Anything Goes Fluff


Jeremy Harper

Disclaimer – Ranma ½ is the creation of Rumiko Takahashi and is used without permission.


Winter Comfort (A year post-Junsendo)

Ranma sighed as he stepped out of the bathroom and padded toward the sitting room, still feeling sore even after his long soak in the furo. He was in superlative shape, but three hours of shoveling heavy, wet snow was taxing on the body no matter how fit you were. He adjusted his gray athletic sweats and sighed softly. At least all the hard work was done and he could spend the rest of the blustery, winter afternoon relaxing.

Of course, he thought as he stepped into the sitting room, some people spent the entire day relaxing.

He looked with narrow-eyed disfavor at his father and Mr. Tendo as they lounged playing shogi, wrapped in throws and drinking warm sake. His expression softened as he looked at the women gathered around the kotatsu. He did not like Nabiki much, but at least she was not afraid to work when it was necessary; she had helped with the shoveling and salting, while Kasumi and his mom had been up even earlier than Akane and himself getting the house ready for the storm.

Kasumi looked up from her novel and smiled at him. "Oh, Ranma. I made some hot coca and snacks for you and Akane. They're on a tray in the kitchen."

Ranma smiled and sketched a bow. "Thanks Kasumi."

He fetched the tray and headed upstairs, rolling his eyes a little when he heard the old men giggle like little girls, then smirked when his mother admonished them sternly to mind their business.

Ranma knocked on Akane's door. "Who is it?" she called.

"Me. Kasumi made some hot chocolate and cookies for us."

"Yum!" Akane opened the door and Ranma nearly dropped the tray when he saw her. He never imagined pajamas could ever be sexy. Cute, yes – he thought Akane looked especially so in her ruffled yellow short-cuffed pair – but not sexy. The set Akane wore put paid to that idea. They were made of shimmering dark blue satin, tailored to cling sensually to her curves and highlighting her figure to wonderful effect, with the collar of the top cut provocatively low. Akane looked at him with a coquettish smile, her eyes glittering and a faint blush dusting her cheeks. "You like what you see?" she asked playfully.

"Ye- yeah," Ranma stuttered. He took a deep breath to center himself and entered the bedroom, walking to Akane's desk and setting the tray down. He turned in time to see her shutting and locking the door. "When did you get that?"

Akane walked over to him with a pleased grin, happy with the effect she had on her fiance and even more happy he did not deny he was effected. "I'm glad you approve. I ordered it a week ago, along with a few other things. They arrived before the blizzard hit."

Ranma arched a curious eyebrow. "What other things?"

"Things you'll find out about soon enough." She reached up and stroked his cheek. "Don't be greedy, Ranma."

"I'll always be greedy for you, Akane," he blurted out. He blushed deeply, a little embarrassed, but felt reassured when Akane smiled warmly at him. She walked passed him toward the hot chocolate, bumping her hip against his on the way.

When they finished with the treats Akane went to her bedroom window, smiling softly as she looked out at her neighborhood transformed by winter. "It's so pretty out," she murmured.

Ranma walked behind her, looking over her head. "Yeah, I guess it is." He chuckled. "I'm surprised I feel that way, after spending most of the morning shoveling snow."

Akane nestled back against him, and in response he wrapped his arms around her, pressing his cheek against her soft, silky hair. She sighed in contentment. "I'll admit I feel more kindly towards snow when I'm in a warm house, not hip-deep in the midst of it." She pressed her own hands on top of Ranma's and looked up at him, her brown eyes bright. He needed no further invitation, ducking down to meet her lips.

They kissed for a long, deep moment, and when they broke it Akane grinned at him. "Yummy," she declared. She reached over to her nightstand and turned on the clock-radio, the sound low and set to a station playing soft instrumental music, then dimmed her lamp. She stepped out of Ranma's embrace to her bed and turned down the covers. There was something very feminine in the action that touched Ranma on a primal level. His throat tightened as a deep warmth began to kindle by his heart. Akane slipped into bed, rolling onto her side and holding out a hand to him. Ranma breathed deeply again, took her hand and crawled in with her, pulling the blankets up around them.

Ranma and Akane spent the rest of the day like this, wrapped up in blankets and each other, sometimes conversing softly, sometimes dozing, exchanging kisses and gentle caresses often, giving warm comfort to each other as snow fell slowly throughout the winter afternoon.

Author's Notes: I had this vignette in mind for a little while, as part of a seasonal sequence starting with summer, but Snowpocalypse '15 inspired me to write this one first.

Thanks again to Pursemonger for her pre-reading, suggestions and enthusiastic support.