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RWBY Let's Play Silent Hill

Summary: The shopkeep of 'From Dust Till Dawn', in appreciation of Ruby's efforts in thwarting the robbery, lets her select any game from his newly opened video game shop. She plays only the finest games but some games are too scary for her to finish alone... but little does she know she lives in the presence of a horror game master.

WARNING: This will contains spoilers for Silent Hill.

Disclaimer: I don't own RWBY or Silent Hill. Please do not sue me.

Ruby was in a video game store, run by an elderly gentleman who used to be the proprietor of 'From Dust Till Dawn'. In recognition of Ruby's effort that night to stop the dust robbery by Torchwick, the kindly shopkeep allowed Ruby to take any game she wanted. Ruby held an old-styled plastic case from an outdated console system in her hands. Looking at the publishing date, the game was released before Ruby was even born.

Silent Hill, huh?

"I wonder what this game is about? Hm... well there's a picture of a guy's face, a girl walking off, and a woman all in gray... maybe it's a romance drama?" Ruby turned the game around and saw it was rated 'M for Mature'. "Maybe it's a steamy romance drama? Yang never let me watch those as a kid... but I'm not a kid anymore!"

That settles it, Ruby is going to play Silent Hill.

Ruby skipped all the way back to the Beacon dormitory with her gift from the shopkeep in hand. She pulled out an old television set and a dusty SchneeStation One, hooked it all up (red to red, white to white, yellow to yellow) and got started.

A warning flashed by the screen: 'There are violent and disturbing images in this game.'

"Heh, how bad could it be?"

A few minutes later, Ruby was sobbing uncontrollably with Yang holding her tight. Her screams brought the rest of her team back to the dorm from the four corners of Beacon. Yang did her best to comfort her sister, patting her head gently and asking, "there, there, what's the matter?"

"Th-th-that g-game! I-it's scary!" Ruby sobbed as violent and disturbing images flooded her mind.

Weiss picked the old disc cover, "Silent Hill? What's this? Some kind of low-class entertainment?"

"It's a videogame, Weiss. And it sounds awfully familiar..." Blake rubbed her chin in thought. "I'm certain I've heard someone talk about it before..."

"Well, whatever it is, nobody's going to play it anymore!" Yang shouted. She had assume the role as team captain while Ruby was mentally incapacitated (read: sobbing uncontrollably in Yang's ample chest). Yang controlled to gently stroke Ruby's head, "there, there, little sis... it's alright. No more scary games..."

"B-but Yang! I-I want to finish it!"

The three other girls in the room stared at Ruby and in a collective voice exclaimed, "What."

Ruby rubbed her eyes cleaned. "I'm a h-huntress! I need to finish this! Finish what we started. I... I can do this. Yang, Weiss, Blake, are you with me?"

The three girls looked at each other before nodding.

"Alright, lil sis we're with you all the way!"

A few more minutes later, there was furious knocking on Team JNPR's door. The four girls of Team RWBY were visibly shaken and drenched in sweat, tears, and terror.

"Jaune! Get your Weiss-rejected butt out here!" Yang shouted. Her lips and hands were trembling from fright. "C-Come on! It's almost sundown!"

"Hey!" Weiss snapped. "It's not my fault he's not up to my standards. B-But I m-might change his mind if he can do really do it..."

"Jaune said he played Silent Hill before... I remember now... he should know. He has to know." Blake shuddered to herself and rubbed her arms. Her eyes darted around the darkened corners of hallways.

Ruby clutched tighter onto Yang when Jaune opened the door.

"Uh... sup, ladies?"

Yang's hands shot up. With a tight grip, she held Jaune high in the air by the scruff of his shirt. "Blake tells me you've played Silent Hill before! Is this true!?"

"What? H-Hey, let me down," Jaune pleaded.

Yang hoisted Jaune higher into the air. Her grip tightened. "Answer!"

"Y-Yes! It's true! Let me down!"

"Can you beat it?"


"Can. You. Beat. Silent Hill?"


"Say what again! I dare you, I double dare you, rejected Weiss trash, say 'what' again!"

"Yes! I can beat it!"

Yang dropped Jaune on his butt. "Good. You're going to beat Silent Hill for us."

And with that, Jaune found himself sitting on the floor in front of Team RWBY's giant television set, courtesy of Weiss Schnee. Behind Jaune, was a sofa with Ruby, Yang, Blake, and Weiss huddled together with blankets and pillows-all of them ready to cover their eyes and ears at a moment's notice.

"Just for the record, I'm not scared," Weiss said as she held onto Zwei. "And I'm only holding onto Zwei because he's the one that's scared. Not me. Nope."

Zwei barked happily.

"So... where did you guys get stuck at?" Jaune finished booting up the game and turned to look behind him.

The four girls looked at each other before replying in unison, "after the intro movie."

"Wait. You didn't even get past the intro movie?" Jaune pressed start for a 'New Game'. The movie began playing showing images of a girl covered in bandages, nurses deep in uncanny valley and flashes of insanity. "Neat. This brings back memories."

"Sh-she's alright, r-right?" Ruby asked with a trembling lips. "Th-that girl? His daughter, Cheryl."

"Oh her? Yeah, she's fine... I think. I just want to go around and do stuff," said Jaune as he began moving through the fog town of Silent Hill. "Man... this is neat. So this is the Fog World."

"F-fog world?"

"Yeah, it's like the manifestation of a girl's traumatic and lonely childhood."

