Look no broken nails

Summary-Harry had a hellish time during the war. But he did give it is all and fought against the best the dark side had to offer; all the while coming up on top. He loved, he lost and more importantly he continued to fight; all the while never giving up. So, when his heritage came up, or the fact that the goddess of love was his mother, and he had to be sent to a camp called camp half-blood of all things; well Harry wasn't exactly pleased. It could also be said in no certain terms that Harry didn't appreciate the fact that because of whom his mother was everyone automatically assumed that all he was good for was looking good or flirting. That he wouldn't fight for fear of breaking a nail. Well that just wasn't Harry and Harry was going to show the whole camp this, as well as everyone else who made assumptions about him, why there was a saying that said, 'love hurts', and he do it all without breaking a nail just to spite them all. This is a Harry Potter Percy Jackson crossover.

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or Percy Jackson nor do I make any money off of either one of them.

Chapter Nine

It had been a couple of days since Percy had woken up. Since Harry and Luna had first been able to truly introduce themselves to him for that matter. As they had been able to so on the day Percy was finally able to at least hear the truth about himself; even if he didn't seem to truly accept it yet.

Making it actually be about a week since Percy had truly arrived at the camp in question, defeated the Minotaur as well as lose his mother during the attack. Now it was time for Percy's first capture the flag game. Something that Percy wasn't really looking forward to has his mind was still trying to come to terms with everything that had recently happened.

Not that this seemed to matter all that much to the others, and while Harry was sympathetic, he knew that Percy, no matter how much he protected wouldn't be able to get out of the game in question. At least not yet, and not if he didn't want to make even more enemies in the camp.

As Harry knew that there were certain members of the camp that would go after Percy rather, he was in the Game or not. And at least in the game he would be safer than he would otherwise; something Chiron seemed to agree with as well as he pushed Percy into this week's capture the flag. Maybe as a way to give Percy a distraction from his thought as well.

This time it seemed that it was Annabeth that was leading on one side of the team, with Clarisse being in charge of the other. It was a usual combination of capture the flag. Athena verses Ares. Even if the team ups, as well as the leaders in question, were different this time.

As unlike last time, the teams ended up being the Athena, Apollo and Hermes cabins against the Dionysus, Demeter, Aphrodite, Ares and Hephaestus cabins. As there seemed to be offers and trades given for each team. Or under the table deals as some would call it. Much to the amusement of Harry as he had kept up with all the dealing and trading going on; just like he knew Luna was as well.

Still that did make it so during this game Harry was going once again against Luna as well as Percy. Something that Harry was rather upset about considering the fact he did honestly get along with those two, along with the fact that when it came to Percy Harry had only just recently begun training him in the first place. Something that had been rather difficult to do considering the denial Percy had been, and honestly most like still was, in.

Not to mention something that took even longer than that as Harry had originally believed it would have to get an okay from Chiron to do so in the first place. But because of this, Harry knew how skilled Percy was, some of the things he had skilled in and the fact considering just who was gunning against him in this game meant that Percy really wasn't ready for this game; at least not without out a good plan and luck on his side. And considering from what Percy had told him his luck was remarkably similar to Harry's luck wasn't something Harry felt comfortable in relying on; not when it had been so calm lately.

Still Harry knew that this was honestly just a game, and that Chiron wouldn't let things get to out of hands as unlike a certain god, he did watching the game in question with the sole purpose of not letting it go too far.

So, Harry wasn't going to make that big a deal of the fact Percy wasn't quite ready. Well, besides watching to see how much Percy had improved, however little that maybe, and to see what was the more important things that he, Harry, would need to work on when it came to training Percy. At least when Chiron wasn't doing so himself that is, as the centaur in question was the trainer of the camp after all.

As so far what he had managed to get Percy to understand and train a bit in was a bit more in swords. Showing that yes, Percy was a natural with them. Though in his case it was with a single sword unlike Harrys two swords, and unlike Harry Percy didn't seem have his own sword yet. As so far, none of the swords they had in camp seemed to feel right in Percy's hands. Something that Harry couldn't judge as none of the swords in camp could be used to replace his swords either.

