D awoke to find himself starving, he wanted blood, human blood. He opened his coffin to find his father patiently awaiting him

Dracula:"Morning D"

D:"Don't you mean night D?"

Dracula:"No... that would be silly! Who says good night when you've only just woke up?"

D:"Well it's more of a good night then a good morning, don't you agree?"

Dracula:"I suppose so..."

D:"Lets not worry about it, i'm famished"

Dracula egerly smilled

Dracula:"Then lets not waste any more time!"

D entered the room of the soundly sleeping woman's bedroom, he didn't feel disgust or hatred fo what he was going to do.

Dracula:"You sure you want to do this?"

D looked at his father with his crimsom eyes


He replied flatly, then turned to the woman, and approached her, he could smell her blood. Oh how sweet it smelt! He leaned in and sank his fangs into her neck without a moments thought. Oh how sweet it tasted!

Dracula:"Alright thats enough, my son"

D pulled back felling energized

Dracula:"Lets hurry home now"

D nodded

He'd done it again... he'd drank. Oh but how energizing it was! D wanted more! He forced himself not to beg his father to let him feed. He didn't want to risk being caught, he was no longer what he use to be, he is now a Noble.

D paced, he couldn't fall asleep, his mind was racing, and so was his heart, he couldn't sit still. If he did he felt the urge to move, he sighed with annoyance at this, he didn't like being restless.

His father came in,

Dracula:"What troubles you, my son?"

D:"It's nothing"

Dracula:"If it where nothing then you wouldn't be so tense"

D sighed and turned to his father

D:"It doesn't matter now... she probably has forgotten me"


D:"Nobody special... it doesn't matter. I couldn't have her then and I can't have her now"

Dracula:"Why not?"

D sighed

D:"I thought I loved her but I just wanted her blood... I don't think she ever really knew that"

Dracula:"That Lang girl?"

D nodded

Dracula:"How about this. Why don't we pay her a visit?"

D looked at his father confused

D:"You mean... you'd let me travel all the way out there just so I could drink her blood?"

Dracula:"If it'll stop you from you're pacing then yes"