Chapter 11: Consequences Part Three of Three

Bold print is from the previous chapter.

The chapter has different POV's, please pay careful attention.

Harry stands in front of the mirror scrutinizing his reflection. He groans, hating what he has on. The jeans make his butt look flat and the shirt color just is not working. Who the hell convinced me to buy them in the first place? He takes them off and throws them on the mountain of piled up clothing rejects. He feels like screaming, everything he puts on seems to either make him look frumpy or not sexy enough to catch Aaron's eye. He wants to make the man burn with need from just the sight of him. Harry sits down on the edge of his bed and flops back on the pile of clothes, staring up at the ceiling. Maybe I'm trying too hard? He might have seemed confident earlier but he is a nervous wreck. Having Aaron inside his home is going to bring up a lot of emotions he is not ready to tackle. Pretending the man that he cares deeply about is just a co-worker is not something he's had to do before. It would be so easy to let his family know about their relationship. But his father would inevitably overreact by expecting way too much like marriage. If only the Magical community knew that under the stoic and stern Severus Prince-Malfoy beats the heart of a hopeless romantic. Harry understands that his father wants to see him married and happy. Providing another father for Teddy. But what happens when the relationship he's in is not as solid as he wants it to be? That is the question he cannot answer, not even to himself. Harry snickers as he thinks about Draco hiding himself in his room each time Severus brings up his bonding ceremony plans. That is the only time he does not envy Draco one bit.

"Bloody hell, what am I going to wear?" He groans, rolling onto his left side and burying his face into the clothes on the bed.

"I thought the leather trousers you had on three outfits ago looked great."

Harry sits up and looks at the painting over the mantle seeing his mother staring at him. "You think so?" He asks her.

"I do," she answers. "But I get the feeling there is an underlying reason why you seem to be looking for the perfect attire for tonight. Could it be a special someone that is in the group that just arrived for dinner?"

Harry blushes and turns his face away, hoping that she does not see it. "You could be right," he mumbles.

"So tell me about him," Lily prods.

Harry sighs and gets up and starts pacing the length of his bed. "Promise me you won't say anything to the dads and especially Sirius." He says, stopping in front of her picture. He's not ready to deal with any of them finding out.

"My lips are sealed," Lily tells him and motions to her lips, miming locking them and throwing away the key.

"His name is Aaron." Harry starts and a smile appears on his lips. "He's tall, dark, and handsome. Sometimes brooding but handsome," he adds with a brighter smile. "He has that good guy image but behind closed doors he's a bad boy at heart."

"Sounds like your father," Lily interjects. "He can be rather annoying with his pranks. But behind closed doors he's so…"

"Mom, do not say anything further! I do not want to know what you and dad get up to when no one is looking." Harry tells her as his face gets a green tinge at the thought.

"Well, I had my reasons for marrying him, you know, it wasn't all for his good looks and devilish charm," she says innocently. "James…"

"Sweet Merlin, kill me now, please," Harry whimpers and covers his face. His parents are never shy about their feelings for each other and how sexually satisfied they are dead or alive. He's walked in on Severus and Lucius having sex more times than he can count on both his hands and toes combined. He's surrounded by horny parents, both alive and dead.

Note to self put a black tarp on all the pictures. Don't want to see my mother and father having sex. Three times was enough to give me nightmares for a month.

"Can we get back to my problems, now?" He asks hoping to get that love sick expression off his mother's face.

"Yes, of course," she answers, yet, her facial expression says otherwise.

"Do you need to go find Dad? You're looking a bit flushed. I can work my problem out on my own, Mom."

"Not at all," Lily says to him. "I am here for you. Now tell me more about your man."

Harry stares at her for a few seconds before he starts telling her about his short but heated relationship with Aaron Hotchner, leaving out the explicit details of course. He details the events of what happened earlier that day that lead to the Behavior Analysis Unit being invited to dinner. "He's a control freak, he refuses to listen to reason. He makes me so angry that I want to curse him..." Harry runs his hands through his hair and pulls it in frustration.

"Sounds like you're in love with him already." Lily tells him.

Well, yeah, that's a given, but I'm not ready to admit that out loud as of yet.

"There's something I left out of my story." Harry says bashfully.

"And what's that?"

" see Iliketobetiedupwhenwehavesex," he mumbles, the words rushing out like a rushing river.

Lily stares at him for a few seconds trying to process exactly what Harry just said before breaking out in a fit of unladylike laughter. Harry's face turns red with shame, thinking she considers him a freak for liking to be tied up.

Seeing his stricken expression, Lily instantly sobers. "Oh, Harry. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Hell, everyone likes to be tied up every now and then. Spice things up. There's a rope your father likes to be..." Lily smirks, seeming to lose herself in a memory.

"MOM!" Her words and the dirty look on her face are more than he wants to know about his parents.

Lily laughs. "What?"

"I do not need to know the dirty details of your sex life with Dad."

"Why not? We are sharing secrets, after all?" Lily tells him with the innocence of a child.

"But you are my mother and you are talking about my father," Harry whines.

Lily gives him a pitying look. "Parents have sex as well, dear. How do you think you came into the world? Surely you're old enough not to believe in storks?"

"I don't believe in storks, I'm not a child. That doesn't mean I need to know the details of your sex life with Dad. I've walked in on you and Dad and Father and Père enough to know more than I want to already."

"Mhmm...I must say, I've spied on Severus and Lucius as well, they are quite hot together."

Not if they're your parents! Oh gods, I think I'm going to be sick.

"I wonder if they would agree to let me and James wa…"

"Oh, for the love of Merlin and his eighty-eight sisters, no more!" Harry groans and falls back on his bed. He hides his eyes with his hand, unable to bear looking at his mother while she talks so nonchalantly about her sex life with his father and his adopted parents' as well. "You are all so, embarrassing."

What did I do to be stuck with such oversharing, sex-obsessed, horny parents? And not just one set but two! None of them can keep it in their pants or dress in my mother's case. You'd think being dead or old like Dad and Père would slow them down but no. If I walk in on either of them having sex one more time, I don't know what I'm going to do.

Harry groans. As much as he wishes it wouldn't, it will happen again. He is resigned it. Severus and Lucius are as insatiable as Lily and James are. They're all ridiculous sex addicts. Harry thinks about Teddy. Oh, crap. Am I going to be just like them? Is Teddy going to walk in on me and Aaron just like I do with my parents? He shudders. Dear Merlin, let me break the cycle and prevent Teddy from being scarred like I am.

"Are you done freaking out yet?" Lily asks, inspecting her nails.

"I was not freaking out."

Lily raises an eyebrow in challenge, clearly not believing him. "Just because I can't read your thoughts like Sev can doesn't mean I can't figure out when you are freaking out in your head."

Exasperated, Harry throws his arms out and groans. Having perceptive parents sucks.

"Are you going to add a tantrum to your inner freak out?"

"I thought you were supposed to be helping me, why are you picking on me?" He whines.

"Because it's fun," she tells him with a smile, "what kind of mother would I be if I didn't tease you? And for your information young man age has nothing to do with having a wonderful sex life. Age only makes it better," she says with a wink. "Now, let's get back to the previous conversation."

"Finally!" Harry cheers.

Lily chuckles, "So I can safely call you a Sub or do you just like to be tied up once in awhile?"

"I am a Submissive," Harry answers truthfully and admittedly he still feels weird talking to her about it, but he wants Lily to see the entire picture.

"I see," she says. "So your Aaron isn't just a control freak, he's a Dom. Your Dom?"

"Yes," he whispers.

"And you want to teach him a lesson your way? Are you prepared for, what do they call it? Your punishment, once you make him insanely jealous?"

"How much are you pretending not to know about BDSM?" Harry asks his mother.

Lily smirks. "Remember dear, you don't want to know anything more about your parents sex life."

"Yes, please; let's stick to my issues, not yours." Harry tells her holding up his hands in surrender.

"Then I suggest you put on the leather trousers with that black shirt hanging on the door. The sleeveless one. Show off your beautiful arms and the artwork. Never hide who you really are, my son. Besides your aim is to leave your man panting after you like a starving dog eying a juicy steak."

Harry looks behind him and sees the shirt she's referring to, it has a large "X" on the front. "Do you have a suggestion on what type of shoes I should wear?" He asks walking over to his closet to stand in front of the boxes filled with shoes. On the front is a picture of the style and color of shoes inside.

"I like those black ones." Lily tells him from her frame located inside the closet. "The ones with the large silver buckles on the side."

Harry looks up and sees the exact ones she is talking about. They are knee length boots with a heel that give him some height. He reaches up and takes them out of the box, walking back into his room with them in his hands. Waving his hand at the mountain of clothes on his bed, he sends them back to his closet and grabs the leather pants he had on earlier. Harry gets dressed and stands in front of his mirror. He turns, checking out his arse in the mirror and smiles at how the leather clings to his body like a second skin. Why didn't I notice this before? He turns back and continues to inspect himself in the mirror. He looks okay but feels like something is missing. He takes the spell off his tattoo and smiles when his snake slithers around his arm. Something is still missing. He runs his fingers through his hair when an idea pops into his head. Walking over to his bathroom, he opens one of the drawers and takes out his secret stash of potions. Picking the hair lengthen potion, he takes a few sips. He watches as his hair lengthens past his shoulders and stops in the middle of his back. He stares at himself again and even though he was starting to look great, he needs to be absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

"I've always liked a bit of dark shading around my eyes when I would go out on dates with your father. He says it brings out my eyes." Lily tells him.

Harry thinks about that for a second. She's right, it isn't the first time he's heard that. Going back into his bedroom, Harry picks up his wand and walks back into the bathroom. He brings the tip of his wand to his face and taps the corner of his left eye, whispering a spell he made up a couple of years ago. The spell is easier to use than finding the perfect eyeliner and is just the right shade of color on his eyelids. He stands back and admires his appearance; he looks perfect. Harry smiles at how dangerous and mysterious he looks. He does the same thing to the other eye. Most people would balk at men wearing makeup but Harry does not care. Everyone should be free to do as they feel and wear what they like no matter their gender. Eye shadow makes him feel sexy and that's what matters to him. He taps his wand to his lips and whispers the spell to add a bit of gloss to his lips. His lips are slightly pink with a hint of shine to it making them more kissable. Harry smiles seductively at the his reflection. I dare Aaron to resist this. He walks over to his dresser and picks up a bottle of his most expensive cologne, spritzing it on a few key spots like his wrist, neck, and behind his ear.

"Well, don't you look drop dead sexy?" Lily tells him. "You will have your man panting after you." Harry smiles. "Now, here is a piece of advice that's worked for me in the past and gotten your father's attention. No matter how many times I've used this technique, your father never catches on," she rolls her eyes. "Men are a bit dense when the object of their affection shoves them on their arses with just a hint of sex appeal."

"Okay, I'm listening."

"When you enter the room, ignore your Aaron."

"Ignore him, are you sure?"

"Absolutely," Lily assures him. "Pay everyone attention but Aaron, give them your winning smile and when you walk, put an extra sway in your hips. Trust me, he will not be able to keep his eyes off you. He will be jealous that you are giving everyone your undivided attention. Childish I know, but it works."

Should a mother be giving her son this kind of advice? Well, it's a change from the sex talk.

"Oh, and one other thing, stick close to another male your Aaron might feel threatened by, maybe that Bill Weasley, you two are especially close. I can't tell you the countless times I've saved that boy from Severus's wrath. It will drive him crazy with jealousy, and there's nothing he can do about it. Not unless he wants to let everyone know about your relationship that is."

Harry nods, taking in her advice. He knows Aaron has a jealous streak, likely part of being a Dom. "Mom, can you do one thing for me?" He asks, biting his bottom lip.

Noting the seriousness in Harry's voice, Lily says, "Of course."

"Don't let Aaron or anyone else know you know about us. Specifically Sirius, please. We need to work things out first before we tell anyone. We have a few things to work out between us before we bring the entire family in on it. You know how they are."

Lily nods. "I agree, it's a bit much when you're a newcomer in this family. Can I tell James? I don't like to keep secrets like this from him."

Harry thinks about it. "No names or hints about who Aaron is. Aaron just learned about magic. He isn't ready to be pranked by a Marauder." No doubt, he'll be watching my every move.

"You've got a deal, son."

Harry beams. "Thanks, Mom. This," he smiles shyly, "this really helped. Thanks for listening."

"Anytime, Harry."

"Lily, how did you get here before me?" Sirius asks, stepping into the picture frame.

"That's none of your concern, Sirius." Lily answers.

Sirius turns and whistles at Harry, "Well, look at you, you got plans after this dinner thing?"

"Sirius, leave my son alone," Lily admonishes. "You've done enough already, playing tricks on his guests."

"What did I do?" Sirius asks, looking confused.

"Don't play innocent with me Sirius Black."

Oh no, what did he do now?

Harry doesn't hear Sirius's response because Teddy and the panther pups along with two new friends burst into his room pulling his attention away.

"Dad, meet my new friends," Teddy says excitedly as he jumps on Harry's bed. "That's Jack," he points to the brown haired boy about Teddy's age. Harry studies the boy, realizing almost immediately why he looks familiar. He's Aaron's.

Oh, Merlin. Aaron has a child, a son. Where is Jack's mother? Is Aaron married? Harry gulps, fearing the worst before a small burst of anger overtakes him. I won't be some side piece for anyone, not even Aaron! Suddenly, a memory comes forward. Wait, he said he had a dead ex-wife. Could she be this little one's mom? Freak out averted.

Jack has the same dark, intense eyes, although his have a spark of mischief in them, and the same chin. Little Jack is a glimpse into what Aaron must have looked like as a child.

Despite his fears, he can't deny the urge to get to know Aaron's son. Harry kneels down in front of Jack, "Hello, Jack, you are as handsome as your father," he reaches up and brushes his fingers through the child's short brown hair. Jack smiles and his cheeks pink just a bit.

"I like the way you talk," Jack tells him.

Harry chuckles, "Thank you." He is still feeling a bit unsure on how to react to knowing that Aaron has a son and did not tell him. It's not like he can conveniently forget that he's a father. Before Harry can go any further, an annoying voice that sounds an awful lot like his mother says, But you did the same. He turns and looks at the picture over the mantle and sure enough Lily is staring at him with an eyebrow raised as if she knows what's going through his mind. How the hell does she do that? Maybe it's a parent thing? Not ready to think about his own mistakes, Harry ignores his mother's challenge. He looks back to the boy in front of him. "How old are you, Jack?"

"I'm five," he says holding up his five fingers. "But my birthday is coming up and daddy said I can have a big party because I'm going to be six," he says with the brightest smile Harry has ever seen. Jack concentrates, flicking out a finger to show how old he's going to be.

"Is that so?"

"Yup," Jack answers. "I invited Teddy!"

"Can I go to his party, Dad, please with sugar quills on top?" Teddy pleads.

"I want to go too!" Says the cutest little thing, who is jumping on Harry's bed. The little boy is tiny, looking about three years old with a pale complexion and blond hair down to his narrow shoulders. His eyes are a sparkling blue and almost glowing in their brilliance. Harry has seen this little cutie before, JJ has a picture of him on her desk.

Harry stands and catches the tiny boy in mid jump, his face is flushed and he is giggling happily, which is always a plus in Harry's book. "And who might you be?" This close Harry feels the small thread of magic growing in both Jack and the child in his arms. How interesting only time will tell if they are muggleborns or a squibs.

Harry looks at Jack and the little one in his arms as if he can see deep inside the children searching for their magical cores. The pull he feels especially towards Jack baffles and intrigues him, not because he's the son of his lover. There's something special about the boy and Harry wishes he knew what it could be. How will Aaron react if Jack is a wizard? He hasn't been the most receptive toward magic thus far, Harry hopes his love for Jack will override whatever happens in Jack's future. Jack will need him and his support.

"This is Henry," Jack tells him, pulling Harry's mind from his questions and worries.

"Yeah, that's Henry," Teddy pipes in. "Can we keep him?" He asks, staring up at Harry with doe eyes.

Harry bursts out in laughter at the innocence of his son. "He's not a pet, Teddy, you can't keep a person."

"I know, but he's so cute and he looks up to me," Teddy adds.

"You can't keep him," Jack states firmly. "He was my friend first."

"He's mine!" Teddy snaps. Harry is completely thrown off guard by the possessive tone coming from Teddy, since his son normally has a calm nature, the startling difference takes him aback for a second. Teddy looks at Jack and Harry sees Remus starting to peek through as an idea pops in his head. "How about we both keep him, you guys can move in here with us?"

"Yeah, that would be awesome!" Jack cheers. "I like your house, it's so big."

Harry shakes his head, "Come on, Little One, let's go downstairs and leave these two to work things out." He gets up, walks to the door and opens it, the panther cubs rush out followed by Teddy and Jack. Harry turns and looks at the picture frame, Lily is now joined by his father, and Remus. She winks at Harry and he smiles. His secrets will remain between them, for now. Closing the door, he walks to the top of the stairs and takes a large deep breath, letting it out slowly. Make him jealous she said, I can do that, right? Taking the first step, Harry walks down the stairs with his rambunctious entourage. He can smell Aaron the minute his feet hit the last step. His Dom's scent washes over him, beckoning him closer. Harry fights the urge to walk up to Aaron and throw himself at the man and act like the slut he can be for his Dom. He is still holding Henry in his arms and it gives him the perfect excuse to ignore his feelings. Harry ignores Aaron's presence completely, just as his mother suggested. As he walks over to JJ, he holds Henry out to her. "From the pictures on your desk, I take it that this little one belongs to you?" At JJ's nod, Harry ruffles Henry's hair and passes him back to his mother. He welcomes his guests. Knowing Sirius as he does, Harry is sure he teased the unsuspecting muggles upon their arrival. He apologizes for his godfather's behavior and warns them that the walls have eyes and tell no lies, all while smirking mischievously.

Ignoring the whispering about whether or not he's serious, Harry walks up to Spencer. He notices immediately his friend is openly wearing Derek's collar. Harry is relieved to see it, knowing that if their bond had been fractured, Spencer wouldn't be wearing the collar. Thank Merlin. He couldn't have lived with the guilt if they had broken Spencer and Derek's bond. Harry pulls him into a hug and whispers, "I'm sorry I got you punished. I wish I hadn't put you into that position but I'm glad you and Derek are alright."

Spencer nods, accepting the apology easily. The serenity in his face and body lessens Harry's guilt.

Harry goes to touch Spencer's cheek but stops when he notices the scowl on Derek's face. No need to provoke an angry bear, anymore than I already have. I would like all my parts intact. Spencer smirks, no doubt noticing the scowl, as Harry had, on his Dom's face at the near touch. Harry has to stifle a laugh at the sight. It seems Spencer enjoys his Dom's possessiveness as much as Harry does. Part of him wishes he and Aaron could be that open with their relationship. Maybe someday. Neither one of us are ready, we have too much to work out before going public. Harry hopes that telling himself that lie will take away the jealousy he feels seeing Spencer and Luna being open with their relationship. The urge to blurt out that he and Aaron are together burns inside of him but he knows he would regret it if Aaron walked out of the door and never looked back. Harry looks around the room and tries to focus on the more pressing issue of making Aaron as jealous as possible. His mother was right, Harry remembered his reaction when he walked back into the conference room with Bill. Harry realizes it's going to be easy as pie to make his Dom burn with jealousy.

Spotting Luna, he walks over to her and touches her rounded stomach reverently. They smile at each other before he moves on to the other guests. Harry continues to ignore Aaron but can feel his eyes following his every move. As per the advice of his mother, he walks over to the stove, putting an extra sway in his hips. This is fun, who knew teasing my Dom as punishment for his bad behavior could be so much fun?! He notices Dave who is standing next to Aaron and purposely starts a conversation with the older man.

"Dave, you look like a man that enjoys a good glass of whiskey?" Harry asks.

"I'm more of a scotch drinker, but I never pass up the chance to try something new." Dave answers.

"Come with me," Harry instructs. Harry smiles on the inside as he deliberately walks in front of Aaron without acknowledging him at all with Dave following closely behind. Harry walks over to the stash Lucius brought with them, his Père never travels without his whiskey, no matter how long or short the journey will be. He pours a glass for Dave and encourages him to have a sip.

"Well, what do you think?" Harry asks.

"This is wonderful," Dave takes another sip. "What is it called again?"

"Firewhiskey, made only in the magical world, I gave you a small taste because muggles cannot handle its potency." He knows from some of his muggle friends that it doesn't taste the same for muggles as it does for magical people. Although its potency hits muggles much harder, they can still find it enjoyable.

"I would love to have a bottle if that is okay with you?"

