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Sendou Aichi knocked the wooden door nervously. After someone from inside said 'come in' she stepped inside the Meeting Room with trembling feet covered by white knee-length socks. Everyone inside stared at the blue-haired girl with disbelief and amusement painted in their eyes. So this is the freshman whose cheeks would turn red as tomatoes if you tease her, they thought. How could she manage to join the Council? They began whispering with each other and soon, it caused a racket in the room. The Student Council President Tatsunagi Takuto, whose words would always be heard by the rest of the Student Council members even though he was literally smaller than the others in physique, coughed which meant for the other members to shut up. Takuto looked at the new member and smiled, "Introduce yourself to the others, thank you."

Aichi gulped. She hadn't had many experience of speaking in front of people. It was her first time attending a meeting like this, as a member of the Student Council. She had filled the registration form and passed several interviews. There were some notes concerning her ways of speaking, but in the end, she made it to the Council. Even though she personally didn't want to involve herself with activities like this, she needed the certificate given later, to make her way to a top university. The blue-haired girl opened her mouth and tried to make her voice as confident as she could, "Se-sendou Aichi, member of the Environment Care Committee."

It turned out quite well, Aichi thought, at least no one laughed. Takuto wrote something on a paper then lifted his head and said, "You may go to your seat, Sendou-san. Your seat is next to your fellow committee member, Miwa Taishi." Aichi saw a blond boy with a laid-back face, waving at him and smiling cheerfully. Seeing her senpai's friendly smile, she became more at ease and relaxed. She walked with more confidence and took the seat next to Miwa.

Takuto looked at his wristwatch, "It's time to start the meeting, everyone. Today I want to make it very short and brief, so I reassure as long as you all stay silent during the meeting, we can go home early." Everyone nodded seriously, and the meeting started. It was a kind of introduction meeting to Aichi, since Takuto only explained all the duties of the Student Council members. She took note to all things Takuto mentioned.

"You must attend our monthly meetings on time. Should you not be able to attend a meeting, inform me or Suiko the Vice President. For Committee Presidents, I inform now that you must hold a Committee Meeting every month. Reports of the Committee Meeting will be given to Kourin, the Secretary. For next meeting, I want every section to submit their work plan for the whole year. For the new members, I want you to learn how the Council works from your seniors. They will be very helpful, so you may ask them anything related to the Council. Now I remind you all that you're part of the Student Council, so behave well according to the school rules, since you're supposed to be a model." Takuto paused, taking a deep breath. "And so, I end our very short and brief meeting. Thank you very much, now you may leave."

Aichi was about to go home, a cheerful voice called her name, "Aichi!" She turned her blue head and saw that it was Miwa. "Come here, I want to introduce you to our Committee President." Her blue eyes widened as she laid them on a tall boy with brown hair. One feature of his that stood out the most was those beautiful teal eyes that showed no emotions at all. Some would say those eyes looked cold. But deep inside, she could see something, it was some kind of sadness and grief, concealed perfectly. And yet, she also saw kindness. "This is Kai Toshiki, the Environment Care Committee President."

"I'm looking forward to work with you, Kai-senpai." Aichi tried her best to smile, which wasn't getting any response from the older boy. "You too, Miwa-senpai."

"Nah, no need for such honorifics. It feels awkward to be called 'senpai' by someone who's only 1 year younger. Just Miwa is fine. Isn't that so, Kai?" Miwa said and turned to look at Kai. The latter had already went home without saying anything. "Wait for me, Kai! Ah, see you next time, Aichi! I will let you know if we have any Committee Meeting. Jeez, that guy is so fast!" Miwa ran and left the blue-haired girl alone, dumbfounded.

"See you too, Miwa-kun." Aichi walked out from the room and went home, alone. After all, it had always been like that since she was a kid. No one would want to be friends with a freak like her. Her classmates would always laugh every time she tries to speak. They would play pranks and make her cry. Things were changing for the better when she was on the last year of middle school, for she had gained a better sense of confidence. She had some nice friends and was looking forward to enter high school with them, but then mother said that they were moving to another city. And so, she entered Vanguard High, where she had to start all over. Everyone was nice and sensible, some teased her a little. She didn't cry again, since she had already grown up to realize that crying won't solve anything. However, every day, before going to bed, she would wonder why she was always alone.

It was her mother who suggested her to join the Student Council, with the reason of getting a certificate that will guarantee Aichi a bright future. However, Aichi's mother Shizuka, had more than a certificate in her mind. She realized that her daughter had always walked home alone. She realized that her daughter never invites her friends to visit. She realized that her daughter would always mumble to herself before sleeping. And above all, she realized that her daughter was unhappy and needed a friend. Shizuka knew someone who teaches in Vanguard High and that someone recommended Shizuka to persuade her daughter to join the Student Council, saying that participating in such activities would do better for Aichi. Shizuka agreed and so, she said that Aichi ought to sign up for the Council so that she could get a certificate that could help make her way to a top university. Aichi, who had always been a good girl, did what her mother suggested. She filled the registration form with a tiny hope of finding friends there.

When Aichi arrived home, her younger sister Emi greeted with a smile on her rosy lips. "How was the Meeting, Aichi?"

Aichi smiled, "It was fun."

Author's note: It has been a long slumber for me, I couldn't remember the last time I wrote a fic. So, I'm hoping to be consistent with this one and try to update every weekend. I take the references of the Student Council from my own school, since I'm part of it. Should I have any errors, please feel free to correct me, and thank you for reading.