Along with a bit of skills in swords Harry had also managed to teach Percy some skills in a bit of first aid, as Harry felt that was something everyone should now at least the basic in. And had managed to get Percy to know how to at least go with a blow instead of leaning into it like he had been. So, getting hit wouldn't hurt as badly, as so far, they hadn't quite managed to find a fighting style that fit Percy best.

Making Harry feel that in regards to that he might have to find someone else to teach Percy hand to hand as Harry was a speed fighter while Percy showed all the signs off being a more brute strength fighter; just like how Harry had felt before he had even began training Percy to begin with.

While on the other hand Annabeth and Luna had gotten Percy to have a slight grasp on his Greek and a small chunk of the so-called Mythology that made up the history of their family. But considering it had only been a couple of days and Percy was very hardheaded about certain things Harry, as well as Luna and Annabeth felt rathe accomplished about getting Percy to learn even this little bit of information.

A sudden horn knocked Harry out of his thoughts and let him know the game was about to begin. Knowing this, Harry put on his amor, which he had spelled to be both lighter as well as stronger than it would have been otherwise, before he began to follow his group into the forest. Adding the same spells to their armor as he did so. Something that he felt Luna was doing for her group as well so it wouldn't offer that much of an advantage either way.

Still Harry did this and did follow the rest of his group knowing that they had to be on one side of the forest with their flag. While the opposite side would be on the opposite side of the forest with their own flag; with all kinds of traps or monsters in-between to make this game all the more interesting.

As he did this Harry once more double checked the armor he was wearing before shaking his head slightly after seeing the fact that most of those from his cabin where heading to the side lines; to watch the game more than play it. Complaining about not wanting to wear the armor or getting dirty the whole time they were doing so. That or decided to become cheerleaders to those they liked or wanted to like them at the moment.

Just as they seemed to do most of the time, unless the other team had done something to tick them off beforehand. Like the time the Hermes cabin had pranked the majority of the Aphrodite's cabin and had gotten all the girls hair dyed outrages colors right before the last capture the flag game; or at least that was what the girls in question had been led to believe.

And something Harry made sure they continued to believe as he was planning on doing the same thing again. Seeing as it was their reactions that had led to their team winning the last time. Mainly because those girls could be utterly vicious when they wanted to be, and they had definitely wanted to be after seeing their hair in the state it had been in.

But now they didn't seem to be as eager to join. Well besides Silena that is, who was right beside Harry getting ready for the game. Seeing this Harry gave her a slight smile and waited for Clarisse to tell them all what their game plan was.

Just as he had done every other time someone else was in charge of the game; even if a good deal of the times he found himself not agreeing with whatever said plan was. After all it was just a game and wasn't life or death so it could be considered a learning experience if it when right or wrong.

Even if, at the same time, even as he thought this Harry felt that the main game plan would be what ever let her get a bit a revenge back at Percy; for what everyone in the camp was now calling the toilet incident. He was proven right as he heard what Clarisse had to say or to be more precise what she planned the whole capture the flag game around.

Something that caused him to shake his head for a bit before deciding to follow behind Clarisse to both stop her if she went a bit too far and to see how his 'student' was going to take the attack. To see just how much his lessons, whoever little they may have ended up being had ended up sticking in his 'student' hard head. As well as to see just what type of instincts Percy may have when it came to situations like that, and if they were instincts Harry wanted to make stronger or worst try and work some way of getting rid of them; if he could.

What Harry saw when he was doing this was that Percy had ended up being put on border patrol, and if what his magic was telling him was correct that Annabeth wasn't too far off from him. Watching Percy, as well as the oncoming Clarissa making Harry feel that this must have been a plan of Annabeth's in some way and that she was using Percy as a sort of bait. Something that again had Harry wondering how Percy would react when or if he found out; that is if he didn't already know what was going on.

Something that, as he watched the scene playing out in front of him, had Harry was guess on a hard no. At least if the reactions Percy was giving said anything. As Harry had very easily, as well as quickly, learned that Percy really wasn't a real good actor or a liar for that matter. As he usually made the most outrageous stories that seemed to make sense to him in some twisted way; while obviously being lies to anyone who heard them.

