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"Deep vengeance is the daughter of deep silence" – Vittorio Alfieri

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Perfect Couple (Part 3: Perverse Conjectures, Punitive Consequences)

Cherry Hill Temple

"Amy, I want you to scan Serena for any foreign entity," Luna's grim tone broke the silence after Serena's departure and brought a horrified gasp out of Lita.

"You can't be serious? This is Serena we're talking about!" the brunette protested vehemently.

Luna's answer was grave, "Exactly. This is Serena we're talking about and she isn't acting like Serena."

"She was upset! And with good reason! You can't expect for her to be calm when someone not only went for Darien but also managed to steal a kiss from him." Lita argued on her friend's behalf.

"It goes beyond that. Serena would not have brought up…" Luna's voice trailed off. She couldn't bring herself to address the kiss that was mentioned before. It felt completely wrong to her and made her stomach rolled.

Lita shook her head, "People say things out of anger all the time. Serena may be angry and hurt and God knows she gets jealous sometimes, but where it counted the most, her heart is too pure and her will is too strong to be overtaken by something evil."

She turned to Amy and looked pleadingly, "Amy, you can't seriously consider Luna's request. We'd be betraying Serena's trust!"

Amy's face was pale when she answered, "It's just a scan…to make sure that she's alright. I'm sure she'll understand that it's not because we don't have faith in her. All of us at one point have been overpowered by evil before, right?" The bluenette's tone was uncertain, torn between loyalty to her friend and the need to be sure that that was her friend and not some other entity pretending to be her friend. The Serena she knew would never hurt her!

"I didn't sense any evil coming from her," Raye's tone was uncharacteristically subdued, her face troubled.

Lita scoffed at that, "Of course not! Serena would be the last person capable of any evil!"

Amy shook her head slowly.

"What is it, Ames?" Raye was the one to ask the question.

Amy cleared her throat. "Now, this is not mere conjecture," she was silent for a moment before reluctantly continuing, "It's just that, centuries of literature have proven on more than one occasion that the greatest evil could come from the greatest good… and Serena…probably owns the most pure heart there is," Her answer was tentative and hesitant but weighed heavily just the same.

Lita was completely horrified. "What nonsense! Are you seriously accusing Serena…" she was too horrified to continue.

Not that Amy would have allowed her to voice that appalling notion out loud anyway. Her response was immediate and indignant, "Of course not, Lita! I love Serena every bit as much as you do! I'm just saying that logic and recorded historical events dictate that…"

"Screw logic! This is Serena we're talking about! Just for once, use your heart instead of your head!"

While the three Scouts and the cat guardians continued with the argument at hand, Mina had gone straight to the main door to head Darien off, unaware of the little pink haired girl who followed closely behind her.

"I believe she said she needed a break," the blonde Scout of Love frostily addressed the reincarnated Prince of the Earth.

Darien bit back an oath as he ran an agitated hand through his hair. "Give me a bit of credit, Mina."

"Why should I?" she demanded, "How could you be so stupid as to let another girl kiss you?"

"I didn't let her. She took me by surprise. It came out of nowhere."

"That's not exactly true. You blew Serena and me off to spend time with her and you spent the whole day with her instead of us," Rini mentioned quietly. "And the kiss happened while the two of you were alone together in your apartment."

She felt better saying that out loud. Deep down, the consequence of her actions shocked and terrified her. She hadn't realised that Serena would get so angry. Taunting Serena was something that started as a defence mechanism but had quickly become instinctive to her. It was knee-jerk to treat Serena the way she did. Besides, even the girls and Darien tend to put Serena down. Still, what had happened yesterday, to her mind, was as much Darien's fault.

He did blow Serena and me off to spend time with Officer Saori and they werealone in his apartment, she thought resentfully.

Darien groaned. It had been a mistake to share what had happened with Rini but he hadn't been thinking clearly and the little girl was upset over Serena's parting remark and was her usual persistent self when she demanded to know what had happened. He had volunteered the information to explain why Serena was so upset and when the little girl freaked out over the kiss and started plying him with accusations, he had no choice but to defend himself. At the time, the thought of someone else he cared about being hurt by his actions and being angry and upset with him was more than he could bear.

Mina took a deep breath to calm herself, "Rini, I need to speak with Darien in private," she said firmly and turned to him with a fierce scowl when the little girl left them alone.

"Would you care to explain yourself?" she growled out her question.

"Not right now, Mina," Darien said impatiently and tried to get past her.

