Hey there, this is just something I chucked together since I had an urge to write NaLu fluff and I just needed a break from my other big stories. There's going to be several pairings in here, though, as well as general feels between the Fairy Tail members – and maybe other guilds, I'm just not too sure. It is a multi-chapter, as well.

IMPORTANT: So, the title is Slip, Trip and Dip; these all have a meaning. They can be considered in a dance context, really, but it's also just the general action.

A Slip is when someone slides and flails about, trying to regain their balance – if a chapter is a Slip, then it is usually surprising revelations that leaves the main person stumbling as their mind tries and catches up. E.g. Someone blurting out that they like the smell of such and suchs hair to their face.

A Trip is the action of completely falling over oneself, or something else, and hitting the ground – A Trip will usually be something sad or angsty, but can also just be a pairing fumbling their way through something incredibly, horrifyingly awkward; like, more so than a mere slip.

Finally, a Dip is a perfectly choreographed move that's smooth and usually a big finisher – the Dips will usually be incredibly romantic and just pairings. PAIRINGS GALORE!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this, even though I won't update it much.

Category: Slip.

Warning: Just Natsu being oblivious and Cana's crude and blunt statements.

Disclaimer: Not owning Fairy Tail~!

Summary: No matter how many times Natsu's told there's a difference, Lucy's still his partner.

Pairing: Most certainly implied NaLu! Tiniest bit of GaLe if you take it that way.

Many people in the guild today were wary about going anywhere near the bar today. It was almost like Mirajane had this aura around her that warned them off. It wasn't the demonic feeling that the girl had around her when she was younger and Erza had won one of their scraps. Nope. It was more a feeling of a predator in waiting – not like that was any worse than Demon Mirajane, really.

The only person who didn't see the obvious warning signs of something was up with the residential barmaid was Natsu. And everywhere that Natsu went, Happy was sure to follow.

Natsu, feeling like he would have a casual day today, wandered up to the bar with Happy fluttering on beside him, intent on ordering some sort of banquet of food to sate his appetite.

(Later on, Wakaba swore that Mirajane's eyes glowed when Natsu sat down on a barstool in front of her.)

"I'd like a flaming chicken dish to start today, Mira!" Called out Natsu to the barmaid, grinning wolfishly as he thought of the delicious food that was sure to come to him soon.

"Aye!" Happy said cheerfully as he sat down on top of the bar and made his wings disappear. "I'd like a fish! A really big fish!" The exceed proceeded to drool as he thought of his favourite snack, food and desert. He then turned to Natsu as a thought came to him. "Do you reckon I should get a fish for Carla as well, Natsu?"

"I'm sure she'll enjoy it!" Natsu ruffled the top of Happy's head cheerfully. "So why not?!"


"Oh, Natsu," Mirajane called with an odd gleam in her eyes as she placed a fish in front of Happy, a plate of chicken in front of Natsu, and proceeded to douse it in a special oil and light on fire with a match from a matchbox she kept in her dress pocket. "Where's Lucy today?"

"She's at her place writing another chapter for her novel," Natsu managed to say between bites of his flaming chicken.

"Okay." Mirajane leant forwards on the bar and stared Natsu down. "And how do you feel about that?"

Baffled now, Natsu glanced up from his food. "What do you mean by 'how do you feel?' What the hell's that supposed to mean?"

"I mean," Mirajane said slowly, "how do you feel that Lucy's spending time at home? Alone. Without you."

"She does write her novel occasionally," Natsu said in a confused tone, "so how's today any different to any other time?"

"I asked how you feel about Lucy not being here, not what she's doing while she's not here," huffed Mirajane. "I already know that she's home writing her novel – you just said that!"

Happy wrinkled his nose as he looked up from where he was chewing on his half-eaten fish. "You're acting really weird today, Mira, are you sure you've eaten enough fish today?"

Quickly shooting a dark smile at Happy that, frankly, cowed the exceed into silence – Mirajane's smiles can be terrifying when she closes her eyes and cocks her head like that – Mirajane turned her attention back to Natsu. "Well?"

"Well what?" Natsu demanded.

"Well," Cana chimed in, having heard the conversation from her usual place sitting at the bar and having slid down without anyone noticing her get closer, "what do feel about Lucy? Do you get this irresistible urge to run to her side or something? If so, that's kind of lame."

Natsu scowled at Cana, pushing away his finished plate of food for a refill that Mirajane ignored. "I don't feel an urge to run to Lucy; what do you even mean by that?"

"How about you get this pain in your heart when she's not around," supplied Mirajane.


"An aching feel, then?"


"How about you feel like something's missing when she's not around?"

"No. Why are you asking these weird questions? Usually Lucy's the only weirdo in the guild."

Mirajane had to supress a shriek of frustration at Natsu's natural obliviousness. Why couldn't he see?!

"Here," Cana said to the clearly irritated Mirajane, "let me try." Staring at Natsu, Cana began to shoot questions at him. "What's Lucy to you? You call her a weirdo, so is she just a weirdo? Is that all she is to you? Is that all she'll ever be to you? Don't you just want to pin her up against the wall, run your hands across her sweater puppies and completely-"

"Cana!" Mirajane said sharply, "there's no need for that!"

