Sympathy for the Devil Part 1

A/N: Hello, and welcome to the fourth installment of the Messenger of God Saga! It involves my OC, a hunter names Angela Morgan and is a revision of Season 5. I do suggest reading the first three installments, The Taste of Loneliness, A Time to Love and Demons, Lies and Angels to get a better understanding. The story will follow the perspective of Sam, Dean and Angela, so some scenes will be cut out, but I'm assuming most, if not all of you have seen the show.

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural in anyway. I just own Angela.

"Come on!" Dean yelled.

Sam finally let Dean pull him away from the sigil. Sam pulled Angela with them. They ran, and the doors slammed shut. They rattled the doors. Light burst through cracks in the door.

There was a high pitched noise. Sam, Dean and Angela looked back at the light. They squeezed their eyes shut, Sam holding up a hand to block the light, and cover their ears. They fell to their knees.

The light reached the very edges of the sigil, then whited out everything.


A cartoon red Devil leaned over a large open book.

"What the devil is your name?"

"Sa-Sa-Sa-Sa-Yo-Yosemite Sam."

"Yosemite Sam?" the Devil asked.

The Devil flipped through the book. "Let's see. Ah, here it is. I could use a guy like you."

Dean, Sam and Angela were sitting on a plane, contorted exactly as they were a moment ago in the chapel. They looked around, astounded. No one around them seemed to have noticed anything.

"What the hell?" Dean asked.

"I don't know." Sam and Angela replied.

"Folks, quick word from the flight deck." The pilot said over the intercom. "We're just passing over Ilchester, then Ellicott City, on our initial descent into Baltimore—

"Ilchester? Weren't we just there?" Dean asked.


"So if you'd like to stretch your legs, now would be a good time to—the pilot started.

The ordinary bird's-eye view of Maryland at night was interrupted by a column of light shooting into the sky.

"Holy crap!" the pilot yelled.

The shock wave knocked the plane off kilter. People were thrown around the plane, screaming. Oxygen masks dropped down. Sam, Dean and Angela put theirs on as the white light outside grew blinding. The high-pitched noise was back. Dean looked out the window, terrified.


Sam, Dean and Angela drove in a rented car.

"—and Governor O'Malley urged calm—the first radio announcer said. "—saying it's very unlikely an abandoned convent would be a target for terrorists, either foreign or homegrown."

"Change the station." Angela said.

Sam poked a button on the digital radio.

"—Hurricane Kinley, unexpectedly slamming into the Galveston area—

"—announced a successful test of the North Korean nuclear—

"—a series of tremors—

"—swine flu—

The radio shut off. Sam sighed. There was silence.

"Dean, Angie, look—

"Don't say anything." Dean replied. "It's okay. We just got to keep our heads down and hash this out, all right?"

Sam nodded and looked at Angela who nodded in agreement. "Yeah, okay." Sam murmured.

"All right, well, first things first, how did we end up on Soul Plane?" Dean asked.

"Angels, maybe?" Angela suggested. "I mean, you know, beaming us out of harm's way?"

"Well, whatever." Dean said. "It's the least of our worries. We need to find Cas."


Sam, Dean and Angela walked through the devastated house. There was a noise, and they turned: nothing. They kept looking around.

Chuck jumped out and hit Sam on the head with a toilet plunger. Sam stumbled back, hand to his head.

"Geez! Ow!" Sam exclaimed.

"Sam." Chuck said.


"Hey, Chuck." Dean said.

"Good to see you." Angela added.

"So… you're okay?" Chuck asked.

"Well, my head hurts." Sam replied.

"No, I mean, I mean, my, my last vision." Chuck said. "You went, like, full-on Vader. Your body temperature was 150. Your heart rate was 200. Your eyes were black."

Angela frowned. "Wait a minute, hold up." She said. "What the hell?" she looked up at Sam.

"Your eyes went black?" Dean asked.

Sam looked over his shoulder at Dean and Angela. "I didn't know." He muttered.

"Where's Cas?" Angela asked.

"He's dead." Chuck replied. "Or gone. The archangel smote the crap out of him. I'm sorry."

"You're sure?" Dean asked. "I mean, maybe he just vanished into the light or something."

"Oh, no. He, like, exploded." Chuck replied. "Like a water balloon of chunky soup."

Sam took a closer look at Chuck and waved a hand at his own left ear. "You got a—

Chuck waved a hand at his own right ear. "Uh… right here?"

Sam indicated the other side of Chuck's head. "Uh, the…"

Chuck felt at his hair. "Oh. Oh, god." He pulled something out. "Is that a molar?" he asked. "Do I have a molar in my hair? This has been a really stressful day."