Dave looks like a man that can handle a little Firewhiskey without getting trashed. "I knew you would like it. I will have my guy send you a case for your own storage." Harry tells him. They continue to talk as they walk away from the corner and move over to the stove to continue their conversation. Harry has noticed in their short time working together that at times Dave switches from Italian to English, especially when he gets excited about something. To further bond with Dave and irritate Aaron, he starts speaking in Italian as he finishes the last preparations for their meal. Harry's attention is taken away for a split second when he sees Luna standing beside Aaron. He can only guess what the blonde must be saying to him. Luna has a way of intentionally confusing others while leaving them with bits of wisdom for them to think about later. Feeling a bit thirsty and thinking nothing of it, Harry does wordlessly accios a glass of wine taking a sip. He doesn't miss the shocked expression on Dave's face, but the older man does not comment. Seeing that the risotto is perfect he picks up the pot and takes it to the table with him, getting everyone's attention at the same time.

Harry looks around the table, noting the empty spot next to Aaron. No way in hell I'm sitting next to him.

"Hey Pup, come sit by me, Bill says to him as he walks by the table. Perfect, now I can use the other advice mom gave me. Bill pulls him into a hug and Harry savors the seething jealousy that flashes on Aaron's face. He quickly whispers in his friend's ear, "Make him jealous." Bill kisses him on the side of his head and Harry feels his lips widened into a smile.

"Are you sure?" Bill whispers in his ear. Harry laughs loudly as if Bill told him a joke, showing him without words that he's sure. "I take that as a yes, you're risking a punishment, my friend." Bill whispers again in his ear.

Harry smiles in his mind as Bill touches him with a familiar and deliberate intimacy. He can almost feel the hate being glared at Bill with all the touching. Harry knows how possessive Aaron is of him. When they are alone, Aaron always touches him in one way or another. What would it be like if everyone knew about them? Would Aaron be afraid to touch me in front of my family or would he be bold as he is in private? The questions go through his mind as he discreetly sneaks a glance at his Dom, who does not look pleased at all. On the other hand, he enjoys the fact that his Dom can't do anything about it, at least not unless he exposes their relationship to everyone, which he won't do. The punishment he'll receive is going to be well worth it. Aaron needs to know that Harry can fight back his own way.

"Are you two an item?" Garcia inquires. Harry smirks as he sneaks a quick peek towards Aaron and recognizes his 'Dom' expression as if he's about to jump across the table and give Bill a lobotomy. "Because you two make a very cute couple, especially that cute little nickname you just called him." She gushes at them.

Harry and Bill look at each and laugh knowingly, if they are able to make Penny believe they are a couple, they can imagine what it's doing to Aaron. Childish I know but, fuck him for being a right arse.

"No." Answers Bill. "Harry and I have a very special relationship; besides, he is very much taken by another. Yet if said person does not hurry and claim him, someone else might find Harry to be their perfect jewel." Bill tells her.

Harry almost laughs aloud at the lack of subtlety in Bill's warning to Aaron and how smug Aaron is at Bill's denial.

Bill turns his attention to Penny. "The question I should be asking you lovely Lady Penelope, is if there is a special bloke in your life?" Bill puts his hand on the table and leans as close as he can reaching for Garcia's hand.

Harry shakes his head as he watches Bill work his magic on Garcia. She would be lucky to have a guy like Bill in her life. Harry only hopes she is open to the idea of BDSM. Harry remembers how devastated Bill was after he broke off his relationship with Fleur Delcour. She told him that she was okay with being a Submissive in their relationship but later backed out after things got a bit much for her. She told Bill she was not and would not live that kind of lifestyle. She tried to belittle Bill by calling him sick and disgusting for wanting to tie her up when they had sex. It was the first time Harry ever saw Bill question their lifestyle. It was soon after that Harry and Bill started doing scenes together to fulfill the need they both share.

"Who are you seeing? I had a feeling you were seeing someone, tell me who he is now. Where did you meet him? What does he do for a living? When can we meet him?" Severus rattles off breaking into his thoughts.

"Fuck me," Harry whispers. Fucking Hades on a crutch, thanks a lot, Bill! "Father, honestly, can we eat and worry about my love life or lack thereof later? How many times have I told you Bill talks out of his arse? If you haven't noticed, I've been a bit preoccupied with the current case. I have no need for pretentious gits who only see me as Lord Potter, Black, and Prince, son of Potion Master Severus Malfoy-Prince or the stepson of Chief Warlock and Supreme Mugwump, High Lord Lucius Malfoy. Men who want to be your apprentice, or try to persuade me to convince Papa to vote on whatever asinine bill they want to be passed." Harry does not like the vulnerability he hears in his own voice. Men and women might throw themselves at him, but in the end it was always to fulfill their desire to use him as their connection. It only took Harry two dates to realize exactly what was going on before he started rejecting blind dates set up by his friends and father. He prefers dating Muggles, who have no idea how famous he is. He also hates keeping things from his family, especially his father. Harry knows how hurt Severus is going to feel when he finds out about him and Aaron. It will be worse when he finds out how long they've been dating. He's riddled with guilt and tries to hide it.

"You are not too old for me to punish, Harrison, watch your language," his father chastises. He then leans closer and looks at Harry. "Contrary, to what your lips are saying your aura tells a different story."

Why does he have to be so bloody perceptive? His only hope is his other father. Please, let's not talk about it. I just need to figure things out between me and Aaron. "Père, stop him from saying something embarrassing, please," Harry begs Lucius.

Lucius stops what he's doing and stares at Harry, "He's telling the truth, young Prince, your aura reveals that you are, how can I say this without sounding crass; you look sexually content, and it's been that way since we arrived."

Why are they always taking each other's side?!

"Oh for, Merlin's sake," Harry says with a sigh, covering his face and hiding his blush.

"His scent changed as well, and I told him so, Grand-père," Teddy adds in.

Oh, no. Not you too, Teddy? "Thanks a lot, kid," Harry whispers to his son. "See if I sneak you any more cookies."

"But Daddy, I didn't tell them about your special friend." Teddy whispers loudly behind his tiny hands.

"Little cub" Draco calls Teddy by the nickname he gave him when he was a baby.

"Yes, Uncle Dragon."

"If you tell me who your dad's special friend is I will buy you that pet wolf you've always wanted." Draco says, trying to bribe the kid.

"Really!" Teddy asks excitedly. "The one we saw at the menagerie, with the silver and white coat and the pretty blue eyes?"

"Yes, that very one, now tell me about his scent." Draco rubs his hands gleefully like a gossip reporter hot for a juicy scoop.

Teddy gets ready to respond when Harry clamps a hand over the child's mouth. "Okay, that's it. Draco and everyone else at this table, you will not bribe my child with gifts, that's my job, dammit." Everyone besides Aaron chuckles at the comment. "Besides, you've embarrassed me enough." Harry continues a touch desperately, "I'm sure Aaron and his team would rather hear our explanation about magic and why we kept it a secret. So let's stick to that and not my lack of a love life." He needs to get everyone's focus away from his love life and back to the purpose of this meeting. The last thing he wants is for his family to figure out he and Aaron are together. His father would try killing him with his eyes and the rest would probably try to get sexually explicit details out of Aaron.

Severus snorts, clearly not believing Harry is lacking a love life. I definitely need to keep Aaron a secret for a little bit longer. I dread the day Father finds out about us. Aaron might not leave the room with all his limbs. I won't remain unscathed either for both omitting the truth and outright lying to his face.

"But teasing is fun, Hart," Fred says.

"And we love when you blush," George adds.

Don't blush. Don't you dare blush, Harry! If I blush they will connect the dots if they haven't already. Sneaky, fucking bastards.


"Yes, Gred."

"We have a case to solve."

"Ah, yes we do. Do you think it's anyone at the table?"

Fred and George turns and looks at all the everyone at the table, Harry watches their eyes land on Aaron. Son of a bitch, they know. Say one bloody word and I will kill you both. What can I bribe them with? Thank Merlin his Dom is used to hiding his emotions, otherwise his perceptive family would be about to read it on his face.

The twins look away and then at each other, then shrug. "Nope, he's not at the table, our only option is to follow him." Fred says.

They definitely know, only one thing to do threaten their livelihood.

"Merlin bloody balls, you two follow me and I will cut your balls off and use then in a potion and force you both to drink it." Harry says firmly. He wasn't above making the twins feel pain for divulging his secrets.

"You wouldn't!" they say together.

"Try me," Harry says with a smile that does not bode well for the twins.


"Yes, Gred."

"I think he's serious." George says to him. Fred simply shakes his head, apparently too afraid to answer.

"Do you guys always talk like this?" Prentiss asks.

"Like what?" The PACU members ask all at the same time, looking at her as if she asked a crazy question.

Dave clears his throat, "So magic," he says, changing the subject to Harry's delight. He is thankful to whatever Deity was listening to get off the subject of his, and Aaron's, secret love life.

Surprisingly before Harry can give an explanation, Will if he remembers correctly, gives his take on magic or voodoo as it is commonly referred to by those who grew up with West Indian descent. Harry recognizes the shocked expression on a couple of the BAU members' faces after Will finishes speaking. And he also does not miss the proud 'that's my man' look on JJ's face as evidence by her words.

"Spencer's not the only one with brains and good looks," she tells the group.

Derek is quick to stop Spencer's rush of questions for Will with a promise that he can ask later. Spencer's curiosity and thirst for knowledge is well known and if Spencer is given free reign, he can discuss something for hours.

Spencer pouts a little at being denied. Derek's hand cups the back of Spencer's neck, brushing against his collar. Spencer's pout turns into a blissful smile. He soaks up the small sign of affection like a sponge.

One day, Harry hopes he and Aaron can be that open and comfortable with their Dom/Sub relationship. The more he sees openness around him, the stronger his desire to be open with his own relationship with Aaron.

Lucius acknowledges Will's explanation and begins his own lecture about voodoo. Having heard it before, Harry zones out for it. "We are born with magic flowing through our veins. Just a few minutes ago, you saw the dishes make their way to the table by themselves, that is what we call wandless magic. Only a few wizards and witches are powerful enough to perform such magic."

"How did you make it happen?" Aaron asks, seeming to finally find his voice.

"I didn't, it was Harry," Lucius tells Aaron offhandedly. "Agent Hotchner, Harry is a rare wizard," Andromeda says, drawing Aaron's eyes off Harry. Aaron turns and meets Lucius's eyes. "All wizards are born powerful and some are born with just a bit more power than most. When a wizard or witch reaches the age of majority, they experience a magical inheritance—"

"Letting plates move around the room could just be parlor tricks and I must say, you almost had me with the picture show we saw earlier and the nonsense with the walls have eyes. I still think this is all bull. Next thing you will tell us is that Vampires and Werewolves exist, and you are able to fly on broomsticks." Morgan interrupts any further explanation. He appears not to notice the agitation on Andromeda's face at his rudeness.

Harry had a feeling that Morgan would be the one person they would have a problem convincing that magic is real. This dinner is probably more so to convince the agent than the rest of the group. Harry has dealt with people like Morgan a time or two over the past couple of years and knows what it will take for the man to see reason. They only made things more difficult by forcing his Sub to break his promise and lie to him. Morgan's mind is more closed off than ever.

"You are right, Morgan." Harry replies. "Plates moving by themselves can be attributed to many things. Oh, I know, let's not forget my broken nose that was mysteriously fixed by hmm, let me guess, magic." Harry lets the sarcasm drip through his tone, not caring if Morgan gets offended or not. "Werewolves and Vampires do exist, some are not the nicest creatures, but that is a part of nature. Hell, some humans are not the nicest people or else we would all be out of a job. And later after dinner, I can take you on a ride on my broom, let's hope you are not afraid of heights. I tend to get carried away when I fly," Harry finishes with a smirk.

Harry watches as his family members nod their heads in agreement. They've all tried to race him and have never been able to best him. Harry keeps his smile on his face, the same one he uses whenever he gets ready to strike quickly like a snake's fangs piercing skin and injecting his venom before the person has a chance to react. It doesn't help that he had a friend or two that is about to help him in some harmless fun. Harry cocks his head and stares at Derek, "Tell me, Morgan, are you afraid of snakes?"

Before Morgan can say a word or ask what the hell he means by that, Aki, a baby pet snake, slithers up and around Morgan's broad shoulders and wraps her orange, black, and silver body around his neck. Harry does not have to look at his father to know he is scowling in his direction as everyone but his family and Spencer quickly push away from the table. Amid the commotion, Spencer tries to tell Morgan not to move and stay calm. He can hear Spencer trying to tell the group that Aki is harmless but nobody's listening. The daggers from his father are starting to pierce the side of his head but Harry ignores him completely. Serves Morgan right for being a jerk to Spencer and besides, it's wasn't my fault my pets have a mind of their own. Harry puts his head down, hiding his smile. Payback is a bitch!

"Stop! You cannot eat my Uncle Derek!"

Harry's head snaps up at the sound of Jack speaking Parseltongue. Harry does not realize that Teddy is speaking to him in Parseltongue or that he answers him back automatically. His focus is on the child who has just shocked him and everyone else in the room. Harry takes a quick look at Aaron who has a stunned and confused look on his face. He turns his focus back to Jack, and notices the child's lips have started to quiver and a single teardrop falls down his cheek. Everyone at the table stops their yelling, funnily enough even the snake stops moving and hissing to look at Jack. It breaks Harry's heart to hear Jack plead with his father not to stop loving him. Acting quickly, Harry gets up from his seat and picks Jack up in his arms, shielding him from the onlookers in the room and rushes him out of the kitchen. He knows how confused and frightened Jack must be at the moment. It brings back the memory of the first time he realized he could speak to snakes and the way he was treated by others. Even his friends pulled away from him for a short time, believing in rumors that he could be related to Voldemort. Harry makes up his mind, then and there, that he will protect Jack, even from his own family.

Yes, I have questions but no matter what, protecting Jack comes first before anything else.


The room goes dead silent until an excited Teddy speaks up, "Daddy, did you hear that? Jack can talk to snakes just like you! YAY! Daddy, will he be your son too? Can I tell everyone he is my brother now?" Teddy questions with the innocence of a child.

Aaron looks from Jack to Harry so quickly he could have whiplash, "You are right, Moonlet," Harry says, still looking at Jack.

Aaron turns his eyes back to his son in time to see Jack turn to look at him with tears in his eyes. "Please Daddy, please don't stop loving me." The plates and glasses on the table begin to shake and rattle and a few probably break, but Aaron does not pay them any attention. His sole focus is Jack and his fearful words. He doesn't understand how Jack could ever believe he'd stop loving him. Jack is his world. "Don't hate me, I promise not to do it again but I could not let the snake hurt Uncle Derek. Daddy, I just couldn't." Aaron is completely stunned and does not know what to say or do. Jack has never acted like this before. He didn't know he could; Aaron wonders if Jack has done something like this before.

What the fuck is going on? Did Jack just talk to a snake? And Harry can, too? What does that mean? What the hell? I'm so fucking confused by every fucking thing that's happened in the past few hours. Aaron wants to take Jack and run from the room but he also wants an explanation. How long has Jack been able to do that? And why am I just finding about it now?

Out of nowhere, Harry appears through his haze and picks up Jack, taking him out of the kitchen and up the stairs he came down earlier. As soon as Harry and Jack are out of the room the rattling plates and glasses suddenly stop. Aaron looks away from the spot his son was standing in just a few seconds ago to the others still left in the room. Aaron sees the same surprised expression he must have on his face in the eyes of his friends and coworkers.

"Well, it seems there is more to your group than meets the eye, Agent Hotchner," Lucius says.

"Dear Diary, today I saw and heard the craziest shit, my godson spoke to a snake. Dio mio!" Dave says breaking the awkward silence. He then looks over at Aaron, who has the same dumbstruck expression on his face, same as everyone in the room. "Aaron, snap the fuck out of it and go after your son." Dave scolds him.

In a flash, Aaron runs out of the kitchen and up the stairs, hoping to catch up with Harry and Jack. The thought of his son fearing that he will stop loving him has Aaron in a panic. I'm already fucking up one relationship, I can't do that with another. Jack will always be my son. No matter what. He still doesn't know what the hell happened, but he loves Jack and nothing, not even magic, can change that. Aaron does not have to go too far. He finds Harry holding Jack in his arms and trying to calm him down with reassuring words. Aaron takes a moment to observe the touching scene, Harry is holding Jack as tenderly as a loving parent would. The care Harry is showing Jack after just meeting him makes his own fears seep away.

Harry's natural paternal ease comforting Jack with love softens any anger or misgivings Aaron felt toward his Sub. His love for Harry is practically bursting inside him, this scene with Harry and Jack is everything he could possibly hope for. Aaron is immensely grateful that when he was too shocked to comfort his son, Harry leaped into action with no hesitation. Harry took Jack into his arms and held him as he cried, the way Aaron should have. Pride fills Aaron at his Sub's quick thinking and he is thankful that Harry was there when Jack needed him.

"Do you know how special you are?" Harry whispers to Jack. His son shakes his head where it is burrowed into Harry's shoulder. "Well you are, not many people can do what we can. We are a special kind of wizard." Jack lifts his head from Harry's shoulder.

"Are you sure?" Jack's voice is soft and quivers when he asks the question. "Like what?"

"Let's see, other than talking to snakes, we can make things float in the air with just the right spell."

"Is it like the magicians we see on T.V. that can make the lady float in the air?"

Harry chuckles, "Nope, we are better than they are," he tells him. "You've done something similar like what happened just now before, haven't you?"

Jack nods. "I made my toys dance in the air once, but I was too afraid to tell my mom." He looks away from Harry for a second before looking back. "Do you think Daddy will still love me?"

He's done things before? How did I not notice? How did I not know? Why didn't he tell me? Aaron's heart breaks when he hears Jack's question. He can't let Jack believe he'll lose him. How could he believe he'd lose my love? Aaron cannot let Jack question his love for a second longer.

"Jack, Buddy, I will never ever stop loving you, no matter the reason." Aaron opens his arms and Jack launches himself in them, burying his head into his shoulder and begins to sob in earnest. "I don't know what happened but it doesn't change anything. You are still my son and I love you. I will always love you, no matter what." Aaron looks at Harry over Jack's shoulder and mouths "thank you." Harry smiles and nods his head in acceptance.

"Little Pup, have you done that before?" Jack lifts his head and turns to Harry as Aaron wipes away his fallen tears.

"Yeah, but she told me not to do it again. She said I was bad and if I do it, Daddy would stop loving me." Jack peeks at Aaron timidly, fear still present in his face.

"Who told you that, Buddy?" Jack hides his head into Aaron's shoulder, shaking his head no.

Aaron and Harry look at each other in concern, both thinking the same thing. Why would Jack be so afraid and who would tell such a terrible lie to such a sweet child? "Who is she? Who told you that, Little Pup?" Harry prods.

"My mommy," Jack whispers, lifting his head from Aaron's shoulder. "She told me not to do it anymore."

What the fuck! Thinks Aaron. If she wasn't already dead, he might kill her for telling Jack such a terrible lie.

"What the fu-" Aaron begins to voice his thoughts out loud

"Aaron, no cursing in front of our son." Harry stops him.

Aaron runs his free hand through his short hair, his night has taken a different turn. Aaron looks into his son's face. And completely misses the fact Harry called Jack "our" son. "Buddy, when did mommy tell you not to do that anymore?"

Jack looks to Harry and then to Aaron, "It was when we were hiding from that man, and mommy took me to the zoo." Jack whispers. Jack puts his head back on Aaron's shoulder.

"The same thing happened to me when I was eleven, believe it or not." Harry says and begins to rub circles on Jack's back. "It was the first time I spoke to a snake and I ended up setting the poor thing free and locking my cousin up in the snake's habitat on accident. I was at the zoo with my aunt and uncle; it was my cousin's eleventh birthday." Harry chuckles as if remembering the day it happened. "It sounded like English to me," Harry explains, shrugging his shoulders. "It wasn't until my cousin's best friend pointed out that I was talking to a snake that I realized I did something abnormal. My aunt and uncle had an allergy to magic so things didn't turn out so well when we returned home." Harry admits, he looks at Jack. "I want you to remember this, you did nothing wrong. You're a brilliant little man and I promise to protect you with everything I am. You don't need to be afraid or to hide from anyone in this house. You are among your family now, Jack."

Jack sags a little in Aaron's arms, seeming to find comfort in Harry being like him and being able to talk to snakes like he can.

"Are you sure I'm not bad?" Jack asks.