She held her ground and shoved his chest, "Yes Darien, right now or I'll make sure you never see Serena again," she gritted out.

Seeing the fierce look in her eyes, he believed her and with clipped tones he filled her in briefly and briskly.

Mina opened her mouth, shut it again. "You'd better fix this, Darien," she finally hissed out at him, her hands fisted at her sides to keep from punching him in the face. How the guy could be so oblivious to a girl hitting on him and throwing herself at him is completely beyond her! And the way he handled the situation… she had no words for his obtuseness!

Sending him a hard, level look, she continued, "Or I'm going to fix you."

He returned her gaze evenly, "I don't doubt that for a second. Can I go now?" The question came out sarcastic as well as impatient.

If she had seen only anger in his eyes, she would have snapped back at him but she saw fear as well. She drew in another deep breath and stepped aside. "I suggest you give her a bit of space to cool down first and also for you to cool down a bit as well. Don't hurt her anymore than you already have, Darien." The last sentence was given as an order, a threat and a plea.

He nodded briskly and hurriedly left the place.

Crown Arcade

Serena walked determinedly towards the arcade, resolved to find Molly and apologise to her childhood friend. She had been horrified to realise that she was doing to Molly, exactly what the Scouts were doing to her. The burden of guilt at having taken her friend for granted and being negligent weighed heavily on her.

Seeing the girl in question sitting with another childhood friend that she had managed to dissociate herself from, sitting in their usual booth at the arcade filled her with both relief and apprehension.

She took a deep breath, nodded resolutely to herself and marched to Andrew with a forced smile on her face.

"One vanilla milkshake, one chocolate milkshake and one strawberry milkshake please, Andrew," she requested softly.

Andrew looked at her with twinkling eyes. "Feeling extra thirsty today?" he teased as he gave her an affectionate one arm hug over the counter. The sight of her never failed to brighten up his day.

Serena let out a small chuckle and shook her head, "I just thought I'd spend some time with Molly and Melvin," she said and tilted her head in their direction, "It's been awhile." The last sentence said so wistfully had Andrew glancing sharply at her, studying her face thoughtfully.

"Everything okay?" he asked quietly in concern.

Serena nodded and forced her smile brighter so he wouldn't worry. "I just miss them is all," she answered with a casual shrug.

He nodded, patted her head and gestured for her to join her friends. "I'll bring the milkshakes to you."

Serena walked slowly towards the booth where Molly's reddish brown head bent together with Melvin's sandy blond one, absorbed in a private conversation over a book that was shared between them, empty cups and half eaten platter of fries on the table in front of them.

She stood hesitating to the side for a moment, contemplating what to say, unprepared for the awkwardness she felt.

"I wonder how Serena is doing. Don't you miss her too, Melvin?" Molly's voice with her unique accent brought Serena out of her reverie.

She looked towards Molly who still had her back to her and Melvin's gaze that was now looking up at her with startled curiosity.

Molly continued talking as though unaware of her presence, "You don't think she's forgotten all about us, do you?" She waited a beat while her boyfriend squirmed uncomfortably, unsure how to respond. And then she shifted and met Serena's gaze directly, unblinking. "Did you, Sere? Forget all about us?" The question was asked as soft as a whisper, the impact as hard as a hammer.

Serena started to speak and found her throat snapped shut. She could only shake her head as her eyes started to mist.

Molly studied her best friend's face. Even if she hadn't known Serena almost her whole life, the remorse was so clear for her to see.

"Melvin, I need a moment with Serena," she said to the blond boy without taking her gaze off of Serena's face.

"Girl talk is it? Take your time. I'm going to try out that new game everyone says is impossible to win. I'm convinced there is a formula to winning and I'm going to figure it out!" Melvin said as he stood up. Before he left though, he squeezed Serena's arm in a silent show of support and comfort. "It's good to see you, Sere," he whispered for her ears only.

Serena watched him leave and then turned back to Molly, her teeth biting her bottom lip to keep her emotions under control.

Taking a deep breath, she tried for a smile. "He's good for you. I'm glad the two of you have each other," she said softly and then looking imploringly and apologetically into Molly's blue eyes, "Especially since I've been such an absent friend."

Molly studied her a bit longer before replying gently, "Well, you're here now. That's what count." Her lips curved as she tilted her head to the empty space next to her, "Are you going to join me?" She asked with raised brows and an almost teasing note.