"Cas, you stupid bastard." Dean muttered.

"Stupid?" Sam asked. "He was trying to help us."

"Yeah, exactly." Dean replied.

"So, what now?" Sam asked.

"I don't know." Dean replied.

"Oh, crap." Chuck said.

"What?" Angela frowned.

"I can feel them."

"Thought we'd find you here." Zachariah said.

Sam, Dean and Angela turned around: Zachariah was there, three angels accompanying him.

"Playtimes over, Dean, Angela." He said. "Time to come with us."

Angela glared. "Stay the hell away from us." She ground out.

Dean nodded. "You just keep your distance, asshat."

"You two are upset." Zachariah replied.

"Yeah, just a bit." Angela replied. "Considering you sons of bitches jump-started judgment day!"

"Maybe we let it happen." Zachariah shrugged. "We didn't start anything. Right, Sammy?" Zachariah winked. "You had a chance to stop Sam, and you couldn't. So let's not quibble over who started what. Let's just say it was all our faults and move on. 'Cause like it or not, it's Apocalypse Now. And we're back on the same team again."

"Is that so?" Dean asked.

"You want to kill the devil. We want to kill the devil. It's… synergy."

"And Dean and I are just supposed to trust you?" Angela raised a brow.

"Cram it with walnuts, ugly." Dean glared.

"This isn't a game." Zachariah replied. "Lucifer is powerful in ways that defy description. We need to strike now, hard and fast, before he finds his vessel."

"His vessel? Lucifer needs a meat suit?" Sam asked.

"He is an angel. Them's the rules." Zachariah replied. "And when he touches down, we're talking Four Horsemen, red oceans, fiery skies, the greatest hits. Dean, Angela, you can stop him, but you need our help."

"You listen to me, you two-faced douche." Dean said. "After what you did, we don't want jack squat from you!"

"You listen to me! You think you two can rebel against us? As Lucifer did?" Zachariah asked.

Blood dripped from Dean's hand.

"You're bleeding." Zachariah frowned.

"Oh, yeah, a little insurance policy in case you dicks showed up." Dean replied.

"No!" Zachariah yelled.

Sam, Angela and Chuck flinched. Zachariah vanished in a white light. When Dean looked, the other angels were gone as well.

"Learned that from our friend Cas, you son of a bitch." Dean said.

"This sucks ass." Chuck sighed.


Sam rushed down a staircase past a couple making out and entered the motel.


Dean and Angela loaded their guns. Sam entered the room.

"Hey." Dean and Angela greeted.

"Hey." Sam replied.

Sam closed the door, pulled something out of his shirt, and tossed it to Angela. Angela caught it and examined it, showing it to Dean.

"Here. Hex bags." Sam said. "No way the angels will find us with those. Demons, either, for that matter."

"Where'd you get it?" Dean asked.

"I made it."

"How?" Angela asked curiously.

Sam hesitated long enough for Dean and Angela to look up at him.

"I… I learned it from Ruby." Sam replied.

Dean and Angela put down their guns and approached Sam.

"Speaking of." Dean said. "How you doing? Are you jonesing for another hit of bitch blood or what?" Dean asked.

"I-it's weird." Sam replied. "Uh, tell you the truth, I'm fine. No shakes, no fever. It's like whoever… put me on that plane cleaned me right up."

"Supernatural methadone." Dean said.

"Yeah, I guess." Sam replied. "Dean—

"Sam." Dean turned away. "It's okay. You don't have to say anything."

"Well, that's good." Sam replied. "Because what can I even say? 'I'm sorry'? 'I screwed up'? Doesn't really do it justice, you know? Look, there's nothing I can do or say that will ever make this right, and I mean, Angie I don't even know what to say—

"So why do you keep bringing it up?!" Dean snapped.

Sam sighed. Dean turned back to him.

"Look, all I'm saying is, why do we have to put this under a microscope? We made a mess. We clean it up. That's it."

Sam nodded.

"All right, so, say this is just another hunt." Dean looked between Sam and Angela. "You know? What do we do first?"

"We'd, uh, figure out where the thing is." Sam said.

"All right. So we just got to find… the devil." Dean sighed.

Angela bit her lip and sighed. "Um, sorry, before we do… I'd actually really like to talk to Sam outside for a moment, if that's all right." She said.

Dean looked at Angela and nodded. "Yeah, yeah 'course, Angie."

She nodded and looked at Sam. They walked out of the motel.


Sam and Angela stood across from each other in silence for a few moments.