"I'm sure, Little Pup. You are magical and I promise there is nothing bad about that. Know how I know?" Jack shakes his head. "Because I'm magical, too and so is Teddy. As a matter of fact, Teddy can change his hair color and eyes. Sometimes he looks like me when he does it. I bet you both can walk around and look like twins and fool your dad and me. His special ability is called metamorphmagus. He got it from his real mom. And here's a secret. I can turn into a wolf once in awhile." Harry says, giving Aaron's son a nickname. He carefully brushes the tears from Jack's face. He doesn't miss Aaron's eyes widening at his admission. "And, Draco is super smart, it's frightfully boring when he and your Uncle Spencer starts talking about stuff no one else have even heard about." That makes Jack smile just a little. "My dad, Severus, is a genius when it comes to potions and I won't even talk about the twins, not only are they menaces but they are the best inventors I know. They have a shop where they sell their inventions, I promise to take you there sometime." Harry hopes sharing a bit about his family will put Jack and Aaron at ease. Learning that you're a wizard or that your child is one can be frightening to say the least. "And as for the things we can do, we can make light when we are afraid of the dark with a simple word." Harry reaches around and pulls a stick from behind him, "This is called a wand. Every witch and wizard gets one when they reach the age of eleven, which is when we attend a magical school that is really a castle to learn how to do spells like this. Lumos."

Jack and Aaron watch in amazement as the tip of the stick lights up like a flashlight. Jack turns from the stick to Harry. "Do you want to know what else?" Harry asks Jack, who nods.

"When you and Teddy turn eleven you get to go to magic school and learn all sorts of things. It's called Hogwarts. And guess what? There are real ghost at Hogwarts." Jack gasps. "They are pretty harmless, but watch out for Peeves, he likes to play tricks on the new students. But don't worry, I will show you how to get him back." Father and son have the same look of fascination on their faces as the light from the tip of the wand changes colors.

"Oh and we have pictures that move around and talk to you, as you've already met a few of my family members. Whatever you do watch out for Sirius, he's pretty tricky and likes to get others in trouble. Learned my lesson listening to him over the years. At Hogwarts you'll get to meet a very dear friend of mine by the name of Albus too many names Dumbledore. He was like a grandfather to me, but if he offers you a lemon drop say no. Nasty tasting things." Harry rambles on and Aaron could see that he is doing it to calm Jack down.

Aaron's thankful that Harry is able to calm Jack down. He's still reeling a bit at the fact that Jack is magical and furious at Haley. She knew and not only didn't tell him but made Jack believe that part of him is bad and would make him unlovable. How could she do that to Jack?

Aaron looks at his lover and cannot stop thinking, even at this moment, about how hot Harry looks and how much he wants to fuck him into submission. His world is turning upside down but his Harry looks beautiful and calm. Harry takes his eyes off Jack and meets Aaron's gaze. "When I found out I could speak to snakes, there was only one other who could and he was branded an evil wizard. So naturally they thought I was either his descendant or evil just like him." Harry looks back to Jack, who is sleeping on Aaron's shoulder. "I don't want that for him. I will protect him with everything in me. The Wizarding world has changed some over the years, but there are some who still fear what they do not understand. He will never have the need to be afraid of who or what he is. He is a part of this family now and we protect what we claim as ours. I make this as my vow."

A shiver passes through Aaron and Jack gasps on his shoulder but remains asleep. Aaron remembers how important they said vows are in the magical world.

"What you just felt was the acceptance of the promise I just made to protect Jack as my own flesh and blood. It's also why Spencer wasn't able to tell Derek anything we told him. If he did, we would have known." Harry told him. "Dippy!" Harry yells.

Aaron jumps when an odd little creature wearing what looks to be a green pillow case and big floppy ears appears out of nowhere. Harry takes Jack from his arms and hands him to the creature. "Take Jack to Teddy's room," Harry tells the creature, who seems very timid and frail in Aaron's opinion. The creature takes Jack from Harry and Aaron is about to protest when the creature speaks up.

"Yes, Master Harry."

What the hell! thinks Aaron and he takes a step back. "Wait," he protests.

Harry ignores him. "Also, have Teddy and Henry go to his room and sit with Jack, I suspect they are worried about Jack. Make sure they have some chocolates. And stay with them, follow Teddy's orders, within reason. Merlin, only knows what he'll ask for that will cause chaos."

Floppy ears moves its head, nodding rapidly before it vanishes in a blink of an eye with his son. Frantic and confused, Aaron looks around. Harry lays a placating hand on his shoulder, preventing him from running off to find Jack.

"Don't worry about Jack, he will be fine. Dippy will make sure he eats and changes into something comfortable for bed."

"Wh—?" Aaron tries to speak, pointing to the spot the creature stood not too long ago.

"Oh that," Harry says with a chuckle, "is a house elf, they are magical creatures who find joy and pleasure in serving magical families. And before you ask, they are not abused or beaten. Well, not anymore, that has changed since the war ended."

"And you're sure Jack will be okay?" Aaron's instincts say to trust Harry, he's shown loyalty and care for Jack, far beyond what he'd expect of a stranger to Jack if not him.

Harry answers sincerely, "I promise. Once he figures out just how easy a house elf will follow his orders, watch out. We'll be in trouble," he said with a smile.

Aaron nods sharply. He believes his Sub, Harry has shown his how much he cares for Jack in protecting him. His first instinct was to take him away from the scene in the kitchen, he wouldn't send Jack off without being certain he would be safe.

Without Jack to use as a shield to hide behind, they fall silent, just staring at each other.


"Why? Why didn't you tell me?" Aaron whispers.

Harry looks away, ashamed, "There were so many times I wanted to tell you. It's not easy to blurt out, 'hey, I'm a wizard.' I can do magic but not like the fakes on the telly. I date muggles because they are easy to forget and easier to move on from. You're the first one that I couldn't walk away from." Aaron saw the sincerity in Harry's eyes when he finally looked back at him. "After our sessions, or even during our nightly conversations over the phone. B-."

"But you were afraid," Aaron finishes for him. "Afraid that I would leave or not believe you?"

"A bit of both," Harry answers him, "Like I said you are the first muggle I have ever cared about, I'm so used to the men I am involved with knowing who and what I am. Being with you, with a muggle, it is all new to me."

Aaron shakes his head, "But I am your Dom, you are my Sub."

"Yes, that's true but our relationship started out as a one night-stand. How much were you willing to tell me after one night?" Harry challenges.

Aaron stares back silently, unwilling to give an answer he knows is damning to that question.

"I did not expect to see you again. Was I supposed to tell you everything that one night? Give you my life story before you spanked then fu-?" The anger and intensity in Harry's tone builds but he does not yell.

"I am not saying that," Aaron says, stopping anything that Harry had to say. "Once we realized how we felt, you could and should have told me about something that so important about you. Do you know how I felt learning what you are in front of everyone else? We are supposed to trust each other."

Harry scoffs, "You're right, we are supposed to trust each other. Tell each other everything once we realized our feelings. So that's why I had no idea about Jack?" He points out. "You have a kid!"

"Didn't I tell you I was married before? Hell, there are pictures of Jack in my office." Aaron defends.

"Yes, how often have I been in your office to notice? The first time I was in your office, you had me on my knees the minute you closed the door." Harry snaps.

"What about you, or did you conveniently forget that you are a father as well?" Aaron shoots back. "You didn't tell me about Teddy either. For all I know, you could be married to his mother!"

Harry says nothing to defend himself. Both men stand their ground glaring at each other, realizing that they both kept things, too many things from each other, before Harry sighs and slumps against the wall behind him. He stares off down the hall that leads back to the kitchen and dining area.

"Where do we go from here?" Harry asks looking at Aaron. "Shouting at and blaming each other isn't working." Their communication clearly needs improving. The question is will they work on it or has the trust between them been too badly damaged.

"Where do you want it to go?" Aaron asks him back.

"Don't do that, don't leave it all up to me. We are both in this together…"

"Are we? We trust each other to fuck but not to air our baggage to each other."

"You're a self righteous, arsehole!"

"Call me whatever you want, Harry but it shows you can't handle the truth." Aaron tells him.

"I can and have handle more than you know," Harry told him. He is seconds away from walking away from Aaron, but something inside of him breaks. He cannot do it. The thought of walking away from the man who makes his insides burn with desire cuts him to the core. They are arguing and he has no idea what it is all about. "What are we arguing about, Aaron?"

Aaron sighs and rubs his face before putting his hands in his pockets. "I don't know," he answers honestly. "I'm angry and confused about what just happened. I'm overwhelmed and I'm taking it out on you. I'm being an asshole and you don't deserve it. I'm sorry."

"No, don't apologize you deserve to be angry. You learned a lot of things tonight and we haven't even had dessert yet," Harry said trying to lighten up the mood.

Harry wants to ask if he was sorry for earlier. He tries to put himself in Aaron's position, a muggle thrown into the deep end, going from knowing magic is fake to learning it's real. Aaron has had to absorb magic's existence and that Harry is magical all at once. As if that wasn't enough he also is finding out his son has magic, too. It can't be easy and Harry tries to be forgiving and understanding, even though Aaron lashed out at him. He doesn't know if Aaron will be able to deal with all he's learned.

Will we have a relationship after tonight? I want Aaron, he's worth fighting for, especially after finding out about Jack tonight. Will Aaron want to pull away from me even more, now that he knows about Teddy? What happens to Jack if he does? I can't let him go, I can't let either of them go.

Needing to lighten the atmosphere, Harry asks, "Does it make me sound like a bad person if I said I'm jealous of Spencer and Luna?"

Aaron stares at him intently before he steps closer to Harry but enough not to touch him. "Why is that? Why are you jealous of them?"

"They are free to live their lifestyle out in the open and be free with their Dominant. Wear their co-collars." Harry whispers biting his bottom lip. "I wonder if that will ever happen for me, for us? I'm afraid of what my father will do to you once he finds out about us." Harry looks up at Aaron and their eyes connect, the silence between them thick and heady. Fear of his father's reaction is forgotten as sexual tension swirls actively around them, his magic and wolf both pulling them together. Harry yearns for Aaron's touch. "I know I'm an adult and I shouldn't care what he thinks. But, Father, he' can I explain him," Harry sighs, running his hand through his hair. "He's…"

"A father," Aaron answers. "And you love him." Harry smiles and nods. "I won't deny it, Harry, this is new to me. Not being with a man, but actually living a contracted BDSM lifestyle for more than just one night. There are so many things I want to explore with you that I never wanted to experience before. Not even with my ex-wife. I know that we are both holding things back from each other, and we are only giving half of ourselves. If we want this to work..."

"Oh, Aaron, I want this to work. I want us to work. I care deeply for you." Harry says. "I want us to be a family with Teddy and now Jack. I've never wanted something so bad in my life. I've sacrificed a lot over the years. But I'm not willing to give you up. I can't."

"And I'm not willing to give you up, either. My life, it's been empty but you fill it. I care about you a great deal, Harry," Aaron affirms. "This is not about us anymore, we have two kids who depend on us. I want to get to know Teddy and for you to get to know Jack. We have to make a decision about us, Harry. If we want this to work, really want this to work." Harry immediately nods his head, confirming he wants it as much as Aaron does. "Then we need to start being honest with each other." Aaron tells him. "No more secrets."

Harry gazes deeply into Aaron's eyes before nodding his head. "I agree, no more secrets. There might be things I cannot tell you right away. But please, be patient with me. The only ones that know everything about me is my family and my two best friends who died years ago. It's hard for me to trust and open up."

"I understand, I'm not the most trusting person either, and as long as we are both committed to this, I think we will be okay. There might be a few bumps along the way. But I know that we can make it work," Aaron sighs.

"Magic aside, I'm human and I'm bound to make mistakes," Harry tells him.

"I'm sure we'll both make our share of mistakes. It hasn't been exactly smooth sailing lately. I was a judgmental dick earlier and I am not afraid to admit that. I was wrong to act that way. Can you forgive me?"

"I can." Harry fiddles with his shirt. "I'm sorry for deliberately trying to make you jealous tonight."

"You realize you will be punished?"

"I think we both deserve a bit of punishment for the way we've acted tonight," Harry answers.

Aaron makes a cryptic sound, not admitting Harry's right but not denying it either.

They are silent while they stare at each other, any anger remaining from a few minutes ago simmers and slowly dissipates as they accept and admit to themselves the mistakes they've made. The ever present sexual tension comes back in full force but neither man makes a move. Aaron clears his throat. "There are so many things swirling around in my head right now. Things we need to talk more about and deal with, but I want you to answer a question for me first."

"What's that?" Harry whispers.

"How many other outfits like this do you have in your closet?" Aaron asks, looking Harry up and down.

Harry giggles and strikes a pose. "Why, did I get your attention?"

"You have my complete attention and so much more and you know it," Aaron answers him. They lock gazes and attempt to devour each other with their eyes. "Promise me something."


"Next time you want to make me jealous, choose someone else other than the redhead," Harry smiles as he watches Aaron look away from him with some malice on his face. "Have you ever slept with him?"

Harry gasps and makes a gagging sound. "Um...gross, Bill is my older brother of sorts. His little brother and I were best friends when we went to Hogwarts. I won't deny he's seen me naked. After all, he was the one to train me as a submissive."

"He WHAT?!"

Harry continues nonchalantly, "But we've never and I mean never been intimate."

"But what about aftercare?" Aaron says between clenched teeth, seething at the thought.

Harry rolls his eyes. "We came up with a new way of doing things. He would hold and comfort me, but in a brotherly way."

"It better have been brotherly. Or else I'll rip his balls off," Aaron mutters.

"What was that?"

Aaron crosses his arms, almost pouting. "Nothing."

Harry stares him down. "He's helped me through a lot of things, Aaron, and I think I've done the same for him. After losing Ron and Hermione we were both lost. He felt helpless and so did I. And if you haven't figured it out by now. Bill prefers women with boobs, like, Penelope."

Aaron narrows his eyes. "I don't like the idea of him and Penelope. She's been hurt before. If he hurts her," he glares menacingly as if he's going to rip Bill apart with just his eyes.

"Bill as well, he was engaged once. After he was attacked and received those scars on his face she broke off the engagement breaking his heart into pieces. So I'm just as protective of Bill as you are of Penelope," Harry defends.

Aaron and Harry stare at each other, both posturing protectively for two people they care deeply for. "Fine. I concede. I won't stand in Bill's way if he treats her how she wants to be treated."

Harry agrees, "Same goes for Penelope."

Aaron can see the passion he has defending his friends, it is the same intensity he puts into his job. And he admires his Submissive even more than before. Harry's strength would be a turnoff to some Doms who would rather their Submissive be docile and not challenge them in any way. But not Aaron. He wants to be with someone who will not only listen and follows his orders but challenge him when they are behind closed doors. He breaks the silence voicing the desire he feels, "Why does arguing with you turn me on so fucking bad? I want to kiss you, right now." He can see what the possessive tone in his voice is doing to his Submissive. Harry licks his lips, eyes dilating with arousal. Aaron can see the black ring around his pupils, knowing he isn't imagining it this time, and finds it utterly sexy.

"I'm not stopping you, Sir," Harry says in his cheeky, submissive way.

Aaron cannot resist Harry's lips any longer, sighing happily into the kiss. They share slow kisses until Harry melts. "To answer your earlier question, it does not make you a bad person, I feel the same way every time Spencer touches his collar, I want the same for you. And when Derek's eyes light up with possessive pride at the sight of his collar around Spencer's neck. I want that for me as well. I want it for us." Aaron murmurs against Harry's lips before asking, "Do you still belong to me, Pet?"

Harry pulls and looks into Aaron's eyes lovingly. "As long as you want me to be, Sir, I am yours," he whispers.

Aaron needs no further permission and he reaches out, closing the short distance between them, grabbing Harry by the back of his neck and smashing their lips together. Harry moans needily when their lips touch once more.

Instinctively, Harry wraps his arms around Aaron's neck, bringing their lips and bodies closer. Aaron moves his hand from Harry's neck and with his free hand grabs his legs, wrapping them around his waist and backing Harry up against the wall. Hips grinding together, Harry's cock, still in its cage, begs for release and Aaron is ready to fuck Harry against the wall without a care about who might see or hear them.

I didn't lose him, thinks Harry. He still wants me as much as I want him.

Harry takes a mental sigh of relief thanking Merlin and all the Deities known to man and mortal that Aaron still wants to be with him. Yes, they have a lot to talk about and work on. But deep down Harry knows that they will make it work, he cares too deeply for Aaron to let go so easily. Every relationship has their rough spots, this is just a small bump. Albeit, it happened in the beginning of their relationship, but Harry is happy that Aaron is willing to listen him now and hopefully forever.

Aaron and Harry are so focused on each other and their kiss they do not see or hear the shocked presence standing behind them, watching them kiss. Abruptly, the watcher turns and makes their way back to the kitchen, puzzling on what they should do. Tell the others or keep it to themselves and watch to see what happens between the two men? The presence has to admit watching Harry and Aaron kiss with so much passion, want and need is hot and borderline erotic.

They stop kissing and Harry opens his eyes, "I can't lose you, Aaron," he says voicing his one true fear. "I don't care if we fight like cats and dogs, I can't lose you, now that I have you in my life."

"You're not going to lose me," Aaron assures him. "We promised to start being honest with each other, right?" Harry nods. "How about we go on a date? Just you and me. No kids, no being parents or talking about work. Just us. It's going to be hard for me but as a normal vanilla couple. As Aaron and Harry, not Dom and Submissive."

"We did things a bit backwards, didn't we?" Harry asks.

"I would have to say, yeah, we did," Aaron says with a laugh. "But that doesn't mean we can't start doing it right from here on out."


"How about tomorrow night? I can get Jessica to watch Jack."

For some unexplained reason, Harry feels a twinge of jealousy at the mention of this Jessica person who is at Aaron's beck and call. Also, after meeting Jack he feels a paternal and territorial instinct to the child. He doesn't want this Jessica honing in on his family, and that includes Jack now. "I have a better idea, why don't you let Jack spend the night here; he and Teddy have already bonded and my family will be here to keep him company. Lots of chaperones and if Jack has any accidental magic, my family will know how to deal with it."

"I like that idea, a lot," Aaron tells him. "But wouldn't me just showing up out of the blue to take you out on a date give away our secret, unless you're ready to tell everyone about us?"

"Are you?" Harry asks, hoping Aaron is ready to tell everyone about them.

Aaron sighs and steps back, leaning on the wall facing Harry. "I want to tell everyone about us. But I think we need to figure us out first. I'm still reeling from everything I've learned. I'm not sure I am ready to deal with your family knowing yet. I know I've said it before, but we need to really think about where we go from here. Knowing that, I would be on steadier ground for when we tell everyone. Is that okay?"

Harry tries not to look disappointed by the answer. He isn't surprised but he still hoped Aaron was ready.

Aaron cups Harry's face in his hands and vows, "Other than Jack, I've never wanted anything in my life as much as I want you, want us."

Harry stares deeply into Aaron's brown eyes, searching and finding the sincerity he seeks. "Then we will keep this between us, until we feel the time is right. However, I should warn you a couple of people have figured it out or know about us already. My mom, Luna, Bill and the twins." Harry sees the vein in the side of Aaron's head pulses at the sound of Bill's name but ignores it. "One other thing, I think we should put a pause on sex for a couple of weeks."

Aaron chokes, "When you say weeks, how long are we talking, here?"

Harry shrugs his shoulders, "Oh, I don't know, three, four, or six even." Shit, what the hell am I saying?! Shut the hell up now! "I mean, this way we will know we have more in common with each other besides sex."

Aaron turns pale, he looks as if he is about to pass out which tickles Harry. As if realising he is showing a bit of weakness, Aaron clears his throat and regains his composure. He studies Harry for a few seconds before speaking. "In that case, you have permission to take off the gift I bought you."

"Wait…" Harry begins. Shit did I go too far?

"However, you are not allowed to touch yourself other than cleaning until we decide sex is back on the table."

Fucking, sneaky bastard! Harry wants to protest, to tell Aaron how unfair he is being but knows he brought this on himself. Okay, well, two can play at this game. He leans closer and whispers in Aaron's ear. "Yes, Sir," his lips brush against Aaron's ear and he smiles at the slight shiver and the sharp intake of breath coming from Aaron. "I will do anything you request, my master." Harry grins when Aaron closes his eyes and bites on his bottom lip. And now for the kick in the nuts. "Remember, Bill is only a friend. However, he has a younger brother who..." Harry trails off innocently. He pulls back and starts walking in the direction of the kitchen.

"I know what you're doing, Pet, and it's not going to work. I'm not going to get jealous, " he hears Aaron mumble. "I just hate when he touches you. I don't know this Charlie," he sneers the name, "but he better not touch you. My restraint only holds for so long. Do. Not. Test. Me." Harry is about to enter the kitchen when Aaron wraps an arm around his waist, pulling his back to his chest. "You're playing a very dangerous game, Pet."

