Summary: Where Klaus is weak and stubborn during the full moon and Elijah is forced to use the big brother card that both boys dread.


I'm actually very happy for this request because these kind of scenarios are the ones I'm most excited to write. The request said it could be bromantic or romantic, for now I choose bromantic. I'm still considering to a romantisized version though if nothing for more but myself. But then again I may get lazy and decide not to.

Elijah loved his brother.

For some reason no matter the horrid deed Niklaus committed he'd been able to forgive him. It'd always come back the thought of the day he and Finn uncovered the fact Niklaus had been nursing a family of deer for the past three months all the while keeping the secret from his father. He was only seven years old, but he refused the prospect of allowing his father to hunt a hurt creature. He remembered the tears on Niklaus' face when he came back the next day and the family was murdered. Elijah never looked at Finn the same.

But that was the thing though. All Elijah ever had to do was forgive. Tell Klaus he's wrong when it comes to the aimless murders he commits. There was nothing more. Challenge him when he was right on the edge and then pull him back. Besides those few duties Elijah never had to do much else.

Unlike Rebekah and Kol he didn't make brash decisions. Getting high out of curiosity. Dating dangerous people. Being around bad influences. Of course most of this was because Niklaus himself was the bad influence.

Elijah never had to worry about Finn. Finn was...Finn made his choices. He made it obvious his love for their family was nonexistent if not only for their mother. It was small things at first Elijah had noticed. The way Finn was slightly uncomfortable when Kol or Niklaus looped an arm around his shoulders. When Rebekah hugged him and he gave her a small pat on the back. The point it escalated to Elijah's 'disowning' of him was when he tricked the three younger into a trap. A trap Elijah fought tooth and nail to save them from.

The look of betrayal on their faces hurt...especially Niklaus.

In all of their years that was one of the only experiences in which he could name of when he had to protect Niklaus. Something he wasn't particularly ashamed of.

Of course it wasn't like he looked forward to the experiences either. His baby brother was a strong, as a child most of the village called him a spitfire. So when he indeed did need this protection something was wrong. Very wrong. The kind of wrong Elijah hated more then anything he could think of.

"Niklaus!" Elijah exclaimed loudly. "Why must you be so stubborn?"

At his brother's berating Klaus rolled his eyes.

"Elijah," He responded. "All I'm asking is why don't you go and comfort Hayley? I sure do not want it nor need it and she obviously does. So go be the dashing hero you always enjoy being."

"It isn't that simple Niklaus."

Another eye roll.

"Please Elijah, explain to me why it isn't?"

Elijah didn't respond. With his words anyway, his eyes on the other hand signaled to the window where the full moon gleamed.

"You think-" Klaus was angered beyond belief. "That I-?" He looked absolutely lost for words. "You know what?" A bad feeling creeped over Elijah at his brother's smile. That vindictive one that always signaled trouble was brewing.m

"I feel like having a drink. I will be going out. To the bar. Alone." He smiled widely and Elijah knew that this was going to be much harder then he anticipated. Which was saying a lot as he anticipated it'd be difficult it the first place.


"Sod off Elijah."

And then he was gone.

Hayley, Camille and Marcel. The only three people he could ask to look out for his brother in New Orleans. It wasn't as if he trusted them though. Or that he didn't trust them. Hayley was a loose canon and he had no troubles imagining why. She'd surely help but how she went about it would't be helpful. Camille, as good intentions as she had was just a merely human. Nothing more then one and wouldn't be able to search for his brother as he'd like. And finally, Marcel. It pained him that he couldn't trust him to look for Klaus. He knew without a doubt Marcel had nor would ever, have any intention of killing him. Not when his life was on the line. But he also had trouble accepting the idea that'd he'd help protect him.

He didn't have more time to think about it though, as his phone went off and his bad feeling got worse. He checked caller ID quickly and easily deduced the situation.

"I presume this is about my brother Camille?"

"He's at the bar. Or was. The moment he saw me he was gone. But Elijah, he looked-" her voice stopped. As if processing her own words. "-really bad. Sick. You need to find him, I'd help but-"

Niklaus didn't want anything to do with the women. More precisely he didn't want her to have anything to do with him.

"Thank you Camille." He spoke before ending the call. His mind raced for places his brother could be but it came up blank. Everything since coming back to New Orleans had to do with something villainous his brother concocted. The bar and their home. He wasn't in any of those. Niklaus was nowhere to be seen. Brief thoughts of the Bayou or the Church went through his head but neither seemed right.

As he contemplated his phone rang once more. This time he didn't bother with ID.

"Who is this?" He asked into the phone the moment it touched his ear.

"You're welcomes make me feel so warm and fuzzy."

