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The bell rang 5 minutes ago.

The class was empty.

Even Mr. Knight took off muttering something about "damn rich kids" and "coffee."

I was still stuck sitting at the desk, going over what just happened in my head. Had I really just sat in Cullen's lap? I have never been a feminist, but the way Cullen handled me made me justified in starting up my "I am Woman. Hear me roar" speech.


Who am I kidding? I loved it. I was so close to sprinting to the principal's office just to see if I could get a glimpse of that auburn hair.

"If you sit here any longer, I will be required to use force to move you and I don't think Cullen will like that."

I jumped and turned to find P.B.B. still sitting in his seat, now turned to the side staring at me. Funny, I hadn't even noticed that he was still in the classroom. I took another second to look over P.B.B. and was surprised to notice that his eyes seemed duller. He was still cute, but it was like his shine was completely overshadowed by the entrance of Cullen.

"Come on, Princess." P.B.B sighed, extending his hand to help me up from my seat.

I scoffed and picked up my bag, opting to simply carry my notebook in my hand. As I was heading for the door, my left heel buckled, causing me to lose my balance and tumble to the floor.

P.B.B. didn't even bother to help me up. Instead, he was laughing, clutching his stomach with tears rolling down his face.

"Damn heels. I can't wait to take this costume off!" I pouted, still sitting on the floor.

P.B.B. just sat there, still laughing.

"Can you help me up?"

"Oh! Now you want my help?" P.B.B smirked, walking over to me and effortlessly picking me up. "Sure thing, Princess."

"My name is Bella, P.B.B" I said, icily as I got all my stuff together and began to walk out the door into the unnecessarily crowded hallway.

"P.B.B.?" He questioned, easily keeping up with me as I teetered down the hallway, seeking the refuge of my own clothes in my locker.

"Pretty Blonde Boy. I thought it fit."

"Hmm. I like it, Princess."


"Nope. Princess."


I realized I wasn't going to win this battle. I continued walking to my locker, noticing how the students seemed to part like the Red Sea as P.B.B and I made our way down the hallway.

"You and Cullen are pretty revered here, aren't you?" I asked, getting straight to the point.

After a few moments of silence, I had to look over to make sure P.B.B. was still there. He was, scowling at all the students that were unfortunate enough to be in his way.

Thinking he must not have heard me the first time, I began to ask the questions again. "You and Cull-"

"I'm not deaf. I heard you the first time. Just because you ask the question again does not mean that I will give you an answer."

"If you don't want to talk to me, why are you walking with me? The school is really not that big; I can find my way around."

By this time, we had reached my locker. After pulling out my change of clothes and books for my next class, I noticed that P.B.B. was still standing next to me.

"There is a simple thing called conversation. I don't know if you were raised by wolves, but it is customary to speak when someone asks you a question. If you didn't want to answer the questions, that's all you had to say. To be quite honest, I didn't ask for your presence, so feel free to leave whenever."

With that, I spun on my heels and walked into the bathroom to change clothes. I stepped out of the stall, feeling way more comfortable in my dark blue skinny jeans and plain white v-neck shirt. I decided against the hoodie; it's not that cold in the building.

As I was touching up the little makeup I do wear, the bathroom door opened. A pretty brunette girl walked in, texting on her phone. I watched her as she put down her bag and looked up into the mirror, meeting my eye contact.

"Bella Swan. Or, should I say Isabella Cullen?" She joked. "I'm Angela. Everyone has been waiting for your arrival. It's not often we get new students, especially ones that instantly catch the attention of two of the hottest and dangerous guys in school."

My heart started beating faster. "Dangerous?"

Angela hesitated for a while before responding. "Yes, dangerous. I have a feeling you knew that already. I'm not here to tell you all of the crazy details surrounding those two boys and the rest of their group; I'm pretty sure you will hear all about it from the gossip mill in this town. I swear, some people in Forks could have a Bachelor's degree in Gossip."

I decided right then that I liked her. "Well, thanks. I think."

"No problem. Just…"

Suddenly, she didn't look so sure of herself. Stepping a little closer to me, she whispered, "Just be careful. You seem like a nice girl. Don't trust any of them."

Before I could get around the asking her anything else, she sped out of the bathroom, narrowly missing P.B.B. who stood staring after her as she walked down the hall.

"What did she say to you?"

I jumped, not realizing how close he was to me.

"I thought I dismissed you. Why are you still here?"

P.B.B. glared down at me, stepping fully into the girl's bathroom.

Who is this guy?

"Let's get one thing straight, Princess. You do not dismiss me. You're the new girl around here. As fast as you are breaking news here, you can easily become yesterday's trash."

Seeing that he rendered me speechless, he continued, "What was Angela talking to you about?"

If I wasn't so angered and awed at his audacity, I would have commented on the uncertainty in his voice when he talked about Angela. This morning has been a whirlwind. I did not expect to be having such an intense conversation in the girl's bathroom with one of the most intimidating guys that I have ever met. Honestly, I was just hoping to finish my last two years of high school like a normal teenager. I doubt that is going to happen now.

"I hate repeating myself, but since you are new, I will ask one more time. What was Angie talking to you about?"

It's Angie now? Hmm. This day just keeps getting more interesting by the minute.

Amused, I looked P.B.B. right in the eye and said, "I'm not deaf. I heard you the first time. Just because you ask the question again does not mean that I will give you an answer."

With that, I left the bathroom.

P.B.B. hurried out after me, ignoring the looks from the nearby students.

"Cute." He laughed. "Now, follow me."

He began to stroll down the hallway, even as the bell rang and students scrambled towards doors with waiting teachers at them.

"Where are you going? Why do I have to go with you?"

P.B.B. turned back, "I'm a very patient guy, but Cullen's waiting. So, let's go."

Cullen? Angel boy? Yes, please.

I immediately began to walk behind him as he strode over to the side door leading out to the student parking lot.

"Wait! Are we allowed to leave the school?"

Looking over his shoulder at me, P.B.B smirked. "Curiosity killed the cat. We wouldn't want Cullen's new pussy to disappear, would we?"

What in the world have I gotten myself into?