Harry turns his head and looks at Aaron, "Am I?"

"Yes," Aaron tells him with a raised eyebrow.

"I guess we will see who caves in first, then won't we, Sir?" Harry asks teasingly.

"You are a cheeky little pet, aren't you? Remember you were the one that said no sex."

"I did, but you didn't have to agree, Sir." Harry smiles and pulls away from Aaron's arms easily; he continues to walk into the kitchen, making sure to add that extra sway to his hips. You might be my Dom, but I am a master at playing games. This is going to be fun.

Harry enters the kitchen, stopping at the entrance to look at the group. Spencer is standing beside Morgan and the rest of the BAU team are sitting on the opposite side of the table. His father turns and looks at him.

"Will you speak to your pet, the thing refuses to leave."

{Aki,} Harry hisses. {Thank you for your help, you may go now.}

Aki raises her head and looks at Harry. {But Master, I don't want to go. I like him. He tastes nice. Can I keep him?}

She slithers more around Morgan's neck and rests her head on the top of his.

{I don't think that's a good idea.}

{Then I will go with him, Master, he will make a good mate.}

Harry's eyes widens before he bursts into laughter. Everyone is staring at him, but he cannot help it.

"Will you like to enlighten us on what's so amusing?" Lucius asks.

Harry's laughter quiets down to light chuckles as he tries to get the words out. He wipes the few teardrops that pool at the corners of his eyes. "M-Morgan, how do you feel about being the mate of a snake?" He asks between snickers.

"What? What the hell are you talking about, Potter, Prince, whatever the hell your name is?" Morgan yells, frustration leaking out in his tone while his body stays stiff and still to not further agitate the snake wrapped around him.

"Harry will do just fine, thank you." He walks further into the kitchen and sits back down beside Bill. Aaron sits beside him. Bill looks at him and raised and eyebrow, Harry shrugs a shoulder in way of an answer.

"Fine then, Harry, what the hell are you talking about?" Morgan snaps.

Harry takes a sip of his drink, frustrating the man even more. He sets his glass down and ignores Morgan's angry face. {Are you sure, he seems a bit short tempered, not a good trait for a mate. And what will your mother say?}

{She may go if she chooses.} Answers the large albino snake with an orange stripe down the middle slithers around Harry, causing everyone but the PACU team to flinch and move away from him in fear.

"Morgan, it seems Aki wishes for you to be her mate," Harry says, finally speaking in English. He then looks at Spencer, "Sorry Spencer, you've got a bit of a competition, she likes the way he tastes," he finishes with a smile. "Her words not mine."

Spencer looks from Harry to Morgan and then to the snake, and bursts out into a fit of laughter same as Harry did a few minutes ago. His laughter is so contagious that Harry joins him.

"I feel like I missed something," Morgan deapan. "How is this funny?"

"You're not the only one, my friend," Dave adds.

"Wait a minute," Draco says. "Are you telling me she wants him as a mate?"

"Yup, you got it!" Harry answers through his laughter. The entire table suddenly figures out why the situation is unbelievable hilarious and starts laughing. Well, except for Morgan who will have to deal with breaking a young snake's heart.

Morgan crosses his arms over his chest. "You can just tell the," his face scrunches like he's tasting something awful, "snake I'm already mated, thank you very much. Even if my mate thinks this is hilarious." He glares at Spencer.

"Sorry, mate, you're stuck," Harry chuckles. "She's quite stubborn, I think you two will make a beautiful couple. Let me know where to send the wedding gift," he says between renewed laughter.

"Funny, Harry, really funny," Morgan says finding nothing amusing about the situation.

"You used to charm women out of their panties and now, it seems, you can charm snakes out of their skins," Spencer teases as he continues to laugh even after Derek gives him the evil eye that promises a punishment for his behavior later.

Harry looks around the table and likes what he sees: friends, families and coworkers laughing with each other. Even if it over something as silly as a snake finding a human as her mate. It broke the ice and the tension he walked into. He hopes that they will be able to continue the rest of the conversation. He does not want to erase their memories of the night.

"Morgan, I owe you an apology," he says when the everyone in the room starts to quiet down.

"If it's about the snake, forget about it. I get it." Morgan says.

"No, that's not it," he takes a deep breath. "You were the first one to witness us doing magic."

Morgan leans forward and rests his elbows on the table and stares at Harry, "What do you mean? And how come I don't remember that? Because I damn sure would have said something."

"There's a reason for that," Harry took another sip of his drink and waves his hand summoning a bottle of firewhiskey. It seems he needs a bit of liquid courage to admit a few hidden truths tonight. "Do you remember the other day when we all returned to the office together and we told you we simply bumped into each other?" Morgan nods. "Well, that was partly true. You see, I asked Draco to erase your memory."

"You what?!" Morgan shouts. The albino snake around Harry lifts her head and hisses in Morgan's direction.

"I am the one that should be upset," Harry tells him. "You were in my hotel room, going through my things!"

"But you had no right to tamper with my memory, even if that was true!" Morgan affirms.

"You're right," Harry agrees, "And that's why I'm asking for your apology."

"What about your apology?!" Morgan challenges.

They stare at each other as if they are in an episode of the OK Corral waiting for the first man to pull their guns and see who gets shot first. "What if I tell you I can give you those memories back?" Harry asks breaking their stand off. "I know that even after all that you've seen today you're still not convinced. I can see it in your eyes. Let me prove to you, show you how real magic is."

Morgan's gaze bores into Harry for a long moment. He glances over at Spencer. "Do you trust him?"

Spencer looks at Harry, answering confidently, "Yes."

Morgan barks, "Do it." The room goes quiet as if they are the only two people in the kitchen.

"Draco, you know what to do," Harry says.

Draco goes to stand but Morgan stops him. "No, I want you to do it. You were the one to make the promise so you need to do it. You like Spencer too much to double-cross me. You have to do it yourself."

What a stubborn fucking bastard.

"Fine," Harry sighs. He gets up and walks to the door then stops and turns facing the group. "You will, no, make that all of you, need to follow me," he says. "Draco, meet us in the the drawing room with the pensive."

"Are you sure you want to do it that way?" Draco asks.

"They want proof and proof I will give them." Harry answers.

Everyone gets up from the table, except Morgan, as Harry walks out of the kitchen.

Uncomfortable, Morgan asks, "Uh, what about the snake?"

Bill smirks, "Looks like you are stuck with her for now."

Spencer lays a hand on Morgan's arm. "Don't worry. She's not poisonous and she does seem to like you. It will be fine."

Morgan appears less than convinced but gingerly stands up anyway. Aki does nothing more than settle herself around Morgan's neck.

Harry's not shocked when he feels one of Bill's arms drape over his shoulders. "You guys were gone a pretty long time," he whispers. "Did you kiss and makeup?"

"I don't kiss and tell, Bill, you know that." He says with a smile. "But we are going out on a date tomorrow."

"It's a step in the right direction." Bill comments.

They reach the drawing room and they all pile in. "Misty," Harry calls and the little elf pops in.

"What can Misty do for Harry Potter?"

Harry smiles, "I require the large silver basin sitting on the table in Father's potion room."

The elf pops out just as his father speaks up, "The observation bowl is not ready."

"I can't think of a more perfect time to prepare it than now," Andromeda says, speaking for the first time. Harry notices how entranced Dave appears to be of her since dinner. Andromeda is very attractive, wizards are always vying for her attention. However, it takes a special man who can deal with her many moods. No one knows but those in the family about the mental defect of the Black blood. The longer they are without a lover, the worse it gets. The loneliness turns their minds against them, causing them to act irrational. Bellatrix was a prime example. It was rumored how in love she was with Tom Riddle. Yet, he cared nothing for her. Andromeda has been without a lover since the death of her husband in the war. Harry worries that each day she's alone her loneliness will drive her mad, past the point of no return. The love of her family is not enough to keep her sane forever. It helps but she needs a lover who can bring her back from the brink of loneliness.

Misty pops back in the room and sets the large basin on the table. "Anything else Misty can do for Harry Potter?"

"Yes," his father says. "Bring the velvet black box sitting on the shelf that was beside the basin," he instructs. Misty pops out and in with the potions quicker this time. Severus turns to Lucius and Andromeda. "I will need your assistance."

"As you wish, Love," Lucius answers.

They stand and walk over to the basin and pull out their wands and begin chanting as Severus adds the potion to the basin. The purple liquid starts to turn silver.

"What are they doing?" asks Spencer.

"They are adding magical protective runes to the basin," Blaise answers. "This way our mind is protected while we view the memories we are about to see."

"The one we have at home the runes are carved into it. Also, it's a rock and not a basin. But this will do in a pinch." Luna adds.

"Do you guys travel like this all the time? Pretty much taking an entire house with you?" Emily asks.

"It depends." Fred pipes in.

"This has or will be one of the longest trips we've been on and we like to be prepared," George tells her. "Well, I know Severus likes to be prepared."

"And we can easily fit all this," Luna says waving her hand around the room, "in a trunk or two. Magic comes in quite handy when it comes to moving."

"Lucky bastards," Emily mutters.

Her teammates look at her pointedly.

"What? It's true. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to carry an endless amount of things with you without difficulty? We travel with a single bag. It sucks," Emily complains, crossing her arms over her chest.

JJ pats her shoulder comfortingly. "It would be nice, especially when half the clothes you bring are ruined at a crime scene."

"Damn straight," Emily says. "Wearing scrubs or buying clothes in some store because I'm desperate is not fun."

"Then I guess we shouldn't tell you that some of the trucks have a full working kitchen and bathrooms. Pretty much an entire flat," Neville adds with a smirk on his face.

Emily glares at Neville, "I really hate you people."

Neville simply smiles then winks at her.

The three adults step back from the table and Severus looks at Harry, "It's ready and just so you know we will be joining you as well."

Harry knows what that tone means. It means he will be getting a stern lecture on the use of playing god with muggles' memories at will. His father is a stickler for rules. No wonder he is attracted to Aaron. They say find a man that reminds you of your father and he will love you forever.

"Yes, Father," Harry answers even though a question was not posed. He turns to look at the muggles in the room just as Draco enters the room and hands him the vial with Morgan's memory. He holds it up. "This is the part of your memory we took from you that day. We could have simply reversed the charm, but I think seeing will help all of you believe the truth of what we have been telling you. I don't want you guys leaving here not understanding exactly who and what we are." Harry looks around the room at the muggles. "Look, Penelope and Spencer have already made a vow not to reveal anything they see or know about us," he looks directly at Derek. "If Spencer or Penelope had, something terrible would have happened to him or her. We value our secrets just as your government does. We were given permission to tell you about us. But before we go any further, I need the rest of you to make a vow of secrecy that anything you see or learn tonight, you will never talk about it to anyone else outside of the people in this room."

The BAU team are silent as they stare at Harry as if he's lost his mind. "What if we don't?" Morgan asked. "Are you going to erase all our memories like you did mine?"

"Yes," Harry answers without a second thought. "I know you won't understand this, Morgan. But I've died to protect the people I care about and I would do it again in a heartbeat." He hears Aaron gasp but Harry does not look at his lover, he cannot. He knows that he will be asked about it later. His Dom will not be happy with how easily he would give his own life to save another.

"I agree not to say anything," Aaron says and moves to stand a bit closer to Harry.

"Hotch, are you serious, man?" Morgan asks.

"Derek, can you honestly tell me that you're not curious? After the amazing things we've seen tonight, how can you still not believe them? They are finally being straight with us and you still want more answers without giving something back. Can you not see why they'd want to keep this, the existence of magic, a secret? Imagine what would happen if everyone knew; it would get ugly, fast."

"I'm with Aaron," JJ says then looks at Harry. "I agree not to breath a word about this to anyone else but to those in this room."

"Me too," says Dave and then makes the same pledge.

One by one the others makes the vow. Derek is still the last one to agree. "Hotch might be right about one thing. We've witnessed some really great theatrics tonight. I just think it's all smoke and mirrors. The one thing that's bugging me is, how you make those little alien things pop in and out of the room? It has to be some kind of trick. And if this doesn't convince me that everything I saw tonight was real I'm walking out here and prove that you people and Nott are all in on this and you're using this to as a diversion."

"Do I take that as your vow, then?" Harry asks.

Spencer takes Derek's hand, pleading, "Please, Derek. I believe them. Trust me."

He melts at Spencer's words. "I trust you." His eyes harden as he looks away from Spencer and he mutters angrily, "I don't have to like it though."

"There's always one skeptic in the bunch," Seamus says, shaking his head and absently rubbing his stomach. "There is one thing Harry didn't say tonight that I will say now. You all should be thanking him for saving your lives. If he didn't kill V...Voldemort, you'd all be dead right now. So instead of second guessing him, why don't you fucking thank him? And yeah, he fucking sacrificed his very life for you too."

Seamus is pissed, he only speaks up when he's angry and when he can't blow shit up, especially now that he is pregnant. "Thanks Sea," Harry tells him.

"No worries, man, we Gryffindors gotta stick together," he nods then sits down, looking around the room daring anyone to say something. Harry is grateful for his friends.

"Fine!" Morgan says between clenched teeth. "I vow not to say one word about what I see here tonight, only to those in this very room. But lie to me and I will kill you all."

"Only if you can catch us first," Harry shoots back.

"I really wish you two would get along," Aaron says shaking his head.

"I like Morgan just fine, Aaron," Harry tells his Dom. Harry suspects a couple of reasons why he and Derek seem to butt head all of the time. The first is that Spencer was true to his word and kept the vow he made to Harry and his friends. It's evident that Derek does not like Spencer agreeing to things without his knowledge, which Harry can understand, especially with their special relationship. The other reason is Morgan's need to control everything and Harry's attitude to fight against that very control. Derek's need to dominate his environment pushes Harry's buttons more than he cares to admit. He sees Aaron as his one and true Dominant and feels threatened when another Dominant tries to pull that control away from his Dom.

"Okay, so how do we see it?" Aaron asks, breaking the staring match between him and Derek.

"With that," Harry says pointing to the basin behind him. "Once I pour Morgan's memory into the basin we dip our heads into the liquid then we will all be transported back to that day and view what he saw as if in a movie theater. And don't worry we won't drown, that's the beauty of magic," he tells them with a smile.

"You're shitting me," Dave says.

"No, I am quite serious." Harry smiles. "I will go first and then you can do what I do." He grabs Morgan by the arm. "We'll do it together." They walk over to the basin and Harry can see the skepticism on Morgan's face. "Promise me something?" Harry asks.

"What's that?"

"After you believe me, I get to call you Derek, even when I piss you off."

"Only if you manage to convince me," Morgan says.

"Well, get ready to be convinced." Harry pours the pensive into the liquid and places a hand on the back of Derek's head. Before the man can figure out what's going on, his head is pushed into the basin and they are transported into his memory.


Derek looks around, seeing himself in the memory like watching himself on film. It's bizarre. He hears the rest of his team gasp as they too enter his memory.

"Is anyone else getting a Twilight Zone feeling?" Aaron asks.

Draco starts to hum the theme song from the Twilight Zone causing Harry and the others to chuckle.

"Well, this is so strange," JJ says.

"That sums it up nicely," Emily jokes.

"Have you watched this before?" Morgan asks as he looks at himself, still not understanding how this is all possible. Which ghost am I being visited by: past, present or future? Fuck, it's not even Christmas yet.

"No, this is the first time I'm seeing this. You've had doubts all along." Harry answers.

"For good reason, obviously," Derek growls. He ignores the almost audible rolling of eyes at his comment.

"I'm ready to finish this case, Morgan. I might not look it, but I am worried about my friend. I want to find her and return her back to her husband and son. I also want to stop anyone else from getting murdered by that bastard. Nott and I have never been friends and never will be." Harry glares at Morgan. "The second I have a clear shot, I'm sending that son of a bitch to Hades. Death will not be his greatest adventure."

Derek gives Harry a skeptical look. "All your words don't sway me. The only reason I'm doing this is Spencer."

"I'm not afraid of you, Morgan. I've gone up against more dangerous men who have wanted to kill with one phrase. You don't even stack up to them."

"I don't want you afraid of me. And contrary to what you might think, I want to work with you. But I believe in reality and truth, not the fiction you and your team are cooking up."

Used to Derek's passionate nature, Dave ignores him. "Oh, shit!" He gasps, looking around in disbelief. "Is this fucking real? I feel like I'm back in the 60's."

"Seriously Dave? An acid joke?" Aaron asks dryly.

Dave laughs. "This is exactly the time for an acid joke."

"Can we get back to the memory?" Harry asks, amused.

"We can promise, this is, uh, fucking real," Draco confirms.

"Amazing," Spencers says as he looks around. Derek watches as his Pretty Boy walks up to his mirror image and touches his face. His hand swipes through the memory and it ripples like small waves. "Wow," Derek has never seen his baby speechless before.

"Holy shit, this is crazy," Prentiss says.

"I thought I'd seen it all but we don't got nuttin like this in the Bayou," Will adds.

Severus clears his throat and the whole group straightens like a platoon standing at attention for their commander. "Shall we get back to the memory?"

Like chastised children, they go silent and focus on the memory.

In the memory, Derek sits on the bed and considers why he feels more invested in discovering what the PACU are hiding than the case they are trying to solve. He knows it's wrong and he should be more concerned about the case but he can't help it. Something about the PACU bothers him, like an itch he can't scratch.

"Wow, Derek, suspicious much?" Draco wonders.

"Shut up. Clearly, I was right! You were hiding the secret of fucking magic. Real magic! Not that fake shit they have in Vegas."

"Gentleman, if you please."

Derek glances over at Severus to see him pinching the bridge of his nose. Not wanting to further annoy the man, he obeys.

Back in the memory, they hear Derek's thoughts.

I have to solve the mystery of the PACU and now. They are bullshitting us and I know it. They are hiding something, something important. It obvious in the way they give facts, mixing truth with evasion. The whole team is in on the secret, whatever it is. And like a bloodhound, I am going to follow the trail until the end, whatever it takes because the rest of the team sees it too, even if they aren't actively doing anything to find out the truth.

Derek starts searching the room, looking for anything out of the ordinary. He admires the excellent taste in suits hanging in the closet.

"Oh, for the love of god," Emily groans. "Can we skip past Derek's admiration of the clothing. Is that really important?"

"As much as I would like to give you your wish, dear Emily, I cannot. All of you need to see every piece of the memory, Morgan especially. We need you to believe and watching every detail can help accomplish that." Harry explains. "And thanks, Morgan. I do have excellent taste in suits."

Derek groans, wishing they couldn't hear his every thought in this memory. This could get embarrassing. What else was I thinking about that they could hear? He shoves that aside to continue watching.

Shoving the clothes aside, he sees a large trunk on the floor bearing the initials HJPB. Derek struggles to open it but can't find a way. Where the hell is the lock on this stupid thing?

"It's magical. The lock, I mean. Only I can unlock it," Harry tells him. "Well, Jack now too if I tell him the password."

Well, at least I didn't miss the lock somewhere. Derek harrumphs.

Memory Derek abandons the trunk, determining he can't open it. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. There is nothing here except a trunk I can't open. Nothing here supports my gut feeling. Giving up on the room, Derek is about to leave when he hears voices, ones that sound very familiar. What the hell are Hotch, Prentiss, and JJ doing here? How did they get here.

"What the hell indeed," Emily says.

In the memory, Derek silently sneaks over to the door, cracks it open and peeks out. Hotch is standing there, how he doesn't know. Derek's mind goes blank as 'Hotch' suddenly changes into Harry. What the fuck? He can't believe what his own eyes are telling him he saw. It's impossible.

"Why did you look and talk like me?" Hotch says to Harry.

A sheepish looking Harry answers, "Um, well, I might have disguised myself as you? To go to the bank.."

"Disguised? You became me?! How is that possible?" Hotch yells, sounding unnerved. "This is so disconcerting," he mutters to himself. Seeing himself but knowing it isn't him. It is more than bizarre. "So fucking weird."

"If you haven't guessed we're pretty famous, and we needed to find a way into the bank without being swarmed by the press or fans." Harry explains and visibly shakes in disgust. "Have you ever had to hide from people who constantly want to touch you or try to force you to drink love potions disguised as something else?"

"Love potions? That's a real thing?" JJ interrupts.

"Technically, they are lust potions. Creating true love is beyond the capabilities for even the most brilliant Potions Master," Severus explains.

"Severus would know, he's one of the best Potions Masters, alive or dead," Draco explains. "I'm merely his apprentice."

