Teach Me To Love You

"Uh . . . S-sure! Come in!" Natsu quickly responded. "So, what brings you here, Lucy?"

"What else could the reason possibly be?" Lucy asked back. "Of course we're going to celebrate."

"Celebrate . . . ?"

"What, don't tell me you already forgot that you passed my test?" Lucy questioned him with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, that's right! Of course I didn't forget!" Natsu responded, feigning a laugh to hide the rapid beating of his heart. "But I don't have anything prepared right now. Maybe we should just eat outside tonight?" he suggested.

"It's fine, I brought something. Tada! I bought a lot of sushi from the nearby sushi place. I also bought some sweets." Lucy spoke, showing the paper bags she carries.

"Woah, that's a lot." Natsu whispered in amazement.

"That's a strange thing to say, coming from a glutton like you." Lucy joked as she smiled at him.

"Haha, you're right." Natsu agreed. Me and Lucy, spending the night together. . . What am I so happy about? He thought to himself.

The doorbell rang.

"Oh, he's here. Just in time!" Lucy exclaimed as she answered the door. Gray entered inside.

"Why are you here?" Natsu asked immediately.

"Hey, what kind of question is that? I'm here to celebrate with you." Gray answered.

"Well, he's part of your success Natsu, so I also invited him." Lucy said happily.

"And I even brought drinks. Perfect for our celebration." Gray added.

"Yes, let's eat and be drunk all night!" Lucy agreed.

"Oh . . . I see." Natsu spoke with a bit of disappointment in his tone.

"Heh . . . So you're disappointed because you can't be alone with her?" Gray whispered to Natsu teasingly.

"I-idiot! Stop with that nonsense!" Natsu yelled to him.

"Relax, I'm just kidding. No need to be so worked up about that. And besides, it's not good if you're alone together while getting drunk. Something might happen, you know?"

"Shut up or I'll kick you out of the house." Natsu threatened Gray.

"Fine, fine." Gray chuckled. "You're taking it too seriously, Natsu. Is something bothering you? If there is, drink and loosen up a bit, I brought a lot so drown yourself." He added while patting Natsu's shoulder.

"Hey, what are you two whispering about? Let's get started." Lucy called out to them.

"Yes, Lucy. Coming!" Gray responded.

Few hours passed since they started their celebration. They played some games, ate a lot, drank a lot, told some ghost stories, and chatted for hours.

"Natsu is amazing, his alcohol tolerance is high." Lucy spoke, a bit drunk.

"Yeah, yeah. Alcohol is just like water to him." Gray agreed.

"I can say the same to you, Gray!" Lucy yelled to him. "It's been a long time since I drank this much, so I got drunk pretty easily tonight. You're unfair."

"Is that so? Haha, sorry about that." Gray apologized. Natsu just watched them while he continued to drink.

"Hey Lucy. Are you going to watch the game on Monday?" Gray suddenly asked.

"Hmm? Dunno. Not sure about it. Why?" Lucy asked back.

"Please come. And cheer for me." Gray simply replied.

"Huh?" Lucy asked and chuckled. "What's with that?"

"Because . . . Because . . . Lisanna is going to watch and cheer for Natsu. I'm kind of jealous that someone's cheering for him! I want someone to cheer for me too!" Gray complained like a child. Natsu glared at him.

"Haha! Are you serious? I'm sure that most of the spectators there would be your fans. And you're dead worried that no one will cheer for you? Come on!" Lucy spoke and slapped Gray's back.

"But . . . But . . . They're just fans. I want you to come there and pretend to be my girlfriend. Then, scream something like 'Hit the goal, Gray! And I will let you hit my goal tonight as many times as you want!' something like that. We will win in no time if you do that."

"No way! What kind of lecherous cheer is that? You want me to get murdered by your fans?" Lucy yelled with a flustered face.

"Gray, stop spreading your high-level indecency. It's shameful." Natsu interrupted.

"Hey zip it Natsu! Of course I'm not actually going to hit Lucy's goal! It's just an act. Right, Lucy? You believe me, right?" Gray asked with his puppy eyes.

"I know, silly." Lucy answered. "But I still reject your idea. I want to live longer."

"Tsk! So unfair, Natsu has Lisanna. But I don't have anyone. Lucy won't even cooperate with me." Gray whispered with a frown.

"Then why don't you already get yourself a girlfriend, stupid." Natsu blurted out.

"It's a pain in the ass." Gray responded lazily.

"Then deal with it, and stop yammering."

