Author Notes: This was written for the "Bangin' All Summer" 2014 SwanQueen Big Bang. Many thanks to dragonwriterca (Carolyn) for the continual support on this one, and bearhugsbeerhugs for the sharp-eyed beta reading to finish it up. Many thanks to yellowermine for the wonderful cover art!

Story summary: Regina overhears that Emma is pregnant. As the months pass, she is frequently at Emma's place, and Emma at hers. Emma and Regina grow emotionally closer as the pregnancy goes through ups and downs. 10 chapters.

Nine Months to Love

by LZClotho

Chapter Summary: Month 1. Regina overhears Emma telling Snow that she is pregnant by Hook. She insists Emma tell their son.

Chapter 1: Expectations


"Oh, honey, I heard from your father that Hook set sail today."

Emma turned at the sound of her mother's first words as the other woman entered the sheriff's station. She just wanted morning coffee. The pot, sitting on the far counter near the cells, had been calling her name since she released Leroy. "Well, good morning to you," she said instead.

Snow blithely crossed to the seat by the desk and reached out for Emma's arm. She gritted her teeth, but didn't pull away. "He'll be back."

"No, he won't."

"Oh, Emma, you just have to believe. Have hope. He's probably just handling something that came up. He'll come back."

"Mar-Mom," Emma exhaled. "Hook is not coming back because I told him to go."

"Why on earth would you do that? He's your -"

Now Emma did snatch back her arm. "If you say true love, I will never speak to you again."

Snow's mouth, which had been open to say something else, snapped shut. But her eyes, her eyes dammed up with all the words she wanted to say. Emma started for her coffee, her back stiffening with each step as she awaited the explosion behind her when the woman couldn't keep it in any longer.

"You have to go after him, tell him you didn't mean it. He's…"

"Hook is NOT my happiness. He is not my true love. He was a… mistake." Emma grimaced. Self-consciously she rubbed her stomach.

"But you're hurting," Snow observed.

"I don't need him. He isn't anything to me," Emma growled. She reached for the coffee carafe and watched her hands shaking as she poured a mug. God, her mind was screaming with memories. She just needed it to shut up for one minute. "He left, and I'm glad."

"What happened? What'd you do?"

"I didn't do anything. And I should have. I should have protected myself. Now, I have. Killian Jones can just fuck off."

"Protect yourself? What happened?" Snow's confused tone set the match to Emma's temper. She threw the half-full mug of coffee against the wall, watching its dark brown liquid splash as the ceramic shattered, rattling her teeth, tiny shards clattering to the floor.

Snow gasped. Emma sighed. She lowered to the floor, grabbing a tissue box off the desk, and used the tissues to pick up the bits of ceramic and blot up the liquid.

"Emma, what happened?"

She stopped, bowed her head. "I was stupid. Careless. I told Hook. I'm… pregnant."

Snow flung herself to the floor and her arms wrapped around Emma's shaking shoulders. It didn't stop the shaking, but it was some steadiness in the storm tumult of her emotions as Emma cried.

Snow's voice when it finally came again was timid, "Honey." More like the Disney version Emma remembered watching as a child. "You-"

"I will not go after that handless pirate," Emma snapped. "I did this once before by myself, I will fucking well do it again." She pushed to her feet, away from her mother. Stumbling to steady herself, her hands slapped hard against the nearby desk. The sting brought tears again to her eyes which she furiously shook out. Something jumped in her peripheral vision. Her head snapped around. "Regina?"

The former mayor's brown eyes were wide and startled. Perfectly red lips snapped shut and she spun on her heels, striding quickly toward the exit of the building.

Oh shit, it's hand-off day. "Regina!" She'd forgotten. Regina must have come looking for her when Emma didn't meet her and Henry at Granny's at the agreed upon time.

Snow was struggling to her feet as Emma bolted in pursuit.

"Regina! Stop!"

The woman stopped with her hand on the pressure bar for the exit door. "Sheriff." Regina's voice was cool, uninflected, and she didn't turn around.

"Regina, I'm sorry I missed our meeting. Something… came up."

"Seems you were missing a few other things as well," Regina said sharply.


"Where should I begin?" She demanded, "Have you told Henry?"

"I'll tell him about Hook leaving when it's appropriate," Emma retorted.

"This is not about Hook. Henry will survive that man's departure easily. You're pregnant," Regina hissed.

"You heard that?"

"Yes, I heard that."

"Regina, you have to... please, please…"

"What, Miss Swan? Be pleased for you?"

"Please don't tell Henry?"

"Do you intend to keep this one?"

Emma looked back at the inner office where she knew her mother waited. Fuck. She shrugged; she shook her head; she nodded.

"I guess so."

Regina turned. "It's time to see our son," she said, not looking back, though her voice sounded curiously pained. Emma wondered what Regina had to worry about; Emma was the one who was pregnant. But there was an almost magnetic pull to follow in the brunette's wake, so Emma trailed behind, her hands shaking again and hiding awkwardly in the front pockets of her red jacket.

Regina all but marched into Granny's, her gaze finding Henry still seated. He sipped on his milkshake with ever-watchful Ruby across from him. The waitress laughed at something as Henry smirked around the top of his straw. His gaze drifted from the brunette's red-streaked hair. He jolted upright when his gaze fell on Regina, no doubt seeing Emma behind her. "Moms!"

Turning to see the reaction on Emma's face, Regina watched the blonde pull her hands from her pockets and run her fingers through the top of her hair. "Hey, kid. Sorry 'bout the wait. I, uh, was dealing with something at the station."

"But you're ready to go now?"

Regina met Emma's eyes and gave a significant lift of her eyebrow. Tell him, she conveyed with a significant drop of her eyes to Henry's head as their son stood and stepped up to stand alongside her.

"Yeah, I… You wanna stay here for dinner or go back to the apartment?"

Henry looked at Regina who immediately schooled her features, sensing Emma felt cornered. Surprised, Regina felt no desire to push or embarrass Emma at the moment.

"We can eat with your mom, if she'd like?" Emma asked. Her gaze lifted to Regina's, her tongue surprisingly slipping out to lick her lips. Regina realized Emma was nervous. Either she didn't want to be alone with Henry, so she could use another adult's presence as an excuse not to speak of the deeply personal matter, or she didn't know how to explain the situation to Henry.

Regina wasn't going to let Emma get away with the delaying tactic. "I actually have an appointment. I should be getting on with it."

Emma frowned. Regina shook her head as she walked out of the diner, leaving Henry and Emma alone. She couldn't resist glancing back over her shoulder, however, before passing out the door to the street.