A/N Hey, y'all! So this is my first foray into the TMNT fanfiction community (writing-wise, I've been reading for a few months now). Hopefully I did it justice? Anyway, this is my headcanon for what happened when Shredder captured the turtles during the 2014 movie. Hehe, Donnie's my favorite, and Lord knows I love hurting my favorites. I only got to see the movie once due to my lack of money and time (ie my job... and school), so hopefully I didn't screw too much up. If anyone would like to give me a good summary of what happened after the rolling down the snowy mountain scene, I'd love to hear it, because my memory is AW-FUL.

Quick note: Any facts or figures that were used to create this story are from the internet, and as such, they may or may not be correct. Also, I estimated the turtles' blood volume based on their estimated weight along with some information on sea turtles. Yeah, I know, they aren't sea turtles, but I did my best with the info I had!

As for how the idea of this came about... I was watching a video and I realized how much skinnier Donnie is compared to his brothers, and as I watched more of the video (namely the part where April is asking Donnie what she should do, pounding on the glass and stuff) I noticed that he seemed to be having a much rougher time staying awake. And my imagination took me on a a thrillingly angsty joyride! WOOHOO!

Now, on with the show?

Lightheaded: Chapter 1

He should have eaten more… Or trained more, or… something… Anything to make him a little less scrawny.

Not scrawny… svelte… He didn't have the energy to laugh at his own private rebuttal. Not that he would have laughed if he'd been able to. Somehow it didn't seem appropriate right now.

After all, he was getting the blood drained out of him alongside two of his brothers, while the rest of his family remained unaccounted for, likely dead. Definitely not the best time to be laughing.

But the fact remained that, of the three turtles Shredder had captured (actually, if he were to be accurate, of all the turtles), he himself was probably the lightest once the tech gear came off. Even Mikey weighed more than he did due to muscle mass and fat from all the pizza, regardless of Donnie's superior height.

He closed his eyes for a second, trying not to let them stay closed for too long. Being the lightest didn't bode well for him when they were all being drained at about the same rate.

He tried to keep himself awake by factoring what percentage of their blood volume each of them had lost. He himself probably had about 7 liters to give while Mikey might have 7.7 and Leo, maybe 7.9. So there seemed to be about 8 liters that had already been drained, if his spacial reasoning skills were anything to go by…

That meant he'd lost about 38.10 percent of his blood volume… His brothers? 34.63 for Mikey, and 33.76 for Leo… He honestly didn't feel up to calculating anymore decimals.

Donnie's head dipped a little closer to his plastron, but he jerked it back up, reminding himself to apply the numbers he'd come up with rather than just let them float through his neurons without a purpose. Maybe the shock value of his diagnosis would give him the boost he needed to stay awake. Now, what were the parameters for hemorrhages again? The information was just out of reach, right on the tip of his tongue…

Ah, there it was. Class III's were between 30 and 40 percent. So they each had a Class III Hemorrhage, verging on a Class IV, at least for humans. Class IV or V usually meant death, but he wasn't sure how human blood loss compared to their own.

A glance over at his brothers proved that they were faring far better than he was. Mikey was still talking. Much of it was useless nonsense, but that was normal for him. Leo, on the other hand, remained terrifyingly, defiantly silent, but he was still standing tall, supporting his own weight.

Donnie could feel his heart sink into his stomach. He wasn't that much lighter, was he? Only by about thirty pounds. Surely the difference couldn't be so marked? Damn it, he should have eaten an extra slice of pizza once in a while, maybe spent a few hours building up muscle mass rather than messing around in his lab. Self-loathing covered him like a stiflingly warm blanket. He was such an idiot…

His eyes slid shut again, and while he floated in the unseeing darkness, he couldn't help but marvel at how strange it felt to literally have the life sucked out of him. He felt like one of those weird blow up mattresses. One that was slowly being compressed for storage. In other words, he felt like absolute crap.

Worse than having to go for a week without coffee… his addled brain interjected. In that second, something clicked. He hadn't had coffee since… Since yesterday morning? Had it really been yesterday? It felt like ages. And coffee contained caffeine, which was a stimulant that normally elevated his blood pressure, and without it…

No wonder he felt awful. Not only did he weigh less than the others, but his blood pressure was lower, too, and a lower blood pressure meant a lower tolerance to blood loss.

At least now he knew why. It wasn't because he was a wimp, and it wasn't because he was the only one lacking the willpower to stay awake. He could scientifically explain why he was about to pass out right now while his brothers were still powering through.

There they were: the cold, hard, and strangely comforting, facts. Suddenly he didn't hate himself quite so much. With that thought, his legs buckled beneath him, the shackles around his wrists digging into his skin like Chinese handcuffs laced with nails.

Arms pulled taut above him, Donnie realized he'd had it a heck of a lot easier five seconds ago. His feet were going numb, but he scrambled to get them back under him anyway. His breathing came in ragged gasps, spraying his already blurring vision with black dots. One foot gained purchase, followed by the other, but his legs refused to bear his weight. He was hanging by his arms alone, and he realized that trying to inhale was just as useless as trying to bust out of his bullet proof glass prison. He couldn't breathe. He was going to suffocate.

Through the static that had built up in his ears, he could hear the monitor on his cage beeping out an insistent rhythm as his vision faded out completely.

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