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The Great Hall is decorated with colors from each of the five houses. The long, slender tables are covered with platters of meat and pots of soup. There are bowls filled with salads, spaghetti, and other delicious foods. The aromas drift from each entrée, combining in the air. The rolling waves of steam float up, towards the candled chandelier.

I am sitting with my friends on the benches, spooning piles of food onto my plate and shoving bite after bite into my mouth.
The food is soaking with flavor and each vegetable and fruit tastes fresh and sweet. I eat, feeling like I do not ever have to stop. The room is full of laughter and chatter- the sounds of reuniting and meeting.

The headmaster calls for our attention and the room drops to a dead silence.
"Welcome to Hogwarts! The finest school of witchcraft and wizardry the world has ever known. I am going to tell, like every year, a quick version of what each of you will study here at Hogwarts, one of the most important event in the wizarding world, the Battle at Hogwarts." says the headmaster, "About two hundred and sixty-seven years ago, a boy named Harry Potter was born. When he was but an infant, a villain, the worst known to all wizards stormed into his home. Harry's father, James, was murdered and his mother, Lily, sacrificed her life for her son. Baby Harry Potter, remarkably lived through the killing curse. He was sent by the headmaster of the time to live with his muggle family. He attended Hogwarts, and as the prophecy said, he was the fall of Voldemort."

Every first year at Hogwarts sucked air into their lungs. Except Clarissa. Clarissa turns to look at me, confusion written all over her face. I imitate the look, sending it back to her.

"I have to tell you something. After dinner, in the common room." she mouths. In response I give a small nod. She whips her head back towards the headmaster as he finishes his speech. All the while, all I can do is wonder what Clarissa, the girl of certainty, had to tell me in secret.

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