Serena's mouth opened and closed before she managed to form a word. Her eyes changed, misting yet again, but softened with relief.

She slid in the seat to hug Molly tight. Laughing, Molly squeezed Serena against her, just as tightly.

"I've missed you!" They both said at the same time, ""So much!" Both girls started laughing again as Andrew came and placed their drinks in front of them, smiling gladly at the laughter he heard. He left after a light stroke to Serena's hair, relief to see that she was okay.

Sobering, Serena looked deeply into Molly's eyes, "I'm sorry I've been absent and distant. I know I haven't been a good friend lately but I want…"

"Serena. You're not just a good friend. You're my best friend," Molly interrupted her and took both of Serena's hands in hers. "We've been through enough and I know you enough to know that you wouldn't just turn your back on me without good reasons and if you didn't tell me, there must be reasons for that as well. I didn't just know you yesterday, you know. We've been friends too long, our bond too strong for me to everquestion your friendship," she said earnestly.

And just like that, the two friends fell back into their easy camaraderie, "So that just now…" Serena started to tease.

"That just now, was me giving you a bit of a hard time as payback for taking awhile to realise that you were drawing further and further away from us and making me miss you too much," Molly continued straight faced.

"I've missed you too, Molly. I'm sorry it took me so long to realise…"

"I told you. I know you have your reasons and when andif you're ready, you'll share them with me. I may not like it and would prefer not to have to wait or be kept in the dark. But I love you enough to give you benefit of doubt and know you enough to know that you're of two minds on whether to share your reasons," Molly interjected firmly. "I can still read your face, you know!" she added on a lighter note to ease her friend's conscience. For now she was just glad to have Serena back.

Serena pressed their joined hands to her heart, almost overwhelmed by the faith in her that she felt completely undeserving of. "I will tell you. But you're right. Now may not be the time yet, because it doesn't just involve me. It's not entirely my story to tell." Her regret was clear both in her tone and eyes that were begging for her friend's understanding and forgiveness. "I will promise though, that I will never pull away from you again, not emotionally. There will be times and things that I may not be able to explain but you will never doubt your worth to me, the value of our friendship, ever again."

"Oh Serena, I never doubted that for a second! You may have kept your distance but I always know that if I need you, really need you, you'd be there for me. I've never question that. Ever," Molly said as she hugged Serena close to her once again.

When she let go of her best friend, her lips curved to match the happiness in her eyes. Seeing the remnant of sadness that was usually so foreign on Serena's face, she sought to comfort and lighten the situation, "Besides, it gave Melvin and me the chance to really explore our relationship," she said cheekily though not without a hint of roses on her cheeks.

Serena laughed at that and her gaze wandered to the boy in question, one who for the longest time of their friendship, fancied himself in love with her instead of Molly. "I'm really glad that the two of you have each other and so happy together," she said sincerely even as Melvin rejoined them at the booth.

Over at the furthest, more secluded end of the counter, Darien sat on a stool, turned sideways so that his back rested against the wall, watching the three friends chatting happily. Twin mix of relief and sorrow warred inside his heart. Relief because she finally seemed less troubled and sorrow because his absence was probably the cause for it. He decided to let her have her moment of peace undisturbed for a bit longer.

"You look horrible, Darien." Andrew commented as he set a cup of coffee in front of his best friend.

"It goes with how I feel."

Andrew took a harder look at his best friend who had yet to take his eyes off of his Meatball Head and then turned to his little sister, "Lizzie, I'm taking a break, okay?"

He took a seat opposite of Darien across the counter. "Want to tell me why you're staring at Serena instead of joining her?"

"She dumped me."

Surprised but unperturbed, Andrew's respond was calm. "Serena loves you, Darien."

"She said she didn't want to."

Andrew shook his head. Something was not quite right with the picture. So he asked a simple question to find out the answer, "Why?"

Darien frowned in confusion, "Why what?"

"Why did she say that?"

"What do you mean?"

"Darien, Serena's crazy in love with you. She's also the kindest soul there is. She accepts people the way they are and never holds a grudge. Heck, I don't think she even knows how! And she definitely doesn't say things out of spite. She may tease, but she's not spiteful. So, what did you do that made her say that she didn't want to love you?"

Darien blew out a breath. "I messed up. But I'm not even sure how exactly."

"You don't know what you did wrong? Or you don't know why she's upset?"

"Is there a difference?"

"I don't know. You tell me."

"God, sometimes, you're every bit as confusing as she is."