Aaron shakes his head, shocked and appalled by what he's hearing. A flicker of angry flashes on his face at the thought of someone attempting to trick Harry into taking a love potion. "It works?"

"It most certainly does," Severus answers. "If made correctly it can be very dangerous. Having another person fall in love with you against their will causes more problems than it's worth."

"So let me get this straight," Derek says interrupting the flow of conversation. "You have fans, you can transform or change into other people, and love potions are real?"

"Yeah, that sums it up a bit. However, goblin magic does not allow us to hide no matter how we are disguised."

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Harry whispers to Aaron.

Derek watches the strange interaction closely. Harry reaches out and cups Hotch's shoulder, telling him it was only one time and that Hotch needs to breathe and calm down. Now that is weird. Hotch panicking and Harry calming him down. What has the world come to?

Hotch glares at Harry. "Don't ever do shit like that again. Becoming me is just disturbing and I didn't give you permission to use my body like that ever again."

Harry ducks his head and mumbles a quiet, "Yes, Sir."

Sir? Yes, Sir? Did I hear that right? That can't be right. He wouldn't call Hotch sir, it doesn't make any sense. The words spoken in the memory are distracting and Derek can't be sure. Derek glances between the two men suspiciously but he can't detect anything indicating what he thought he heard was real.

In the memory, Derek opens the door a bit more and sees Prentiss and JJ beside Harry.

"One of you turned into me!" Emily screeches in outrage.

"Well...we did need three disguises," Blaise says nonchalantly. "I hear you have a cat."

"What? So what? One of you used my body!" Emily yells. Then she stops abruptly, her eyes narrow in suspicion. "How do you know I have a cat?"

Blaise shrugs mysteriously. "I'm sure Harry could tell you the story when he and his friends brewed the polyjuice potion in their second year and Hermione accidentally turned herself into a cat-person."

"Stop changing the subject!" Emily growls in frustration. "No wonder Derek is so pissy with you guys."

"Hey!" Morgan says in outrage. "I am not pissy."

Too distracted, JJ doesn't hear their argument. She stares at herself but not herself. "This is disconcerting, to say the least."

"It was not exactly fun for us either," Neville interjects. "Having your bits and pieces changed into girly parts is just as strange for us. But in our line of work you get used to it. It comes in handy when we need to go undercover," he shrugs. "And it only lasts a couple of hours so no need to worry or get upset about it."

Does anything bother these guys? Do they even understand why we are upset to see look a likes standing in front of us? Derek shakes his head as he continues to look at himself. He still couldn't believe this is happening. He's seeing it but not believing it at all.

Dave quirks a brow, "Chose the girls, huh? Strange choice but then, maybe you couldn't take on a person such as myself."

"Are you jealous you weren't picked?" Spencer asks, a smile in his voice.

"A bit, yeah," Dave answers with a pout. "But I guess being famous I would be recognizable."

"Keep telling yourself that so you can sleep better at night." Will says with a snicker.

"Why is Harry and fake us wearing dresses?" JJ asks, still staring at the memory.

"Those are not dresses!" Draco snaps. "They are robes, of the finest quality, mind you."

"Looks like dresses to me," JJ says with a shrug. "Must come in handy on days when you want to go commando." She covers her mouth realizing she said that out loud and not in her thoughts.

Severus again has to redirect them. "Children." Everyone snap to and stop talking, giving their attention to the memory.

"Wow, you're really good at that," Penelope compliments.

"Unfortunately, I have years of experience keeping unruly children in line," Severus drawls.

A ball of panicked dread lies heavy in Derek's stomach. As he feared, before his eyes Prentiss and JJ change too. In their place is Draco and Neville. How do they keep doing that?

"Are you alright, Nev?" Harry asks, concerned.

Neville nods his head as he sits down on the sofa. "I am fine; nothing a few more sips of nerve relieving potion won't cure." He reassures them.

Nerve relieving potion? What the hell is he talking about?

"I can't believe we had Nott and he got away again."

They had Nott! And he got away!

Neville continues, "He is starting to really piss me the fuck off, Harry."

Derek is surprised the laidback man he met this morning is talking like this. He didn't think Neville had it in him. He watches Draco pull something out of his long coat and give it to Neville, who sips at it. Whatever it is must taste terrible because he grimaces.

"Seriously, can't your Dad change the taste of his potions? Why do they have to be so damn nasty?"

"No, I can't, Mr. Longbottom." Severus says to both memory and present Neville who winces again as if he heard the older man. "Not without destroying the properties of the potion, which you would know if you knew anything about potions."

Neville shrinks into himself, trying to remain invisible.

Wow, Severus certainly does not play around. Derek is starting to like the older man, he commands respect from everyone in his family.

Harry laughs at his reaction. "Remind me to tell you all about boggarts later."

"Harry, you promised," yells Neville. "Seamus, save me from your mean friend."

"Um...sorry, Nev but that was a bit funny. Who knew your…" Neville covers Seamus's lips before he can finish his sentence.

"I will do anything to oblige my pregnant friend," Harry tells Seamus.

"We are never going to finish this memory if you don't cease your yammering," Severus scolds.

Everyone shuts up and turns back to the memory.

Again, with this potions bullshit. What is this, the dark ages? Don't these idiots have painkillers like normal people. They're from England, not some isolated tribe that doesn't have modern medicine.

Before anyone can comment, Severus says, "Don't. Not a word."

No one is brave enough to go against him and memory continues.

"He can but he does it to torture us," Draco admits, chuckling.

The group snickers along with memory Draco but doesn't interrupt further.

Derek watches himself as he watches Draco move over to Harry and point the stick he pulls out at Harry. "Let me close up those cuts on your face. Are you in any pain?" Harry shakes his head no.

What's with the stick? Are these guys crazy?

"It's called a wand," Lucius informs haughtily.

"Don't really care, it's still weird," Derek mutters back. He barely listens as memory Draco says something about debris getting into the cuts.

"I'm with you, Nev. Nott is really pissing me off. And what the hell did you do to him, Draco? He is gunning for you."

The group recalls the evidence that showed that Nott is targeting both Harry and Draco. It's something they have to keep in mind for the case. It might help them find a way to catch him.

"How do I know? Nott's a psychopath; maybe he thinks I did something to him? As far as I know, I've done nothing to him.."

"He threatened you specifically, Draco, we…" Harry suddenly stops speaking.

What the fuck! What the fucking, fuck! Is that a fucking snake coming out of Harry's sleeve? What is going on? Who has a fucking snake up their fucking sleeve? Can this day get any weirder? Before he can say anything, Harry's eyes are on him. Derek freezes. Oh, shit. Get ready for a fight. Try to avoid the fucking snake on his shoulders.

"Come on out, I know you're in there. I promise we won't harm you."

Yeah, right. Like I believe that. How'd he know I'm here? I didn't make a sound, even after he took out an actual fucking snake. I don't trust these guys.

Maybe his snake is in love with him, too. Derek can't speak to his own snake but she sure doesn't seem to want to let him go. I don't care what it takes, this snake is not coming home with me. I do not need a love-sick snake getting between Spencer and I.

His hand goes to his gun, taking it out and shoving it into the back of his pants. No way am I walking out of here unprepared. Derek walks out, his fingers twitching like a gunslinger about to draw. He can see the moment Harry recognizes him.

"What the hell are you doing here? The better question is how did you get in here?"

How about how the hell did you turn from Hotch, Prentiss, and JJ into you? Or why the hell is a snake on your shoulders like it's a normal thing? Not taking his chances, Derek whips out his gun and points it at them. I'm going to get some answers. "I believe I am the one that will be asking the questions." He notes their lack of fear but he's not about to take his gun away from them.

"What do you want to know?"

He's up to something. Derek's eyes dart around suspiciously, his gun never wavering. "Who are you people?"

"You know who we are. He's Harry, I'm Neville and behind you is Draco."

Fuck! Derek turns around quickly, the stick Draco had before is pointed at him. He almost laughs at the absurdity.

"Stupefy," Draco says.

I can't move. Why can't I move? Panic floods his body and he feels helpless. He can't control his body and it terrifies him. His mind starts reliving the day from the moment he met the PACU until now and Derek can't stop it. He's trapped in his mind, unable to do anything to stop them. Fucking bastards, when I can move, I'm going to kill all of you!

"What does he know?"

"Not much, he followed us when we left the building and saw me heal you guys," Draco says to Harry.

Derek feels Draco's eyes on him.

"I'm sorry to have to do this to you man."

Do what? Fuck, is he going to kill me? Move! Do something or else you gonna die! You can't leave Spencer.

Spencer puts a comforting hand on Derek's arm.

Derek swallows, the emotions he'd forgotten are overwhelming. He can feel how panicked he'd been, how afraid he was to die and leave Spencer alone. He's thankful no one comments on his fear. Derek couldn't take being teased about believing he was about to die.

Derek's mind goes blank. As if in an out of body experience, he watches Draco tell the others what he saw but it's like his mind isn't in his body.

"How far do you want me to erase?" Draco asks Harry.

"Take what he knows and put it in a pensive, then erase everything up to the point where he gets to the hotel and is waiting for us. Put a false memory of him asking an older woman if she needs help with her bags.

Derek wakes up in the car, confused. He looks over to find Draco next to him. How did I get here?

"Thanks for letting me drive, it's so weird driving on the opposite side of the road," Draco says.

What? I let Draco drive? What is going on? Derek doesn't remember letting him drive but he must have. "Uh, no problem."

"Are you okay?" Harry asks him.

Not really. Confused as hell but I'm not telling them that. "I'm fine."

The memory goes blank as everyone exits one by one. Derek is deep in thought. No one could have known what I was thinking when I thought I was going to die. They could not have fabricated my exact thoughts.

"I would never kill someone without just cause," Harry tells Derek.

Derek looks at Harry and says without malice, "Clearly, I didn't know that at the time." Reliving the memory was hard and Derek has a feeling he'll have nightmares of it in the future. Maybe not of Harry, Draco, and Neville, but of being frozen and unable to move while some sociopath kills him. Nightmares of leaving Spencer all alone.

"Be angry all you want," Harry says not backing down. "But just as you want to protect the people you love, we...I do as well. We keep our existence and magic a secret from government for a reason. But know this, we are human and bleed the same color as you do. We are not so different as you might think. You fear dying and leaving the man you love alone. I have a son, don't you think I feel the same fear? Don't judge us because of how we were born, don't look down on us because you want to feel superior. I don't care who or what you are. I will protect my family and those I consider my family against anyone that dares to harm them. And ironically, that includes you."

The entire room is quiet after Harry's rant. Derek is not sure what he should do or say. He is angry and touched at the same time. He knows his team would have his and Spencer's backs in any situation. But now he is stunned that strangers want to protect him as well, despite the way he reacted to them revealing their powers.

"Well, now you've done it," Fred says breaking the silence.

"I hope you're ready for it," George adds. Derek is now able to see the difference between the twins.

"What?" Derek asks. "What are you talking about?"

"You my friend, have been picked and he doesn't do that lightly." Bill tells him, shaking his head.

"Welcome to the family, you've been adopted, thanks to Harry," Draco drawls. "Oh and if you don't want it, too bad. Harry's not one to let his family go once he's decided. He's stubborn that way."

"A stubbornness you seem to share," Neville adds.

Andromeda, stands and walks up to Derek. She stares at him there is a look in her eyes that Derek cannot decipher. It seems crazy but for a split second the pupils of her eyes swirl from dark gray to light gray. She pulls out her stick/wand and touches it to his forehead and cackles. Derek freezes, fear trickling down his spine. His team rushes to defend him but stops when Aaron yells that they shouldn't move.

"Hurt him and you die," Andromeda warns him after she stops laughing like the mad hatter on crack. She returns to the woman he met earlier that night and Derek isn't sure how to react to the sudden changes he saw.

Spencer silently moves to Derek's side, taking his hand. Derek squeezes it in comfort and subtly shifts slightly in front of Spencer, shielding him from Andromeda. The threat scared him but he isn't going to show it or let anyone hurt him or Spencer or anyone he cares about, even if they have magic.

"Morgan," Harry calls his name, getting his attention. "It might seem as if we are singling you out but please, believe me, we aren't. I like you. I like that you question everything before you jump head first into danger. I like the way you think. You would have made a very good wizard. We could have used a man like you when we went to war against Voldemort. But just as you are cautious, don't you think we should be the same way?"

Derek gives a slow nod. He understands caution and protectiveness. Maybe he doesn't like how things have gone but he understands. As hard as it is to admit, he honestly believes them. It might have taken a gun metaphorically pointed at his head but he believes them that magic is real.

Holy shit!

Derek gasps when he feels a chill enter the room. He looks around the room and his eyes land on Harry. His entire body is glowing along with his eyes. They look like green bulbs of light. Derek opens his mouth to ask what's going on when Harry starts to speak.

"I, Duke Slytherin, now take the following into the Honorable and Noble of House of Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid, Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss, David Rossi, Jennifer Jareau, William LaMontagne Jr. under my protection they shall be recognized as my brothers and sisters in all but blood. They will be given the mark and title under the name of Slytherin."

He bows his head, placing his left hand over his heart.

Morgan gasps along with the others whose names are spoken as a chill runs up his spine and he feels a sharp burning sensation on the inside of his wrists. He looks down in shock and feels his stomach drop. On his skin shimmers a barely visible green and silver snake. He touches it but doesn't feel anything. It isn't a tattoo, not like his others, Derek isn't sure exactly what it is. Then it winks out of existence. Derek twists his hands, looking for the marks but it's gone. What the heck? He knows it was there. Derek glances at the others and they, too, are staring at their wrists with confusion on their faces.

Harry does not stop for a second, "I, Duke Hufflepuff, now take the following into the Honorable and Noble House of Hufflepuff under my protection. Henry LaMontagne. He will be given the title as the proxy heir Hufflepuff in the event an heir is not provided. He will be friend to Lord and Heir Theodore Lupin-Potter-Black-Prince and Jack Mason Hotchner-Potter-Prince."


Aaron freezes, and is stunned when Harry's words. Jack Mason Hotchner-Potter-Prince. How does he know Jack's middle name? Why are Harry's names after mine? What is going on?

The whole PACU team gasps, seeming as shocked as he is. Confused, Aaron watches Harry turn to him, unable to do anything but stare back in utter shock.

"I, Duke Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, take into the Honorable and Noble Houses of Ravenclaw and Gryffindor Aaron Thomas Hotchner. He will forever wear the title of Consort, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. He will be recognized as Consort-Lord Aaron Hotchner-Potter-Black-Prince. From this day forth, he will be known as father to Theodore Lupin-Potter-Black. Jack Mason Hotchner-Potter-Prince will now be given the title Heir to Gryffindor upon his magical majority at the age of sixteen. From this day forth, he will be known as brother to Heir Theodore Lupin Potter-Black-Prince. I, Duke Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor vow to protect and love Jack Mason Hotchner-Potter-Prince as my son and those I have taken into my Honorable and Noble House. My Consort Aaron Thomas Hotchner soon to be Prince will be given access to all that I hold dear. He will be given access to my vaults as well as his own. From this day forward, we will be known as one for the world to see. So mote it be"

Son? What is he doing?! Wait. Aaron goes cold. Did he say consort? CONSORT?! Oh my god. How is this happening? Fuck, everyone now knows about us. Oh shit! He feels like the world is crashing down around him and he doesn't know what to do.

Aaron is startled out of his freakout as a box appears in the room and to his disbelieving eyes, it opens on its own. Four rings float out the box in mid air. The floating rings each have their own distinct color gemstone: red, green, yellow, and blue. They twirl in the air around each other before a flash of light flares, momentarily blinding the room. When the spots clear from his eyes, Aaron sees the four rings have disappeared. In their place is a single ring, a brilliant, square gemstone of each color, red, green, yellow, and blue shines brightly.

The dumbfounded room is silent as the ring then moves over to Aaron, who stares at Harry with the same shock as everyone else in the room.

"Take it," Bill tells Aaron, pulling him out of his daze. "There's nothing you can do now. Magic has acknowledged your mating. His magic and your soul are mated, denying the ring won't change that. Take the ring. This wouldn't happen if not for what's in his heart, magic weaved into love will only make you both stronger. What is happening now is not his fault, remember that when he tries to explain everything to you. Magic is only giving him and you what it has recognized as his and your heart's deepest desire."

Aaron looks at Bill then looks back at Harry then at the ring still waiting for him to take it. Aaron lifts his left hand with uncharacteristic timidness to take the ring but it has a mind of its own and slides onto his finger, automatically fitting itself. Aaron's thoughts are jumbled and he has no idea what to think or do.

A second box pops in before Harry as soon as the ring fits onto Aaron's finger. It opens and like Aaron's box, four rings float in front of Harry. Red, green, yellow, and blue, the rings move in a circle around each other until light blinds the room. The four rings turn into one, the four square gemstones shimmer in their brilliance. In shock, Harry reaches out for the ring and slips it onto his finger. A visible light flares between Aaron and Harry, magic acknowledging their bond.

As if coming out of a daze, Harry gasps and stumbles a little and grabs on to the table, catching himself before he face plants on the floor. Aaron is still in shock and doesn't know what to say or do. Harry turns to look at everyone on the room. Staring at the ring on his finger, Aaron feels Harry's eyes on him. Rage and confusion battle inside him.


"Aaron, I'm sorry…" Harry says as he takes a step closer to Aaron but stops. Dave watches in horror as his friend and boss walks out of the room instead of listening to what Harry has to say.

Dave knows Aaron well enough to know that if he got involved with Harry, as it seems he has, he cares deeply for him. Aaron wouldn't do an office romance for a fling.

"What the hell is going on?" Severus asks. "Harrison, I need you to explain to me why you just did that?"

Harry turns to look at his father. "Not now, Father, please I need to make sure Aaron…"

"Go," Lucius tells him. "We can wait until you are ready to explain it all to us."

"Thank you, Père." Harry says with a sigh of relief as he chases after Aaron, leaving everyone in the room still in shock.

Dave hopes Harry can convince Aaron to listen, his friend can be annoyingly stubborn at times. The fear and desperation on Harry's face makes it obvious that he loves Aaron and the expression on Aaron's face when he left seems to indicate he feels the same. If he didn't, Dave knows Aaron wouldn't have taken the ring. He would have turned cold and demanded answers, not been confused and run off without waiting for an explanation.

"I guess it explains the kiss I witnessed earlier tonight."

Everyone turns and looks at Penelope after she drops another bomb in the room.

"Pay up," George tells Fred with his hand extended.

"You knew about them?" Severus asks in shock.

"No," George answers. "I had my suspicions."

"The ones you should be asking are Luna and Bill." Fred adds.

"Oh, look at the time," Bill says looking at his naked wrist as he tries to walk out of the room.

"Petrificus Totalus," Severus yells, stopping Bill in his tracks.

"Oh, shit," Bill squeaks as he falls to the floor.

"Severus, dear, you need to calm down…"

"I will not! My son has been keeping secrets from me and I want to know why! He claimed a Consort, Lucius. He wouldn't even admit he was dating someone. Why would he do that, Luc?" His voice cracks at the last statement.

"He's my son as well, Sev," Lucius snaps. "But can you blame him? You cuddle him as if he's a baby still suckling from your tit." Severus looks away from his spouse. "I don't mean to anger you, love. But Harry is an adult and he's prone to make mistakes among his good decisions. I'm sure he would have told you when the time was right."

Dave is not about to intervene. He doesn't have any children but he can understand why Severus is upset. He glances over and sees JJ and Will looking at Severus with parental sympathy. Maybe we should leave, this is a family matter now.

"I agree with, Lucius," Andromeda adds in.

"Andromeda, what? Why? He kept this from you too," Severus asks in disbelief.

"Oh, I don't know, maybe it's because you threaten the ones Harry introduces you to with removal of their body parts," Neville mumbles. The others nods in agreement. "And those were the ones you liked."

"Maybe we should be goi…" Derek says echoing Dave's earlier thoughts.

"Oh, no," Andromeda says stopping them. "You lot are family now, and you are privy to all of our family spats. Sit back this one is going to be a doozie. Our Harry is known for shaking things up," she says with a maddening smile. "If I haven't said it yet, welcome to the family."

Dear Diary, I have a feeling things are only going to get more interesting from here on out.


Harry runs out of the room and frantically searches for signs of Aaron. He prays that Aaron did not leave without giving them a chance to talk. Oh, gods, what have I done? I didn't mean to, what if he doesn't want anything to do with me now? What if I ruined everything because my magic couldn't keep its big mouth shut? This is one of those times Harry curses having magic. At times, the power takes over without being able to stop it and it does things he later has to explain. Not finding Aaron, Harry pulls out his wand. "Point me to Aaron Hotchner," he says. When nothing happens, Harry's heart starts to shatter. He's gone. Feeling hopeless, he sags against the nearest wall.