"What? Is it too much to ask to cheer for me just on that day?" Gray continued to whine. "Hey, Lucy . . ." he called out to her. "Hey, are you okay?"

"Ugh. I think I'm gonna throw up." Lucy responded in a whisper, her face getting pale.

"Huh? I'll carry you to the bathroom!" Gray spoke in panic and was about to carry Lucy when Natsu stopped him.

"I'll carry her." He said to Gray.

"What? Leave it to me, I know where your bathroom is!" Gray insisted.

"That's not my point. Who knows what you might do to her." Natsu replied as he helped Lucy stand up.

"Hey what do you mean by that? I admit I'm a bit pervert but I'm not a molester! And I could say the same to you, you know?" Gray talked back.

"Stop talking nonsense." Natsu muttered. He carried Lucy and walked towards the bathroom.

"If I hadn't known your obsession for Lisanna, I might mistake you being in love with Lucy." Gray finally said. But despite hearing those words, Natsu didn't respond anymore.

Natsu gently brought down Lucy and supported her to stand up in front of the sink.

"Ugghh. . . I feel dizzy." Lucy whispered in her drunken state.

"You drank too much. You shouldn't drink when you know that you have low alcohol tolerance." Natsu scolded her.

"So-sorry . . ." Lucy apologized and glanced at him. Natsu noticed that her cheeks are flushed red again. He felt his pulse sped up.

"W-why are you apologizing to me? I'm just telling you the right thing." Natsu spoke and avoided her gaze.

"Y-yeah. Thanks Natsu. . ." Lucy replied. "Let's go back to Gray."

"W-wait! Don't tell me you're going to drink again?" Natsu immediately grasped her hand and unconsciously pulled her which made her bump into his chest. They gazed at each other with both faces blushing for God knows how long.

"Natsu . . ." Lucy whispered in a low voice. Because of their chests, pressed together, she can't figure out if the hard pounding that she felt was her heartbeat or his, or maybe both. She suddenly felt Natsu's hands tighten around her waist as if embracing her. Natsu . . .? What are you doing? Don't . . . She wants to voice it out, but she can't. She just stared at his eyes with such passion she can't hide.

"Lucy . . ." Natsu whispered back. He stared back at her seductive eyes, next to her flushed cheeks, and lastly to her lips. His hand that was wrapped around her waist slowly went up to the back of her neck. I know I shouldn't do this, but my body just moves on its own. I can't stop, and I had this feeling that I don't want to. . .

"Lucy. . . I think I already . . ." he whispered as he drew his lips closer to hers.

They heard a loud knock on the bathroom door. "Hey! How long will the two of you stay there?!" Gray shouted outside. Coming back to their senses, Lucy and Natsu separated themselves to each other before Gray can open the door.

"I . . . I'm going first!" Lucy spoke and dashed out of the bathroom.

"H-hey, Lucy! Do you feel okay now?" Gray asked her as she came out.

"Yeah . . . " Lucy briefly answered. "I'm going to drink water, I feel thirsty." She continued and went straight to the kitchen.

"Oh, okay. . ." Gray responded, and turned to face Natsu. "Hey Natsu, I understand Lucy getting flushed, but why you too? Did something happen? Or, should I already ask what happened between you two?"

"Nothing happened." Natsu quickly answered. "I just helped her."

"Liar. You hypocrite. Telling me that I'd do something to her, but looks like you have your own motives." Gray spoke in a serious tone. "You're in love with Lisanna, right? Don't tell me you've also fallen for Lucy?"

"O-of course not! That's nonsense!" Natsu quickly denied.

"I guess so, it would be impossible to fall in love with two girls at the same time. Then that's fine." Gray finally said. "Let's go back." He continued and started to go back to the living room.

"Wait." Natsu spoke and held Gray's shoulder to stop him. Gray looked back with a questioning look.

"Do you have feelings for Lucy?" he asked in a serious tone.

Gray just stared at him in silence, and finally replied. "Maybe yes, maybe no. We've known each other for a long time. With how I act, I'll leave it to your judgment."

"You just admitted that you like her. But in a non-straightforward way." Natsu spoke.

"Really? If that's how you see it, then it's fine. I'm going back." Gray responded and walked away.

Natsu was left behind with a bit of fear in his expression. He can't understand but he had the feeling like something or someone will be taken away from him.

When he went back to the living room, Lucy was already asleep on the sofa, with Gray's lap as the pillow.

"I think Lucy should go back home now. She's passed out from being drunk. I'll carry her home." Gray stated.