"And yet we are the two people who know you best."

"True. So very true...Well, not so true in this case."

"You're hedging and that tells me you did something wrong and you know exactly what you did."

Darien stared blankly at Andrew. Seeing the determination in the hazel green eyes, he knew his best friend was not about to back down. It probably also didn't help that Andrew thought of Serena as a little sister, loved her like one and was extremely protective of her. He sighed and proceeded to tell Andrew about the kiss with Saori.

Andrew was silent for a long moment. When he finally spoke, his voice was very low, a telltale sign that he was trying to restrain himself from doing something or saying something that he might regret. "You… let… Saori kiss you?"

Darien rubbed his hand over his face in agitation "I didn't let her. She took me by surprise. It came out of nowhere." He was beginning to feel like a broken record.

Andrew took a deep breath. His voice remained very low. "It didn't come out of nowhere, Darien," he gritted out and shook his head at the bafflement on his friend's face and raked his own hand over his face, "Darien, our whole class knows how Saori feels about you. And you spending the whole day with her, showering her with affection and inviting her to your apartment when you're normally so reserved, that probably made her think you're returning her feelings. So, no Darien, I wouldn't say the kiss came out of nowhere, not at all."

Darien's defence mechanism clicked in before he could stop it and his voice rose slightly in frustration, "I told her that I have a girlfriend! I even introduced her to Serena, that very morning!"

"And yet you blew Serena off to spend time with her and did so in front of her!" Andrew was starting to lose his patience as well. He raised his hand before Darien could protest and said as calmly as his patience allowed. "If I know Sere, she would have wanted to spend time with you. Why couldn't she have joined you and Saori? It was a Saturday. You see Saori every week day. Why couldn't you spend your Saturday with Serena?"

Serena's words rang loudly in Darien's mind, "I'll bet you've been out with Saori more times, spent more times with her than you do with me. Your time alone with her today is probably more than your time alone with me for the whole month!"

The guilt made him even more defensive. "I see Serena every week day too!"

"News flash Darien, Saori is a classmate, Sere is your girlfriend!"

Mistaking Darien's tight face as remonstration rather than mortification, Andrew scoffed, "And since you brought that up, you see her here at this arcade on week days. I know for a fact that a daily meeting hasn't been the case for awhile. You meet on most days, yes. But either Rini or the girls would be with you. It was never just the two of you. Not some time Darien, all the time."

"Do you ever just want to spend time with me, anymore?" Serena's words and her wounded eyes flashed in his mind, tormented until he was sick with regret. His temper fled and his shoulders slumped in defeat. He raked his fingers in his raven hair as his eyes pleaded with his best friend for understanding and compassion.

Andrew's response was a cool eyed stare. Another deep breath and another shake of the head before he continued softly with a mixed of sadness and subtle reprimand, "Sometimes, even to me who knows you so well, but especially to those who don't know you, the way you treat Serena made her come across as a little sister you tolerate out of love rather than the girlfriend that you're in love with and dying to spend time with."

"I'm crazy in love with her. I love her so much I don't know what to do with it or how to deal with it!"

"I know you do, Dare. But you're very sparing in your show of affection. You can't blame Sere for feeling insecure."

"I don't. I was trying to talk to her this morning. Went and join her study session with the girls at Raye's place. The thing is…"

Andrew remembered the dejected look that Serena came in with earlier. His eyes narrowed in alarm. "What happened?"

Darien shook his head and buried it in his hands for a moment. "I don't know exactly how, but things got even more out of hands. It was as though she had all this resentment stored inside of her, not just for me but for all of us. She didn't even touch on the kiss with Saori. Suddenly it was her best friends flirting with me, how they would be better for me, how Rini is in love with me. She even thought that we all see her as irresponsible and selfish and the look on her face when she said that she has other friends who don't find her too lacking or inferior…"

His eyes were full of hurt and confusion but his denial was vehement and forceful, "I don't find her lacking or inferior! None of us do! I swear I don't know where all these accusations and conjectures came from. To contemplate that something might be brewing with Raye and Amy of all people, it's like she doesn't even know me! And that speculation about Rini wanting me all to herself and being in love with me…" he couldn't stop the small shudder that escaped him.

Andrew's silence had him studying the blond carefully. His best friend's expressionless face filled his gut with dread and his mind with complete bewilderment, "You can't be serious?" His eyes were wide with disbelieve. "You actually agree with her?"