"You changed his name." Harry looks up and his mother is standing in the frame looking at him, a sympathetic expression on her face.

"Oh, Mom, what have I done?" Tears run down his face.

"You did what your heart wanted and what his desired as well, even if he isn't ready to admit it," she tells him. "Magic gives us the true desires of our hearts. I admit that is the drawback to being a part of this world. But magic helps or in your case push us to reveal the things we've kept hidden in our hearts."

"He hates me now," Harry sobs. Everything within him cries out for Aaron. His heart, his soul, his wolf, and his magic.

"Don't lose hope," she says. "If he hated or rejected you, he would not have accepted your courtship ring. Magic saw what was in his heart, your magic and his soul are matched. You need to find him and talk to him. Try it again. And truthfully, I think he wanted everyone to know about you both. So it wasn't just your desires that magic helped, it was also his."

Harry nods and wipes his cheeks. He's feeling just a little better after Lily's pep talk. He needed to talk to Aaron, make everything right between them. "Find Consort Aaron Hotchner-Potter-Black-Prince," the tip of his wand lights up and points to the other end of the hall in the direction of the door leading to the garden.

"Thanks, Mom," Harry whispers.

"Go, I will try and talk to James, he's already threatening to help Severus, and you know what that means?"

Yeah, Aaron will be potion ingredients before the night is over. Harry rushes to the glass door and stops. Aaron was sitting in one of the chairs with his head in his hands. Harry stands behind the closed doors looking at his lover and wonders what he must be thinking. Only one way to find out. Taking a deep breath, Harry opens the door and steps out. He closes the door behind him and leans on it, too afraid to step closer to Aaron. Hearing him enter, Aaron's head snaps toward him. Silence reigns, neither of them saying anything for a long time.

"I've been sitting here trying to figure out what Consort means." Harry goes to answer but Aaron continues. "All I can think about is that I can't be your wife."

Harry's heart sinks to the depths of his stomach. He's rejecting me.

"How are going to make this work, now that you have outed us? You kind of pushed me out of the closet. What is your family going to expect from me? Where do we go from here? Will magic be a constant factor in our relationship?"

"I can't lose you, Aaron," Harry whispers, voicing his greatest fear.

Aaron stares at him for a moment, then extends his hand. "Come here," he instructs.

Feelings of hope swell inside Harry. He takes the short steps and puts his hand into Aaron's, who pulls him in between his open legs. Aaron rests his head on his stomach and wraps his arms around Harry's waist.

"You're not going to lose me," Aaron whispers. "But I feel like we are moving so fast I barely have a chance to breathe with everything that's happened tonight. It's a lot to take in, all at once. I feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster. The second I get a chance to breathe something else happens and it's an uphill battle again. Being with you will never be calm and peaceful, will it?"

"No," Harry admits softly, a tinge of fear in his voice.

Aaron tightens his hold on Harry's waist. "Okay. I suppose I will have to get used to that."

"You're not going to leave me? Find someone easier?"

"No, I want you. I wouldn't know what to do with easy anyway."

Harry closes his eyes and sighs audibly in relief. "I'm so sorry about all this, I had no idea that was going to happen. Please, believe me."

"I do believe you," Aaron tells him. "I saw the shock in your eyes after you were finished. I take it this doesn't happen very often."

Harry cards his fingers through Aaron's soft hair. "It's never happened like that before." Harry answers. "Are you sorry you met me?"

"No," Aaron answers. "Don't get me wrong, I want to be angry with you, right now, but I can't forget the words you used. You took Jack as your own son. You want to be a father to him and only after meeting him one time. Maybe now that everyone knows it might take the pressure off us keeping everything a secret."

Should I tell him about blood adoption or will it be too much for him to handle? A lot has been thrown at him today. "I don't simply want him to call me Dad because Teddy does. I want to adopt him magically one day," Harry says testing the waters.

"What do you mean, magically?" Aaron asks.

"Um...Well, it's kind of complicated. But the gist of it is that I give Jack a potion mixed with my blood. When he took it, he would legally be my son in blood. I did the same with Teddy and Severus did the same with me."

"That answers a lot of the questions I've had about things." Aaron tells him. "I'm not saying no, but I'm also not saying yes. Let's table that for later on in the future, I am not ready to answer that. Jack is my son, I cannot make a decision like this lightly. Can you understand that?"

"Yes," Harry says with a relieved sigh.

"One last question, what about Teddy? I know I don't have magic but is this potion thing an option for him and me? Or does it only work on people with magic?"

"It goes both ways," Harry answers. "Though, I've never heard of a muggle wanting to blood adopt a magical child. I could ask Draco to research it for me."

"Are we really talking about this? A future with each other?"

"It's odd I know. Earlier today I was so mad at you for not listening to me and now we are talking about a future and adopting each other's sons." Harry says. "You know I seriously think it's for the best that my magic did what it did. It feels like a large weight has been lifted off my shoulders," he tells him.

"Oddly, I feel the same way. I just wished I had a chance to talk to your dad about my feelings for you."

Thinking of his dad, Harry agrees, "Me too. Dad is not going to be pleased with either of us. Me for lying and not telling him I was dating you. And you for being with me. He's overprotective of me to the extreme. Whatever you do, please, do not provoke him, he can be...dangerous. Don't take his threats lightly."

"I'm a profiler, Harry. I deal with dangerous people every day."

"Yes but they are muggles. Dad is a powerful wizard, there is little you can do against him unless you kill him."

Aaron sighs. "Thanks for the vote of confidence. I guess my only shot is to never be alone with your dad."

"That would be for the best but he's sneaky unfortunately. He was a spy for a reason. Dad is going to be as mad at me as he is at you."

"I hope I didn't mess things up between you two."

Harry sighs. "No, you didn't. Right now, he's probably interrogating Bill or Luna." He sees the surprise on Aaron's face. "Don't worry, they can handle it," he reassures his lover. "But he also knows I can't help who I am or the way I was born. When I was a kid he used to get upset when I jumped in head first, expecting to accept the consequences of my actions later. Let's just say a sore bum and lots of detentions didn't change the way I did things. He gets that. Although at times, I know he wishes I would be more like him and think everything through before I act. But it's not in me." He shrugs his shoulders. "Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don't."

"And that's what happened tonight?"

"Yes," he whispered. "After I killed Voldemort, the backlash of the spell I used against him was so powerful that I gained the rest of his powers. The only ones that knows about this are Bill and my Dad; it's one of the reasons why he's so protective of me. My magic spirals out of control sometimes. It was one of the reasons Bill suggested I become a Submissive. It wasn't only for my need to be dominated but it also helps keep my magic in check."

"We are going to have to work on that, I can't have you rushing into things head first." Aaron tells him. "And from now on, you don't need anyone else to help you control your magic. You have me, I'm your Dom."

"Does this mean what I think it means?"

Aaron looks up and pulls Harry down onto his lap. "It's going to be hard, but I'm not giving up on you, on us." He cups Harry's cheeks, using his thumbs to dry away the wet tears. "In our short time together, I've become very attached to you and I'm not ready to let you go. We have a lot of work to do."

Harry nods before resting his head on Aaron's shoulder, feeling comforted and safe in his lover's embrace. Neither breaks the silence for a long time.

"Does this mean we're married?" Aaron asks.

Harry smiles and hides it in Aaron's neck. As much as he likes the sound of them being married, they aren't. "Not necessarily," he whispers.

"Then what?"

"More like engaged, until we decide on when we want do a formal bonding, but you have access to everything I own," Harry answers.

"Formally bond, so you asked me to marry you?"


"And apparently I accepted." He holds out his hand and looks at the ring on his finger. "That's a lot to take in," Aaron says.

"Aaron, I'm so s…" Harry starts to apologize but Aaron stops him by placing a finger on his lips.

"Don't do that, no more apologies," Aaron tells him. Harry nods. Aaron leans back in the chair taking Harry with him. This is not what he expected to happen when he came out here. He was ready to fight and defend his actions. "I bet you're wondering what happened between the time I walked out of the room and now." Harry nods again. "Bill said tonight that magic already accepted our relationship. I didn't know what he meant until I touched the ring and then I felt so much relief that we won't have to hide from everyone. I know what you did tonight wasn't malicious. You went with what you were feeling. And it's the same thing I've been feeling all night as well, even if I didn't want to admit it. Not to you or myself. I know what I said earlier tonight about waiting, but in my heart, I wanted tell everyone about us."

"Confusing, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is." Aaron answers. Unexpectedly, he laughs. "I don't have to hide when I want to kiss you anymore. It was fun keeping it a secret for a bit, but I dislike seeing the jealous longing on your face when Spencer and Derek touch. Or Draco and the twins. I don't like when you're unhappy, Pet."

So Aaron noticed when they were at work and tonight. "I know I shouldn't be jealous, but I can't help it." Harry admits shyly.

"You have every right to be, my sweet Pet," Aaron hugs him closer and kisses the top of his head.

"I wanted to prepare you for what's to come before we told everyone, but it's a little too late for that now."

"Prepare me for what?" Aaron asks confused.

"My family," Harry tells him. "They're all a bit overprotective in their own way. I've already warned you about my father..."

"...Should I be worried?"

"Père is a quiet but deadly kind of guy. He lulls you into a safe space before he strikes like a cobra. And Dad will definitely use your body parts for potions and sell them to the highest bidder."

"So what I saw at the table was not an act?"

"Oh, no, that was both Prince-Malfoys being low-key. They work as a team. I would just do as they say from now on."

"Great. Haley's dad only wished I was dead, your fathers could actually kill me," Aaron jokes.

Harry snickers, "I'll protect you," he promises.

"You'd better. Give me a guy with a gun any day over magic wielding, protective fathers. Because I don't know how to defend myself against that." Not giving Harry time to answer, Aaron stands with Harry in his lap and places him on his feet. He takes Harry by the hand and goes to his knees. "I've been thinking about this for a while, especially after tonight, I think it's the perfect time to do this."

Harry's body starts to vibrate, seeing Aaron on his knees in front of him. Oh shit! What is he doing? Holy fucking, Merlin! Is he asking me to marry him? No, that can't be it, we're already engaged. Well, I asked him to marry me maybe he feels he needs to do the same.

"I don't have exactly a proper one but I do have something."

Harry looks at Aaron, confused by what he means.

"Jack gave me something special for Father's Day with his own money. Jessica took him to buy it."

Jessica again. I'm really starting to hate this woman. She's seems close to Jack too. I bet she wants Aaron? After all the man is handsome. Well, no fucking way he belongs to me.

"Can you unbutton my cuff and roll up my sleeve for me? The right one."

"Okay," Harry answers, sounding confused and unsure. He does as Aaron asks and uncovers a black, leather wrist cuff.

"That's what he bought me. I wear it everyday, although I took it off before meeting with you. I wasn't ready to explain why I had it if you asked."

Harry understands that.

Aaron stares into Harry's eyes. "Take it off me."


"Are you questioning an order, Pet?"

Harry ducks his head in submission. "No, sir."

"Good. Now do as I asked, take it off."

Harry unbuckles the cuff obediently and holds it uncertainly in his hand. "Now what?"

"I saw the way you were looking at Spencer's collar. You envied him for having a symbol of Derek's ownership and dominance over him. And although this is not a proper collar, I want you to have this. It is special to me, just as you are. Consider it a pre-collar until I present you a proper collar. I want to take my time picking out one that is as special as you are to me. That is, if you will accept it?"

Harry strokes the black leather reverently. "You want me to have this?" He knows how much he treasures gifts from Teddy and senses Aaron feels the same about gifts from his son.

"Yes, I do."

Emotion chokes him and Harry cannot speak. He takes the cuff and wraps it around his wrist, then pauses. "I…" he looks down at the cuff and then up at Aaron. "I could transfigure it into a collar with magic, if you wanted me to."

"I appreciate the thought, Pet, but the only collar I want you to wear is the one I pick out for you."

Harry nods, a small smile touching his lips. He can't wait to feel Aaron's collar around his neck, to feel the permanent ownership and claim of his Dom. "Okay." He buckles the cuff. His wrist is smaller than Aaron's and the cuff is a bit loose. "Is it okay if I shrink it a little to make it fit better?"

Pleased by the question, Aaron says, "Yes, you can. It's yours now, it should fit you."

He takes out his wand and spells the cuff smaller to fit his wrist. Harry holds it up, admiring the cuff against his skin tone. It makes him feel like Aaron's and that's exactly what he needs right now. "Thank you, Sir. I don't deserve this but I will cherish it."

"I wouldn't give this to you if you didn't deserve it," Aaron says simply. "It looks like it was meant for you."

Harry smiles, realizing the cuff does look like it was always his, as if Aaron was only holding onto it until it could be given to Harry.

Aaron stands and grabs Harry's hand and starts to walk to the door. What is he up to now? "Aaron, what are you doing?" He asks but his lover does not answer him or stop. Please, answer me!" His pleading is ignored, the closer they get to the room, the more he can hear the sounds of everyone still talking.

Aaron opens the door and everyone abruptly goes silence and stares at them. Aaron turns and looks at him, "Do you trust me?"

"Yes," Harry answers without a moment's thought. It seems that is all Aaron needs to hear.

Aaron walks up to his father and stands in front of him. "Severus, I know that Harry and I went about this wrong by hiding our relationship from you and everyone else but we had our reasons. Reasons, I'm not sorry about. However, I would like your permission to continue seeing your son. I understand that we got engaged tonight and no matter what you say I'm not going to stop seeing him, but I'd like to have your full support."

The entire room is in silence waiting for Severus to answer. Severus looks at Harry. "Is this who you want?"

"Yes, Father, it is. I care deeply for Aaron, and I think he's my mate."

"You think? This must be something you're sure about," Père says, coming to stand beside his father wrapping his arms around his waist to show solidarity.

"Then I'm sure," Harry answers tightly clasping Aaron's hand.

Harry can feel Aaron looking between him and his fathers, his expression scrutinizing as if trying to solve a puzzle. The significance of calling Aaron his mate is yet another thing he will have to explain to his Dom. Now isn't the time, however.

"Very well, since I have no choice in the matter, you may do as you wish," Severus tells them, a bite in his tone, then he stalks out of the room.

"Father!" Harry calls after him, but Severus's stride does not slow or show any reaction to Harry's plea.

"Give him some time, Harry," Père says as he squeezes one of Harry's shoulders. "He's not prepared to see you off on your own as of yet, no matter how many suitors he pushes in your direction. If you remember I felt the same way when Draco told us he wanted to marry the twins.

Harry nods, he remembers the arguments between Draco and Lucius. The days they went without speaking to each other. Draco threatening to move out and Lucius threatening to disown him. It wasn't that Lucius didn't like the twins. He just felt they were not enough for Draco. It had nothing to do with wealth, or social standing. According to Lucius, no one was good enough for his son. Is that how Father feels now, that Aaron is not good enough for me? "Will he ever be ready?" Harry asks his Père staring at the open door his father just walked out of.

"Truthfully, no, but that's part of being a parent," Père tells him. "I can guarantee once Teddy and now Jack reaches the age where they start dating you will be the same way."

"I should go talk to him," Harry says.

"No, let me. I know what he's feeling right now," Aaron tells him.

"Brave man, not even I wouldn't face him in his current mood." Père tells him, admiration in his tone.

"I've never been one to back down from anyone," Aaron says looking at Lucius. "It's not in my nature."

"You've chosen well, Harry, I'm sure once Severus gets over his anger he will like him, too," Père smiles as he looks at Harry before turning his gaze back to Aaron. "You will find him in the basement. It's the room on the other side of the kitchen," he instructs Aaron.

Aaron turns Harry to face him then cups both his cheeks before he bends down and kisses Harry on his lips. "Don't worry, everything will be okay, I promise." Harry nods and Aaron releases him and walks out of the room.

Even with the knowledge of his father's power and protectiveness, Aaron is willing to face him. Harry admires Aaron for that bravery, he could be a Gryffindor with that kind of stupid bravery. Aaron definitely would be a Gryffindor. Harry shakes his head at his stupidly, brave Dom. "He's going to hurt him pretty badly, isn't he?" Harry asks his Père.

"Does a dragon have wings?" Draco asks.

"Shit, maybe I should be there." Harry says.

"Oh, no little, Prince, you have some explaining to do." Draco tells him as he backs him into a seat.

Knowing he isn't getting out of this Harry spares one last thought for Aarron. I'll have to heal him up when Father is finished with him. It's the least I can do.

Draco stands in front of Harry with his arms crossed over his chest. He is not alone, Fred, George, Morgan, Dave, Will, Prentiss, JJ, and Penelope surround him. Blaise, Bill, Luna, Neville, Spencer, and Seamus are standing beside his chair almost shielding him from the onset of questions to come. Andromeda and Lucius are sitting on the other side of the room with a glass of port in their hands as if watching a picture show.

There is no escaping this.

Harry groans and throws himself back in his chair. "Okay, let's get on with it. You each get to ask one question. But I reserve the right to not answer if they become too personal."

Derek is the first to ask not pulling any punches, "What did you do to Hotch? As far as I know he's not gay, he's straight. Hell, the man was married to a woman."

"As I heard it, so were you before you and Spencer got together. Does that answer your question?" Derek's face turns a beautiful shade of pink and that's all the answer Harry needs. "Next," he says. This time everyone starts throwing questions at him at the same time. Harry covers his face to hide his smile, he knows his family cares for him but he still cannot help but worry about Aaron and how things are going with his father.


Aaron stands outside weighing his options of what he can say once he enters the room. Truthfully, this is not the first time he's had to do something like this. Talk to the father of the bride. He had to ask Haley's dad for her hand in marriage and he was nowhere as nervous then as he is now. What's the difference? Aaron cannot answer that question. He loved Haley, but Harry does something to him that he cannot put into words. It feels as if they are connected down to the soul. He knows if he gave up on their relationship because of misunderstanding he would regret it for the rest of his life. He can live without Haley, Harry on the other hand, Aaron isn't as sure about.

"How long do you plan to stand out here?" Aaron hears. He looks around and sees no one standing behind him or down the hall. "Hey, tall, dark and brooding, I'm talking to you." Aaron looks around once more not seeing anyone he thinks he's losing his mind. "Look over here, in the picture, dummy."

Aaron is starting to get annoyed, whoever was playing a game on him. He looks at the picture frame and the man resembling an older version of Harry with glasses is looking at him. "Are you talking to me?" Aaron shakes his head, wondering out loud, "When did I get to the place where I'm talking to a picture and the picture talks back. Harry's world is so strange. If I hadn't witnessed it earlier, I'd think I was losing my mind." He is about to knock on the door but is forced to stop when the shouting starts.

"Hey! Shut up and listen to me!" Aaron freezes in his spot. "After everything you've seen tonight I still can't believe you are thrown by the fact a picture can talk to you. Where did my son find this idiot?" Aaron watch in amazement as the man starts to pace. "I'm trying to save this idiot's life and all he wants to do is jump in head first. As a Gryffindor, I'm proud but there's a certain way you have to handle Severus."

"Fine, then help me," Aaron says, getting the man to stop pacing and look at him.

"Now, listen, Severus will hate you because well, Harry is his baby. I know I'm his father in blood but Severus is the one who raised him. I've watched over the years as he scared away suitor after suitor, all of whom he found lacking when it comes to Harry. What you have to do is stand up to him. You are now Harry's protector; Severus will not respect you if don't show him you can protect Harry. He does not tolerate cowards. You are the man who will one day give Severus more grandchildren. Prove that you can protect him and any children you have. Harry's not pregnant now, is he?"

"P-Pregnant? You're kidding, right? Men can't get pregnant!" Aaron says in utter shock.

"Oh shit, you don't know. Quick lesson. Wizards can get pregnant. And you better pray Harry isn't because if he is and Sev finds out he is, well, any advice I give you won't save you from his wrath. He's a bit traditional in that sense, babies after marriage kind of thing. Teddy's the exception."

"That's enough out of you, Potter." Aaron jumps like a kid caught with his hands in the cookie jar when he hears Severus's voice. "What are you doing down here?"

Shit, the man could scare even the toughest criminal into confessing to shit he never did.

Aaron knows he should be shaking from the tense and menacing expression on Severus's face but he's an adult and a Dom to boot. He isn't afraid of anything. Okay, maybe a little. But I can't show any weakness toward Harry's father. Aaron stands up straight and proud and announces in a formal tone, "I need to talk to you, about Harry and I."

Severus stares intently at him then steps to the side and lets him in.