"N-no. It's too cold outside. She can sleep in my room, and I'll just sleep here." Natsu answered and was about to carry her.

"I'll take her there." Gray insisted and lifted her in his arms. "I think I'll also spend the night here."

"O-okay, sure. . ."

Monday, right after the game. . .

"Congratulations, Natsu, Gray!" Lisanna greeted the two as she ran towards them. "I knew your team would win!"

"T-thanks . . ." Natsu replied, a bit flattered.

"That goes without saying!" Gray boasted. "Although, I'm not able to give my all today."

"Why?" Lisanna curiously asked. "You seem very motivated throughout the game."

"Well . . . I was expecting someone to come and cheer for me, but . . . Damn, lucky you, Natsu! Lisanna came and cheered for you!" Gray yelled and slapped Natsu on the back.

"Oh, a girlfriend?!" Lisanna asked with full of curiosity in her eyes.

"Of course not. There's no way Gray would have a girlfriend. Right, Gray?" Natsu quickly spoke before Gray can answer her.

"Yeah, not a girlfriend. Not YET." Gray responded, and shot a quick glance at Natsu.

"Wow, I think I already knew who she is." Lisanna teasingly whispered.

Moments later, it started to rain hard.

"Guys, it's already raining hard. Soccer team, proceed to the locker rooms, take a shower and freshen up. We'll have a victory party!" shouted their coach which then followed by yells of excitement by the other players.

"Okay, Lisanna we need to go now. See you later." Natsu spoke to Lisanna.

"Y-yeah, have fun on your party!" Lisanna responded.

"Of course, well then . . ."

"W-wait!" Lisanna called out and grasped Natsu's hand. Natsu got surprised by the sudden gesture and blushed hard. He turned to face Lisanna. "Uhm . . . What is it?" he asked nervously.

"Ah, well. . . I have something important to say to you tomorrow." She briefly spoke with her cheeks flushed. "So let's meet tomorrow, okay? See you!" she finally said and quickly walked away.

"It's obviously a confession." Gray suddenly blurted out. "Congratulations, Natsu! As your best friend, I'm so proud of you!"

"Ah, t-thanks. . ." Natsu simply replied. He doesn't understand what he feels that moment. I'm supposed to be happy right now. But it's quite the opposite. Damn, stop it. Stop thinking about another person. He scolded himself.

Next day . . .

"You're meeting with Lisanna this afternoon, right?" Gray asked Natsu.

"Yeah, she has something important to say. . . That's what she told me yesterday."

"It's a confession, a CONFESSION dude! I bet today will be your happiest day ever. How lucky. Will you share some of your good luck to me? By the way I haven't seen Lucy yesterday, and I haven't seen her today. I wonder how she's doing."

"Obviously, she's busy. There's nothing you can do and let's leave her alone."

"Hey, aren't you acting a bit cold? Have you forgotten that she's the reason that you'll finally have Lisanna as your girlfriend?"

"Idiot. It's not as if she's doing it for free. She did it because I paid her."

"Well, you have a point there. But don't make it sound like she just did it for the money. Remember that she refused you the first time you made the request."

"Uhm . . . Yeah." Natsu answered. Damn it Gray, stop talking about her. It's already difficult for me not to think about her this whole day. Today will bear the fruit of my hard work. I don't want to waste it. "Actually I'm already planning to end our contract." He added.

"Huh?! Already?" Gray asked in astonishment, but immediately calmed down. "That's totally expected, since the goal is to make Lisanna fall for you. And now that it finally happened, it's only natural to end the contract. So when will you tell Lucy about it?"

"Maybe tonight."

"Okay. Good luck then, and congratulations again! I'll be going home first. You have my full support on your relationship with Lisanna!" Gray yelled while he and Natsu separate paths.

"Idiot, don't scream it out loud inside the campus!" Natsu roared in irritation. Gray just laughed in response.

As Natsu walked towards his meeting place with Lisanna, he suddenly noticed that he just walked past Lucy's classroom, and the students inside are already going out. He unconsciously slowed down his pace, hoping to see Lucy go out. But she never did. When one of her classmates passed by Natsu, he called out to him.

"Uhm, excuse me. Did you see Lucy Heartfilia?" he asked hesitantly.

"Oh, she didn't come to class today." The guy answered.

"Why?" Natsu quickly asked again.

"She called in sick today. Got a bad cold I guess, because of the rain yesterday."

"Why? What did she do yesterday?"

"She was constantly saying that she would cheer for the soccer team, especially someone named Natsu. She quickly finished her duties so she can still at least catch the latter part of the match. Although I heard that she's not able to catch it, and instead caught in the rain."

