Sakura huffed, brushing a stray piece of petal pink hair away from her eyes. She glared daggers up at the out of reach book. She needed that book, damn it! It was the latest installment in the romance novel she had been reading lately, and she needed to know what happened next!

She stretched, desperately trying to reach the orange book that was only just out of reach. The tips of her fingers brushed against the spine of the book, and her eyes sparkled in triumph as the book scooted closer and closer to her until…

There! The book fell into her grasp, and she let out a small cry of victory as her fingers curled around the book. Until…


She stumbled, her eyes growing larger as she felt herself falling backwards. Bracing herself slightly, she snapped her emerald eyes shut as she waited for the cold impact of the floor of the library. Instead, she found herself in the grasp of a pair of large, and very warm, hands.

She stilled. Peeking out from her thick lashes, she peered up at the man attached to the hands that caught her. A pair of hard violet eyes stared down at her with a blank look. Sakura found herself getting lost in those eyes, those dreamy, beautiful eyes, placed upon an Adonis-like male with white hair.

Wait a minute…

White hair with violet eyes?



Dropping her book, Sakura tore herself out of the grip of his hands, turning around quickly so she could squeeze him.

"Hidan! I haven't seen you in forever! How have you been, how's college going, are you and Kakuzu still rooming together, is the Akatsuki still together, is- mmph!"

A large hand adorned by a ring clasped over her mouth. He grinned down at his old friend, chuckling slightly.

"Now, now, Pinky, calm down. I know it's been a hell of a while, but this is a library. How about we take this somewhere else, seriously?"

Sakura blushed slightly, nodding. The "pinky" comment seemed to have been lost on her.

"Alright then. How about that shitty ice-cream place that we all used to chill at?"

Nodding once more, Sakura placed her much smaller hands over his, removing his hands from her face. She squeezed his hands with hers, clasping their fingers together as she pulled him out of the library.

She smiled brightly at the older male as their hands intertwined, her eyes crinkling cutely. His hand covered his face as he looked away, blushing slightly.

She's so fucking adorable…

Meanwhile, a neon orange book rested on the floor of the library, forgotten.