Andrew's mouth folded in a grimly uncompromising line. He had to take another deep breath. But his points were delivered one by one, matter-of-factly, "While you and her friends may not think of her as lacking or inferior, all of you do, at one time or the other, put her down and dismiss her opinions on a regular basis. You went out with Raye before you got together with her. When Rini showed up, you broke up with her and in all the weeks it took for you to get back together with her, you spent all your free time with Rini, while ignoring her. As for Amy, I've actually seen the two of you flirting for myself."

Darien sputtered, "Are you insane? Amy would never betray Serena that way and neither would I!"

"I don't think either of you were conscious of what you were doing." Andrew held his hand up before Darien could interrupt, "She was sitting in the exact spot you are sitting right now, upset. You came out of concern, I think because she's one of Sere's friends. The two of you started talking with her telling you her worries and you consoling her. It ended with you telling her your greatest fear of getting a needle but how you wouldn't mind if the one administering it were as kind and pretty as her and practically begging her not to change a thing about herself because she's already got everything it takes."

Darien's face flushed as he recalled the conversation. "I didn't mean anything by it," he murmured.

"No. I don't think you did. And I definitely don't think that either Amy or you would intentionally betray Serena that way."

Andrew's expression softened slightly as he continued, "There is nothing wrong with harmless flirtation between friends as long as everyone know where they stand. Heck, even I couldn't help flirt back with Mina or Lita sometimes. It was all in good fun. Everyone knows that it's Reika I love, Mina and Lita are both aware that there was no weight behind it, and Reika's secure enough in my love for her not to be threatened by it. ButI show Reika that I love her all the time. I don't hide my love for Reika from Mina and Lita either. There wasn't any way for them to get the wrong impression that my love for Reika would shift towards them. I was clear on who I love and how much I love her. She has no reason to feel insecure and other girls have no reason to think they might stand a chance with me."

Andrew clasped Darien's shoulder and looked earnestly into his deep blue eyes to get his point across. "You are not free with your affections. You've become better at it because of Serena. You started treating others including girls who may have feelings for you, such as Saori and Raye and even Amy, better, with less detachment. But the way you treat Serena, outwardly, to people who don't know you well enough, you're indifferent to her, certainly not like a man in love. So, while I don't agree with her entirely, Serena's insecurities are not baseless, Saori thinking she might stand a chance with you didn't come out of nowhere and Amy, even if she didn't have feelings for you in the first place, you're not exactly easy for girls to resist with your good looks and mysterious, brooding personality. Girls like that. They fall for it all the time. You even have your own fan club, Darien. That ought to give you a clue. If you keep flirting with Amy, saying all those sentimental crap to her all the while putting Serena down, don't be surprise if Amy starts having feelings for you."

"I never put Serena down, not since we got together!" Darien insisted, anger lacing the edges of his tone, the last part came out defensively when he recalled how he used to put her down all the time before they found out each other's identity as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask and Serenity and Endymion.

"Actually, you did, Darien. As your best friend but also someone who is outside of the situation, enough to observe it somewhat objectively, it looked to me as though there were something brewing between you and Amy then. In fact, if I hadn't been your best friend and know you as well as I do, I would've been sure of it. When Amy commented on how Serena has lots of dreams and full of spirit, your response was to say that Serena was definitely full of something but not always spirit. It left such an impression on my mind that I still remember your words, the tone with which you said them and the expression on your face while saying them. Hearing the words out of your mouth, the way you said them,I actually felt betrayed on Serena's behalf. Imagine if she had been there in my place! In fact if she hadn't shown up when she did, I would've said something about it to you right then and there regardless of propriety! But she did show up and even with Amy faking, although I don't think that it was completely faked, her interest in you, Serena managed to make light her insecurities, turned it into harmless banter, the way she always does every time one of you slighted her. So I let it go. But thinking back, perhaps I should've said something."

Darien remained silent but Andrew knew him well enough to know that he was listening very carefully, pondering and weighing everything that was said.

"I'm your best friend, Darien. But Serena's like a sister to me. I've known her and loved her, longer. Serena buries her hurt in plain sight, behind those so called crocodile tears. It's her way of letting her grievances out without seeming too serious about it and hurting anyone's feelings, making them feel bad about themselves or worrying them. I thought you and the girls would have figured that out. It's not in her to hurt others. She's too selfless and loyal to put herself first. So, if she's lashing out, it's either you went too far or she's reached her limit."

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