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"I want to get rid of the rule that parabatai can't be together."

Clary stood confidently as Jia Penhallow stared at her with raised brows. Clary's expression remained stoic and Jia gave no answer, instead turning to Jace.

"Mr Herondale. What do you propose we give you as a reward?"

Jace looked professional in his black collared shirt and slacks, having full confidence that their argument would win over the current Consul of the Clave. He couldn't hide the small smirk playing on his lips as he also stood confidently next to his girlfriend. He gave her hand a small squeeze.

"I want to get rid of the rule that parabatai can't be together." As Jia's eyebrows inched even farther toward her hairline, Jace's smirk widened. Clary allowed her lips to break into a small smile, squeezing her boyfriend's hand in return.

Jia looked at them inquisitively. "Since it's obviously not for the benefit of either of you, I'd like to know the reason behind your request."

Clary's smile disappeared again and she cast a desperate glance at Jace. She remembered how Emma's broken expression had so easily morphed into a smile with Julian's appearance. She wanted nothing more for her reward than to help them, but she couldn't accidently call them out in the process either.

She calmed slightly at Jace's reassuring smile, trying to ignore the presence of all the shadowhunters and downworlders behind her.

"Since it's obviously not a reasonable rule, we'd like to get rid of it," Jace retorted calmly. Clary gave him a scolding look when she saw Jia's eyes narrow. Jace only brought back the reassuring smile, promising he wouldn't stop trying until Clary got what she wanted.

Emma sat at the edge of the fifth row, anxiously rubbing her sweaty palms on the skirt of her dress. She clasped her hands together tightly, her short nails digging into the skin. Jules looked at her with a worried crease between his brows. She had to resist the urge to smooth it with her thumb.

Jules gently laid her hand over both of hers, stroking her knuckles reassuringly. It only heightened Emma's nerves.

Emma never got nervous. She was a brilliant shadowhunter, and she had trained hard to gain that. She was pretty and smart, she was never self conscious or lost for words. Emma never got nervous.

Half of that never applied when it came to Jules.

She seemed to always be self consciously running her hands through her hair, or making sure she looked okay in the shiny surface of the back of a spoon when he was near. But he only strengthened her in a fight, or really any dangerous situation.

Jia was still looking at Jace with narrowed eyes. "What about the rule deems it unreasonable to you?"

Jace shrugged, narrowing his eyes back. "What about the rule deems it reasonable to you?"

Clary elbowed him. Repeating her own words back at her was just pointless. They needed to get their point across, but subtly. "Mrs Penhallow, we understand that you believe this rule is needed to prevent more violence. But, why? What about not allowing two people that love each other to be together sounds more reasonable?"

Jia paused. She looked to be trying to form an answer, but Clary continued. "I know what it feels like to think the person you're in love with could be dead. I know what it feels like to fear that every time they leave there's a chance they won't come back. I can't imagine how you could worry less if you also know you can't be with them when they do return. Mrs Penhallow, just imagine how you would feel if someone told you you weren't allowed to be with your husband. That it was too risky incase you get pissed if they get killed with demon poison. That's going to happen anyway. Parabatai are the as close as brothers or sisters. You can't seriously tell me you believe you would be mad if something happened your husband, but not your sibling."

"I don't have any close relatives, Ms Fairchild. I thought you knew that," Jia said simply.

"Neither do I," Clary responded instantly. "But I know I'd kill for Simon or Jace without any regrets. Simon and I aren't even parabatai. Simon's not even a shadowhunter yet. But I know Jace would do it for Alec, and I know Alec would do it for Jace. I know that you know I'm right."

"I know she is," Jace cut in. He turned to look at the rest of the shadowhunters, not letting go of Clary's hand. "How many of you have a parabatai?" He had to almost shout to be heard by them all.

About three quarters of them raised their hands. "Alright. Now how many of you would create massacres to save them?" No one lowered their hand.

Jace turned back to Jia with a shrug. "There you have it. The rule's unreasonable. You allowed us a reward each for saving all your lives. We both asked for the same thing, and it doesn't seem like much. It at least seems like less than you were probably expecting."

Jia's lips were set in a thin line. "Shadowhunters, downworlders, is anyone opposed to this suggestion?"

Clary and Jace craned their necks. No one spoke or raised a hand. "Clave?" Jia questioned. They shook their heads.

Jia pursed her lips, still seeming to be debating her options. Clary and Jace obviously weren't going to change their minds, it would never be as simple as asking them to chose another reward. And honestly, Jia didn't see the point of the rule either. She never had.

She nodded once. "The Clave will grant you your request. Since I have never approved of the rule really, I will allow either of you one other reward, if you want it."

Clary and Jace looked at each other. Clary just shrugged, but Jace had an idea. He turned back to Jia with a hopeful expression. "Simon should be allowed to train for Ascension without interruptions from the Clave, or any unnecessary requests or challenges."

Clary gaped at him. He wasn't exactly Simon's biggest fan—he was doing this for her. She grinned, bouncing on the balls of her feet as she resisted the urge to throw herself at him in a bear hug.

Jia considered, then nodded slowly. "That seems an acceptable request. Both requested rewards are granted from this point forward, and shall anyone else take my place for the duration of your lives, I will make sure they will stay that way. Well done shadowhunters."

Jace grinned and Clary's grin widened. Jia couldn't help but let out a small laugh as the hall erupted in noise. Whoops and hollers filled the room along with the loud sound of hundreds applauding.

Clary stopped holding herself back, reaching up to throw her arms around Jace's neck. "We did it!"

Jace laughed, nodding. "Of course we did."

