chan?" asked a stoic man looking around for a moment as the group stifled a few giggles causing his pale eyes to pass over them before sagging with apparent exhaustion.

"Don't tell me." he muttered as the group laughed even his wife who gave him a playful shove her long green hair waving around her she turned her orange eyes up to him.

"I told you She's my girl!" called Fu happily her white dress waving around her as she raising an hand in triumph causing Neji to sigh as he reach up a grey clad arm to rub at his temple, though everyone could see the smile on his face as he moved over to stand with the rest of the group as they chatted happily waiting for the event to begin.


Meanwhile within the kage structure a pair of three shadows moved closer towards a room both letting their eyes dart back and forth a few times before rushing over swinging the door open onto a large room housing a magnificent wooden desk with a few shelves doted around the sides. As both took a step further there was a small twang as their feet set off a wire. Before either intruder could do more than look down in fear a line snapped tight as the two found themselves suddenly handing upside down from the ceiling supported by a simply line of wire.

As they hung the black haired girl shot a glare over at the purple haired boy hanging beside her orange eyes narrowed on him as they swung back and forth.

"I TOLD YOU THIS WAS A BAD IDEA!" she lectured as Dora gave her a smirk.

"Then why did you go along with it!" shot back the both as the two devolved into a small pushing match as a pair of figures watched them their arms folded for a few moments till finally they seemed to grow bored with watching the children fight between each other.

"Hey, you two want down or not?" called a black haired girl her red eyes flashing as beside her a white haired girl who appeared to be her same age let out a small chuckle.

"Hey we could just leave them up there, I mean they did try and sneak into the Kage's office." Called the white haired girl her brown eyes moving over the pair as a smile very much like her mother's touched her lips. At this both children froze for a moment before shaking their heads wildly.

"No please Mito-chan, Mirai-chan don't leave me with him/her!" called both hanging children as Mito seemed to consider it for a few moments her arms crossing over the red battle kimono she wore as her white hair waved its single tail behind her. Finally her companion let out a sigh moving over her white and black dress waving gently as she cut the wire holding them letting the pair drop with a small thump to the office floor before looking over at the pair.

"You're lucky Ino-Kaasan told me to look out for you two." Lectured Mirai looking down at the two younger children before Mito stepped up beside her smiling.

"Oh relax Mirai-chan, come on squirts time to go." Called the white haired Mito as the two children followed with Mirai bringing up the rear. As the four headed down the hall within another room a blond woman stood moving back and forth waving her arms in a set of oversized blue and white robes as across from her four figures sat with wide smiles upon their faces.

"You know we could probably film this." chuckled a blond haired woman as beside her, her husband let out a small chuckle.

"Hai hime, and do what with it, she'd kill us." smiled Jiraiya as he looked across at his wife who shrugged.

"Lady Tsunade please don't cause trouble now." whispered a black haired woman smiling slightly over at her master as in her arms a small pig oinked in agreement.

"Maybe Shizune, besides I suppose it's smart to play it safe with my last day in office." Replied Tsunade as she laid a hand gently over her husbands.

"Hai, besides we promised Mito we'd take her on a trip to rain to see Konan-chan. She's been practically chomping at the bit to see her and uncle Nagato." Replied Jiraiya with a warm smile before a small commotion occurred. Across from the pair a small cry of annoyance drew their attention as they saw the blonde woman in the act of tugging the bulky robes over her head.

"I can't take these stupid things anymore!" called Naruko as she yanked the robes off of her flinging them aside into a corner revealing her usual white uniform underneath. At this the final figure let out a happy chuckle drawing the woman's eyes around as he stepped forwards.

"Niisan this is not the time for jokes." Growled Naruko as Naruto gave her a warm smile pulling out a box and holding it out to her.

"Nope it's a good time for a gift, guess I'm not the only one who's a bit of a slob." Chuckled Naruto as his sister took the box opening it as a bright smile crossed her lips.

"Thanks Niisan." smiled Naruko as Naruto nodded moving over to give his sister a small hug before stepping back.

"Well I have to get to my wives or they'll never let me live it down, I'll see Kaasan along soon." Spoke the blond man as he received a small nod from Naruko before turning to depart. Soon enough Naruto was stepping out of the building moving through the crowd, who parted happily, as he worked towards his family. As he arrived he was bowled over by a rush of happy cries of "TOUSAN" all six of his children ran to greet him, drawing a warm laugh from those watching.

After Naruto had managed to pull himself free of the mass of happily children he was meet with his wives who likewise embraced him sharing a few small embraces of the lips as well much to the children's irritation till he stood with his family and friends all watching as people slowly crowded into the courtyard till it was full to bursting with chatter and excitement. Finally as Tsunade made her way out onto a raised platform silence fell as she began to speak on the trials and strength of the people, of their growth to one of the great six villages, of the successful treaties with their neighboring lands of wind and fire, of the loss and gain of her time as Kage.

As her speech continued Naruto found his eyes drifting around his children's smiling faces, before shifting to his wives and finally turning up to see when his sister stepped forwards clad in a silvery blue version of their fathers coat as beside her Kushina beamed with pride as the second Kage of snow was given her hat.

As Naruko stepped forwards to address the crowd Naruto saw it all… his whole life from that starving boy who had fled down the streets of Konoha, to the leader of snow, and finally to what he was now…a happy man surrounded by his friends and family. So as the first cheers began to form Naruto found himself smiling at the life he had won within the land of snow.

And no matter what the future held for him he would be ready to face it in protecting their dreams, because they were his dream come true, the happy dream of Snows Swirling Dragon.

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