"Deadman walking." Aaron hears from the picture as he steps inside. He would laugh if their roles were reversed. The door shuts behind him and to Aaron it sounds like prison cell doors locking him in.

"I don't know if he's pregnant," Aaron says before Severus could say anything. "I didn't even know it was possible." Severus somehow stares down his nose at him, despite the man being two inches shorter than Aaron, making him feel like a student being chastised.

"He's not, Harry keeps up with his contraception potions." Severus tells him as he picks up one of the many boxes in the room.

"Do you need any help?" Aaron asks.

Severus stops and stares at him for a second. "You can put those books on the shelf behind you."

Aaron looks to his left and spies the books piled up at his feet. He bends down and picks them up and starts stacking them on the shelf. They work in silence for a time before Severus breaks the silence.

"Do you love him?"

Aaron stops what he's doing and turns to face Severus, he needs to answer this question facing the father of the man he cares about.

"More than even I realized, I didn't know how much until tonight."


"Why do I love him?" Aaron asks, unsure if there can be a single reason to explain why he loves Harry.

"No, why have you guys kept it a secret? Doesn't he trust us? Doesn't he trust me?" The last part Severus whispers and it breaks Aaron's heart just a bit. Being a father himself, he understands feeling like you've failed your son. Aaron is starting to understand Severus better. He's hard on the outside but a loving father underneath all his bluster, one that cares deeply for his son and only wants the best for him. Aaron puts the books down and walks over to the man who essentially is now his father-in-law.

"I think he cares a lot about what you think, and he doesn't want to disappoint you."

"Harry can never disappoint me. He worries me to death, yes, but disappoint, never."

"I think you should tell him that." Aaron says feeling a bit more confident than when he walked into the room.

"Tell me something, Mr. Hotchner…"

"Hotch or Aaron, please. We are family now, no need for formalities."

"As you wish, tell me Aaron, what would you do if the shoe was on the other foot?"

Aaron thinks about it for a second before answering, "Honestly, I don't know. I can't fathom or compare the relationship you have with Harry to the one I have with Jack. But I do hope I would give the person my son brings home the benefit of the doubt. I would also try to support and trust that Jack knows what he's doing."

"Did you love your wife? Is she still in the picture?"

"I loved Haley, very much. But after she died I realized if Jack wasn't around we would have divorced sooner than we did," Aaron answers truthfully.

"Why? Severus asks again.

Aaron sighs and picks up several book, staring at them for moment before looking back at Severus. "She wanted me to choose between her and my job. I understood why, all she wanted was for me to be safe. But at the time, I wasn't willing to give up a career I'd worked hard for. After Jack was born I tried, I really did. I took a desk job just to make her happy but I wasn't happy. It made me miserable because the job was part of me. Instead of bringing us closer as she hoped, being behind a desk drove us apart. My job was always a contention between us. I wasn't who she needed or wanted and I couldn't change myself to be that kind of man, no matter how hard I tried."

"And you see things differently with my son?"

"Yes," Aaron quickly answers. "Even not knowing everything about me he's yet to ask me to choose. He understands me and how important my job is to me because he is the same. Tonight, he had every right to be angry that I never told him about Jack, but he wasn't, not for long anyway. He already sees Jack as his. None of the women I dated after Haley has ever done that. They see my son as a tool to get closer to me and nothing else. Jack and I are a package deal, I cannot be with someone who doesn't love Jack like I do. Harry is different; his heart is pure. He would never think of using Jack, he doesn't have that in him. How can I not love him and want him in my life? I would be a fool to walk away from a man like Harry and not give us a chance."

"What about young Teddy? He is Harry's son and they are, as you said, a packaged deal."

"I admit I don't feel as Harry does about Jack yet. I won't lie and say I love Teddy at this very moment. Maybe that sounds a bit selfish," Aaron quickly defends his words. "But I don't claim to have a heart as open as Harry's. A heart like his is rare and should be treasured. I do want to get to know Teddy, I want my feeling for him to be genuine and not simply because I love his father. Teddy seems to be very lovable, I suspect it will take little time for me to come to love him. I already like him a great deal, despite how little I know him."

"And if you cannot come to love him? What then?"

Aaron tries to imagine not being able to love a child and he can't. "I don't know how I couldn't, love him, I mean. However, if it happened, I would have to let Harry go. Teddy deserves to be loved by a potential step-father as much as Harry is. I would not feel right if we weren't a true family, the four of us."

Severus carefully scrutinizes Aaron for sincerity. "I will ensure you keep your word on the matter. No grandson of mine will be used as fodder to ensnare my son."

Aaron nods. "I understand."

Severus turns his back to Aaron and goes back to work emptying the boxes from before. Aaron continues with his work but freezes when he feels a looming presence behind him. Again, he wonders how someone shorter than him can manage to do that. He goes to turn around but something stops him from making a move. He cannot reach for his gun either because it is strapped to his ankle.

"Let this be a warning to you, Mr. Hotchner. You hurt my son or my grandson in any way and I will kill you. This is not a threat but a promise. I am giving you the most precious things to me and if either becomes broken because of something you did, be prepared to die, instantly."

The pressure on his back loosens and Aaron is able to turn around, once he does he sees Severus in the same spot he was before and Aaron cannot fathom how the man moved so quickly without making a sound.

Shit, Harry wasn't kidding, that is one scary ass fucker. But he's a father, what the hell did I expect? Tea and biscuits? And I'm really getting sick and tired of being threatened with death. It seems to be a theme in Harry's family. Although Aaron concedes his family, the BAU family, is also known for threatening those joining the family. When JJ revealed she was pregnant, Will received quite the tongue lashing from everyone. If he hadn't moved to DC and gotten together properly with Jennifer and taken responsibility for his coming child, his body might never have been found.

"You may go, Aaron, I'm sure Harry is wondering if I left you one piece."

Quicker than he imagined his feet could move, Aaron moves to the door. He reaches out for the handle and stops. "I meant what I said, Severus, I love Harry with all my heart."

"I heard you the first time," Severus tells him not looking up. "And remember my warning. I won't repeat it again."

Aaron nods, "Yeah, good talk. I hope one day we can become friends and you will see me as part of your family."

"We will see," is Severus's reply.

Realizing they have nothing else to say to each other, Aaron leaves the room, closing the door softly and sagging against it. He stands up and sees Potter pacing back and forth in the picture.

"Oh thank Merlin, you made it out safely," he says with a sigh of relief. "He threatened to kill you, didn't he?"

The eagerness in Mr. Potter's voice is vaguely disturbing. "Yeah, he did," Aaron answers.

"Atta boy, Severus, good man, that one," Potter says with a proud smile. "Knew I made the right choice."

"Right choice? Wait, I thought you were on my side?"

"Um...Do you hear that?" Potter asks.

"Hear what?"

"Lily, calling me, I have to go, coming, my Lily-Flower," Potter yells then walk out of the frame.

"Coward," Aaron hears from behind him. He looks over his shoulder and sees Harry standing behind him.

"What are you doing down here?"

"I got worried and came to find you," Harry says. "He didn't hurt you, did he?"

"No," Aaron answers shaking his head. "Your father and I had a strange talk, we seem to have come to an understanding. At least I think we did, with him, I'm never entirely certain."

"I'm so…"

"Stop," Aaron says. "This was bound to happen no matter when he found out. It was simply sooner than we wanted." He turns the subject to Harry and his talk with everyone else. "I see you held up to their questions?"

Harry rolls his eyes, "They were easy, but yes, I survived. I didn't think you will come out unscathed though."

"I didn't think so either," Aaron agrees. "But you're worth the risk of bodily harm or what I've been warned, a horrible, painful death."

"So are you," Harry says with a smile. He moves closer to Aaron and stands on his toes, kissing the taller man quickly on the lips. "Come on, let's go check on the kids and maybe I'll show you my bedroom."

"Do we have to keep the door open? After all, I know your parents are watching us."

"Don't worry, I'll set a trap letting us know if they're close."

Aaron smiles, "There will never be a dull moment with you in my life, will there?"

"Nope, I need to keep you on your toes."

"Really, is that why you didn't tell me men can get pregnant."

" know about that?" Harry says meekly.

Aaron crosses his arms sternly over his chest and stares down at Harry. "I do."

Harry smiles nervously, then cocks his head to the side. "Did you hear that?"

Aaron listens but doesn't hear anything. "I hear nothing."

"Can't you hear it? Jack and Teddy are calling for me," Harry says. "Coming, Teddy!" He yells and rushes away from Aaron.

"Get back here, we are not done talking about this," Aaron shouts. "Coward. Just like your father," he mutters.

Harry stops and turns to look back at Aaron over his shoulder. "Catch me if you can, big daddy." He wiggles his pert ass before disappearing around the corner.

The need for conversation disappears instantly, a spark of lust igniting in Aaron. He looks at the door that is still closed before he chases after his misbehaving Sub.

Life will certainly not be dull with Harry in my life, that's for sure.


Aaron and Harry walk back into the room where everyone is still sitting. They had stopped by to see the boys and found them playing happily. The talk earlier with Harry and Aaron had lessened Jack's fears. While they were gone, Teddy had talked to Jack and Henry about magic too, which Harry was pleased to hear. Jack needs a kid his age to relate to, so he knows that he's not alone or weird. Henry is young enough to believe in magic without any resistance. Jack already seems more comfortable about the magic inside him. Harry will continue to watch him though, to make sure he doesn't feel like the freak the Dursley's made him feel like. Harry looks over at Aaron and sees the love he has for Jack, even if he's still reeling from finding out that his son is magical. Misty had supplied the boys with cookies and was there to comfort Henry and Jack with pain relievers when Harry had made his vow. Although the children did not know what happened, they didn't appear curious and neither asked for an explanation.

"Harry, we need to go," Bill says as soon as they walk back into the room.

He sighs and now regrets that he had promised to help Bill with his case. He really wants to stay and talk with Aaron some more. Before they entered, he'd made sure to adjust his clothing. He and Aaron got a bit too enthusiastic when they went to his room. The minute they were behind closed door Aaron had him pinned to the wall kissing the holy hell out of him. Running his fingers through his hair and leaving hickies on his neck. Harry was all too happy to show Aaron another perk of being with someone who knows magic. He glamored their faces, hiding the I just got ravished behind closed door look, along with fixing his and Aaron's wrinkled clothes.

"Go, where are you going?" His father asks, who had returned to the gathering in his and Aaron's absence. His father still does not look happy with him for keeping his relationship a secret.

"Harry is going to help me with my case," Bill answers him. He reaches into his pocket and pulls something tiny and throws it in Harry's direction, he catches it easily. "Put that on."

Harry opens his hand and sees the ring in the palm of his hand. "I can't wear this, not now anyway."

"Shit," Bill says as he walks closer to Harry. "I need to be able to keep track of you, in case something happens. A simple tracking spell won't work."

Aaron squeezes the hand he is holding painfully tight, causing Harry to wince. "What exactly is this case about?" Aaron asks. He does not look pleased about Harry going off with Bill.

"We need to acquire stolen goods at an auction tonight. The goblins are not happy to have their precious artifacts stolen from them." Bill explains.

Harry rolls his eyes. "When are they ever happy about anything?"

Bill ignores his barb about the goblins. "Also, we need to change your appearance." He takes out two vials of polyjuice potion and hands one to Harry. "Where we are going everyone knows your face and name. I would have asked Lucius to accompany me but since he's no longer seen as a dark wizard it wouldn't look right with him there.

"Couldn't Lucius just do this polyjuice thing?" Aaron demands.

"No," Bill says shaking his head. "No offense, Lucius, but I need someone who can think quicker on their feet. Harry is the best man for this job."

"None, taken. However, I will have you know I wrote the book on how to think on your feet," Lucius jokes. "Ask Severus, he constantly praises my skills," he says with a wink.

"Oh Merlin, no, stop it!" Harry says mortified. "What is wrong with my parents tonight. First Mom, now you. I will say it now, I do not want to know about your sex life."

"Why not, we know about yours," Andromeda adds cheerfully.

"Son of a bitch," he groans. He looks at Aaron who isn't paying the conversation any attention he seems to be focused on Bill.

"I don't want Harry to go," Aaron tells Bill.

"That's not up to you," Bill challenges back. "He's an adult and can make up his own mind." Bill looks at Harry. "You're not the only that needs to change their appearance. I will be doing the same. My red hair is just as noticeable as your famous green eyes. You're also going to need to glamor your lordship rings." He looks at Aaron and smiles and Harry has the weirdest feeling in his stomach. Before he can say anything Bill reaches up and plucks a strand of hair from Aaron and drops it in the vial in his hand watching it as it changes color.

"What the hell did you just do?" Aaron asks rubbing the spot Bill took the strand from.

"You could have asked him, you know," Harry snaps.

"And wait for him to say no," Bill counters. "We don't have time."

"Don't be rude," Harry tells Bill. Harry knows this is Bill's way of testing Aaron. To somehow prove to the family that Aaron really is not that bad of a guy and cares for him. Sometimes, Bill can really be an ass. "Well don't drink it yet, Let me ask him first, it's the right thing to do after all," Harry says to Bill. "Hey Aaron, I know the first time I did it was without your permission and I was wrong. But I am asking permission now. Can Bill use your appearance for this case?"

Aaron looked from Harry to Bill. "Why can't I be the one to go instead? I would feel much better knowing that I'm the one watching your back."

"Are you implying that I would intentionally put Harry in danger?" Bill demands.

"I don't know you, I just met you today and the first time I saw you, you punched him in the face, breaking his nose!" Aaron yells. "Nothing you've done around me gives me any reason to trust you. So tell me, how the hell am I supposed to trust you with my Harry?" he finishes in a dangerously quiet voice.

"Aaron, please, I trust Bill, he's had my back since the first time I met him. I admit he's a bit brash in the way he does things. But he's not only my friend but my family."

"I still don't understand why I can't go," Aaron says never taking his eyes off Bill.

"Because you're a muggle and where we are going is filled with wizards. The magical world isn't one you are familiar with, it's too dangerous. They'd know you don't have magic the second you walk through the door. And as much as you'd think using your gun would be the way to go in case of danger, your presence would ruin the entire op. I've spent too much time following the magical trail and scoping out the place to have you fuck that up trying to play hero for Harry."

Harry blushes hearing Bill say that Aaron wants to be his hero. He's never been with someone who's wanted to save him. Everyone else have always wanted him to be the one to save them. Harry is falling in love with Aaron more and more.

"Look," Bill says. "I need Harry focused while we are out there, if you are with us, he will be more worried about you than the mission itself. You being there could hurt Harry or even get him killed. Are you willing to risk that? Risk Harry?"

Aaron is silent, his mouth tight with his barely suppressed fury.

"Aaron, I know I can be kind of dick but I'm already taking a big risk taking Harry with me. I cannot let you go. As capable as you are as a profiler and an FBI agent, this is a whole different world. It's one you are vulnerable and if I sent you in and you got hurt or worse, killed? Harry would rip me to pieces. Please, I promise I'm using several protections just in case there is a spell checking for polyjuice." Bill turns to Harry and says, "Maybe you should bring your cloak in case we need to make a quick getaway."

"Then why do this then?" Aaron asked. "Why can't my team help you, as back up?" The tension is thick between them and is only getting thicker the more Aaron questions Bill. It is dangerous to stand in between two alpha males who can't see reason.

"Will you stop being so damn thick headed!" Bill yells, shocking Harry and everyone in the room. "One, this is my job, and two, what part of you're a muggle don't you get? You will not make it past the wards they have set up."

"F…" Aaron is about to speak when Harry stops him.

"Aaron, I will be fine, I promise. Bill knows what he's doing. His speciality is breaking complex spells and wards, it's what makes him good at his job." Aaron finally looks down at him and Harry sees the minute he relaxes.

"And you won't be putting me and my family at risk for using my face?"

"No," Bill answers. "I would never put your son at risk. I only planned on using your face, not your name or credentials."

"Fine, I'll back down for Harry's benefit not yours so get the smug smile off your face before I punch it off," Aaron says conceding to Bill's arguments. "But if he comes back with one scratch on him, you will see what kind of muggle I can be."

I really hope Aaron tries to get along with Bill.

"You're a good man Aaron Hotchner many names Gryffindor," Bill tells him with a cheeky smile.

"And you're a massive asshole," Aaron tells him. "Why any of these people put up with you, I don't know," he says with a smirk.

"Yes, I am, but you'll come to love just as everyone else." Bill says as he turns and looks around the room. He smiles brightly when his eyes land on Penelope. "My lovely Penny, can I borrow you for a minute?"

"Oh, no you don't!" Harry and Derek yells at the same time.

"I will not go as a woman again," Harry says.

"You will not use her!" Derek shouts.

Bill is nonplussed by their yelling and so is Penelope. "My lovely, how about doing me a favor. You see I need to borrow your breathtaking beauty for a couple of hours." He bends down and kiss the back of her hand.

"How come you ask her for permission?" Aaron asks, folding his arms across his chest staring at Bill with an expression Harry cannot decipher. Harry thinks that Aaron is starting to like Bill for some odd reason. Bill is an ass but somehow he manages to be a likeable guy as well.

"That's cause she's prettier than you are," Bill winks at Penelope, who giggles like a schoolgirl with her first crush.

"Oh, brother," the twins chime together.

Before Penelope can answer, Misty pops into the room and startles the ladies who are not familiar with a house elf popping up at a moment's notice. Misty pulls on her ears using them to cover her face and starts to shake.

"Misty, it's okay," Harry says, calming the elf. "The ladies are not used to house elves, that's all." The elf uncovers her face and looks at Harry lovingly, which he ignores. "What can I do for you?"

"The young masters be wanting to know if they can be staying over?" Misty asks as the representative for the kids.

"I think that is a wonderful idea," Lucius pipes up. "It's the weekend and I know we have a case to solve. Also, once Severus and I go and retrieve Bradley and Bobby, who will be staying with us until Astoria is found, we will have more time to discuss things."

The BAU members look around the room at each other seeming to speak to one another without saying a word. They all turn to look at Aaron as if waiting for him to answer for them. "If you guys are sure?" Aaron asks them and they all nod at the same time. "I guess we are spending the night. What about a change of clothes and toiletries? We don't have our go bags here."

"That is easily taken care of," Blaise answers. "We have plenty of extra toiletries."

"Yeah, we can conjure up a few things for you guys to wear to bed," Neville adds in.

"Leave the clothes you have on tonight out and the house elves will have them cleaned for tomorrow." Draco tells them.

"Okay, then I guess it's settled," Seamus says.

Severus looks at Harry and says blandly, "I assume he will be staying in your rooms?"

"Yes," Harry answers, staring at his father, feeling his disapproval. "I'm not a chil…" He does not finish his sentence because Aaron cleared his throat.

"You do not need to censor my son, Mr. Hotchner. Harry is fine to say what he feels." Severus says and it seems everyone knows what was coming.

"You are unfucking believeable," Harry snaps. "I keep one thing from you and this is the way you act."

"Why did you feel the need to keep it from me?! I am your father or did you forget it?"

"How can I when you constantly smother me to fucking death?!" Harry yells.

"Is that what you think? Because I love you more than my own life you think I smother you?" Severus lips quivers and Harry feels guilty for the way he's acted in the past couple of hours. "I just want you happy, Harrison. Why can't you see that?"

"Of course, I know that. B...but sometimes I feel as if I don't do things your way, I've failed you. I wanted to keep Aaron to myself just a little bit longer. This is the first time I've felt like I can be myself without worry if he's with me because of who I am or my family's last name. Can't you understand that? To him I'm just Harry. Not Harry the savior of the Wizarding World or the boy who lived. That's all I've ever wanted and you know that."

Severus sighs and walks over to him, he pulls Harry into his arms. Harry's arms automatically wrap around his father. "I'm always proud of you," Severus whispers. "I will try and give you some breathing room, but please, don't judge me. I just love you so much and want to make sure you're happy, because you deserve all the happiness in the world. I understand your need, Harry. To be with someone who will love you for who you are. You cannot fault me for being a parent. I see the way you hover over Teddy. I've told you many times he needs to be with kids his age and each time I see the fear in your eyes of what the other kids will say because of who his father was. So you smother him just as much as I smother you. Maybe that is something you and I can work on together?"

Harry nods in his father's chest. "I'd like that," Harry whispers. They stand in the middle of the room holding each other.

"Gods, you two are emotionally draining," Draco says pulling laughter from others in the room. Harry and Severus pull apart and smile at each other.

"If I remember correctly," Harry starts, "it didn't go as planned when Père found out about you and the twins. Who was it that blew a hole in the ceiling again?"