"Marcel." Elijah spoke carefully. "I presume you're with my brother?"

"With isn't the best word." Marcel responded. "He's uh...Where are you?"

Marcel didn't sound scared. Uneasy but not scared.

"I'm at the Compound. And you?"

"Will be there in-" Elijah placed his phone in his pocket as Marcel spoke. "Now."

Elijah's gaze went straight to his brother. His brother whose eyes weren't focused and fighting to remain open. His looked more frail then he could believe lying limply in Marcel's arms.

"What happened?" Elijah wasted no time is scooping his brother out of Marcel's hold. One leg tucked under his knees and the other wrapped around his torso.

"Cami called real freaked out. It didn't take me long to put the pieces together and-"

"And am I supposed to expect that you didn't have some ulterior motive doing this?"

Marcel stared at the man before him with unquestioned annoyance in his eyes.

"Believe what you want Elijah but I do care about your brother. As hard as it is to believe." It was hard to believe. Niklaus actively made an effort not to let people love him, this became in effect the most concerning family.

"Is there anything else I should know?"

Marcel stared at Klaus for a moment before answering. "He wasn't this weak before. I don't know entirely why but-"

Klaus flailed. Within Elijah's arms his limbs shot up and he pushed his brother away. Marcel raced forward intent on catching him but there was no need. Elijah didn't let go of his brother, his grip grew stronger as Niklaus struggled.

"He kept doing this. At first he was more or less out of it then this started. But-"

"Elijah," Klaus' voice croaked. Marcel didn't dare speak as a more lucid Klaus pulled out from Elijah, with his feet on the ground, shakily though. "I'm perfectly fine. Now let go of-" A cough erupted and his hand went to his chest as if it were paining him.

"Marcel," Elijah addressed. "I've got it from here."

"Are you sure?"

Marcel did care. Elijah knew this. He also knew Klaus would get even angrier as the number of people seeing him in this state increased.

"Yes." Marcel gave one more look to the brothers before disappearing a flash.

"Niklaus," Elijah addressed. The younger brother was quivering with every step, his hands shaking and his knees wobbly.

"I'm going to be carrying you upstairs either way. Its your choice whether it be simple or not."

Klaus' glare was deadly, but ultimately useless. Elijah knew that this silence wasn't going to last and if he waited any longer the complaints and orders would begin.

He picked his brother up once more and sped upstairs. Only slowing down as he reached Niklaus' room.

"I feel like a-" A low sound imitated from his throat and he couldn't complete his sentence. Elijah walked over to the bed and gently placed his brother down.

"The last time I carried you like that was when you were but a child."

"If your definition of a child is 16 then you must consider yourself a pedophile." His taunts were annoying but nothing unheard.

"If you think you can convince me to leave you be then you have another thing coming Niklaus."

His head rolled onto the bed and his tired blue eyes stared up at the elder.

"You are so utterly obnoxious Elijah."

Elijah ignored him. Instead choosing to pull his brother up and slip his jacket off his shoulders. He wasn't sure if Niklaus was allowing him to do this or just couldn't do anything to stop it. He soon got somewhat of an answer as Klaus flung him back. Elijah easily landed on his feet but soon saw that his brother was intending to no harm. His head was cupped in his hand and he was pulling at his hair.

"This is humiliating." He groaned as he laid on his side and unconsciously pulled his legs up as if he were about to roll into a ball.

His hands ran though his hair and Elijah couldn't help but smile. He remembered when Niklaus was barely a toddler and would do that whenever he began to get tired. As a child Niklaus was the easiest to take care of. It could be called irony or fate but Elijah couldn't help but wonder if things would of changed if he misbehaved in young childhood instead of later.

"You're exhausted."

"Shut up."

Ellijah reached his brother and held his leg steady as he removed his shoes one by one.

"Elijah!" Klaus groaned. "Go away!"

"That isn't likely little brother." Elijah's words were calm but his worry was growing. When his brother shouted he didn't use that voice. The one that displayed obvious pain, he was too smart and careful for that.

"You need to sleep."

"That isn't going to happen!"

With every word Klaus became more and more irrational. It was upsetting for Elijah to watch.

It took an hour for Klaus to agree to go to sleep.

It took 20 minutes for Elijah to agree to leave him alone to change into night clothing.

It took a half hour for Klaus to agree to a blanket.

It took less than a minute for Elijah to state he had no intentions of leaving his brother no matter what.

Elijah didn't know how long it took for Niklaus to fall asleep.

By the time he heard the soft breathing he was exhausted as well.

Kissing his brother lightly on the forehead he whispered.

"Goodnight dear brother." And locked the door behind him.