Weiss held Zwei tighter.

"Th-the fog clears up, r-right? I-I mean th-this game c-certainly has to have r-realistic w-weather," said Weiss as her eyes widened with each step Jaune took in the game as Harry Mason.

"No... well kind of? Wait until we get to the Otherworld."

"O-Otherworld?" Blake asked. "I-is th-that like... heaven... o-or... H-E-double hockey-sticks?"

"H-E-double-hockey-sticks," Jaune replied casually. "Oh hey look it's the Grey Children."

A bunch of small grey-looking children wielding knives began chasing Jaune as he ran away. "Guess I'm cornered."

"What are you doing!? Fight back! Don't you have a weapon!? Anything!?" Weiss screamed. "You're a man aren't you!? Kick them! Kick their filthy grey teeth in!"

"Calm down, Weiss. It's scripted." Jaune's character woke up in diner. "Oh hey, it's the radio."

A high pitched sound screeched in room as Schnee-ony Surround Sound System, S4 for short, gave a realistic overture of a crackling static. "Wh-what's that!" Yang squealed.

"The radio? It goes off when enemies are near."

"Enemies?" Yang wondered aloud. "You mean you're actually fighting things in-WHAT THE F-"

A huge gigantic black mass that resembled a dog leaped out at the screen. The four girls of Team RWBY scream and cried in horror as Jaune showed no reaction. With precise button presses, he laid low the beast.

"So that was a Groaner. They're like demon dogs? There's also the Wormheads later. They're basically upgraded Groaners but with you know... worms for a head."

"There's m-more?" Yang asked.

"N-Not that I'm scared or anything... but I didn't ask for more," Weiss whimpered.

"What else do you fight," Blake asked innocently. "I'm curious."

"Demons, monsters, puppets, and you know stuff like that," Jaune listed without looking behind him. "Well of course you have to fight things. What kind of game would it be without antagonists?" Jaune began making his way around town. "Gotta check the school, that's the first place you go to check for missing little girls."

"Why are we in this town again?" Weiss asked in a terrified voice, her grip on Zwei tightening. "I mean, I get the guy wants to take his daughter on a vacation and he got into a car accident and now she's missing... but come on! Just leave her go! You can always get a new daughter; you can't replace your sanity."

Yang slapped Weiss by the back of head.

"No one gets left behind!" Yang declared before in a quiet voice, "but there can be exceptions..."

Weiss rubbed the back of her head, "owie, owie, owie..."

Jaune wasn't paying attention as he had found bullets for his gun.

"Finally!" Weiss exclaimed excitedly. "Bullets. Now you can teach those evil friends a lesson with the state of the art... wait... why does he only have a pea shooter?"

"You mean the handgun?" Jaune asked.

"Doesn't he get like... an assault rifle or a sniper rifle? At least a bazooka?"

"No... there's an old double-barrel shotgun and a long sword I think but nothing bigger than that."

"Wait, so you're telling me you have to beat this game with nothing more than grandpa's blunderbuss and oversize knives? Are you kidding me? Where's the firepower? Where's the...Jaune, where are you going?"

"The hospital."

"Oh thank goodness," Weiss sighed in relief loosening her hold on Zwei. Zwei his paws like the cute little dog he is. "Finally somewhere safe where healing and restoration can occur. See girls? Finally we can regenerate our health and rest and we continue this game refreshed and re-energized."

Blake shook her head. "Weiss... if this game has taught me anything it's that..."

Moments later, the RWBY girls saw their first ever nurse. A faceless being with ample bosom and bloodied uniform. They made a dreadful sound hobbling over through the darkened hallways of the hospital.

Ruby was sobbing. "I thought nurses were supposed to be nice!"

Yang's eye twitched. "She's got some... mass in that shirt of hers..."

Blake sighed. "I think I'm getting used to this now."

Weiss screamed. "Why does this game exist!?"

"It's fun," Jaune replied as he began stabbing nurses in the game. "It's a timeless tale of a man doing whatever it takes to save his daughter despite the personal trauma he has to go through personified in the town of Silent Hill. Pretty beautiful actually."

Weiss' mouth dropped and so did Zwei who began running around in circles chasing his tail.

"You're kidding me, right? This game? Beautiful? It should be banned!"

"Konami's made sequels."

"No... no... No!"

Weiss frantically dialed her phone. "Father! Buy out Konami! You've heard of them? Great! Look, father... you've got to stop them from... WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU ALREADY BOUGHT THEM OUT AND GREEN LIT A NEW SILENT HILL GAME? ARGH! USELESS!"

Weiss threw her phone out the window.

"Uh... everything all right, Weiss?" Jaune asked over Ruby's sobs. Ruby's head was buried deep into Yang's chest and made cries for her 'mommy' while Yang patted it gently.

"No! My father said he's not shutting down Konami. Instead, he gave them a blank check to work on a reboot of the damn series!"

Jaune smiled. "Oh yeah, I heard about that. That's great!" Jaune continued on his merry way stabbing grotesque phenomenons in bloodied hallways. "This is the Otherworld by the way.

Blake closed her eyes. "This was everything I expected and more."

Weiss returned to her seat, doing her best to look away from the screen and drown out the screams.

"And who the hell is Hideo Kojima, anyways!?"

RWBY's Let's Play Silent Hill Fin

Author's Notes: I have other games in mind that I'll get to them... when I get to them.