Meyer owns all except the plot, which is mine, and Seth's character, which was inspired by harperpitt's story You Were There.


All the news that the others won't print

Murder of Local Girl Remains Unsolved

By Ambrose Bierce

Forks and Port Angeles continue to mourn the death of local teen…


City Debates Fate of Abandoned Cabin

By T. de Quincey

Complaints of vandalism and wild parties have once again prompted the city to question…



A weekly serial written by author-self-insert


I had always imagined that I would wake up in a dungeon one day.

I had imagined chains and manacles. Or at least handcuffs. I had imagined floggers, too, made from rabbit fur, or rather faux rabbit, for of course my dungeon would be (animal) cruelty free.

With compliments to the Marquis de Sade, fantasies of sex dungeons are de rigueur when you study the Gothic.

But I certainly never imagined that Edward Cullen would be locked inside the dungeon with me.

And if I may say so, it was all decidedly less sexy than I'd hoped.

AN: Occasional breaks in the narrative will occur in the form of "fake" chapters with "articles" and "advertisements," in keeping with the inspiration of the gothic serials that would appear chapter by chapter in weekly or monthly periodicals, buried amongst news and ads. These periodicals would also run contests for readers to suggest solutions; hence, the inclusion of actual reviewer guesses. Feel free to skip these chapters – they contain nothing relevant to the plot.

~ 23 chapters

~ 2000 – 4000 word chapters


Rated M for language, weak attempts at politically incorrect humor here and there (I've been told that I'm mean and/or my Bella is mean), and a lemon in the far off distant future. There are references to acts of violence and literary works of horror, but no grisly descriptions. And alas, despite the above, no BDSM.

Mostly BPOV

I've been told that I make a lot of obscure references. You can "solve" this murder case without looking any of them up. If you want to know what something means, feel free to PM me. I'll probably just tell you that I picked it from Google at random. Reading should be fun—I like it when a writer can throw something at me that I don't recognize, it adds to the aura of mystery. Best!