"So, uh, why'd we come out here?" Sam asked, breaking the silence.

"To have a conversation that is long, long overdue, Sam." Angela replied. "We never really had a proper conversation about us. And that's mostly my fault, I really shut you out." She said. "And I should've been an adult and talked to you instead."

"Angie, you had every reason to shut me out." Sam whispered. "You were pissed and had every right to be."

"It doesn't matter. There were better ways I could've gone about it." She replied. She sighed. "I'm not really sure how to start this off either…" she murmured.

"Take your time." Sam smiled reassuringly.

She nodded and paused for a moment. "I was mad at you, for uh, cheating on me. For a long time." She started. "But then the anger sort of… faded." She said. "And I was more… jealous, I guess. And that made me seem still really angry." She added.

She pursed her lips and looked up at Sam before continuing.

"I was jealous that when Dean was in Hell, she was the one who got through to you, Sam." She said. "It made me feel awful and it made me feel like a really shitty girlfriend. I mean, I couldn't get you to stop drinking or making deals, I couldn't save you. Yet she could…"

Sam frowned and sighed. "Angie." He said. "You weren't an awful girlfriend. You were an amazing girlfriend, and I took advantage of that, and I am so, so sorry." He murmured. "At that time I was grieving and my head wasn't clear. That doesn't excuse it though." He added.

"And I understand that now, you were grieving and grief can make people do things they normally wouldn't do." She said. "But instead of handling my jealousy like an adult, these past months I've said some awful, rude things to you." She murmured. "And I'm sorry, Sam." She said.

She paused again and swallowed thickly.

"What I'm trying to say, is…" she murmured. "Is that I forgive you for cheating on me. I do." She said. "It'll take me a little longer to forgive the demon blood and choosing to believe Ruby over Dean and I" She murmured.

Sam nodded. "Of course, of course, I completely understand." He replied. He smiled softly. "Thank you for forgiving me, Angie."

She smiled softly. "Wait, I'm not entirely finished." She replied. "In the future, I want to try a romantic relationship again." She started. "But, I want to build up to that. So, we can start off as just friends again, and see where that takes us." She said. "What d'you say, Sam? You willing to try it?" she smiled a bit.

Sam broke out into a grin. "Yes!" he exclaimed. "Yes, yes, thank you, Angie." He said. He hugged her tightly. "Thank you for giving me another chance." He whispered. "I'm gonna do this right this time." He promised.

She grinned and hugged him back. "Okay." She replied. "We better get back inside."


Sam and Angela stared at John's journal. Dean was watching TV.

"How would you then explain an earthquake, a hurricane, and multiple tornadoes, all at the same time, all around the globe?" one voice asked.

"Two words. Carbon emissions."

"Yeah, right, wavy gravy." Dean said to the environmentalists on the TV.

There was a knock at the door. Dean pulled his gun. Sam answered. It was Becky, so excited she was having trouble breathing.

"You okay, lady?" Sam asked.

"Sam… is it really you?" Becky asked.

Sam glanced back at Dean and Angela. Becky stepped closer and put a hand on Sam's chest.

"And you're so firm." She whispered.

"Uh, do I know you?" Sam asked.

Becky pulled back. Sam continued to stare, bewildered.

"No. But I know you. You're Sam Winchester." She replied. "And you're—Becky looked at Dean, who was staring at her, his gun hand out of sight. "—not what I pictured." She said. She looked at Angela, who stared at her in confusion. "And you're Angela." She muttered, not so excitedly. "I'm Becky."

She pushed past Sam into the room.

"I read all about you three. And I've even written a few—Becky glanced down, giggling a little. "Anyway, Mr. Edlund told me where you were."

Dean stood up. "Chuck?"

Sam closed the door.

"He's got a message, but he's being watched." Becky said. "Angels. Nice change-up to the mythology, by the way. The demon stuff was getting kind of old."

"Right. Just, um… what's the message?" Sam asked.

"He had a vision. 'The Michael sword and the Sophia shield are on earth. The angels lost them.'"

"The Michael sword and the Sophia shield?" Angela raised a brow.

"Becky, does he know where they are?" Sam asked.

"In a castle, on a hill made of 42 dogs."

"42 dogs?" Dean asked.

"Are… you sure you got that right?" Sam asked.

"It doesn't make sense, but that's what he said." Becky stepped closer to Sam. "I memorized every word." She touched his chest. "For you."

Sam glanced over at Dean and Angela and down at Becky: awkward.

"Um, Becky, c-uh, can you… quit touching me?" Sam asked.

"No." she shook her head.


