He never thought it would happen... not like this any how... and he could never go back...

'What have I done?'

He thought as he paced the room his eyes still gleaming crimsom, they hadn't faded and probably wouldn't.

'I promised her I wouldn't do this! But look at me now... I have broken my promise... can you ever forgive me mother?'

A girl lay lying on the ground, the blood drained from her... evey last drop of it... the man raced his eyes over her corpse. He couldn't believe he'd given into his Noble blood and had killed her, and worst yet now his Noble blood would not let his human side back out.

The man paced trying to think of what to do when he noticed the sun starting to peck over the hurrizon.

'I'll be hunted now... just like my father... I will no longer get to see the sunlight anymore... it'll burn my flesh'

The man rushed out of the womans house and to a nearby abandoned castle, he had slain the Noble who owned it.

'I am now a Noble... everybody will know I failed to keep my promise... my promise to save all of humanity from Nobles...'

His eyes burned red brightly as he approached the coffin

'I guess I should get in before the sun's up, i'm so tired... it this what being a Noble is like? I'll never love this life... i'll always be a Vampire Hunter... till someday... someone will free me from this reched curse apon my soul'

He slipped into the coffin and shut the lid just as the sun rose, he'd barely made it, but he wanted to see the sun.

'If only I could of been a hunter for another year or so... I didn't want it to ever be this way... but it's to late now... have I become my father? Will I kill people like him now? No... i'll try to restraint myself... I won't allow his blood in my veins to control my mind! I have to hang onto my humanity! I did it back then and I can do it now! Oh but i'm so tired... I have to rest... no one will know it was me that killed that woman... i'll live till night... till they find out it's me... even then I won't be easy to kil... i'll hunt him down when I wake... he'll be so glad... how disgusting... but I have no choice... he can teach me how to live this life... and it'll be safe with him... even if I never wanted this life it's mine now and he is all the help i'll get...'

The mans conciousness faded as sleep pulled him down into it's depths, he was Noble now so he slept during the day.