After hearing what the guy said, Natsu became speechless. And then he suddenly rushed towards their meeting place with haste.

"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! And I was just starting to not think about you and then you suddenly do this. Damn!" Natsu whispered to himself. He reached his destination in a matter of seconds. He saw Lisanna already waiting for him. And without a second thought, he spoke. "I'm sorry Lisanna, but can we talk some other time? I have an urgent matter to attend to."

Lisanna just looked at him worriedly and asked, "What happened?"

"Well . . . Uhm. My friend suddenly got a fever and . . ."

"Who is it? Is it someone more important than me?" she asked seriously.

"Uhm . . . Lucy got sick because of me. So I have to see her." Natsu stated honestly. Lisanna's expression changed to irritation when she heard Lucy's name.

"I'm sure she'll be fine. Let's call Gray and let him take care of her." Lisanna calmly suggested.

"N-no. It's my fault she got sick, so it's my responsibility. I'm sorry Lisanna. Let's meet again tomorrow after school. Okay? I'm sorry again." Natsu apologized and was about to go when Lisanna grabbed the hem of his shirt.

"Natsu, I'm already accepting your proposal. You want me to be your girlfriend, right? My answer is YES. I already fell in love with you. So be my boyfriend." Natsu froze after hearing Lisanna's confession. He already expected this to happen, but he didn't expect to hear the matter about Lucy. So he doesn't know how to respond to Lisanna. He remained still until he felt Lisanna gently hug him from the back.

"Starting today, we're lovers. Okay? See you tomorrow, Natsu." Lisanna whispered while slowly letting go of him.

"Uhm . . . Yeah, see you tomorrow . . . I'm really sorry Lisanna, I'll make sure we'll be able to talk tomorrow, I promise." Natsu spoke without turning to look at her, feeling guilty. He then slowly walked towards the university gates.

"That's not the kind of reaction I'm expecting from you Natsu." She responded even though Natsu wasn't able to hear her anymore. "Lucy Heartfilia . . ." Lisanna whispered in a low tone with a hint of anger.

Natsu rushed quickly to Lucy's house and just went inside without ringing the doorbell or knocking the door. He went straight to her room without any second thoughts, and then he saw her lying on the bed. Lucy was surprised to see Natsu suddenly barge inside her room.

"N-natsu?!" She spoke in her weak voice. But Natsu didn't respond and touched her forehead with his palm.

"You're burning! If you're not feeling well, why didn't you tell me?!" Natsu scolded her.

"W-well, why should I tell you? I can take care of myself, and I don't want to be a bother to you."

"How can you take care of yourself when you can't even get up from your bed?" Natsu continued to scold her.

"Are you mad at me?" she asked.

"N-no . . . It's just . . . It's my fault you got sick. You tried to watch the game and got caught in the rain. . ."

"H-how did you . . . ?"

"A guy from your class told me."

"I see . . . Don't mind me. This cold won't last that long, I just have to rest and sleep then I'll be healthy again. Go home now."

"What are you saying? What if your fever becomes worse? I just can't leave you alone like that."

"I tell you, it's really nothing. And it's not your fault, okay? It's my fault I got-"

"Can you just shut up and let me take care of you?!" Natsu finally howled in irritation. Lucy went silent for a moment and just whispered, "O-okay . . . I'm sorry."

Realizing what he just did, Natsu immediately apologized. "N-no, I'm sorry . . . I didn't mean to shout at you like that . . . I'm not angry . . . I'm just . . ."

"It's fine. I understand." Lucy smiled at him. "You'll take care of me, right? I don't have the strength to fight you, so I'll let you win this time, and I feel really dizzy right now so I'll just sleep a bit."

"O-okay . . . I'll just stay here." Natsu answered as he watched Lucy drift off to sleep. He reached for her hand. It feels hot because of the fever, but he never let go and instead slowly intertwined his fingers with hers. They fit perfectly together as he squeezed her hand gently.

"Damn . . ." he whispered in a low voice. "I'm really fucked up. And just when I was trying so hard not to think of you, this happens. Lisanna finally accepted me to be her boyfriend, but I don't know why instead of being happy, I'm hurt, and I feel guilty." He continued. He then gazed at Lucy's sleeping face.

"Lucy . . . I'm sorry, but I can't lie to myself anymore. I don't know when it started, maybe weeks ago, or earlier than that, or it could have been the first time I met you. Lucy, I've been in love with you all along. . ." he finally confessed.




. . . to be continued.

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