There was a knock on the door. Dean opened it. It was Bobby.

"Hey, Bobby." Dean said.

Bobby hugged Dean, slapping him on the back. "Good to see you three all in one piece."

Angela smiled and walked over. "Hey Bobby." She hugged him.

He hugged her back and then hugged Sam, who was grinning. Dean closed the door.

"You weren't followed, were you?" Angela asked.

"You mean by angels, demons, or Sam's new superfan?" Bobby asked.

Sam laughed. "You heard."

"I heard, Romeo." Replied. "So… sword of Michael and shield of Sophia, huh?"

"You think we're talking about the actual sword and shield from the actual archangels?" Dean asked.

"You better friggin' hope so." Bobby replied.

Bobby opened a book to a painting of Michael and Sophia surrounded by other angels. In this paining Michael and Sophia both looked like winged women and the other angels like naked babies with wings.

"That's Michael and Sophia. Toughest sons of bitches they got." Bobby said.

Sam flipped to another painting. Again, both Michael and Sophia had feminine faces.

"You kidding me?" Dean asked. "Tough. They look like Cate Blanchett."

"Well, I wouldn't want to meet them in a dark alley, believe me." Bobby replied. "They command the heavenly host. During the last big dust-up upstairs, they were the ones who booted Lucifer's ass to the basement. Did it with that sword and shield." Bobby pointed. "So if we can find them…"

"We can kick the devil's ass all over again." Angela murmured.

"All right. So, where do we start?" Sam asked.

"Divvy up and start reading, try and make sense of Chuck's nonsense." Bobby replied.

Sam got up and headed for a pile of old books, presumably brought by Bobby. He stared at the books for a long time, not reaching for them.

"Kid? You all right?" Bobby asked.

Sam turned to face Bobby. "No, actually. Bobby, this is all my fault. I'm sorry."

"Sam…" Angela whispered.

"Lilith did not break the final seal. Lilith was the final seal."

"Sam, stop it." Dean said.

"I killed her, and I set Lucifer free." Sam whispered.

"You what?" Bobby asked.

"You guys warned me about Ruby, the demon blood, but I didn't listen. I brought this on."

Angela sighed and Dean said nothing. Bobby stood up and walked closer.

"You're damn right you didn't listen." Bobby replied. "You were reckless and selfish and arrogant."

"I'm sorry." Sam said.

"Oh, yeah? You're sorry you started Armageddon?" Bobby asked. "This kind of thing don't get forgiven, boy. If, by some miracle, we pull this off… I want you to lose my number. You understand me?"

Sam nodded. His expression barely changed: this couldn't be much different from what he expected. Dean didn't protest.

"Bobby…" Angela started. She sighed.

"Angie." Sam shook his head. "There's an old church nearby. Maybe I'll go read some of the lore books there."

"Yeah. You do that." Bobby nodded.

Sam left. Bobby turned back to Dean and Angela. Dean stayed silent and Angela sighed.


Sam walked along the street.


Bobby, Dean and Angela were still doing research.

"I never would have guessed that John was right." Bobby said.

"About what?" Angela frowned.

"About Sam." Bobby said.

Dean and Angela looked up.

"What John said." He looked at Dean. "You save Sam or kill him. Maybe…"

"Maybe what?" Dean asked.

"Maybe we shouldn't have tried so hard to save him."

"Bobby." Dean said.

"He ended the world. And you, Angie and I weren't strong enough to stop him proper. That's on us. I'm just saying, John was right."

"Dad." Dean muttered. He rummaged through his bag. He pulled out a plastic Ziplock full of cards. "It's gotta be in here somewhere."

"What're you looking for, Dean?" Angela asked.

"Here." Dean pulled one out and read it. Bobby and Angela stood up. Dean came over. "I don't believe it."

"What the hell is it?" Bobby asked.

"It's a card for my dad's lockup in upstate New York. Read it."

Bobby took the card. "'Castle Storage. 42 Rover Hill.'"

"Castle on a hill of 42 dogs." Angela said.

Dean nodded and took the card back. "Exactly."

"So you think John had the Michael sword and the Sophia shield all this time?" Bobby asked.

"I don't know. I'm not sure what else Chuck could have meant." Dean shrugged.

"Yeah. Okay. It's good enough for me." Bobby said.

Angela nodded. "Same here."

Bobby attacked Dean, knocking him through the barrier between the kitchenette and the beds. Angela went wide eyed and tried to pull Bobby off of Dean. She was shoved across the room. Bobby yanked Dean up and slammed him down again. Bobby's eyes went black.

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