"Okay, fine, shut the hell up, you've made your point." Draco concedes then he looks at Aaron. "Are you sure you want to be a part of this crazy gang? We might look proper Brits all put together, but we are as dysfunctional as the next family."

Aaron nods, "I have my own family issues. You haven't met my brother yet. Derek's overprotective family, or Spencer's mom. Let's not talk about Prentiss's mother. So am I ready to be a part of this family?" Aaron extends his hand for Harry who takes it and steps to his side. "Yeah, I'm ready."

"Well then, welcome to the family," Draco tells him with a smile. "Don't think I'm going to go easy on you now that you're with my brother," his face becomes serious. "Hurt him and I will gut you before you can utter the words I'm sorry."

"Draco!" Harry admonishes.

"It's fine Harry, that's not the first or the last threat I have received tonight. It's expected."

Spencer smiles. "This reminds me of meeting Derek's family. Although they didn't threaten me, they threatened Derek that if he ever hurt me and we broke up, they were going to kill him and adopt me."

"Your own family threatened you?" Neville asks with a snicker.

Morgan laughs and pulls Spencer into a hug. "Yup. They meant it, too. Mama loved Spencer like she gave birth to him from the moment they met. She would kill me if I hurt her baby. My sisters, they like him better than they do me. Traitors, the lot of 'em," he jokes.

Spencer nudges Morgan. "That's because I didn't torment them when they were growing up."

"I'm their brother, it's my job."

"Was it really necessary to be cleaning your gun when you met Desi's boyfriend for the first time?"

"It was extremely necessary," Morgan defends.

"I am beginning to see why your family chose Spencer," Draco says.

Morgan glares. "You should talk, who who was just threatening to gut Hotch, hm?"

Draco sticks his tongue out at Morgan.

"Derek's family situation sounds vaguely familiar," Blaise says with a smirk, glancing between Harry, Draco, Lucius, and Severus.

The parallels are obvious, protectiveness and possessiveness is something both families have in common.

"Okay," Bills says quieting the group. "Harry and I need to get going, Penny, my beauty, can I have that strand of hair?"

"Sure, I can't wait to see what he looks like." Penelope says.

"I can't believe this," Harry grouses.

"He will be beautiful," Bill tells her. "And buck up, you've gone as a woman before, although it was as a redhead. I dare say you will make a beautiful busty blonde."

"Yeah, yeah, enough with the charm," Harry mumbles, ignoring Aaron's staring.

Blaise and Luna get up. Luna kisses Harry as Blaise bids everyone else a goodnight. "We will be turning in for the night, it was a pleasure and welcome to the family." Blaise says. "See you all in the morning."

Andromeda stands, "I will as well." She turns to Dave, "I can show you to your room if you like." Everyone is surprised when Dave agrees and follows behind her. Well, that's weird. Andromeda is never this nice to new people. Especially since the death of her husband. Harry looks at Draco and wonders if he notices it also. By the slight raise of his eyebrow, it seems he does. They look at each other sharing the secret question of: What the hell? Harry shrugs his shoulder in response.

"Here," Bill holds the strand of blonde hair in front of him pulling his attention away from Draco.

"How long will the potion last?" Harry asks.

"A total of five hours," Bill tells him with a smile.

"You're an evil git," Harry says taking the strand of hair from him and dropping it in the potion. He looks down at what he was wearing and pulls out his wand transfiguring his pants into a short tight fit mini skirt and making his top bigger to accommodate Garcia's breast size. He hears Aaron clears his throat beside him and Harry looks up to see his Dom staring at his legs. Interesting I might have to add a few things to my closet by the way Aaron can't stop staring at my legs.

"Take the potion and stop daydreaming," Bill says in his ears. Harry looks at him and playfully growls.

He swallows the potion in one go and waits for it to take affect. This is the part he hates. It is not like shifting into his wolf, which is something he can control or simply changing his face or height in the same gender. He doubles over in pain and prays that it will end quickly.

"Harry!" He can hear the fear in Aaron's voice.

"He's okay," Bill assures him. "It's a bit different for him since he's changing his gender."

"He's in pain," Aaron snaps.

"It will end soon, trust me," he hears Lucius tell Aaron.

Harry is breathing hard by the time the pain slows down a few minutes later. "Bill, next time you be the woman. This shit hurts."

"I know, pup," Bill says quietly beside him. "Let your wolf heal you," he whispers again in Harry's ear.

Harry nods and closes his eyes and lets his wolf take away the pain. He stands straight and looks around the room at the others still remaining in the room.

"I see it, but I don't believe it," Prentiss says looking from him to Penelope.

"So freaky," Penelope says coming to stand beside him. "I'm looking at myself and I'm not even standing in front of a mirror."

"That's…" Spencer is speechless for the first time.

Morgan is shaking his head and Harry cannot tell what he is thinking. Just then Bill walks into the room in a suit and stands beside Aaron. "Okay, I'm completely convinced, no more need to prove anything to me," he says looking from Bill to Harry. "It's Derek from now on."

"Thank you," Harry says.

"Okay, let's go." Bill tells him. "But before we leave let's put this on," he holds up a collar with a leash on it. Then looks at Harry as he put the collar around his neck. "This has a tracking charm on it, as well as my signature in case we get separated. This is only for tonight and nothing else." Aaron must have gotten the meaning of what Bill is saying because he nods, giving Bill the okay.

"Bring him back to me," Aaron orders.

"Will do, don't worry. Trust me," Bill assures him. "Ready?"

"Yeah," Harry answers he turns to Aaron. "I'll be back, later, keep the left side of the bed warm for me." Bill and Harry walk out of the house to the backyard and apparate to their destination.


With Harry and Bill gone, people start to disperse. Aaron, Will, and Jennifer go to check on the kids and get them ready for bed. An elf pops in and gives the parents clothing and toothbrushes for each child. Teddy's room is big enough to hold three beds for the kids without having the adults bump into each other. Severus and Lucius come in to check on Teddy and tell him his daddy has to work, which is why he isn't there to tuck him into bed. Aaron does not miss the disappointed look on the child's face and decides to butt in and ask who wants a bedtime story. Teddy's disappointment turns to excitement and he runs over to the bookcase and grabs his favorite book. Teddy, Jack and Henry crowd around him as he sits and reads to the kids. The book fascinates Aaron as well as Jack and Henry. The pictures on the pages move and he searches the book to see where to put the batteries but can't find them. He notices out of the corner of his eye that Severus is still standing by the door no doubt evaluating him. Aaron doesn't mind, he knew this will happen. He still has to prove himself to Harry's family that he is in this for the long haul.

"You smell like, Daddy," Teddy whispers as he buries his face in Aaron's chest, closing his eyes. Aaron does not understand exactly what that means but if it comforts Teddy it is okay with him.

One by one each child falls asleep. JJ picks up Henry and lays him in his bed and leaves the room. Aaron stays where he is in between Jack and Teddy, wanting to be with them a bit longer. Things changed for him tonight. When he left his home he was a father of one, hiding his relationship from his friends. And now he's a father of two and has a title of names he is not quite sure of as of yet. Things definitely changed in a matter of hours that it seems like a dream filled with fairytales. But truthfully he hopes that it is all real. Because he wants to live in the open with Harry and no longer hide his feelings.


Draco shows Derek and Spencer their room for the night. Spencer closes the door behind Draco and then walks up to Derek. "How are you doing, Love?"

Derek sags against Spencer. "'s been a lot." His Sub is the only one that ever sees him with his guard totally down. He can expose his fears and vulnerabilities to Spencer and no one else.

Spencer rubs his back comfortingly. "I know. The scientist part of my brain is exploding at believing in magic. It's illogical but undeniable."

Derek chuckles. "I certainly fought against it as hard as I could. Even now, I still don't want to believe it."

Spencer squeezes him tightly. "We'll get through this together, like always. It's not so bad, our friendship circle just got a bit bigger."

How does he always know what I'm thinking? With anyone else, he would feel angry or defensive. With Spencer, he feels comforted. When the nightmares come, Derek knows Spencer will be there to help him battle them. "Together." Derek kisses him gratefully. "Thanks, Pretty Boy."

"Anytime, Derek."

Derek tugs Spencer over to the bed, pushing him gently onto it and follows him down. Laying on his back, Spencer snuggles against him. "Love you."

"Love you, too."

"So, Aaron and Harry," Derek says. "I so didn't see that coming, hell I had no clue he was into guys."

"That was definitely a shock." Spencer hums. "Was it me or did you hear Harry call Aaron sir a couple of times tonight?"

"No, I definitely heard it also," Derek answers. "Another shock of the night."

"There's so many things we learned that we didn't know about Aaron until tonight."

"It makes me wonder if he trusts us," Derek says.

"I don't think it's a matter of trust. It's more that he wasn't ready open up to us." Spencer looks at Derek pensively. "Please, don't get angry with me saying this,"

Derek nods, "Say what's on your mind, baby boy."

"I can see why they are attracted to each other, and I've always seen Aaron as an alpha male."

Derek does not say anything for a few seconds and Spencer wonders if he said something he shouldn't have.

"Why do you think they are perfect for each other?" Derek asks.

Relief washes over Spencer, Derek can get a bit jealous with him just mentioning noticing the physical attractiveness of another male. "Harry seems wild and out of control. From what I've gathered, he tends to react, jumping ahead without considering the danger to himself. He seems to be concerned about protecting everyone else but himself. And as for Aaron, you know him. He's always in control, even after everything that happened with Jack he didn't lose his control. He got frazzled yes, but we all were. Jack spoke to a snake, not only that, the snake understood him."

Said snake slithers from around Derek's neck and and down to the bed and positioned itself onto the footboard. Spencer chuckles at the confused expression on his lover's face.

"We're going to have to do something about that," Derek says pointing to the sleeping snake.

"There's nothing you can do, according to Harry, she's yours," Spencer smiles when Derek shakes his head. "As long as she doesn't bite me in jealousy, I'm okay with her being yours."

Derek pulls Spencer into a protective hug. He glares at the snake, "If she bites you, she's gone. Got that snake?"

She doesn't react to his words.

Spencer snickers. "I don't think she understands your threat, Derek. Maybe we can have Harry talk to her."

Not wanting to talk anymore about the snake, he changes the subject. "I agree with you about Hotch," Derek tells him. "Hotch, he is always in control. Look at what happened tonight. I mean, to find out your kid can talk to snakes, I would be freaking out. Harry, he is the kind of Submissive most Dom dream about."

Spencer feels a spark of jealousy hearing the admiration in Derek's voice talking about Harry being the perfect Submissive. "Would you want to be his Dom?"

"No," Derek answers without a thought. "He's not for me, he's not the type to give into easily. I don't want a sub that I need to fight for the smallest control. I love what we have together. That doesn't mean that you're easy and follow my every instruction. You have your days where I need to assert my dominance. You give as much as you get. Spencer. You're not just my Submissive, you're my partner at home and work."

"You mean that, don't you?" Spencer asks.

"I do, remember I said most Doms would want a sub like him. But not me." Derek leans in and kisses Spencer gently on the lips before pulling back. "There's no one out there that's more perfect for me than you."

Spencer kisses him softly. "There's no Dom out there more perfect for me than you, either."

"Come on, let's get ready for bed," Derek tells him. "I'm exhausted and I know you are, too. Tonight was filled with a lot of ups and downs."

Spencer nods in agreement. "After knowing that they are wizards and everything that comes with that, I'm not sure if I can take any more surprises with this group."

After taking a shower together, they snuggle into bed falling asleep quickly with Derek spooning around Spencer. This is the only way Spencer can fall asleep, feeling the warm, comforting and protective embrace of his Dom.

Derek startles awake at the sound of a sharp knock. He doesn't know how long they've been dozing. He slowly gets out of the bed, trying not to wake Spencer but he wakes the moment he moves.

"What is it?" Spencer mumbles sleepily.

"Someone's at the door."

Spencer rubs the sleep from his eyes and crawls out of bed. Derek opens the door cautiously. "Andromeda?" The woman has proven she can be scary and Derek instinctively blocks the doorway, protecting Spencer.

Andromeda smirks at the protective display. "No need for that, Agent Morgan, or can I call you Derek?"

"I'm not too sure about that," Derek says, thinking of how cold she'd been before.

"I would apologize for earlier but I'm not sorry and I believe you know that. I am from a Noble and Honorable House. The blood of all Blacks runs cold and lethal when our family is being threatened. I'm sure you understand familial protectiveness." Her eyes flick over his shoulder where Spencer is standing. "And I will protect mine to the death."

Derek stares at her, trying to pierce her soul with his eyes. He does know how dark and dangerous a person can get when a loved one is threatened. Any time Spencer or his mama or sisters are threatened, he turns into a different person. He would kill to protect them.

"What do you want? Do you realize how late it is?" Derek growls.

Andromeda smiles, nonchalantly showing how unaffected she is by Derek's anger.

"I need to speak with you both, I've been up all night thinking about your Spencer."

Suspicious and concerned, Derek demands, "What about Spencer? If you came here to hurt him, I'm not above killing a woman."

Andromeda cackles and Derek feels a chill run up his spine. "I'm not here to hurt your man. In fact, I'm here to help him, to help you both."

Derek narrows his eyes at her. He wants to trust her but he's seen so much tonight he doesn't know what's real or fiction anymore.

Andromeda rolls her eyes. "I can make a vow on my magic that I won't hurt Spencer if it makes you feel more comfortable?"

Derek feels Spencer's hand on his back.

As if feeling his reluctance, Andromeda holds up her wand. "I, Andromeda Black-Tonks, vow on my magic not to harm Spencer Reid tonight, so mote it be."

Derek may not be a wizard but he can feel the power in her words.

"May I come in? This might take a few minutes to explain and I'm an old woman…"

Derek grunts, old my ass, she looks like she's in her early forties. Reluctantly, he steps aside and lets her inside. Spencer smiles at her in welcome.

"Now, I would like to talk to you both about something that was revealed earlier in the evening while I observed you both."

Derek's eyes narrow again. She was watching us? Why? What does she want? A gentle hand touches his arm, calming him a bit. Spencer is the only one, besides his mama, who can calm him with a single touch.

"What did you want to discuss?" Spencer inquires.

"Male pregnancy."

Derek wraps an arm around Spencer's shoulders in comfort, knowing how it hurts him that they'll never be able to have a child together.

"There is something you need to know. How Harry and Draco missed it?" Andromeda shakes her head with baffled disbelief. "Perhaps it is their youth. How Severus and Lucius didn't feel it, I have no idea. Disappointed in those boys. Their power and age should have been enough for them to feel it. I certainly did."

"Feel what?" Derek asks, torn between confusion and exasperation.

"You're a squib, dear boy," she says, waving her wand in Spencer direction.

"A..a squib, I think I heard Neville mention that." Spencer's face scrunches into his thinking face.

"It's a person who is from a magical family but doesn't have magic of their own. They can see it but not perform it. I take it you've often wondered if you're going bonkers by things you've seen?" Spencer's eyes widens and he nods his head. "Most squibs are smarter than the average muggle, which I believe is their strength. Almost as if the tiniest amount of magic is inside of them but materializes in their intelligence and abilities, rather than the ability to control and use magic. Wizards at times get in their own ways and forget how important squibs are. Be that as it may, you are able to get pregnant. I would like to run a family blood test, this way we can see which magical family you are a part of. It's just a speculation mind you, but I'm thinking your mother or father is a half blood wizard. Likely not as powerful but more an average wizard, especially considering you aren't aware of it."

"Are you saying Spencer's intelligence is because he's a squib?" Derek asks.

Andromeda says, "I'm saying it's possible his intelligence has been enhanced because he is a squib."

"H-how do you know I'm a squib?"

Andromeda smiles at the stunned looking Spencer. "My boy, I can feel it. Feel the magical bloodline in you. You may not be able to perform magic but you have magic in you."

"What does this mean for Spencer?" Derek is worried. What does being squib mean? Will it hurt my Baby?

"It won't hurt him, if that is what you are worried about. Spencer is still Spencer, as he always has been. However, being a squib can open possibilities to him that a muggle would not have."

Derek asks, "Like what?"

Andromeda looks from Derek to Spencer and back before settling on Spencer. "Because you are a squib, I am certain you will be able to get pregnant."

Spencer gapes in shock. "Are you serious?" he asks excitedly.

Derek's expression turns dark. How dare she get up his hopes with her lies! He knows how much Spencer desires a child that is theirs.

"I'm quite serious," Andromeda tells him. "You will need to go under a strict fertility regimen but it can be done."

"Wow," Spencer whispers sitting on the bed.

Derek finds his voice and growls, "Don't you dare do this to him. You promised you wouldn't hurt him."

Andromeda looks at him with sympathy. "Derek, it's not a lie. I would not bring this up if I wasn't confident." She looks at Spencer. "Tell me about your parents, are they still alive?"

"My.." he pauses and licks his chapped lips. "My mother is still alive I don't know what happened to my father. One day he was there and the next thing he was gone." Spencer stands up and starts to pace the length of the room as he continues to speak. "Mom is in a mental institution. She's has Schizophrenia, she's been there since I was a teenager. She has her good days and her bad days…"

Andromeda hums and then stops Spencer mid pace, grabbing him by the shoulders. "We can help her too," she tells him.

"Don't say that. Don't you dare say it like it's nothing. I watched her devolve into her illness before my eyes. I've watched her suffer, lose herself to it. I know mental illness cannot be fixed so easily," Spencer snaps angrily at the older woman.

"I never said it was going to be easy, I said we can help her," Andromeda answers back as she releases him. "Muggles are not the only ones affected by mental illness. In our world, we have our fair share of mental illness as well, but ours is caused by a power and unforgivable spells that not only attack the mind but also the nerves in your body. That's what happened to Neville's parents. They were tortured with an unforgivable for hours. They were never able to recover and died not remembering their only son. They were so young," she tsks and looks away from Spencer quickly, before looking back at him again. "Our mediwizards can and will help your mother. My husband was a mind healer and I'm a mediwitch, I specialize in general magical medicine. I know how to help you with one problem. But I have friends who will help your mother. I can promise you that."

Derek walks over to Spencer and pulls his trembling body in his arms. Can she really be telling the truth? Could they help Spencer's mom? He knows how much it hurts Spencer to watch his mom suffer with schizophrenia. If they could help her, she could get her life back. Be independent and happy and brilliant as he knows she is. Is she right about Spencer being a squib? Is it possible Spencer could get pregnant? Could we have a child together? A child that is half me and half him. She seems so sincere. I pray she's not fucking with my baby boy. He'd be crushed if he got his hopes up and it turned out she was lying to us.

Andromeda looks at both men and smiles. "I don't want to rush you both, but I watched you tonight when the children flocked around their parents. I saw the longing in both your eyes and know what it feels like to want something you think you can never have. I lost my Dora in the war and being a parent was one of the joys I felt. But she left me something just as important and that's my little Teddy. He brings me so much joy and reminds me of Dora every day. Think about it and let me know what you decide. There's no timeline on your decision. Wizards and Witches have kids late in life. We will take this as slow as you want to go. Now that you are a part of our family after this case is over I'm sure this will not be the last time we see each other."

"Thank you, Andromeda, for giving us this hope. We appreciate this more than you can ever know," Spencer says. "We…" he looks over at Derek, "need some time to discuss this before we make a decision."

She is about to leave when one of those elf things pops in the room, scaring the crap out of him. Derek quickly masks his expression, determined not to show his fear.

"What is it, Dippy?" Andromeda asks.

"Come quick, Mistress, Master Harry Potter be needing you," Dippy tells her with a squeak.

"Where is he?"

"At the entrance," Dippy says. Derek watches as the elf thing grabs onto its ears. "Is he hurt?" She shouts. The elf thing squeaks again and pops out. "Blasted elf," Andromeda snaps and runs out of the room.

Derek and Spencer look at each other then run after her. She is moving faster for her age than they expect. They run down the stairs and Derek spots Bill and Harry kneeling on the floor. Derek is not sure what is going on; it is a flurry of activity. Andromeda gets to the bottom of the stairs, goes to her knees and starts barking orders. The rest of the family comes out of their rooms to see what is going on. Derek is still at the top of the stairs when he hears a gasp beside him. He looks beside him expecting to see Spencer when it's Aaron. Before he can say that Harry is fine, Aaron sprints down the stairs and stands over the group. Harry stands in front of him and Derek can see Harry's mouth moving but he cannot hear the words. Blood covers his hands. Derek watches as Aaron shakes his head as he starts to back away. Intrigued, Derek walks down the stairs and the closer he gets to the bottom the more he's able to see the person lying on the floor. He gasps when he recognizes the person's face and he cannot believe it.

What the hell is he doing here? What the hell is Sean Hotchner doing here?