So as Harry watched Percy go into a near case of panic and watched Clarisse attack him as he almost floundered. Only just managing to keep his balance due to the little training he did have, as well as managing to just avoid the attack that was directed at him he knew that Percy really had no idea about what ever plan that had been set up.

Seeing this, Harry was about to jump down and try and stop the fight from going on. Only for several things to happen as he did so. On Clarisse managed to fully knock Percy into the river he had been in. Second Annabeth had reveled herself and Percy had quickly realized that he had been set up. As he angerly looked over Annabeth and almost looked ready to start screaming at her. That is until Harry jumped down from the tree, and then that anger seemed to be directed at him as Percy demand at him.

"Just how long have you been up there and are you part of this too!" Harry hearing this, and not letting himself become a scapegoat for anyone, raised an eyebrow at Harry and in a slightly cold tone told the angered teen.

"Percy you do remember that right now I am on the opposite team and have no part in whatever Annabeth's plan is. On top of that, you do know that I have no real reason to help you in a game of all things, right?" This seemed to deflate Percy a bit.

But before anything else could be added to the conversation or before it could be made worse a cheer went out. As the sound of a victory horn was heard through the forest. Followed quickly by the sight of Luke being carried over the line with the Ares, now Hermes, flag in hand. Seeing this Clarisse began to shout curses about it all being a trick.

And Harry seeing how upset she was about this decided that it would be best if he didn't say he had figure there was trick of some sort going on since pretty much the beginning of this game. Considering how bad her temper was at the moment that sounded like a pretty sane idea to Harry.

As no matter how skilled he was, or how good he was at magic it wasn't like he wanted to always be attacked. Besides, he did consider Clarisse as a sort of friend, so he didn't really want her to be anger at him either way. So, staying quite about what he did know was a definite.

The sounds of growls sudden interrupted Harry's thoughts and brought the attention of everyone in the clearing attention to three massive hell hounds. Seeing this everyone got ready to attack and defend themselves.

More so when they seem to leap straight in Percy' direction seeing this Harry leaped into action, as he was standing right beside Percy to begin with, and managed to take out two of the three attacking Hell hounds. Unfortunately, one of them was smarter than the others and attack from another direction managing to injury Percy slightly before Percy himself took it out. Falling once more back into the river as he did so.

As this happened and as Harry went to ask Percy if he was alright and offer to take him to the head cabin to get some most like much needed healing done, a bright light suddenly surrounded Percy. Seeing this everyone knew that right now Percy was getting claimed. And sure, enough as Percy looked up, he could see a bright glowing Trident above his head. Chiron seeing this looked slightly grim as he began to speak.

"It is determined" then Chiron bowed down, with everyone in the camp following behind him as he continued on.

"Your father's Poseidon. Earthshaker, Stormbringer, Father of horses. Hail Perseus Jackson, Son of the Sea God."

As this was said, Harry felt a growing headache began to show and he could somehow see his so far, rather peaceful, stay starting to disappear; something that had him wanting to curse. A feeling that only grew stronger when he could see Annabeth was perking up for some reason, and worst yet Luna looked for all the world like she was shaking in amusement.

Making Harry know things were really going to start to go to Hades sooner than ever; rather he liked it or not. But then again, he figured it was around time for that to start happening anyway. What given his luck, and the fact that he had tempted fates not that long ago by stating it was rather peaceful here. That wasn't even throwing Percy's own luck in the matter either.

Still Harry was managing to hold back this feeling, and even got himself to calm down a bit as he thought about what he was going to do next. As least he was, after he managed to get away from the crowd surrounding Percy, and get to a place he could think for a bit. That is he was, Luna showed up beside him and told him; her tone deadly serious as she did so.

"The world we left behind in going to start showing it's hand soon and could play a large part in our future; if we let them."

Which ended up being the last straw causing Harry to finally start letting loose the curse he had been holding back from earlier; a smirking Luan standing beside him as he did so. Offering both her support and later a sparring partner as well.