The drunkard shrugged uncaringly, "what? It's not like he'll understand anyways. And I know that you want that to happen."

Trying very hard not to let a blush bloom across her face, her nose to bleed, or pass out at the thought of her favourite shipping doing that, Mirajane waved at her heated face and wisely stayed silent.

Briefly wondering what exactly Cana was trying to say, and what the hell sweater puppies were exactly – Natsu swore that Lucy doesn't keep puppies in her sweaters; that is, if she even owns a sweater, it's not like Natsu's seen her in anything that covering – Natsu fiddled around for an answer to Cana's questions. "Lucy's…"

Both Cana and Mirajane paused their impromptu stare-down contest to look at Natsu expectantly as he gazed up at the ceiling with an abnormally thoughtful expression on his face. "Lucy's…? Lucy's what?"

"Luce is my best friend," Natsu decided on, "and a weirdo! And…my partner! Yeah, she's my partner!"

"Your special partner?" Mirajane gave a wink towards Natsu. "Your partner in love!"

"Partner in sex?" Cana offered up as she took a chug from her usual barrel of alcohol.

Baffled once more, Natsu merely blinked once. "She's my partner."

"Yes, Natsu," sighed Mirajane, beginning to lose her fire for squeezing answers out of Natsu on his secret love for Lucy, "she's your partner; but what type of partner?"

"The best partner!" Natsu pumped his fist excitedly. "She's the best partner 'cause she always goes on missions with me – even if Ice princess and Erza tag along." Natsu showed a face of disgust at the mere thought of having to spend time with his rival and the person he feared most (excluding transport). "And even though she always kicks me out of her apartment when I go over, or hits me when I set her clothes on fire, she'll always be my partner."

Cana sent Mirajane a sly look. "Your partner for life?"

Natsu blinked. "Well…yeah; there's no one else she's allowed to partner up with either than me! Not Frosty-pants or Erza! No one!"

Letting out a soft 'awww' of adoration, Mirajane continued to press this point of partnership; it was seeming to go somewhere with Natsu, for once. "Will she be your partner in holy matrimony?" Mirajane looked over at Cana and the two shared secret laughter. Happy joined in on the laughter, having caught up with their game.

"What do they mean in holy matrimony?" Natsu asked Happy, since he seemed to understand what was going on.

Luckily, Happy had the answer for him. "It means that you'll be Lucy's partner for life!"

"But I'm already Lucy's partner for life," mused Natsu, "so I guess that means that I'm joined with her in holy baloney, or whatever it is." Natsu looked contemplative before he brightened up considerably. "Yeah! I'm totally Lucy's partner in holy baloney!"

"Matrimony," Mirajane corrected him through her giggles, "it's matrimony."

"Matrimony," Natsu repeated dutifully, "do you think Lucy knows that we're partners in holy matrimony, Mira?" The Fire mage asked it with such a hopeful expression that Mirajane couldn't help but play along. "No, Natsu, I don't she does."

"Alright!" Natsu yelled out, "I'll go and tell Lucy now!"

"Tell me what?" Said blonde asked as she stepped behind Natsu. "Hey, Mira, Cana."

"Hello, Lucy," the two girls chimed together, both anxious to see what would happen next.

"Hey, Lucy!" Natsu said excitedly, bouncing in his seat as he twisted around to face the blonde as she slid into a seat beside him. "You're my partner, right?"

"Yeah," Lucy said, uncertain as to where this was going, "we're partners. On our jobs, I mean."

"And we're going to be partners for life, aren't we!" Natsu continued.

"Um," Lucy scowled slightly, "when did we decide such a thing, and where was I at that exact moment?"

"I'm not going to let you be partners with anyone else!" Declared Natsu. "We're going to be partners in holy matrimony!"

"W-WHAT?!" Shrieked Lucy, jumping off her chair to alternately glare and blush at her partner. "WHAT GAVE YOU THAT IDEA?!"

"We're going to be partners forever," Natsu said slowly, as if he was explaining it to a child. "So that means we're going to be partners in holy matrimony."

Lucy slapped her face. "Oh my god, Natsu, just because you think we're going to be partners or life, doesn't mean that we're going to be partners in holy matrimony! You need to go to a church and have a reverend bless us as we say our vows to be partners like that!"

"Fine," Natsu said stubbornly, "we'll just go to the church now and get that reverend, or whatever, to bless us so that we can be partners for life!"

And with that declaration, Natsu promptly got up off his stool, grabbed Lucy, slung her over his shoulder, and marched out the door, intent on finding the nearest church and acting out his declaration.

The guild watched them go, most of them confused as to why exactly Lucy was wailing and trying to claw her way off where she was slung over Natsu's shoulder, calling out for help from the deviously grinning Cana and Mirajane.

Gajeel glanced up from where he was chewing on some nails beside Levy, took one look at the scene, at Mirajane's and Cana's expression before going back to reading Levy's book over her shoulder. "I don't wanna know."

This is definitely a collection of one-shots, although some may be continued over time. They'll be short, most likely, as well as a few AUs chucked in there. I wanted to write some one-shots, but I then decided that I wanted to write heaps and heaps! So it was better to put it all together so I can keep it neat. Hope you guys enjoyed!