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In the moment between becoming semi-conscious and actually waking up, Shaw relaxed instinctively into the warmth radiating across her back. Then another set of instincts kicked in. As her eyes cleared and she truly awoke, Shaw looked down to find Root peering up at her sleepily, with a hint of alarm in her eyes. Shaw quickly removed her hand from Root's throat and returned her combat knife to its place under her pillow.

"Sorry," she muttered as she started to roll off Root. The taller woman, however, rolled with her to end up on top.

"You do remember asking me to stay, don't you?" Root grinned down at Shaw trapped underneath her, well aware that if the other woman really wanted to get up she was certainly able to do so.

Shaw rolled her eyes. "Yes." Root's face said one-word answers would not get rid of her that easily, so Shaw sighed and stared at the ceiling. "I don't do sleep-overs, okay?" She looked back at Root in annoyance. "If I wake up with someone near me it's usually because they're trying to kill me. And that includes you," she accused.

Root raised an eyebrow. "I wasn't trying to kill you," she corrected. Then her expression became wicked and something inside Shaw jolted up toward her throat. "I'm happy to make it up to you," she purred, dipping her head to bite and kiss her way along Shaw's throat. She was extremely gratified when Shaw growled and rolled them both back onto Root's side of the bed, putting herself in a better position to return Root's bites and kisses.

After a few moments, Shaw slowly brought her head up and saw Root staring at her.

"What?" Shaw demanded, already feeling awkward. Am I doing this wrong? How the hell am I supposed to know this stuff?

Root smiled with a tinge of sadness. "I keep wondering when I'm going to wake up," she admitted softly as she eased herself out from under Shaw and sat up. Shaw moved with her, kneeling in front of her on the bed as Root loosely hugged her own knees. Root glanced up at Shaw and then back down before she continued. "It can't last," she whispered.

Shaw was frozen, trapped in a mire of everything she wanted to say but couldn't put into words. She knew that she couldn't let Root continue to think this way. She needed to prove it.

"Hey," she protested weakly, then surprised both herself and Root as she reached out and cupped Root's face, bringing the hacker's gaze up to meet her own.

"I don't pity you," she started. It seemed best to say, as simply as possible, everything she could sort out about what Root was thinking. "If all I wanted was a one-night stand I would have done it months ago. And," she continued, trying to add to the hope she saw in Root's eyes, "I meant what I said yesterday. About you mattering. To me."

Root smiled again, happily this time. "You never actually said it," she reminded Shaw after a moment. "You said 'you're an idiot.'"

Shaw shrugged. "Same thing." Then she leaned in to kiss Root, and was extremely gratified to find that Root found nothing wrong with her technique. Between the kissing and the biting and the teasing she wasn't sure how long exactly it was until she heard her phone vibrating. She pulled away from Root with a groan, running a hand through hair that was considerably more tousled than it had been a few moments before.

"I thought we had the day off," she grumbled. Root ran a hand over Shaw's back in wordless support as she answered. "Yeah?"

As Shaw listened, Root's hand wandered across her stomach, becoming less supportive and more exploratory by the second. When her fingers dipped below Shaw's waistband, the agent choked slightly and simultaneously shoved Root's hand away and dove toward the foot of the bed. After a moment, Root followed and settled behind Shaw with her legs wrapped loosely around the smaller woman, continuing her exploration above the waist. Shaw could feel Root's mouth curl into a smile as she pressed it to Shaw's shoulder. She could only assume that it was because her breathing had become significantly less controlled.

"Yeah, Harold," she got out between clenched teeth. "I got it." She hung up begrudgingly, angry at Harold for interrupting just to say they had the day off. Kinda figured, genius. And there is no way in Hell I'm going back to that makeup counter.

As Shaw moved on from her annoyance and returned her attention to Root, she was disappointed to feel the hacker moving from behind her. She watched Root walk slowly into the kitchen, mesmerized for a moment by the other woman's gait. Root turned her head to look over her shoulder, obviously putting on a show. Shaw tried to look unimpressed.

"Where are you going?" she finally managed to get out.

Root slunk around the kitchen island, resembling nothing so much as a cat. "I think you have the ingredients for pancakes," she commented as she began to search the cupboards.

Shaw stretched and followed Root into the kitchen. "Probably," she admitted. "Are you really making pancakes now?" she asked, allowing a hint of an impatient whine to creep into her voice.

"Well, Sameen," Root purred, moving to trap Shaw in the corner under the guise of getting a spatula. She leaned in close to Shaw and whispered in her ear. "We're gonna need to keep our energy up, if your plans for the day match mine." She moved down the counter, but Shaw remained pressed into the corner. Root's not-so-subtle invitation had her head nodding involuntarily in silent agreement.

"What plans, exactly?" Shaw finally asked, turning to face Root with a blank expression. Root, who had dug up the pancake mix and put together the batter, licked the spatula slowly with a grin. Shaw sauntered closer, pulled the spatula from Root's mouth, and stuck the corner between her own lips. Root's appreciative gaze was all the encouragement she needed. All in.

"Tell me the plan. I'm going to need you to be really specific."

Root told her. It was a good plan.