"Thank you, by the way," she gave him a squeeze. "For doing that for Simon." Jace smiled as he gazed down at her, kissing the crown of her head.

He pulled away from her when he saw Emma coming towards them, pointing out the younger girl to Clary. Clary spun around, grinning at the ecstatic smile on Emma's face as she launched herself into the redhead's arms.

"You really did it," Emma breathed. "You did it, Clary! Thank you."

Clary hugged her back tightly. "You deserve it. Besides, you guys are adorable together." She giggled at Emma's blush. She saw Julian had managed to push his way through the crowd, and was now coming towards them, a wide smile on his face.

Clary spun Emma around just in time for her to see him before his lips fell on hers. Emma smiled, twining her arms around his neck as his slipped around her waist. She still couldn't believe this was happening, the old thought that this wasn't allowed still at the back of her mind. She would never be able to thank Clary and Jace enough for this.

Jules kissed her softly, a giddy feeling in his stomach. He should never have been able to do this, never been able to kiss his parabatai so passionately in a hall full of people. But he could feel her; her arms around his neck, her lips moving in a dance with his, her soft hair tickling his hands, the curve of her back under his fingers. He could feel everywhere they touched, electrifying him, and he couldn't get enough.

Because this had always been right, this had always been allowed—because this had always been the only way. He loved her, and she loved him, and that was okay.

They pulled away only when they had no air left, both with grins on their faces. "I can't believe it was that easy," Emma breathed.

Jules shrugged, resting his forehead against hers. "I was going to do that later anyway. It didn't really matter how it meant for that." Emma laughed, shaking her head and pulling him into a hug.

Jace and Clary still stood only a couple of feet away, Clary tucked cosily into Jace's side, his arm comfortably around her. Clary's head was buried in his chest, her eyes closed in contentment. But Jace had been watching the happy scene in front of him, a small smile on his face.

His smile widened as he looked down at his angel, and he planted a small kiss on the top of her head. "I'm really proud of you Clary," he murmured, tightening his arm around her.

She opened her eyes, tilting her head back to smile abashedly up at him. "Thank you," she said softly, tiptoeing to kiss his cheek.

Jia was looking at Emma and Julian in slight shock. "So you two are the cause of the request. I knew something like that couldn't be random."

The couple jumped slightly before they both let out slightly nervous laughs. Jace was watching nervously himself. He gave Clary a gentle nudge and her eyes found the possible problem immediately. She started towards them, tugging Jace along being her.

"It may have been, partly in our favor," Julian agreed slowly, protectively holding Emma to his chest. "Is that a problem?"

Jia eyed them consideringly.

Emma held her head up defiantly. "I don't see how it could be. If they had wanted something else they would have asked for it. It shouldn't be a problem they chose to get read of a particular rule and the whole idea is that whatever they asked for benefits someone. They just didn't use it for themselves. I'm sure we're not the only pair in here happy with the result."

Of course she was right. Many of the parabatai had looked at each other excitedly as soon as Clary had mentioned it. It only made sense that when there were so many pairs of people who cared about each other as much as parabatai were meant to, at least a few would fall into that type of love.

Jia eyed them some more. "Of course it's not a problem. I'm even more happy I got rid of the ridiculous rule now," she grinned.

They grinned back at her. Clary and Jace now stood behind them, and this time, Emma flung her arms around them both. "Thank you!"

They laughed and Jace ruffled her hair. "Nothing to thank us for. Clary made m— Ow," he whined as Clary elbowed him. "Alright, alright, I did it for you two idiots." Jace rolled his eyes as they laughed at him, realizing Julian was just standing there and hauling him into the hug as well.

They separated back into their couples and Emma smirked at Jace. "Did Clary make you do that for Simon too?"

Jace glared at her, but there was no anger to it. "No," he huffed. "He's never going to let me live that one down, is he?"

Clary smiled widely up at him. "Nope." He groaned and she giggled.

"But he'll know I obviously did it for you," he pointed out.

Clary shook her head, still smiling. "Won't matter." He groaned again, letting his head drop on to her shoulder. She kissed his temple. "But it matters to me. I won't forget it either."

He smiled, brushing his lips over her shoulder. "Do I get a reward for it?" She shivered at his voice in her ear, his breath fanning across her skin.

Clary shrugged, letting her mouth brush his teasingly. "Maybe."

Jace glanced back at the other two, already walking backwards with Clary still in his arms. "We have some other business to attend to. You two have fun," he winked at them, tightening his arms around his girlfriend.

They waved, looking at each other knowingly. "Well, I guess we know they will," Julian laughed. Emma laughed with him, tugging him towards the door as well.

"They've been through a lot, they deserve they're 'fun'," she giggled. "Come on. Let's go kiss in front of your siblings and watch Livia hit you and yell at us about being crazy."

Jace pulled Clary to a stop as soon as they were outside, pulling her back against him and crushing his lips to hers. Clary tangled her hands in his hair as his gripped her hips, holding her as close as he could.

Jace slipped his tongue through her lips which she parted in eager acceptance. They fought for dominance and Clary won, Jace unable to do anything but give in as she tugged at his hair. He ran his hands up and down her sides, holding her tighter when he remembered the burns that had covered them just a day before.

Clary let her hands trace his neck, shoulders, chest, pressing closer to him when she remembered the bruises and cuts that had littered his skin just a day before.

Them both being safe again made them happier than anything.

They pulled back just enough to let a sliver of air between them, breathing it in heavily. Jace placed another small kiss on her lips. "I love you so much Clary."

She smiled. "I love you too Jace."

Jace's favorite color had always been green, or red. It always would be. Just like how now, Clary's would forever be gold.


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