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In the darkness of the forest, the female trainer, along with her two Gengar, were steadily walking towards the secret laboratory. Every few steps, she let her eyes wander towards the unconscious Eevee in her Pokéball's net. With each glance, she couldn't help but smile and let her happiness show.

"Great work, boys," she said, praising her Gengar. "

"Gar gar!" Phantom growled, admiring his hard work.

"Gen gen!" Phantom joyfully chimed in.

"Hopefully, Professor Hemlock will finally have what he needs to complete this so-called 'research' of his."

Although the trainer had captured a wild Eevee, she had no idea what the professor needed an Eevee for in the first place. She had never been given any clear explaination on what the creature was for, but time and time again, she had been told about the importance of having an abundance of wild Eevee in the lab.

I don't know what that crazy professor is up to, but if it's this important, it better be worth my time.

Hemlock Laboratory

This is it, the trainer thought to herself.

As the trainer made her way over to the front doors of the laboratory, she couldn't help but daydream about the possible uses for these wild Eevees that Professor Hemlock had been wanting for so long. She knew that they were being used for research purposes. But the nature of those purposes was still locked away in mysterious secrecy.

She walked down the silent dark main corridor, making her way over to the main research lab. A slight shiver crawled up the trainer's spine as she walked through the dark hallway in the dead of night. Not a single sound rang through the halls. The silence was deafening, and the darkness of the lab didn't help lift the chilling mood that the trainer was now in.

After passing down a few emptier laboratory rooms, she had finally made it to Hemlock's room. The door was unlocked, thankfully, which meant that the Professor was still in his lab.

It's amazing that this guy is still up her at this time of the night. The little dweeb is way to attached to his work, thought the trainer.

"I hope you're happy," the female trainer said, opening the door to Hemlock's research room.

She roughly placed the unconscious Eevee on cold lab table. The professor that was standing before her excitedly raced to inspect the creature that was lying on his examination table.

"Ah, this specimen is perfect! A little scuffed up from battle, but all in all, it's just what I need," the professor said, enthusiastically rubbing his hands together.

The female trainer scoffed at the professor's nerdy gesture. Uninterested in his geeky observations, she absent-mindedly studied her fingernails.

"That's great and all, but what exactly is this for?" the trainer said, impatiently.

"Aw, Kimberly, good news comes to those who wait," the professor gently reminded her.

The trainer let out a guttural growl of disdain. "I wasted countless hours of my life searching for this…thing. I deserve to know what I wasted my precious time on!"

The young trainer looked the professor in the eyes, an angry scowl on her face. "Don't hide this information from me. You can either tell me what this 'Operation Eeveelution' project is, or watch your entrails become your outrails. And don't call me Kimberly."

Nervously, the professor adjusted his glasses and wrung his hands together. "Uh, my apologies…Kim…," he quickly corrected himself, after clearing his throat. "I was given strict orders from Mr. Giovanni himself to keep this project as secretive and contained as possible. You know what they say, 'Loose lips sink ships!'". And Mr. Giovanni wants to keep this ship afloat for a long as humanly possible. Therefore, under the orders of our own leader, I can't tell you."

A hush fell over the room, heavy and silent. But the silence was quickly broken. In a sudden fit of anger, Kim slammed one of her hands on the metal lab table. Her fists were clenched so tight, that her knuckles started to turn white. With her free hand, she reached into her side pocket, revealing one of her precious Pokeballs.

"...Don't you think that Phantom and Loki would like to know?" Kim whispered intimidatingly.

I hate it when she does that, Professor Hemlock thought to himself.

Wanting to keep the hot-headed grunt from getting any angrier, Professor Hemlock made his way over to a silver filing cabinet. In a matter of seconds, he pulled out a handful manila files and spread them across the metallic lab table.

"Well, you see, years of Pokemon research has lead us to amazing discoveries," Hemlock started, his voice wavering. "But there are two Pokemon in particular that have caught Giovanni's attention."

Kim ran her hands through her long black locks of hair. What Pokemon could have possibly caught her boss' attention? The last Pokemon that "caught Giovanni's attention" was the legendary experimental Pokemon, Mewtwo.

It can't possibly be Mewtwo…'Project Mew 2' was a massive failure…

Sensing her confusion, Professor Hemlock continued on. "Together, Giovanni and I reviewed our… past mistakes. We weighed our pros and cons, and, suddenly, I came across a revelation."

Kim knew that the "past mistakes" the Hemlock referred to was "Project Mew 2". But, what could he possibly mean by that? What mistakes did they review? The fact that creating a Pokemon from scratch was a horrible idea? Kim could only imagine the horrors that these two men were cooking up behind closed doors.

Kimberly calmly folded her arms, slightly intrigued. "What revelation?"

A sly smile came across Hemlock's face, slightly excited to see that he had finally got her undivided attention. "Giovanni wanted to own and create his own original Pokemon. He wanted something that he could make from the ground up…something that he could bend to his will. "

"Annnd?" Kim replied, craving more information.

"There are two Pokemon that have been discovered, so far, with incredibly unstable DNA strands: Eevee and Ditto," Professor Hemlock said. "Ditto have the ability to manipulate their DNA into an exact replica of whatever opponent they face. However, these transformations are only temporary. Eevee, on the other hand, have the ability to transform their DNA into an entirely new and permanent form."

Professor Hemlock opened up a file, revealing photographs of several colorful evolution stones.

"When exposed to these stones, Eevee take a new form and type, depending on the stone they come in contact with. Giovanni had the idea of creating a machine that is capable of switching Eevee between whatever forms he desired, no matter what stone they happen to interact with. This idea laid down the foundation for "Project Eeveelution."

Kimberly snapped out her of confused daze. For once, it seemed as though Team Rocket had finally come up with a scientific project that seemed like it would actually work. Having the ability to evolve an Eevee into whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, seemed like a brilliant idea. But at the same time, it seemed as though it were too good to be true.

Kim's only fear was that the Eevee would turn out the same way that Mewtwo did. If they Eevee became self-aware, as Mewtwo did, the entire project could blow up in Giovanni's face.

Professor Hemlock began to organize the files and put them away in their proper filing cabinets. After the files were put away and the filing cabinet drawers were locked, he put up unmoving Eevee from the table. He opened up another door, which lead to a back room.

The back room, from floor to ceiling, had cages upon cages of Eevee that were caught by other Team Rocket grunts. As Hemlock entered the room, the Eevee began to back away in the farthest parts of their cages. Fearful whimpers, along with angry growls, filled the air like a symphony of emotion. Each of the captured Eevee all varied in size and shape, but they all one thing in common.

They were all a part of a mad scientist's experiment.