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Warnings: Alternate Universe (ie: kiss canon goodbye), mentions of child abuse/neglect (nothing physical), reasonable corporeal punishment (ie: light spanking), some violence and blood, mild language, and hinted references to consensual sexual activities (there will be no descriptions or lemons within the story).

AN1: Just a few notes here that you might want to keep in mind as you read the story, starting with the fact that all crossovers I write tend to play fast and loose with canon.

One; I have placed Dudley as being one year older than Harry – something I have done in a few other stories I have written. The reason for the age difference in this particular story is simply to place Dudley's physical development a slight bit ahead of Harry.

Two; the technology referenced – yes, I am fully aware that some of the technology that I will have the characters using did not actually exist within the timeline of the story; I should know, I grew up in the eighties. This story is not set in the real world though; it a work of fiction that is based upon two other works of fiction and I have used creative license to mold Rowling's and Doyle's worlds into a plot world that is mine (because that's the only way I'm going to get a world of my own since I own neither HP or Sherlock in any of his many forms). So if my out of place technology bothers you, don't let the door you hit on the way out. I'm not changing my story.

Three; my characters will at times be out of character because I am not their original authors nor am I any of the script writers that worked on any adaptations of the original works. I'm simply an unemployed housewife that enjoys playing with other peoples creations.

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Unseen Deductions
Prologue: Destiny Derailed

Our story begins with a young wizard who embraced the darkness within his heart at an early age; using his magic to incite fear in those that had bullied him. The wizard had not yet become a man before he sacrificed his innocence with the vilest of black magics and sundered his soul. He would go on to sacrifice his compassion, his conscience, his reason, and his very humanity, severing his soul four more times, in his quest for immortality and power. He then fashioned himself a new name, gathered as many followers as he could, and began a reign of terror as he sought to take over the magical society into which he had been born.

He called himself Lord Voldemort and his followers became his Death Eaters.

There were scant few that stood up to him and fought against the dark wizard; a mere handful or two of brave witches and wizards that weren't shackled by their fear. Despite their efforts, they were rapidly losing ground to the dark forces as they were being picked off one by one due to the presence of a spy in their midst. Just when it was beginning to look like their efforts would be futile; a single ray of hope was gifted to the light side.

A prophecy had been made.

The prophecy foretold the birth of a child that would be born with the power to vanquish the dark lord; a boy that would be born to those that fought against the dark lord. The wizard to whom the prophecy had been given was the Leader of the Order of the Phoenix (an organization that fought against Voldemort's forces) and he was hesitant to inform the rest of his companions of the prophecy least the suspected spy within the organization hear the words. His caution would be for naught; a known underling of the dark wizard had heard the words to the first half of the prophecy and the young wizard in question was quick to inform his master of the coming threat.

Another year would pass with both sides carefully watching and waiting by order of their leaders (though only a small handful on each side knew exactly why they were waiting). During that time, several witches within the Order of the Phoenix fell pregnant within weeks of one another. However, only three of the expectant couples fit the criteria set out in the prophecy and of those three, only two of them were due within the timeframe given by the prophecy; the fiery Lily Potter and the unflappable Alice Longbottom. All three of the pregnant witches were watched closely by their husbands; all three wizards fearing that their wives would be seen as easy targets by the Death Eaters.

Not long after Alice and Lily each gave birth to a healthy baby boy within hours of one another; the younger of the two boys, one Harry James Potter, became the target of the Dark Lord, though he would actively hunt both of them.

Another year would pass as the young parents of the two boys hid their sons as best they could while they continued to fight against the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters. Their safe houses were targeted one right after another though, thanks to the spy within the Order of the Phoenix. Eventually, the two couples resolved to hide their small families with obscure magics nearly fifteen months after their sons had been born. The parents of the older child relied upon the ancient wards that protected the husband's ancestral home while the parents of the slightly younger child chose to use misdirection and what was believed to be an infallible spell.

The couple moved into a cottage located in a quiet little village that was owned by the Leader of the Light and the young mother cast the spell that sealed the knowledge of their location into the soul of a young man they considered a close friend while they told the others on their side that another close friend would be their Secret Keeper. The ruse would have worked perfectly, if not for one tiny little detail; the close friend they had trusted to protect their lives was not the trustworthy man they believed him to be.

Within one week of the spell being cast, the traitor and spy within the Order ran to the Dark Lord with the location of the young Potter family. The Dark Lord did not hesitate to act upon the information he'd been given and he quickly made his way to the small home where the couple and their young son were hiding. James Potter, little Harry's father, would fall first to the Dark Lord's wand as he sought to buy his wife and son time to flee. Lily Potter upon discovering that she was unable to escape with her young son, cast several archaic spells that she had been researching in the hopes that those spells would protect her son from the Dark Lord.

Lily would fall just seconds after casting the final spell as she begged for the life of her son.

The Dark Lord would then level his wand at the babe that had been prophesied to defeat him and fire the same curse that had stolen the babe's parents from him. The spell flew straight and true and it looked as if the Dark Lord would end the last hope of the light side. Just when victory was within his grasp, the Dark Lord would be caught off guard when his curse was deflected back at him after striking little Harry's forehead; the protective spells that his mother had cast upon him in combination with her willing sacrifice activating the moment the ancient and potent magics had sensed the threat to the one they had been cast upon.

Unprepared for the backlash of energy from his own spell, the Dark Lord had no time to defend himself from the deadly curse. His broken soul, which he'd ripped and torn decades earlier, was violently and painfully cast out of his body the moment the acid green spellfire washed over him. His soul, unstable as it was from the damage he'd inflicted upon it with black magic, fractured yet again as his body was destroyed and in his ignorance, he sacrificed his sanity as he fled the ruins of the cottage where the young couple had been hiding.

The small fraction of his soul that was left behind, sought out the nearest source of magic in order to survive; the young child that the Dark Lord had just failed to murder.

Little Harry screamed in pain and fear as the soul fragment ripped a jagged gash on the child's forehead where the magic of the failed curse still lingered and burrowed beneath the child's skin like the parasite that it was. The tiny wizard screamed a second time as his magic lashed out at the fragment in order to drive it out but Harry's magic was too young to breach the residue of the curse that had been meant to take his life and the protective spells that had shielded him had been near exhausted when they deflected the curse and were therefore unable to do much to help. So, instead of ejecting the soul fragment, Harry's magic and the lingering ancient magics his mother had called upon and fueled with her death wrapped around it to lock it away from his soul in order to protect him.

The prophecy had been invoked and Harry Potter's Fated Destiny was set in stone.

The aftermath of the events on that fateful Halloween would have long reaching effects. The general wizarding public celebrated what they thought was the Dark Lord's death and hailed young Harry as their savior. The scattered forces of the Dark Lord were hunted down, rounded up, and put on trial for their crimes. Not all of the guilty parties would be imprisoned for their crimes though, as those with significant fortunes bought their freedom with silver-tongued lies and gold. At the same time, not all of those who were imprisoned were guilty of the crimes for which they'd been arrested.

Once such innocent, was the close friend of the newly orphaned wizard's parents who had played the part of the False Keeper; the man being arrested after he'd failed to catch the true traitor. He was also denied a trial and proclaimed guilty by those who had bought the ruse that had been concocted as an extra layer of protection for the Potters. The man didn't care though; he was far too busy blaming himself for the deaths of his best friends because it had been his suggestion to have the traitor hold the Secret.

The child himself, was delivered to his only remaining family; his mother's sister. The moment he had been set upon the porch of his aunt's house, little Harry was consigned to what would have been ten long, lonely years of verbal abuse, rampant physical and emotional neglect, and minor physical assault at the hands of his bitter aunt, prejudiced uncle, and bully of a cousin. At the end of those ten years, Harry would then return to the world from which he'd been cast out of for his own protection.

Stone is not unbreakable though and a child's flesh and bones are far more delicate… a single accident cracked the stone that Harry's Destiny had been written upon and the original prophecy was invalidated as a new prophecy went unheard high in a stone tower within a magical castle four years after the young Child of Prophecy had been orphaned by the man he was Fated to vanquish.

Wednesday, October 31, 1984 05:53 P.M.
No. 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey

A four year old Harry James Potter diligently cleaned the large, window in the kitchen while standing on an old rickety stool. As he worked, Harry's eyes hungrily peered out into the backyard where his five year old cousin, Dudley Dursley, played with the brand new cricket bat that his (Dudley's) parents had purchased for him just that morning as part of his Halloween Costume. He had just watched his cousin swing the bat as if it were a sword instead of a bat when a stray beam of bright sunlight from the setting sun struck the glass in such a way that it shone right in little Harry's eyes.

Blinded as he was by the glint of sunlight on glass, Harry never saw the wooden bat slip free of his cousin's hand as the older boy executed another reckless swing of his pretend blade.

The not quite three pound bat gracefully arched through the air to crash through the window in a shower of glass. Several shards of glass and the wayward bat struck the unprepared four year old in the face and knocked him backwards off of the stool he was standing on. Harry let out a short, sharp cry when his face exploded in pain as the glass from the broken window sliced through his skin and eyes just before the bat slammed into the bridge of his nose while a large piece of glass jabbed itself straight into the lightning bolt scar on his forehead. His pained cry was cut off abruptly as the back of his head hit the floor just seconds later as blood and a thick, black inky substance streamed down his face.

In that moment, little Harry's world went dark.